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  • Title: Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic State
  • Author: David Kilcullen
  • ISBN: 9781863957328
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Paperback

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    David Kilcullen
    David Kilcullen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic State book, this is one of the most wanted David Kilcullen author readers around the world.

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    Timothy Dymond
    There's no denying that Kilcullen is an effective writer, he's also an effective propagandist for himself. In his view the 'original' war of terror (2001-2003) was proceeding well using a strategy called 'disaggregation' which he helped devise. Then George W Bush made the catastrophic error of invading Iraq. By 2007 Kilcullen was needed again to help General Petreus devise and implement the 'Surge' counterinsurgency strategy which righted the US ship in Iraq. However Obama's 'premature' withdraw [...]

    This essay is a very thought-provoking look at ISIS from a true expert in the field of military counter-terrorism strategy. Kilcullen has worked as a strategic advisor on the ground in Iraq, Afghanistan and numerous other trouble spots. In this essay, he charts the birth of ISIS from the al Qaeda in Iraq insurgent group and their rise in Syria and in Iraq to the point where they are now a de facto state.This is possibly the most contentious claim in his essay, and it forms the centrepiece of his [...]

    Todd Charlton
    In this superlatively informed essay David Kilcullen tells us that ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) controls a third of Iraq and a third of Syria. This means ISIS controls huge tracts of land. This vicious organisation is apparently almost a state in the true sense of the word because it does business with other countries, exporting oil and dealing in antiquities (those that they don't destroy), and attracts millions in revenue. Kilcullen advises whoever may be reading that ISIS must be fo [...]

    Kilcullen is probably the best person to write an essay like this. He provides a good (if introductory) description of ISIS and its immediate historical causes. He pulls a few punches in describing the full extent of their on-ground tactics and violence, which is probably good given the wide audience. He also makes a pretty compelling case for why we should think about ISIS as a State from a strategic perspective, even if we'd rather not lend them legitimacy by referring to them as such. This es [...]

    A disturbing account of the rise of Islamic State and what might be the best approach to dealing with them.

    I did not know of Kilcullen till I read this essay. An Australian who helped shape the strategies of disaggregation and the US surge in Iraq. The first man I have ever read who gave George Bush marks for emotional intelligence as well as a deep understanding of the issues in the Middle East. Kilcullen also is not happy with the Obama's administration and their efforts in the Middle East.Politics aside, what is important in this essay is the analysis of what ISIS is, what they are trying to do an [...]

    Both enlightening and depressing. If you have an instinct that the west created the horrible situation we now have with Islamic State, this very detailed account takes you through the detail. As with anything to do with the Middle East, occupation, insurgency or revolution, there are many many parties, many conflicting and changing interests, and very, very little to be cheerful about. Definitely worth reading to better understand where we are, and whilst it offers prescriptions of what to do, I [...]

    If you read a few books on this topic, you will get a few different opinions. Henin's Jihad Academy is dominated by Syria. An article in The Atlantic focussed on the philosophy of ISIS. Another source concentrated on the Baathist influence in ISIS. This book is centred on Iraq and western policy.It is worth reading for another perspective on the competing influences and motivations. I still find it a bit difficult to see who is really aligned to who and whether ISIS is a group of radical fruitca [...]

    Rodney Dehaan
    A fairly politics-free analysis of the evolution of the Islamic State. I liked it because it was a brutally honest view of the current situation in Iraq in the context of American involvement. It matches with my theories very well while also enlightening me on many issues that I was unaware of. Highly recommended.

    A sober and well-reasoned look at the rise of the Islamic State, how the West's failures (militarily and politically) contributed to it, and what can be done about it. Not a story with a happy ending, and not one that often raises it's head above a mostly military viewpoint, but a good place to start.

    Roza Germian
    Very interesting, insightful and thought provoking information shared by D.K. I've had the honour of interviewing him sometime ago, he's certainly is an info-bank. The solutions he offers are reasonable, even though some may argue that he's self-promoting.

    Everyone should read this article to understand the geopolitical tensions at the moment and the emergence of Daesh and the role the West played in this. Kilcullen clearly knows his subject matter and paints a terrifying picture. Now if we can just find our way out of it

    Once again, the corro far outshines the essay.

    Jude Alford
    Good stuff, but really dry. (Great replies in the back to the previous QE on caring for the aged, though.)

    Julia Gorman
    Great introduction to IS. Accessible and interesting.

    A great introduction and analysis of how ISIS started, why it is propagating and what went wrong.

    • Best Read [David Kilcullen] À Blood Year: Terror and the Islamic State || [Children's Book] PDF ↠
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