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  • Title: Life of Galileo
  • Author: Bertolt Brecht John Willett Ralph Manheim Norman Roessler
  • ISBN: 9780143105381
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Paperback

  • Galileo Ranks alongside Mother Courage and Mr Puntila as one of Brecht s most intensely alive, human, and complex characters In Life of Galileo, the great Renaissance scientist is in a brutal struggle for freedom from authoritarian dogma Unable to satisfy his appetite for scientific investigation, he comes into conflict with the Inquisition and must publicly renounce hiGalileo Ranks alongside Mother Courage and Mr Puntila as one of Brecht s most intensely alive, human, and complex characters In Life of Galileo, the great Renaissance scientist is in a brutal struggle for freedom from authoritarian dogma Unable to satisfy his appetite for scientific investigation, he comes into conflict with the Inquisition and must publicly renounce his theories, though in private he goes on working on his revolutionary ideas.Bertolt Brecht 1898 1956 was one of the most influential playwrights of the twentieth century Born in Augsburg, Bavaria, he left Germany in 1933 when Hitler came to power Returning to Germany after the war, he founded the Berliner Ensemble and continued to work on plays and films Richard Foreman is the MacArthur Prize winning author, director, and designer of than fifty original plays, and the founder of the Ontological Hysteric Theater.
    Bertolt Brecht John Willett Ralph Manheim Norman Roessler
    Bertolt Brecht born Eugen Berthold Friedrich Brecht was a German poet, playwright, and theatre director A seminal theatre practitioner of the twentieth century, Brecht made equally significant contributions to dramaturgy and theatrical production, the latter particularly through the seismic impact of the tours undertaken by the Berliner Ensemble the post war theatre company operated by Brecht and his wife and long time collaborator, the actress Helene Weigel with its internationally acclaimed productions.From his late twenties Brecht remained a life long committed Marxist who, in developing the combined theory and practice of his epic theatre , synthesized and extended the experiments of Piscator and Meyerhold to explore the theatre as a forum for political ideas and the creation of a critical aesthetics of dialectical materialism Brecht s modernist concern with drama as a medium led to his refinement of the epic form of the drama which constitutes that medium s rendering of autonomization or the non organic work of art related in kind to the strategy of divergent chapters in Joyce s novel Ulysses, to Eisenstein s evolution of a constructivist montage in the cinema, and to Picasso s introduction of cubist collage in the visual arts In contrast to many other avant garde approaches, however, Brecht had no desire to destroy art as an institution rather, he hoped to re function the apparatus of theatrical production to a new social use In this regard he was a vital participant in the aesthetic debates of his era particularly over the high art popular culture dichotomy vying with the likes of Adorno, Luk cs, Bloch, and developing a close friendship with Benjamin Brechtian theatre articulated popular themes and forms with avant garde formal experimentation to create a modernist realism that stood in sharp contrast both to its psychological and socialist varieties Brecht s work is the most important and original in European drama since Ibsen and Strindberg, Raymond Williams argues, while Peter B rger insists that he is the most important materialist writer of our time As Jameson among others has stressed, Brecht is also Brecht collective and collaborative working methods were inherent to his approach This Brecht was a collective subject that certainly seemed to have a distinctive style the one we now call Brechtian but was no longer personal in the bourgeois or individualistic sense During the course of his career, Brecht sustained many long lasting creative relationships with other writers, composers, scenographers, directors, dramaturgs and actors the list includes Elisabeth Hauptmann, Margarete Steffin, Ruth Berlau, Slatan Dudow, Kurt Weill, Hanns Eisler, Paul Dessau, Caspar Neher, Teo Otto, Karl von Appen, Ernst Busch, Lotte Lenya, Peter Lorre, Therese Giehse, Angelika Hurwicz, and Helene Weigel herself This is theatre as collective experiment as something radically different from theatre as expression or as experience There are few areas of modern theatrical culture that have not felt the impact or influence of Brecht s ideas and practices dramatists and directors in whom one may trace a clear Brechtian legacy include Dario Fo, Augusto Boal, Joan Littlewood, Peter Brook, Peter Weiss, Heiner M ller, Pina Bausch, Tony Kushner and Caryl Churchill In addition to the theatre, Brechtian theories and techniques have exerted considerable sway over certain strands of film theory and cinematic practice Brecht s influence may be detected in the films of Joseph Losey, Jean Luc Godard, Lindsay Anderson, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, Nagisa Oshima, Ritwik Ghatak, Lars von Trier, Jan Bucquoy and Hal Hartley.Bertolt Brecht 1898 1956 , naci en Augsburgo El enorme xito de La pera de tres peniques en 1928, y su activismo pol tico le convirtieron en un personaje pol mico y famoso En 1933, en EEUU, escribi Terror y miseria del Tercer Reich 1938 , Madre Coraje 1939


    گالیله:کسی که حقیقت را نمی داند "ابله" است. اما کسی که حقیقت را می داند و آن را انکار می کند "تبهکار" استداستانی درباره تهدید و مهجور کردن داناییتا همچنان تحجر حکمفرمایی کندو مردم در ظلم و فقر زندگی کنند و زورمندان قوی تر از گذشته شوندو اسم این را گذاشته بودند نظم، نظم عالی یا به [...]

    "Unhappy the land where heroes are needed." History and literature studies have a natural connecting point in the human need for heroic action and (self-)sacrifice. Reading novelists, historians and poets who experienced the first and second world war first-hand, I slowly came to the conclusion that heroism itself is a flaw in human culture which rarely brings any benefits, but often creates suffering on a big scale, as heroes can be made instruments for dogma and set up as "martyrs" for a cause [...]

    Riku Sayuj
    The play explores the pivotal moment in human history, at least in western history, when man confronts for the first time the proof that his conceptions of truth were entirely wrong.Galileo comes alive as a larger than life genius from the pages, full of witticisms and blustering energy. Even his betrayal of his own science tends to be easily forgiven by the audience because he is such a genial revolutionary. More than the drama of science standing up to the bully called religion, I liked the in [...]

    Recently I attended a production of this play translated into Spanish and adapted in a striking way. The vague notions I have of Brecht’s idea of the theatre, the Epic theatre, did not seem to be staged in this performance. There was no Verfremdung. On the contrary, the theatre hall had been transformed and the stage was in the middle and had a circular platform that rotated, and we the audience were siting around it. Various lights and shadows and images were projected onto its floor-screen. [...]

    بخشی از نامۀ گالیله به دوشس کریستینانوشته شده به سال ۱۶۱۵چند سال پیش، همان گونه که علیا حضرت بهتر می‌دانند، کشف کردم که در آسمان‌ها چیزهای بسیاری وجود دارند که پیش از دوران ما هنوز دیده نشده بودند. تازگی این چیزها، و همچنین تضاد این چیزهای تازه با اندیشه‌های فیزیکی قدیمی، ب [...]

    Nikos Tsentemeidis
    Εξαιρετικός, όπως σε όλα του τα έργα ο Brecht.Οι σχετικά καινούριες εκδόσεις "Κάπα Εκδοτική", με θεματολογία το θέατρο, εκδίδουν τα πιο ποιοτικά βιβλία αυτή τη στιγμή στην Ελλάδα. Ποιοτικά, όσον αφορά, την εκτύπωση και το αισθητικό αποτέλεσμα. Πραγματικό κόσμημα για την βιβλιοθ [...]

    "Πιστεύω πως ο μοναδικός σκοπός της Επιστήμης είναι να ξαλαφρώσει την ανθρώπινη ύπαρξη από το μόχθο! Όταν οι επιστήμονες, τρομοκρατημένοι από τους ιδιοτελείς δυνάστες, κατακτούν τη γνώση, μόνο για τη χαρά της γνώσης, τότε η Επιστήμη θα καταντήσει μια σακάτισσα και οι καινού [...]

    In the comment thread to the review of Dennett's Breaking the Spell which I posted a couple of days ago, much of the discussion has turned on the concept of martyrdom. Dennett argues that religion is a self-reproducing pattern of behavior (a "meme"), and that a martyr is someone who has been taken over by a meme to the point where he is willing to sacrifice his life for his beliefs. Maybe irrational for the martyr, but perfectly rational from the meme's point of view: the history of religion sho [...]

    Young man, I do not eat my cheese absentmindedly.Despite my perforated memory, I can still cling to triumph, most of which are the achievements of others but alas I can still appreciate. I thought about Brecht at the end of his life this morning while enjoying this masterful narrative. Did he regard himself as recanted? Did his petty tyranny of the women in his life strike him as abominable? Galileo as depicted by Brecht is too pragmatic to be disarmed by such pondering. He is at ease groveling [...]

    Kyriakos Sorokkou
    Επιτέλους, πάνω από μια βδομάδα μετά αποφάσισα να γράψω κριτική.Αυτός ήταν ο 2ος Μπρεχτ που διάβασα.Ο πρώτος ήταν η Μάνα Κουράγιο, το 2011.Δεν μ' άρεσε καθόλου.Ο Γαλιλαίος πάλι, μ' άρεσε.Δεν μπορώ να πω ότι τρελάθηκα, αλλά μ' άρεσε.Ειδικά ο τρόπος που στέλνει το μήνυμα στους επιστ [...]

    ::همراه با اسپويل::گاليله در قرن ١٧ اثبات كرد كه زمين به دور خودش و خورشيد در حال حركت است و اين يعني خاك پاشيدن به عقيده ي كهن كليسا كه بر پايه عقيده ي ارسطو (افلاك بلوري) استوار است.از طرفي گاليله فردي است كه عليرغم اينكه براي علم جايگاه رفيعي قائل است اما هم خوش گذران است و هم تر [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    عنوان: زندگی گالیله؛ نویسنده: برتولت برشت (1898-1956 آلمان)، مترجم: عبدالرحیم احمدی، انتشارات: نیلوفر، در 285 صفحه، چاپ هشتم - زمستان 1390نمایشنامه ای در مورد زندگی گالیله دانشمند و منجم برجسته ایتالیاییگالیله همراه با دخترش ویرجینیا، خدمتکارش ننه سارتی و پسر خدمتکارش آندره آ در خان [...]

    Mira Jundi
    As I finished reading this masterpiece of Brecht, I sat thinking about how to go through everything in this play in one review, it's impossible!This play is absolutely one of the best literary works I've read and will ever read. I couldn't find anything more appropriate to say about it than Brecht's own words from the play itself."For where belief has prevailed for a thousand years, doubt now prevails.""He who does not know the truth is merely an idiot. But he who knows it and calls it a lie, is [...]

    howl of minerva
    4. Mai 1939Sehr geehrter Herr Brecht:Sie haben mir mit Ihrem »Galilei« eine große Freude gemacht. Nicht nur scheinen Sie mir die Persönlichkeit Galileis tief erfasst zu haben, sondern auch die Bedeutung seiner Erscheinung in der Entwicklung der Geistesgeschichte und damit in der Geschichte überhaupt. Auch gibt Ihre Darstellung einen tiefen Einblick in die Problemstellung, wie sie Galilei vorlagen und in die Einstellung der vorgalileischen Wissenschaft zur Erfahrung. Sie haben es verstanden, [...]

    Cristina - Athenae Noctua
    Un testo di forte valenza culturale, storica ed etica, che pone l'attenzione sui doveri degli intellettuali nella lotta per l'affermazione della verità e, con essa, della libertà. Il sapere è per Galileo/Brecht ciò che dovrebbe essere per tutti noi: non un cumulo precostituito di nozioni da usare per controllare il prossimo o per glorificare e autocelebrare se stessi in quanto possessori della verità, ma come uno strumento di progresso che aiuti gli uomini a comprendere gli uomini e a soste [...]

    There are many reasons why I chose to write about this in my common application to American colleges. This book has had a phenomenal influence on me. I have loved and enjoyed every part of this play. Life of Galileo is not merely another book about the enraging conflict between science and its mindless counterpart religion, but also about society and in the end life itself.People oft forget that Bertolt Brecht was a Marxist intellectual and his plays not only reflect that but also impersonate hi [...]

    Maryam F
    ** چهل سال نگاه کردن به رفتار بشر به من یاد داد که اونا با عقل میانه ای ندارن، دم سرخ رنگ یه ستاره دنباله دار رو نشونشون بده و ترس رو به وجودشون بنداز، اونوقت چنان فرار می کنن که کف پاشون به پس گردنشون می خوره، ولی اگه حرف منطقی بهشون زنی و هزار دلیل بیاری، فقط مسخره ات می کنن.** بال [...]

    this is getting ridiculous!every book I read in 2016 is so good that I can't avoid giving 5 stars,lol. will be back with a review.

    It’s not often that I read plays. There’s a couple of reasons for this: living in London, I prefer to go and see them performed whenever possible, but also I’ve never really thought of drama as a medium that I’d frequently sit down and just read like I would a book. It’s a strange, stupid prejudice on my part which probably has something to do with the fact that I have no interest in writing drama either. I don't particularly enjoy dialogue, and whenever I read a script I always feel d [...]

    Robert Beveridge
    Bertolt Brecht, Galileo (Grove Press, 1952)Publishers who put out "literature" (perhaps I should capitalize the L) have felt it necessary for the past half-century or so to include long-winded dissections of the texts as a part of their editions. No mind is paid, seemingly, to whether these long-winded dissections contain major plot spoilers (they almost always do). Add Eric Bentley's interminable preface to the Grove Press edition of Brecht's Galileo to the list. Perhaps Grove assumes anyone re [...]

    In the “Life of Galileo,” Bertolt Brecht highlights the astronomer’s struggles with the Catholic Church, which opposed his work extending the theories of Copernicus and threatened him with torture. This was not an idle threat since the Church actually burned at the stake the heliocentric astronomer Giordano Bruno in 1600. It is interesting how leading clerics refused his offer to gaze through his primitive telescope, instead insisting on a philosophical dispute, preferably in Latin, about [...]

    One of the very many quotes that I utterly enjoyed from this play:"SAGREDO: Galileo, I see you embarking on a frightful road. It is a disastrous night when mankind sees the truth. And a delusive hour when it believes in human reason. What kind of person is said to go into things with his eyes open? One who is going to his doom. How could the people in power give free rein to somebody who knows the truth, even if it concerns the remotest stars? Do you imagine the Pope will hear the truth when you [...]

    Mariafrancesca di natura viperesca
    1. Galileo per fare ricerca chiede che non lo si faccia morire di fame ( tagli alla ricerca: quando, un millennio fa?)2. Galileo chiede che questi aiuti siano a gratuito patrocinio, per non subire ricatti e/o "commissioni non disinteressate " ( prima o dopo verrà fuori lo scandalo diabete, di cui non si riesce a trovare una cura all'altezza dei tempi solo per favorire le case farmaceutiche con le loro pseudoricerche; lo stesso dicasi per i tumori).Galileo era umano, umanissimo, gran mangiatore, [...]

    Layla (Between the Lines)
    I thoroughly enjoyed this play! I have to admit that this is a pleasant surprise because I normally dread the books I'm assigned to read for university. Since this is part of my required reading (and I have to write a lot of about it in class), I am not going to write a full review for it here. Instead, here are some of my favourite quotes from the text: “Listen to me: someone who doesn't know the truth is just thick-headed. But someone who does know it and calls it a lie is a crook.”“I be [...]

    6/5 but since that isn't possible, I'll settle for 5 stars.I LOVED it.Very well written, very intriguing, very thought-provoking and a must read for everyone. This play will hold relevance in every age, every hour and to every man.

    Sahar Goudarzi
    کشیش جوان: اجازه بدهید از خودم حرف بزنم. من دهقانزاده ام و در کامپانیا بزرگ شده ام. پدر و مادرم مردم ساده ای هستند. درخت زیتون را درست و حسابی می شناسند. اما سوای این چندان چیزی نمی دانند. وقتی که صور زهره را می بینم ، می توانم پدر و مادرم را به نظر بیاورم که با خواهرم جلو اجاق نشست [...]

    Esmail Gh
    دست های آلوده به از دست های خالی

    Victor Davis
    What a powerful play. I've always heard the adage that plays are meant to be performed, not read. That's fine, but I still can't shake the belief that the most substantive plays must be written by substantive playwrights who must have just as masterful a command over the written word as the visual performance. Bertolt Brecht possesses that command. I've always loved The Crucible and Death of a Salesman, and recently added The Miracle Worker to my list of favorite plays, but even these undisputed [...]

    اغلب اثار برتولد برشت به فارسی برگردانده شده؛ "سقراط مجروح" کیکاووس جهانداری / "در انبوه شهرها" عبدالرحمن صدریه / "استثناء و قاعده" محمود اعتماد زاده(م. به آذین) / "ان که گفت آری و آن که گفت نه" مصطفی رحیمی / زندگانی گالیله (گالیله ئو گالیله ئی) عبدالرحیم احمدی / "ترس و نکبت رایش سوم" ش [...]

    ماهرعبد الرحمن
    من أهم أعمال بريخت. وكان الدكتور عبد الرحمن بدوى قد قام بترجمتها وصدرت هى ومسرحية أخرى(غير مشهورة)بعنوان"طبول فى الليل". وكلاهما صدر فى كتاب واحد أخيرا فى سلسلة المسرح العالمى. فى مسرحية جاليليو يقدم بريخت من خلال قصة حياة العالم الإيطالى المعروف جاليليو جاليلي، مناقشة لأفكا [...]

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