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  • Title: مادونا صاحبة معطف الفرو
  • Author: Sabahattin Ali Jehad Alamasi
  • ISBN: 9786149632388
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback

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    Sabahattin Ali Jehad Alamasi
    Sabahattin Ali February 25, 1907 April 2, 1948 was a Turkish novelist, short story writer, poet, and journalist.He was born in 1907 in E ridere township now Ardino in southern Bulgaria of the Sanjak of G m lcine now Komotini in northern Greece , in the Ottoman Empire He lived in Istanbul, anakkale and Edremit before he entered the School of Education in Bal kesir Then, he was transferred to the School of Education in Istanbul, where he graduated in 1926 After serving as a teacher in Yozgat for one year, he earned a fellowship from the Ministry of National Education and studied in Germany from 1928 to 1930 When he returned to Turkey, he taught German language in high schools at Ayd n and Konya.While he was serving as a teacher in Konya, he was arrested for a poem he wrote criticizing Atat rk s policies, and accused of libelling two other journalists Having served his sentence for several months in Konya and then in the Sinop Fortress Prison, he was released in 1933 in an amnesty granted to mark the 10th anniversary of the declaration of the Republic of Turkey He then applied to the Ministry of National Education for permission to teach again After proving his allegiance to Atat rk by writing the poem Benim A k m literally My Love or My Passion , he was assigned to the publications division at the Ministry of National Education Sabahattin Ali married on May 16, 1935 and did his military service in 1936 He was imprisoned again and released in 1944 He also owned and edited a popular weekly newspaper called Marko Pa a pronounced Marco Pasha , together with Aziz Nesin.Upon his release from prison, he suffered financial troubles His application for a passport was denied He was killed at the Bulgarian border, probably on 1 or 2 April 1948 His body was found on June 16, 1948 It is generally believed that he was killed by Ali Ertekin, a smuggler with connections to the National Security Service, who had been paid to help him pass the border 2 Another hypothesis is that Ertekin handed him over to the security services, and he was killed during interrogation It is believed he was killed because of his political opinions.Sabahattin Ali s 100th birth anniversary was celebrated in Bulgarian city Ardino in March 31, 2007 Ali is a well known author in this country because his books have been read in schools in Bulgaria since 1950s.

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    'Büyük konuşmayacaksın' derdi babam, haklıymış. Kitabın bu kadar yüksek bir puan almasını garipsemiş, madem bu kadar güzel bir kitap, neden diğer dillere tercüme edilip bir Dünya klasiği haline gelmemiş diye eleştirmiştim.Ve Sabahattin Ali dün gece bana bütün bu lafları bir güzel yedirtti, hatta üzerine su bile içirdi. Bu kadar içten, beni bu kadar derinden etkileyen, kendimle bu kadar özdeşleştirdiğim, içimi tatlı tatlı sıkan, gözlerimi dolduran, sayfaları [...]

    ميقات الراجحي
    كما يقال (أن تأتي متأخرًا خيرًا من أن لا تأتِ) هذا ما ينطبق على هذه الرواية. كان أول عـهدي بمعرفتها كنص روئي في المرحلة الثانوية، والآن بعد (70) تأتينا في ترجمة عربية. استغربت كثيرًا أين هي دور النشر العربية تلك اللبنانية وأين منها مشروع (كلمة) للترجمة؟. رغم سعادتي بقراءة النص أخ [...]

    Sherif Metwaly
    الألم الذي وجدتُه في الروايات المفجعة التي قرأتها قبل هذه الرواية يوضع في كفة، وألم هذه الرواية - بالنسبة لي على الأقل - في كفة أخرى تمامًا. ماذا أقول؟، لا أعرف الحقيقة كيف أفسر لكم سبب وضعي لهذه الرواية في تلك الكفة الخاصة، ولكنني سأترك أناملي تتواصل مباشرةً مع قلبي بدون أدنى [...]

    Madonna in a Fur Coat by Sabahattin Ali is considered one of the foremost Turkish classics of the 20th century. Written in 1941 and describing how both Germany and Turkey had changed following the Great War, this classic is now available in English for the first time. Using the life of a translation clerk named Raif Efendi as a metaphor to show how the world has changed, Ali delivers a hidden gem of a classic to western readers. Our story begins as a narrator in search of work finds employment a [...]

    : كل ما أتذكره أني وقفت متسمرًا أمام لوحة أمرأة ترتدي معطف فرو . كان في وجه المرأة تعابير قوية . عبارة عن خليط غريب من الوحشية وقليل من الغرور والإستعلاء . إلا أنه أنتابني إحساس بألفة وكأن بيننا معرفة مسبقة . هذه البشرة الشاحبة , هاتان العينان السوداوان تحت الحواجب السوداء والش [...]

    حسام عادل
    “هل يُمكن لإنسان أن يكون سببًا في سعادة إنسانٍ آخر ومن دون حتى أن يفعل شيئًا يُذكر؟”في أحد المساءات قابلها صدفة,وهام بها حبًايومها أدرك أن من البشر من يمكنه الإرتباط بإنسانٍ واحد أكثر من ارتباطه بالحياة ذاتهافي أحد المساءات اللاحقة برفقتها لطمته مفاجأة قاسية استحال معها ا [...]

    فهد الفهد
    مادونا صاحبة معطف الفرو منذ صدورها قبل ما يزيد على السبعين عاما – 1943 م -، لم تخرج رواية مادونا من قائمة أكثر الكتب مبيعاً في تركيا، وهذا يجعلها أحد الكلاسيكيات التركية المهمة والتي ترجمت أخيراً إلى اللغة العربية، ترجمة ممتازة رغم أنها الأولى للأستاذ جهاد الأماسي. ولد صباح ال [...]

    I was staggered to learn that when released in 1943, Sabahattin Ali's achingly heartfelt novel made no impression whatsoever. Even Decades later, when 'Madonna in a Fur coat' was passed around between family and friends it's position continued to be ignored by the literary world, seen by some as nothing more than a puzzling aberration, a book easily weep over without any solid substance to back it up, I disagree. It may just be a simply told love story drenched in melancholy, but it must be doin [...]

    B. Han Varli
    benim fikrimce aşk diye ayrı, mücerret bir mefhum yoktu. insanlar arasında çeşit çeşit kendini gösteren bütün sevgiler, sempatiler bir nevi aşktı. yalnız yerine göre isim ve şekil değiştiriyorlardı. kadınla erkek arasındaki sevgiye hakiki ismini vermemek bir nevi kendimizi aldatmaktan başka bir şey değildiiraf etmeliyim: kürk mantolu madonna'yı okuyup okumadığımı soran herkese cevap olarak hazırladığım bir metin var, çok da keyif alırdım bilerek okumuyorum, h [...]

    Amira Mahmoud
    في الحب؛ لا شيء يعبر عن وجهة نظري بكل دقة كتلك الجملة التي قالتها ميلينا لكافكا في أحدى رسائلهما "وإن كنت مجرد جثة في العالم فأنا أحبك" وبغض الطرف عن قائلها ومتلقيها وعن قصتهما معًا، وبغض الطرف عن تحول تلك الجملة مؤخرًا إلى أحدى التريندات كالمعتاد، وبغض الطرف عن كل شيء عدا عمق [...]

    Mohamed Al Marzooqi
    رجل لا يثق بنفسه وامرأة شديدة الثقة بنفسها يجمع بينهما عدم ثقتهما بالآخرين والحب. رواية جميلة تعيد الثقة في قصص الحبّ النبيلة

    Turkish literature was brought into the spotlight in recent years, with writers like Orhan Pamuk and Elif Şafak being known and read internationally. I prefer to look for the less popular ones, though; and, while Sabahattin Ali is well-known in his home country, his work is unfortunately not available in most international translations, particularly in English.Kürk Mantolu Madonna("Madonna in a Fur Coat") is a short but masterly novel. It is the love story of Raif Bey, a young Turkish student [...]

    هل لإنسان أن يكون سبباً في سعادة إنسان آخر دون حتى أن يفعل شيئا يذكر ، نعمماريا بودر كانت سبباً في سعادة رائف أفندي .رائف أفندي الرجل البسيط المنغلق على نفسه ، الذي سافر لألمانيا ليتعلم بها حرفة ثم يعود مرة أخرى لبلده تركيا تعرف على ماريا بودر أو مادونا من خلال لوحة في معرض لوح [...]

    بكل الإنصاف أربع نجمات بكل العشق خمس نجمات************شعور إنسانى مر مرارة وحدة أدمحزين حزنه منذ طرد من السماء حيث خلق و حيث ينتمىصعب صعوبة تكيفه مع قذارة الأرضمطرد إطراد شوقه لجنة الرحمنشعور ولد بولادة الإنسان و يموت فقط بموته ؛ شعور الإغتراب القاسىأن تنتمى جسدا كأدم إلى مكان بي [...]

    Anas Al-omari
    إن المميز في هذه الرواية ليس سنة كتابتها فقط، بل ما يعنيه ذلك. فأن تحمل رواية كتبت قبل سبعين سنة كل تلك الأفكار التي سبقت عصرها لهو أمر مدهش حقاً. البساطة في الألفاظ كانت مختلفة، فلقد استطاع الكاتب أن يعبر كل تلك المساحات من التساؤلات البشرية و الوجودية بلغة لا يشوبها كثير من [...]

    النهايات العظيمة/غير المتوقعة/الصادمة، تلعب دوراً كبيراً في نجاح العمل الروائي، وهو الأمر الذي توفر بقوة في هذه الرواية.وجدت في الرواية فلسفة مختلفة عن كل ما قرأته سابقاً حول طبيعة العلاقة بين الرجل والمرأة، وجاءت هذه الفلسفة البسيطة والعميقة في الوقت نفسه على لسان بطلة ال [...]

    28.02.2017: ISTANBUL — A young Turkish man arrives in 1920s Berlin. Ignoring his business of soap manufacturing, he spends his days learning German and his nights reading books — especially the Russians, and especially Turgenev. He explores the city’s parks, its wide streets, its museums and art galleries. He is looking, as he put it, for something, “to sweep me off my feet.”He finds it one evening at a gallery, where he stands transfixed in front of a painting of a young woman dressed [...]

    Mohamed Shady
    أيًا كان اللي رشحلي الرواية دي، وأينما وُجد، هجيبه من قفاه وهزعله جامد.

    A truly beautiful book about a Turkish man who goes to Berlin in the roaring 20-ties. During a visit to an exposition of modern art, our shy and asocial young man is attracted by the self portrait of a young woman, the Madonna in a fur coat. Intrigued as he is by this work of art, he goes looking for the artist Maria. What follows is the story of a subdued yet great passion of two sequestered and wounded young people. Notwithstanding the fact that happy endings do not exist in these types of sto [...]

    Eren Nadir Akşamoğlu
    Maria Puder İlk okuduğum zamanla şimdi arasında o kadar çok şey değişmiş ki. O zaman da sevmiştim ama şimdi olduğum yaşta ve olduğum halimle bana bambaşka şeyler sundu, kırdı geçti, içimi parçaladı. Muhteşemdi. Okuyun ne yapıp edip okuyun

    Kendi adıma -bazı türk yazarlarda ne cevher varmış- şeklinde düşündüren,betimlemeleri güzel olan,karakterin hüznünü hissettiğiniz,raif efendi artık bişey yap böyle ezik durma şeklinde hırslandığınız,sonunda şoke olduğunuz,bi' kaç kere daha okuyabileceğiniz bir kitap.Ayrıca acaba Raif efendi, Sabahattin Ali olabilir mi diye düşünmedim değil :)

    Sarah ~
    مادونا صاحبة معطف الفرو . رواية تركية لا تزال في قوائم الأكثر قراءة حتى بعد مرور أكثر من سبعين عاماً على نشرها لأول مرة .نشر صباح الدين علي روايته لأول مرة على هيئة فصول في إحدى الصحف عامَ 1941 م ثم نشرت لأول مرة ككتاب عامَ 1943 م .صدرت ترجمتها العربية مؤخراً - والتي كانت بالمناسبة م [...]

    sigara içmem, yılda üç ya da dört tane, o da belki. ama şimdi olsa belki bir paket. ellerimde kitabı öyle bir sıkmışım ki etrafımdaki insanların farkında değilim. iki gündür yemek yiyemiyorum yerken de suçluluk duyuyorum, belki biraz daha az şimdi. oysa raif beyin hastalığı açlıktan ya da susuzluktan değildi. kendini anlayacak bir tane insan bulmuştu, çoğumuzun aksine ona sahip de olmuştu ve herkes gibi onu kaybetti."insanlara ne kadar muhtaç olursam onlardan kaçm [...]

    "Kaybedilen en kıymetli eşyanın, servetin, her türlü dünya saadetinin acısı zamanla unutuluyor. Yalnız kaçırılan fırsatlar asla akıldan çıkmıyor ve her hatırlayışta insanın içini sızlatıyor. Bunun sebebi herhalde "bu böyle olmayabilirdi!" düşüncesi, yoksa insan mukadder telakki ettiği şeyleri kabule her zaman hazır."Birkaç cümlenin hayatı tanımlaması çok garip değil mi aslında?

    Sercan Vatansever
    Bundan bir 7 sene evvel Kuyucaklı Yusuf'la tanışmıştım Sabahattin Ali'yle ve bu kadar ara neden anlam veremedim kendime çünkü o romanı da sevmiştim. Kürk Mantolu Madonna hunharca beş yıldız basılan, herkesin övgüyle bahsettiği, caps sayfalarına dahi malzeme olabilmiş edebiyatımızın belki de en popüler romanı. Anlayacağınız her zaman çekiniyordum okumaktan ötürü. Çekinmemin sebebi beğenememekti sanırım. Çok akıcı bir dili var Sabahatin Ali'nin, resmen esir [...]

    “The pain of losing something precious –– be it earthly happiness or material wealth –– can be forgotten over time. But our missed opportunities never leave us, and every time they come back to haunt us, we ache." (p. 154)My attention was drawn to Sabahattin Ali’s Madonna in a Fur Coat thanks to this compelling review in The Guardian: theguardian/books/201According to the above-mentioned review, Sabahattin Ali’s Madonna in a Fur Coat (*) which was first published in 1943“has beco [...]

    mai ahmd
    جميلة ورقيقة هذه الرواية تصلح لليالي الشتاء الطويلة

    A wonderful story of unfulfilled love and lost opportunities. This is a tale of a shy young man’s exhilarating experience of devoted love of a modern woman against the backdrop of social innovation and artistic ferment in Berlin between the two world wars. The rollercoaster of successes and failures in this romance are classic, as are the triumphs and tragedies. But this is no melodrama. It confronts the challenges to achieving the balance in the relationship between the sexes in a way that fe [...]

    ؛؛يلزمك من الإيمان ما يكفي لتتجنب الوقوع في براثن الكفر بمدى قابلية الأرواح على الجذب وإن كان ذلك بمجرد النظر إلى لوحة معلّقة على الجدار."رائف" الشخص الذي حمل على عاتقه ثقل كل الحزن في هذه الرواية. هو أيضاً من وقف ندّاً للحياة ذات تهوّر فأردته قتيلاً دون أن تصدر منها بادرة رحم [...]

    Mohammed Orabi
    من المؤكد أن فى حياه كل منا شخصية مثل رائف أفندى حاولوا أن تقتربوا منهم وأن تتعرفوا عليهم قبل فوات الأوان فربما تجد إنسانا لن تصادف مثله كثيرا فى حياتك بعد ذلك خمسة نجوم ورواية أخرى جديدة تضاف إلى قائمة المفضلة لدى

    • Best Read [Sabahattin Ali Jehad Alamasi] ☆ مادونا صاحبة معطف الفرو || [Memoir Book] PDF ☆
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