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  • Title: Boy Meets Boy
  • Author: David Levithan Nicholas Robideau
  • ISBN: 9781932076738
  • Page: 138
  • Format: Audio CD

  • This is the story of Paul, a sopho at a high school like no other The cheerleaders ride Harleys, the homecoming queen used to be a guy named Daryl she now prefers Infinite Darlene and is also the star quarterback , and the gay straight alliance was formed to help the straight kids learn how to dance.When Paul meets Noah, he thinks he s found the one his heart is madeThis is the story of Paul, a sopho at a high school like no other The cheerleaders ride Harleys, the homecoming queen used to be a guy named Daryl she now prefers Infinite Darlene and is also the star quarterback , and the gay straight alliance was formed to help the straight kids learn how to dance.When Paul meets Noah, he thinks he s found the one his heart is made for Until he blows it The school bookie says the odds are 12 to 1 against him getting Noah back, but Paul s not giving up without playing his love really loud His best friend Joni might be drifting away, his other best friend Tony might be dealing with ultra religious parents, and his ex boyfriend Kyle might not be going away anytime soon, but sometimes everything needs to fall apart before it can really fit together right.This is a happy meaningful romantic comedy about finding love, losing love, and doing what it takes to get love back in a crazy wonderful world.
    David Levithan Nicholas Robideau
    David Levithan born 1972 is an American children s book editor and award winning author He published his first YA book, Boy Meets Boy, in 2003 Levithan is also the founding editor of PUSH, a Young Adult imprint of Press.


    hm. i don't really know what to make of this one. see, here's the deal - i know this is a hugely popular gay teen fiction book - it has been around for a while and everyone loves it (LGM) , but in light of recent current events, it just makes me nervousis book takes place in a gay utopia, really. a world where there would be no need for the "it gets better project". and on the one hand, i'm sure gay teens would love reading it because it is like an escapist fantasy where everyone is tolerant and [...]

    Or Ten Reasons Why You Should Read Boy Meets BoyI want to live in the world David Levithan has created. It's fun, it's fabulous, it's the literary equivalent of unicorn fart! Sure, I know there probably doesn't exist a place where all the teenagers gather together to dance away Sunday nights in the local bookstore. Where the school's star quarterback is a crossdresser with the improbable name of Infinite Darlene. Where the Boy Scouts quit and reform as the Joy Scouts because the Boy Scouts would [...]

    “Part of love is letting a person be who they want to be.”3.5 stars. Although this is a very short novel—not even two-hundred-pages long—it explores different themes worth contemplating, with a huge emphasis on romantic and friendly-inclined relationships. Paul’s high school is like no other. Every student feels free to be who they are or want to be—gay, lesbian, drag queen, transgender—without fear of being targeted by other classmates. Though, to make things clear, this is no uto [...]

    Despite its pretenses & it's overall theme of goodness, friendship, the story is kinda, sorta pedestrian*. A love triangle not in the least bit bizarre, our character is a prancing, megaconfident & hyperpositive social Pollyanna. These kids seemingly live in a perpetual children's museum--their hometown caters to them all to such a staggering degree as to make you go "ick.""On the seventh day I gave him me." Yeah, Paul. You and your buddies have a god complex. The atmosphere is too sweet [...]

    Whitney Atkinson
    The more I read David Levithan, the less impressed I become. Or maybe it's just that i'm beginning to read his older works, and they're just not that great. This was what i'm now starting to label a "typical" Levithan book. Unimpressive, bland plot, okay characters, average writing. I nearly didn't finish this because I thought maybe it wouldn't be worth it, and I can honestly admit that I wouldn't have missed anything had I decided to DNF it. It's not the worst story in the world, and I did lik [...]

    Review will be spoiler-ish of the storylineYou know a book is special, when the first thing you do AFTER you close the last page is sighing and whisper, "Beautiful". That is exactly what I do after I finish reading Levithan's Boy Meets Boy. I think this is one of the most beautiful and smartest young adult book dealing with gay-themed that I have read. Sure, this book has sort of an unrealistic portrayal of LGBT acceptance. But that is the beauty of it. This is THE Gay Utopia World -- where the [...]

    Any book that makes me cry deserves at least 4 stars. Boy Meets Boy managed to squeeze tears out of me on several occasions. It doesn't mean, however, that this is one of those downer novels where someone dies or suffers horrible decease or misfortunes. Quite the opposite, this book is actually upbeat and lighthearted, and my tears were tears of pride and relief mostly.The setting of the novel is unusual. In fact, I am dying to borrow from Tony Kushner and call Boy Meets Boy a gay fantasia. A to [...]

    When I first read this book, I fell in love love with the main character and with the writer. David Levithan nailed what I'd been looking for for some time; a type of book that should be written many times over for alot of different kids. Here is the review I wrote June, 2004I just read an incredible book. Its called Boy meets Boy by David Levithan. I loved it on so many levels; the main one being its normalcy. Through my book travels, I read alot of teen angst, where the main character is deali [...]

    Josu Grilli
    Una novela tierna y entretenida con una pareja protagonista altamente shippeable. Se nota que es su primera novela, y que con el tiempo ha ido mejorando, pues me he encontrado con quizá demasiados personajes y alguna que otra escena con menos ritmo que el resto de la novela. Aun y todo, Boy Meets Boy nos da grandes citas (como siempre nos da Levithan) y consigue mantenerte en vilo con la trama principal. La historia en sí es muy simple, pero no es eso lo que creo yo que se debería de valorar [...]

    Tenley Nadine
    At the beginning I couldn't see the town in the book being real. I liked the town, it seemed awesome, just not realistic. I was very much like Tony in that sense; "The first time I met you, I honestly couldn't believe that someone like you could exist, or even a town like yours could entirely exist." But as I got to the middle, a little after I read that quote, I realized two things. First, Paul is the exception not the rule. He's grown up in this amazing home with a really supportive family and [...]

    Karly *The Vampire Ninja, Luminescent Monster & Wendigo Nerd Goddess of Canada (according to The Hulk)*
    Every single time I read this title it makes me think of:My random musings on Boy Meets Boy by David Levithan. This is one of those stories that I look at and do the internal yaying about . and then read and am left wondering why I didn't love it?! Why am I left questioning whether this book is helpful, harmful or offensive and why does it prey on my mind so badly?!This is a Gay Teen Utopia about a boy named Paul who falls in love with a boy named Noah, and all the blathering craziness that happ [...]

    This review and the rest of the crap I write can be seen @ my blogBark's Book Nonsense . Stop by and say hey.This is a lovely little confection of a book about friendship and high school loves. It does have a little angst but the main character Paul is such an effervescent fellow that it goes down easy instead of dragging the book down.When it starts, I have to admit I found it all a little strange. Like alternate universe level of strange. There were kids meeting up, playing instruments, singin [...]

    2.5 stars."If there's no feeling of fear, then there's no need for courage."This is the first time that I read a David Levithan book and well, this is disappointing.I didn't really have expectations from the book but still hoped to liked it. You know, there's always those short contemporaries that makes you feel butterflies and it's like you're in love again for the first time. This wasn't that kind of book. In this book I wanted to kill everyone. I hated everybody! Ok, maybe not EVERYBODY, but [...]

    I have said this several times over, but hell--let me just shout it out once more—I love David Levithan! His descriptions, words, stories, and characters bring a smile to my face and an extra sparkle to my heart. The way Levithan infuses his pages with warmth, love, and hope inspires me to move, create, blast the radio, dance around like a fool, and love with all my heart. But this time out, I did hit a bump or two along the way.Boy Meets Boy is the story of when Paul meets Noah. Sounds simple [...]

    This book takes place in a sort of gay-utopia. Everyone is gay or bisexual or at least bicurious. The school's star quarterback/prom queen is a drag queen. The only intolerant folks are cartoonishly evil in their religiousness, but they are an anomaly in a town where it is apparently appropriate for a kindergarten teacher to write "Paul is definitely gay" on a student's report card (????). Not only is it a gay-utopia, but it is an everything else-utopia as well: the school janitors are rich but [...]

    Another enforced read, courtesy of YA Lit. I think this book was maybe a 2.5 on the scale, but I chose to round down since there were a few things that really bugged me about it. On the positive, there are parts of the book that manage to really resonate. When the book stops trying to be cool, it's not bad at all. I liked the character of Noah, who seemed nicely human in spite of the role he had as the perfect guy. At times I also enjoyed Paul, the main character; he was honest, he screwed up an [...]

    Boy Meets Boy is about Paul, an openly gay kid in high school. Of course he has his problems and his drama but none of it really involves his sexuality - he's just that comfortable with it. However, his friend Tony does have a problem with it. Or more like his parents do, because Tony's parents are like the bible worshiper type. Then there's Kyle, Paul's ex-boyfriend who can't seem to decide what he wants. Joni is Paul's best friend who might not be his best friend for much longer. Infinite Darl [...]

    I adored this book so much. I read it in one sitting and I didn't stop reading until 2am this morning! It was an easy-going read with a not-so-brilliant plot but amazing characters. I forgot just how much I loved Levithan's writing.

    A Girl Has No Name
    2. 5 stars rounded tp to 3!The mixed reviews this young adult story has on , made me hesitate to pick it up for quite a long while. Due to a challenge, I finally gave it a try and I can't do more than write another one of these mixed reviews. Paul is gay and out in school and in his family. His family is very supportive and the world this story is set in seems to be to good to be true. The LGBT community is perfectly integreated into the school society - fights between students don't happen due [...]

    Sadly this really didn't work for me. 1 star for Tony - loved him!1 star for the World - (town where everyone co-exists, gays, lesbians, bi's, drag-queen/quarterback and Joy Scouts). The story is told in first person from Paul's POV. Paul is a gay high school student who's dealing with all the "fun" that high school tends to bring, seeing his ex-boyfriend on a daily basis, enduring all the drama his friends can dredge up in a day, and also falling for the new boy in town. The biggest problem I h [...]

    Vitor Martins
    Eu não esperava muito desse livro, mas esperava bem mais do que ele me entregou. Achei o conceito interessante mas no geral é uma história bem fácil de esquecer. Não me conectei com nenhum dos personagens, o protagonista não tem muito carisma, os demais personagens masculinos são todos muito parecidos e mesmo sendo um livro curtinho, é uma história bem cansativa. Tentei manter em mente que esse livro é de 2003, e naquela época existiam pouquissimos YA LGBT sendo publicados, mas nem is [...]

    Parts of this book were brilliant (and what I hoped for more of) and other parts were exactly what I hate about young adult literature. Here are two sample passages that will demonstrate exactly what I mean.Cringe-worthy:"The gymnasium doors open and the cheerleaders come riding in on their Harleys. The crowd goes wildA few years ago, it was decided that having a posse of motorcycles gun around the fields and courts was a much bigger cheer-inducer than any pom-pom routine could ever hope to be. [...]

    DNF at page 125.I tried. I tried so much to finish this book, but I just could not turn another page. I'm not saying it's a bad book, it's really good, but it's just not for me. I can't bring myself to feel anything for these characters or the story, no matter how much I forced myself to read.


    This is a story so whimsical that you half-expect the book to turn into cotton candy and start dissolving in your mouth. It's quite pleasant to spend a hundred odd pages in the utopian world of a town where the Boy Scouts are Joy Scouts and a cross dressing quarterback named Infinite Darlene can be elected Homecoming Queen. It's fun to spend a few hours reading about a high school that is more escapist fantasy than educational institution, where the pep rallies celebrate the math team and people [...]

    Alexis Hall
    This book is ridiculously important to me. I friend of mine gave from university gave it to me, back when we were both messed up 18 year olds with no clue who we were, what we wanted or how to get it. "You have to read this!" he said. And I know it's about teenagers, really, not young men who were supposed to be adults. But it was the first time, really, we'd ever read something that was just about two boys falling in love, where it wasn't angsty, hostile or doomed to death and failure.So I'm in [...]

    Sometimes after reading a book, I find myself wishing I had read this book in my early teens instead of now. This is either because I didn't like it but feel like I would have at age 14 or because it's the type of book I that my teenage self really could have used. This book falls into the latter category.I think what makes Boy Meets Boy so amazing is that it's a book about being gay without the story being incredibly sad or focused on coming out. It's a funny, happy book with a nice, relatable [...]

    A near-perfect fantasy novel. No dragons or wizards, but a six-foot-four drag queen high school quarterback named Infinite Darlene; no quests or curses, but a remarkable town where they got over the tension between gays and straights a while back.Yes, it couldn't happen here yet, but as long as writers like Levithan keep creating wonderful "what if" novels for gay teens, there's hope!

    It's one of the BEST love stories ever written. I think everyone should read it! Straight, Gay, Lesbian or Bi, I'm sure you'll feel all the goosebumps I felt while reading throughout the book. Three cheers for David Levithan!

    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    Lowest price in years at $1.99 at US, 5/25/15!

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