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  • Title: Shaken and Stirred
  • Author: Sable Jordan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • An easy operation goes FUBAR fast Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin is tasked with a simple mission Infiltrate the yacht party of Xander Duquesne and steal Intel on Formula 3 19 Kizzie s expects caviar and champagne, but when she lands dab smack in the heart of a wild BDSM party and comes face to face with the sexy Xander Duquesne, the veteran agent realizes she might be in oAn easy operation goes FUBAR fast Secret agent Kizzie Baldwin is tasked with a simple mission Infiltrate the yacht party of Xander Duquesne and steal Intel on Formula 3 19 Kizzie s expects caviar and champagne, but when she lands dab smack in the heart of a wild BDSM party and comes face to face with the sexy Xander Duquesne, the veteran agent realizes she might be in over her head Criminal mastermind Xander Duquesne prides himself on being prepared Finding the alluring Ms Baldwin skulking around his boat doesn t surprise him He knows what she s come for, even knows who sent her And, being a Dom, he knows exactly how to punish the vanilla agent for daring to cross him But his overwhelming attraction to her proves than even he can handle Can Kizzie get her mission accomplished and avoid Xander s punishment Or will they both end up shaken and stirred
    Sable Jordan
    Writer of multi cultural erotica and seductive romances, and whatever else comes to mind Tattooed vixen Wicked humorist Incurable humanist Proud geek Lover of pit bulls, fast cars, all music, and candy Alter ego of adventure thriller novelist Isadora Monday That s the short version I m a tough tomboy type with a hidden romantic streak, and I have a penchant for finding the funny in things When not writing, I can be found reading everything from Steve Berry to Zecharia Sitchin, Walter Mosley to Iris Johansen Words are wonderful things Other tidbits about me I ve got a degree in biology from UC Berkeley Go Bears , I m a certified massage therapist, and a licensed bartender I m mother to two wonderful pit bulls, and I m currently working on the design for my next tattoo.


    Tilly Slaton
    I really enjoyed this book. Hated the ending though.It’s like having sex and after the whole building up to the orgasm bit creeps up on you WHAM it’s like someone yells, “PAUSE!”That doesn’t really work for me. An author should write a book and by god give some ending to it. Cliffhangers are great, I love them, I really do. They keep the readers coming. The word cliffhanger doesn’t even come close to how this book ends.Rant over.Kizzie Baldwin is a secret agent who finds herself on [...]

    Brenda Hastings
    Oh my goodness, this Kizzie Baldwin series is my new favorite erotica series!! Sable Jordan is an excellent writer and very talented author! If you are a fan of BDSM with a CIA twist, you will love this book!! An intriguing eye into the world of Doms and Subs, with keeping to an action packed good guy bad guy adventure, Shaken and Stirred will pull you in and refuse to let you go, well after your safe word is voiced. :P I downloaded Shaken and Stirred for free from Kindle, and was impressed wit [...]

    Oh my freaking god this SHORT story was by far the best gripping clif hanger i've ever had the pleasure of reading. And i mean pleasure! >< haha anyway sure some reviews are saying that it's not all that great but you have to understand this is a prequel and a damn good one!!! >< Seroulsy read it and you will be crawling at the wall for the next one!! >< Sure yes, it's erotica but since it's a SHORT story there really isn't any real action but there is this one hot and steamy p [...]

    Redheads Review it Better
    I very much wish this books was longer. From the first page it pulls you in and keeps you there. The chemistry between Xander and Kizzie is near combustible.I love that Kizzie doesn't know what kind of party she is walking into. Of course, as much as they know about Xander, shouldn't they know he throws parties like that all the time? That didn't deter me from the story though.The part that got me hooked for more and completely infuriated me at the same time was the ending or should I say lack t [...]

    Fun little mini read!I so loved Kizzie, i think that i need to read the rest of this book. it is a fun fast paced book i read this teaser in 25 minutes which is great for a quick read. i actually couldnt stop reading it that there is a great sign for the remainder of this story. I love Kizzy, she is strong and bibrant and determined and she loves her ass spanked and i bet she loves to be dominated! perfect Canadate for a Domlol

    I really enjoyed this. I could totally picture this as a movie and it would be hot. Kizzie is a total bad arse and has been waiting for someone to dominate her, literally- but she doesn't know it yet. Xander is Master X and he has some moves that will tempt Kizzie into the unknown.

    Glad it was free. Some of the CIA spy equipment stuff was very interesting, but as a whole this just didn't do it for me. Was disjointed, obviously part of another series. But unlike other books offered like this, I really have no desire to read the next book.Your mileage may vary.

    I enjoyed the start of this story, looking forward to see what becomes of Kizzie and Xander in the next one. Wouldn't mind alittle more background about both characters, especially Xander. He is pretty shrouded in mystery at this point.

    This book had me hooked from the very beginning but do keep in mind this was a short story, only about 50 pages. The hero and heroine have great chemistry and I can't wait to read what happens next in the series.

    Pretty good for a novella. Had action and a hot guy African American :) and a kick ass heroine. Will be get the next in this little series

    High stakes and hot sparks! I love a smart action heroine, particularly a spy with a thing for kink. Can't wait to read the next in the series.

    Fast and hot just the way I like it! Gotta go get the second one.

    The Review Board
    TRB interviewer: No Labels Unleashed (Queen of Spades on )Full review found here.The title alone drew me. I did think one would be talking about an alcoholic drink (lol). Even the personal story of a woman dealing with a myriad of emotions which would leave her shaken and stirred.It’s not that it didn’t occur with one of the main characters (Kizzie), but it is the action that leaves you shaken and stirred more than anything.The location, target, and objective start immediately made me think [...]

    celticminx (aka: kristi or "k")
    The problem with a freebie short is sometimes you get what you paid for. Saying this, did I like it? Why yes I did. I enjoyed the overall. I found it to be a really quick read but not necessarily what I expected. I didn't really expect a whole lot considering it was so short and a freebie but I have to say regardless of price for something they should let you know that the story is a lead in to another book. We've all read series before where we had lead ins to the next volume but I don't know t [...]

    Dark Haven
    Ten years as an undercover agent isn’t enough to prepare Kizzie Baldwin for the sexual decadence aboard Xander Duquesne yacht. Her assignment is simply to get on board, find Formula 3-19 and get back to safety without arousing alarm. She doesn’t count on boarding a ‘love boat’ of Masters, Mistresses and submissives in various states of undress and sexual activities. She’s wary when she catches the eye of Xander and surprised that she must fight to control her pumped libido as she’s d [...]

    Flavia Sugnu
    Nothing gives me the pips more than these 'books' (if you can call them that) that provide you with a chapter or two's worth of a story and then leave you dangling with a cotton thread. Yes, I understand the point of the freebie is to entice the reader to buy the next book, however, there are three (that I know of, there may be more for others) reactions that I don't think the authors have anticipated;a- People will be pissed off instead of enthralled and will avoid reading/buying anymore of the [...]

    Paullei Mumme
    What a waste of potential. The author must have a low opinion of her audience to cheat them out of a true book and just piece mill her work to the public. This is not a "BOOK", it's not even a short story! My English prof would have marked a big fat "F" on this if I would have turned it as a completed work. The plot wasn't bad, but I doubt very many female spooks compare themselves to the fictional character of James Bond. That had me saying "yeah, right" from the get go. Yes its fiction, but I [...]

    I was completely blown away by this one. It wasn't what I was expecting at all. It's a well written, fast-paced, edgy read. The plot is believable, the characters to die for, the dialog off the hook. I'm seriously trying not to squee at the moment.I love Kizzy! She is smart, quick, sarcastic. I think I may have a girl-crush here. Xander is intriguing and mysterious, and insanely hot. I even liked the side characters! Only thing is, it would have been nice to get to know them all a little bit mor [...]

    TEASE!!!An author who writes a good cliffhanger is like a crack dealer, giving you just enough of a taste to get you hooked on the product, and then BAM!! You'll do anything to get more. Such is the case with Sable Jordan; "Shaken and Stirred" is addictivelled with heat and humor. This reader especially loved when The Henchman said, "It's alright if you kill him now". Was listening to this on the tablet, while making the drive to a tennis match yesterday morning; almost wrecked the car from laug [...]

    Exciting introduction, February 7, 2012 I received a free and enjoyable introduction to the beautifully tough spy Kizzie Baldwin. She's a big fan of James Bond but thinks her spy gadgets are cooler. I like a woman who is strong in more ways than one. Kizzie can stand on her own and she inflicts serious damage to the bad guys. The story is exciting, sexy and humorous. I loved the "cat and mouse" interaction between Kizzie and bad guy Xander. I've got to know what happens next. Is Kizzie teaming u [...]

    If this is a good example of this authors' work, then I probably won't be reading much more from her. I got the impression that it was written by someone who normally writes crime and intrigue stories but had gotten bored and decided to try throwing something more explicit into this one, but after the first encounter between the main characters she had forgotten what she was writing and went back to her usual brief.More a very poor attempt at a James Bond story than anything, an erotic story wit [...]

    The only reason I read this is because 1.) it was the continuation of a novella I read over the weekend, 2.) I wanted a definitive ending to this particular story, and 3.) it was free.But there was no ending! It continues into another book! Why can't it just be one?! Why must I continually be left with only a section of the story?!Ugh.I didn't much care for the first novella, but since this was free, I figured I'd continue it. I am pissed that I have to read the next part, too!

    Got this book because it was offered free for kndle. I have never read anything by this author as Kizzy was I was also shocked abt the contentsIt is an interesting mix of spy, gadgets and sex and does draw you in .unfortunately as the book gets interesting it ends abruptlyI'm wondering if I should bother read the continuation or if that also ends as a cliffhangerIf anyone has read the continuation please advise.

    Angel **Book Junkie**
    I am still not sure how I felt about this book. 3 stars because I liked it but, I don't know if I did at all. I am still boggled over the entire book but, liked it enough to finish it and who knows. That is what the book did to me it took me to an unknown place. The cover is great but, honestly I feel it was to "girly" for the book.

    This should be labelled a sample. It is the first couple of chapters of a book which I won't bother to buy. A female James Bondhighly trainedwho capitulates to the 'enemy' after one half-arsed spanking. Seriously?! If the book was written as a spy thriller without the erotic content it could probably be fixed to make a good read.Originally posted on

    This was a very good erotic thriller. Kizzie the kick ass CIA agent working a case to take down notorious dangerous Dom, BAD boy Xander for information on 3-19, which she needs to compete her case. Great story line can't wait to see what happens in book #2.

    Terry Bourbon
    I liked this, and liked the James Bond crossover references. I enjoyed Kizzy as a spy. The sex was interesting, if not my cup of tea, but I really liked the investigation part of it. Sort of a guilty pleasure.

    The female Bond, James Bond and all that entails, enjoyably spicy.

    Choppy and hard to follow .I'll take a pass


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