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  • Title: Beethoven Lives Upstairs
  • Author: Barbara Nichol Scott Cameron
  • ISBN: 9780531071182
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Paperback

  • Relive the musical sensation the Venetian musician experienced when he composed the Ninth Symphony near the end of his life In the form of letters, the book tells a fictional story of Beethoven s life.
    Barbara Nichol Scott Cameron
    Barbara Nichol Scott Cameron Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Beethoven Lives Upstairs book, this is one of the most wanted Barbara Nichol Scott Cameron author readers around the world.


    This book's creativity and sweetness deserve higher feedback by themselves but the output is dampened overall because we are not placed inside this semi-fictional story. Being entirely epistolary prohibits readers from witnessing action, a build-up to events, and from feeling reactionary emotions when details unfold. Every aspect is muted because what we receive are fragments: succinct summaries in short letters, to a boy's musician uncle Karl, in Salzburg. The central story is reduced to us wat [...]

    Alex Blose
    This book is about a young boy, Christoph, who is living in a house with the famous conductor, Beethoven. Christoph writes to his Uncle Karl telling him first how he wishes that Beethoven was not there because he makes so much noise, but then after learning how great Beethoven is and why he does the things he does through his Uncle, Christoph learns to appreciate Beethoven, the work that he does, and his final masterpieces.This book was very easy to read because 99% of it is written in letter fo [...]

    Paul Farbman
    Beethoven Lives Upstairs is told in an exchange of letters between a boy named Christoph and his Uncle Karl. After Christoph's father dies, Beethoven moves into his home as a very eccentric tenant. As it relates to the categories of music in children's literature described by Calogero (2002), this book would fit into the category of "books, either fictional or nonfictional, about composers and musicians". It talks about Beethoven's life as a child, deaf composer, and hearing pianist.The reader c [...]

    Barbara VA
    I have seen this movie many times and read it when it first came out with my children.A perfect story and book! Beethoven towards the end of his life and plagued by his deafness moves into the home of a widow as he is finishing the composition of his 9th symphony. While the public loves his music, the people that live around him do not understand the agonies and frustrations he deals with. While any disability is horrid, for the finest musical genius to struggle so is unimaginable. The young son [...]

    James Govednik
    A young boy living in Vienna finds his family’s life turned upside down when his mother rents a room to Ludwig van Beethoven. The story is told through letters exchanged between Christoph and his Uncle Kurt, a university music student who had a hand in the arrangement. Although the strongest versions of the story are the original audio CD and the HBO video, the book is a worthwhile read. Readers must make many inferences as they read, as the epistolary form only hints at certain story details. [...]

    A great story, written via letters between an uncle and his nephew, Christoph. Christoph relates what it is like living below Beethoven. Facts that are known about Beethoven--his genius and his struggles and interwoven throughout the book. This is a great springboard for a study or discussion of Beethoven!

    Tara Mensing
    Beethoven lives upstairs gives some insight as to what it might be like to have a genius but deaf neighbor. Christoph, the little boy who tells the tale by writing letters to his uncle at first is mortified by Beethoven's strange behavior. Christoph's uncle continually reminds him to picture himself in Beethoven's shoes and eventually he does. Great historical fiction!

    I enjoyed this book. A fan of historical fiction, it's not often you find something with this much information targeted to kids. Something that would be fun to do a report on or as a class read in upper elementary school. A lot of factual information, but plenty of room for learning about the time period and musicians.

    What a delightful way to be exposed to Beethoven. This is a historical fiction story set to selected Beethoven pieces. My kids LOVED it! Ryann always wants to listen to a story in the car, while Laine always wants to listen to music. Now they're both happy. I can't rave enough about this book on CD! After the 9th symphony we all cheered!

    I love the Classical Kids series! They are great entertainment that can be listened to over and over. The stories are fun, the voices are great, and the music is beautiful. A great way to introduce classical music and the composers to kids!

    Katelyn Warner
    * First half of 19th century* Beethoven/music/creative unit* Could be used for multiple perspectives* From the perspective of a boy who lives beneath Beethoven* Picture book, but maybe for 3rd grade* Class library addition

    I think I own a copy of this from my days as a teacher. How have I not read it? Having played Beethoven as a youngster, I feel I have cheated myself by not knowing him any better. This is a meer glimpse of a part of his life. I want to read more about him.I love the beautiful illustrations.

    I didn't think I would like this book. Letters? In a children's book? But I ended up loving it. It kept my 5-year-old daughter's attention! And I felt like we were on a treasure hunt, reading these old letters to discover the story. Fun!

    Very nice! Though I skimmed some, I couldn't forget the dog part. I really liked the cuties and storyline. However some details are lost. I anyways enjoyed how well this plot and letters went back and forth! Really nice! Recommend to anyone who loves music.

    ".c can change the world."

    Dragged on at times, but probably good for kids who are interested in classic music and its composers.

    I have listen to the audio of this so many times. Vary special.

    This is a really fun story that will introduce kids to the life of Beethoven.

    This is a classic fictional story about Beethoven's later years. This book has great illustrations and some good information.

    Great Easy Reader. Written in letter form.

    Listened to this story with my kids when they were younger. We all loved it!

    Selah Pike
    I love Beethoven's own music underscoring the epistolary. Definitely want to try more from this series.

    Emma Elsie
    Makes me think that people who cannot see or hear are no different from the people that can see and hear, they just have a different way of thinking about it.

    Miss Amanda
    gorgeous illustrations. told through letters

    I loved this book. My girls loved this book. A great way to explain Beethoven's upbringing, personality, and significance. I'd love to find similar books about other composers.

    Whole And
    One of our favourite cd's, we have listened to this story of Beethoven over and over. A wonderful way to learn the story with key pieces of music through the Classical Kids series.

    Very good story and music combined together.

    Very good book. The boy in the books name is Christoph, just like our friend.

    The audio tapes are wonderful!

    I picked this up out of memories for the video version we watched in Violin class. It's entertaining with beautiful illustrations and acts as a good introduction to the composer for young children.

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Beethoven Lives Upstairs | by ✓ Barbara Nichol Scott Cameron
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