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  • Title: The Monk Who Vanished
  • Author: Peter Tremayne
  • ISBN: 9780747257813
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Abbey of Imleach, in the south west Irish kingdom of Muman, now rivals Armagh as the centre of the faith in Ireland For the founder of the abbey was none other than St Ailbe, the man who brought Christianity to Muman, converted its king and baptised him at Cashel in AD448.But now, calamity has struck the community of the abbey Not only has an elderly monk suddenly diThe Abbey of Imleach, in the south west Irish kingdom of Muman, now rivals Armagh as the centre of the faith in Ireland For the founder of the abbey was none other than St Ailbe, the man who brought Christianity to Muman, converted its king and baptised him at Cashel in AD448.But now, calamity has struck the community of the abbey Not only has an elderly monk suddenly disappeared, but the holy relics of St Ailbe have also vanished These sacred relics are not just the concern of the abbey s community but are a priceless icon and political symbol of the entire kingdom So who would have dared to take them Sister Fidelma, together with Saxon Brother Eadulf, are asked to investigate It seems there is to the disappearances than meets the eye much Fidelma gradually uncovers a sinister conspiracy, in which the participants will stop at nothing even murder to achieve their aims
    Peter Tremayne
    Peter Berresford Ellis born 10 March 1943 is a historian, literary biographer, and novelist who has published over 90 books to date either under his own name or his pseudonyms Peter Tremayne and Peter MacAlan He has also published 95 short stories His non fiction books, articles and academic papers have made him acknowledged as an authority on Celtic history and culture As Peter Tremayne, he is the author of the international bestselling Sister Fidelma mystery series His work has appeared in 25 languages.


    Simon Mcleish
    Originally published on my blog here in February 2000.The latest Sister Fidelma mystery shows no real signs of improvement, having the same plot once again. This time the threat to her brother Colgu's throne is an all out assassination attempt in his capital at Cashel rather than a dark plot in the corners of the kingdom of Muman (better known by its Viking name of Munster). There are distinct signs of cheating, as when Fidelma looks at a sword and says that its use of animal teeth is a speciali [...]

    Almost entertaining. The author's desire to educate about Irish history and culture sometimes gets in the way of the reader's enjoyment of the mystery. The "sidekick", Brother Eadulf, is very confusing minute so stupid you feel like screaming and the next full of simple insights. He is hard to believe in as a person. Therefore he is only a device that the author uses to push the story forward. Fidelma is no bettery she seems to have no faults.

    Sister Fidelma is a witness when an attempted assassination is carried out on two of the kings in the area. She travels to a neighboring abbey to form a tribunal court to assess guilt and compensation for the crimes. She finds that Brother Moctha, the keeper of the sacred reliquary, has disappeared. To her dismay, one of the assassins who were killed in the former crime, seems to be that very Brother Mochta. She must find out who and why the crime was committed before the very kingdom falls. Thi [...]

    In this 7th installment of the Sister Fidelma series, Fidelma's brother, the king, and the leader of another faction are both wounded in an assasination attempt when they gather to negotiate a peace agreement. To prevent war from breaking out, Fidelma must uncover a conspiracy. This story is well written and the plot is engaging and well executed. The author's devotion to including and defining ancient Irish terminolgy, however, almost destroys the story's continuity. A few phrases are interesti [...]

    This book is written on perhaps a junior high level -- in any event, it is the kind of book I enjoyed in junior high. Nevertheless, I found it an enjoyable read -- largely because of the Celtic customs an Latin phrases interspersed throughout the mystery.

    When I first started this series I didn't think I would continue. Now it is difficult not to jump into the very next one.

    Mike Shaughnessy
    Good first read in the Sister Fidelma series. Excellent Irish history, good characters, and a challenging mystery as well.

    Sarah Hearn
    It's been a while since I read a Sister Fidelma mystery, and now I remember why. For someone who doesn't read or speak Irish, all the place and people's names and expressions, are just wearing. I spend way too much time trying to guess what some place is called instead of just getting on with the plot. In the hardback books, Peter Tremayne puts a glossary of sorts and sometimes a pronunciation guide. While this is useful and interesting, it still drags out the reading way too long. And I read th [...]

    Joyce Lagow
    No. 7 in the Sister Fidelma series.[return][return]I sometimes (no, often) ask myself why I keep up with this series, since it s not particularly well written and its protagonist, Sister Fidelma, is one of the most uninteresting in the genre. What few (and far between) expressions of emotion she has must be so startling to Tremayne that he does a terrible job of writing about them. She may be smart, but she is also bloodless and therefore colorless.[return][return]That said, the plots are good a [...]

    Mark Robertson
    This is a workman-like effort from Peter Tremayne, whose Sister Fidelma character is at times brilliant and entertaining while at other times pedantic, overly proud and kind of prissy. This tale finds Fidelma investigating the attempted assasination of both her brother, King of Muman, and of the prince of a region within the kingdom that has often warred with the Kings of Muman. This story, like most of the Fidelma series that I've read, is filled with red herrings that completely befuddle Eadul [...]

    So far the best Fidelma book I've read (which I have to admit is only the third after Valley of the Shadow and Smoke in the Wind). The story begins with two apparently unrelated incidents: Firstly a monk vanishes along with a set of holy relics. Secondly two lords from adversarial groups are injured when an archer shoots at them when they arrive for peace talks. One of those lords is Fidelma's brother, the king, and his enemies at once suspect him of plotting against them while his allies suspec [...]

    One of the downsides of my engagement with this series over many years is that seem to have learned most of my knowledge of medieval Ireland from detective novels – hardly the most trusty of sources, but also a tribute to Tremayne’s sense of verisimilitude, and he is, after all, a historian of medieval Ireland. Leaving aside the realist frame though which these may be read, they are also subtle, gentle but not genteel, tales of intrigue in the Munster of 1500 years ago, when Ireland was the [...]

    Ana Elena Romero
    He de reconocer que me he vuelto adicta a Tremayne y su saga Sister Fidelma, pese a que una y otra vez cae en los mismos tópicos e historias recurrentes.No obstante, me fascina como hilvana el entramado de sucesos dejando al lector breves detalles para que pueda ir sacando alguna idea del desarrollo de los hechos. Pequeñas pistas que pueden pasar desapercibidas en una rápida lectura, pero que son la clave para que Sor Fidelma las entrelace y descubra la trama completa.Con una gran pedagogía [...]

    Accidentally read out of order, skipped book 5 and 6, and didn't even notice. Now I see some of the character development dialogue probably makes more sense that the time elapsed didn't happen off screen, but no in between cases were revealed. Fidelma is in her home kingdom when her brother and a visiting prince are both hit with arrows. Accusations fly about who is behind it and which kingdom is plotting against the other. Important relics are also missing from a nearby abbey. Fidelma and Eadul [...]

    The Sister Fidelma stories continue with this book (#7 in the series). It is September, 666 A.D. An aged monk and priceless relics disappear from the Abbey of Imleach. Fidelma's brother, King Colgu, is wounded in an attempted assassination plot along with the Prince of the Ui Fidgente who has come to the city of Cashel to negotiate a peace treaty. The future of King Colgu's realm hangs in the balace as Fidelma tries to prevent civil war and the toppling of her brother from his throne. Old hatred [...]

    I'm hooked on the Sister Fidelma stories. Set in 7th century Christian Ireland, Britain, and western Europe, Sister Fidelma, a Celtic Christian sister to an Irish king and highly trained lawyer, the plots revolve around conflicts between Celtic and Roman Christians, among the diverse tribes/clans, and some lighter discussions of faith. And of course, murder.In this outing, the keeper of an abbey's relics and the relics disappear. This as the leaders of two long-warring tribes, meeting to form a [...]

    My husband recommended this book to me. Problem 1: it has a map of Ireland in front. Why do authors include a map of a real country with real cities and rivers marked on it? Because they think we're too stupid to Google an old map of Ireland. Problem 2: There is a 6-page "historical note" before the story starts because we are too stupid to understand the story without it. Why not require a masters degree in history? Require us to show our diplomas at the bookstore. Then there is a 2-page list o [...]

    OK, so I am back to three stars. I should trust myself. I guessed the culprit at the very first page of the book. I still like the story but I need a bit more subtlety. I also dislike the writing tool of solving a large chunk of the mystery through hearing some character confess-- way before the "reveal" in the story. Perhaps I need a break from this series just like Fidelma thinks she needs a break (as of the previous book) from Eadulf. BTW, I feel impatient with their relationship.

    Another interesting instalment in the Sister Fidelma mysteries. This one moves the relationship between Fidelma and Eadulf forward by moving it backward. Their true feelings for each other are clarified, but neither is going to speak up. The mystery centers on the long-standing struggle for power between the King at Tara and its challengers and, again, between those who would have Roman Christianity rule all and those who are loyal to the Irish church.

    It started out slowly, but really came through in the end. Fidelma has to figure out who tried to kill her brother, why witnesses gave descriptions of an archer which differed in one aspect and why the relics were stolen. Of course she is able to accomplish all of this while adventuring with her friend, or is he her boyfriend, and giving all of us a description of a time in Ireland when women had more say. Really enjoy reading books where the characters are strong, especially the women.

    Writing? A bit clumsy. Characters? Cardboard. Plot? Mostly OK, as well as I could follow ancient Irish politics. Still well worth reading for the careful research behind the vivid depiction of life in Ireland in the 650's, when it was a center of learning and culture. And when women had rights unparalleled in the West even today.The Sister Fidelma series has 27 books and, though I don't plan to seek any out, I will continue to read any which come my way.

    3 1/2 Stars. Parts were terrific and otherwise a slow read but I do enjoy the series.I especially like the ancient areas around Cashel Cork and Limerick that Fidelma and Eadolf venture through, especially since I have been there recently.Recommended to those who like Irish and Early Medieval mysteries.

    Interesting info on Ireland in the seventh century AD. Tremayne (Peter Ellis) is a celtic scholar who brings his extensive knowledge to the murder mysteries featuring Sister Fidela. The authenticity can sometimes bog down the pace, but if you're interested in the ancient Celts, it's a good read. Thoroughly enjoyed it and will read more in the series.

    I'm trying to savor these Celtic Mysteries books, but they're just too good. I've loved every one so far. This is the seventh in the series (not including the book of short Celtic mysteries). This one has a great plot of an attempted plan to overthrow the kingdom of Cashel. I wish these books were longer because I seem to rip through them and then I'm sorry to see them end.

    Received this book from my aunt. It's not one I'd typically pick up, but I really enjoyed it. Fidelma is like a medieval Irish lawyer/csi chick who doesn't seem to let much get in her way. A very enjoyable read during my vacation.

    Intriguing because of the historical and cultural revelations regarding Celtic life in the 7th century. When we read Tremayne we wonder why we allowed the Roman interpretations of church practice and civilizations proprieties in general win out over the wise Irish!

    I loved this one. I thought by this point in the series I'd be tired of it. So many of these end up formulaic and not enjoyable after a while but this series has continued to keep my attention and I'm always learning new details about Medieval Ireland and the world.

    Mary Newcomb
    Trust Sister Fidelma to sort through many complicated and confusing clues to figure out who is behind the assassination plot. Now if she could resolve her personal life as smoothly, all would be well.

    Robyn Schmidt
    This series, with Sister Fidelma, is set in 7th Century Ireland and combines my love of Roman history and my enjoyment of the Brother Cadfael series (by Ellis Peters) into one brainy, entertaining mystery series. This book in Peter Tremayne's series is excellent.

    I enjoy learning about Ireland's history through these books, but I was starting to feel that the main characters, Fidelma and Eadulf, were getting a little predictable. But the ending left me thinking I will read anotherybe a change in character is on the way

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