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  • Title: The Wedding Bargain
  • Author: Agnes Sligh Turnbull
  • ISBN: 2320116507
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Liza Hanford accepts a marriage of convenience from her boss Daniel Morgan She becomes the perfect CEO wife Then Daniel s past life emerges to throw him into a charge of murder.
    Agnes Sligh Turnbull
    Novelist Agnes Sligh Turnbull was born in 1888 in New Alexandria, PA After a dozen years as a short story writer, Turnbull wrote her first novel, The Rolling Years, published in 1936 In the 14 additional novels she wrote over the next 40 plus years, Turnbull built a thorough chronicle of the Scots who settled and farmed rural Westland County Turnbull died in 1982.


    The H was messed up on so many levels.

    When I first started working at the library in 1991 my boss recommended this book to me and I really liked it. Everyone I have ever recommended it to has liked it. The story takes place in the 1930s in New York and New England. It is about a marriage of convenience that turns into a fun love story.

    I would give this 3 1/2 stars if I could. The cover makes it look as though the book is set in the late 60s or early 70s but it begins in 1935. The dialog and style had me picturing it in the early 60s and so I had to look to see when it was published - 1966.I really like books in this genre and from this era (early to mid 20th century). They're usually well-written with adult protagonists who are level headed and pragmatic. They also usually have a certain atmosphere-slightly suspenseful with a [...]

    Christine Page
    This is one of my favorite books for the romance and mystery of the story. Agnes Sligh Turnbull tells a wonderful story of Liza who is going to tell Daniel, her boss, that she is quitting but he asks her to marry him. She has been in love for him for years but he only sees her as his secretary. She agrees to the marriage but knows he is incapable of love. His past comes to light when he is accused of murder but Liza remains supportive. The story takes place in New York in the 1930's when society [...]

    I just read this book for the second time and really enjoyed it. It is an old out of print book that was written in the 60s and set in the 30s, in New York. It is a favorite book of my Grandmas and I can see why:) If you are in the mood for a good clean romantic book-- pick this one up at the library, you will love it! I read it probably 15-20 years ago and enjoyed again last weekend! It's a keeper!

    Good clean romance/mystery. Great descriptions of the house, food, fashions, and trips. It's always interesting also to read how the super wealthy live and entertain, although this couple didn't seem over-the-top, not like the super rich of today.

    I read this early on my life and found it on Good Reads so I decided to add this wonderful romance.

    I love this book. An oldie, but a goody! I recommend it to anyone who loves a clean love story.

    One of the best books I have ever read-it was hard to put down! I have a copy if anyone wants to borrow.

    Charlotte Wallace
    A very quaint book. Very wholesome reading.

    I don't even know where I got this book, but I read it as a teenager and adored it.

    Kathryn House
    I absolutely LOVED this book. I think it's actually my new favourite! It was perfection.

    Christine Vazquez
    Enjoyed this book!

    It was a book that I had read before; loved it the second time around.

    One of my favorites!

    This is a beloved book and a welcome re-read. It's a fiction story with a touch of mystery and romance. I highly recommend this story.

    I first read this book back in 1999. I loved it then and still enjoyed it when rereading it recently. Agnes Sligh Turnbull has been one of my favorite authors. She's the only author that I have collected all the books she ever wrote. Her books are what I like to call Gentle Romance. While sex is alluded to in this book (this is about a marriage of convenience), it is extremely tastefully done. I'd not let my 13 year old read it however, but I would once she was in high school. Reading this makes [...]

    Nancy Shaffer
    Decades long history to this one. Dave & I (husband) first read in paperback which my Mother had, easily 40 years ago. A truly memorable book, as I've been searching for it for years just to read again. Finally recently found it from Abe Books & gave it to Dave on his birthday. We both had forgotten so many of the details but loved rereading it & will surely keep this hardcover edition, 2nd printing.

    Read this several years ago after picking it up at a thrift store. I only remember in general, so I will re-read before a full review. I know it started out as a marriage of convenience only. I do intend to research her other books and short stories.

    I love this book. I really do. I read it when I was a teen and certainly didn't appreciate it as much as I do now. Great romance, great historical fiction, great mystery.:)

    It was cute, appropriate, a little suspenseful, but not very deep. I especially enjoyed the very last page. I liked it and do recommend it, but don't expect to get anything deep out of it.

    I enjoyed this book, I think this author is interesting to read because she really is able to imagine how the characters would feel and speak, the words are not flat or boring

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