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  • Title: Cinnamon Roll Murder
  • Author: Joanne Fluke
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 127
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The fifteenth mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier Hannah Swensen can barely contain her excitement when she hears jazz band Cinnamon Roll Six is coming to Lake Eden As the town s beloved bakery owner, she decides to make a supply of their namesake confections toThe fifteenth mouth watering novel in the Hannah Swensen crime series Packed full of delicious recipes and perfect for fans of M C Beaton and Leslie Meier Hannah Swensen can barely contain her excitement when she hears jazz band Cinnamon Roll Six is coming to Lake Eden As the town s beloved bakery owner, she decides to make a supply of their namesake confections to welcome them.But things soon turn sour when the band s tour bus rolls over on the way into town Most of the injuries are minor, except for the surgical scissors plunged into loveable keyboard player Buddy Neiman s chest Hannah smells murder, and there s nothing sweeter than bringing a killer to justice
    Joanne Fluke
    Like Hannah Swensen, Joanne Fluke grew up in a small town in rural Minnesota where her neighbors were friendly, the winters were fierce, and the biggest scandal was the spotting of unidentified male undergarments on a young widow s clothesline She insists that there really are 10,000 lakes and the mosquito is NOT the state bird.While pursuing her writing career, Joanne has worked as a public school teacher, a psychologist, a musician, a private detective s assistant, a corporate, legal, and pharmaceutical secretary, a short order cook, a florist s assistant, a caterer and party planner, a computer consultant on a now defunct operating system, a production assistant on a TV quiz show, half of a screenwriting team with her husband, and a mother, wife, and homemaker She now lives in Southern California with her husband, her kids, his kids, their three dogs, one elderly tabby, and several noisy rats in the attic Series Hannah Swensen


    I'll give it two stars since Norman grew a backbone, but I'm really tired of being treated like an idiote recipes, using a term only to define it just in case we're so dumb we've never heard it before, the overusing of character's names like we can't keep the people straight. Why, for the love of Pete, is Bev always referred to as "Doctor Bev"? Who would talk like that? I think we know who Bev is. Norman is a doctor, he's not referred to as Doctor Norman all the time. (Doc Knight I can live with [...]

    I don't know why I tortured myself with this series. I guess I liked the first book enough to continue? Thankfully, I didn't pay for any of these books. Thank you public library for saving me $$$.By this latest book, I have grown to really hate Hannah. She is condescending, selfish, childish, and her needing to correct everyone's grammar drives me crazy. I liked Andrea and Michelle earlier in the series, but I've also grown to dislike them. The Swensen matriarch is the worst of all! The scene wh [...]

    Tonia Dempsey
    I had such high hopes for this book, being the last was somewhat of a cliffhanger. But sadly, it turned out like all the other Hannah books latelydisappointing. When Doctor Bev was introduced into this series, she had the potential to be a "real" character, giving Hannah a little competition for Norman. Instead, the author went in a ridiculous direction with the "marry me or never see your daughter" claim. Seriously, what man would move a woman into his home and agree to instant marriage because [...]

    In this addition to the series Hannah Swensen (owner of 'The Cookie Jar' bakery/cafe) and her sister are on the icy roads of Lake Eden, Minnesota, planning to deliver an order of scrumptious cinnamon rolls. They come across a serious accident involving a tour bus and several cars. The bus crash killed the driver but spared the passengers, members of the 'Cinnamon Roll Six' band, in town for a jazz festival. Hannah helps transport several band members to the hospital, including the keyboard playe [...]

    Chris Curtis
    These books could be so much better with just a few changes. Have the characters talk to each other like adults instead of kindergarten teachers explaining things to small children. Enough of how frumpy Hannah looks and how wonderful her mother and sisters look. And my goodness how much can these people eat? Especially chocolate and coffee!

    Alannah Davis
    Lazy writing, poor editing, flaccid filler posing as dialogue, characters as limp as overcooked macaroni and about as appealing. Joanne Fluke is a good writer with a very readable style, but "Cinnamon Roll Murder" is clearly riding on the laurels of the series' popularity.The premise sounded good, and the first paragraph (I always try to check for that "grabber") showed promise. Hannah bakes goodies for the jazz band Cinnamon Roll Six, the tour bus overturns on its way to town, and the mysteriou [...]

    Springtime in Lake Eden brings relief from the cold winter months but since this is a Hannah book, there will be no rest for the wicked. Another murder ( good thing there are so many visitors or this would have been a ghost town by now lol) shakes the community and who else but Swensen and the gang to the rescue. One of the members of the Cinnamon Rolls Six Jazz Band ( what a rad name for a band) meets his end in Lake Eden, ironically enough there are some cinnamon rolls involved. This was the u [...]

    Barbara ★
    I've been skipping around in this series - just picking the books I need for challenges. I was annoyed with myself as this book is further along in the series than I am and the events threw me a little at first. I enjoyed the story and was happy with the conclusion. Maybe now Hannah will finally make up her mind between Mike and Norman. One can only hope she learned something from this installment.

    When the Cinnamon Roll Six jazz band's bus is in a multi-car pileup near Lake Eden, Hannah and her sister are first on the scene, and accompany the musicians to the hospital. Keyboardist Buddy Newman has a sprained wrist, but the real problem is that while in the hospital, someone stabs him to death. Meanwhile, Hannah has to grit her teeth as her former swain, Norman Rhodes, prepares to marry the odious Dr. Bev so she will allow him access to their daughter. Everyone knows Norman will be miserab [...]

    Maria Birnell
    Pretty awful. Don't waste your time. I listened to the audiobook version and considered stopping several times but kept going to see if it could get worse. It did. I have no idea how this series is a bestseller. The author beats the reader over the head with everything - we are not morons, we can follow along without everything being repeated and over-explained. Also, Hannah does so many dumb things it is hard to take her seriously as a detective. I mean really when a killer is chasing you and y [...]

    I am still trying to figure out why I keep reading this series. Though we finally seem to have made some progress in the Hannah-Norman relationship in this outing I still find that the background story is very unrealistic. How often does an overweight, frizzy haired woman in her thirties have the two most eligible bachelors in town pursuing her. Are her cooking and baking skills that amazing? Is her company that fascinating? Or is that she is such a doormat willing to make meals for people in th [...]

    Nancy Narma
    “A Spicy Mix of Scandal and Murder You’ll Devour”“Mud Season’ has arrived in Lake Eden, Minnesota. Hannah and her younger Sister, Michelle, are enroute with a delicious-smelling delivery of Cinnamon Rolls for the Lake Eden Inn. Innkeepers; Sally and Dick are sponsoring the first Weekend Jazz Festival featuring the well-known “Cinnamon Roll Six”. Hannah’s yummy rolls will be served after the group’s rehearsal. With the unseasonably warm weather during the day, the accumulated sn [...]

    I really like this series, but the romantic thread is beginning to grow weary. You just get to the point when you want something to change/happen. I do feel like the series needs to take a turn here or it will grow too mundane to continue reading. I can't imagine that most readers aren't ready for things to change. Even the author's got to be tired of the same old same old. And as I've said before, this isn't amazing literature, but it does the job. It's fun, it's quick, it's simple. You can usu [...]

    Heidi Burkhart
    I enjoy this series, and think that this story was better than some! They are perfect for being entertained, and also good for multitasking.

    April Wood
    Cinnamon Roll Murder, by Joanne Fluke is listed as a "Culinary Mystery". However, I didn't realize that it would be more of a cookbook than a mystery (22 recipes in total). This didn't make me dislike it, it just surprised me is all.Hannah Swenson busies herself by running The Cookie Jar bakery, and putting her nose in everybody's business. The Cinnamon Roll Six band is coming into town, and Hannah makes them cinnamon rolls to welcome them.It is a snowy night when the band comes to town and thei [...]

    Good story. Keeps your interest. Too bad the recipes look too complicated -- they sound delicious. Has anyone ever tried making one?Spring has sprung in Lake Eden, Minnesota, and the mud season is turning Hannah Swenson's life upside down. But Hannah finds herself knee-deep in an even bigger mess when murder makes an unexpected visit to townApril is a busy time for Hannah Swenson and her bakery; there's just something about the warm weather that makes folks in Lake Eden crave something sweet Whe [...]

    Hannah Swensen, Lake Eden's resident cookie maven, is up to her elbows in dead bodies again. This time, she's on the scene when the tour bus carrying a visiting jazz band overturns on the icy roads and the driver is discovered dead. One of the band members, send to the local hospital for treatment, is murdered in his room and it's up to Hannah and her trusty team of assistant sleuths to discover why. As if that weren't enough to keep her busy, along with her bustling cookie shop and crazy cats, [...]

    The last one was a cliffhanger and it seemed like the series was really going to perk up. This was one of the worst books since the very first one, going back to tired (and not even necessarily accurate) cliches about Minnesota weather and small town living. Hannah still plays the part of someone's grandmother (though not my MN grandmother because she's way hipper than Hannah). The part where she wanted to "protect" her sister from the sight of the dead body was lame, since Michelle is 20-someth [...]

    This book is so horrible that I just can't believe I am still reading this series. If I could give a negative star, I would give it a -10, it's that bad. This series started off being kinda funny and entertaining, and at one point I even looked forward to reading the next one in the series. But the last few have gotten ridiculous. There are two more in the series, and I do plan to read them, though why I should subject myself to them I have no idea!!The author is writing as is if she writing a c [...]

    Shirley Schwartz
    Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swenson series is long-running, and as many of these long-running cozy series are, it has become very similar and somewhat tired. But, having said that, I enjoyed this book a bit more than the last few. As usual, the recipes look fabulous, and I like the addition of Hannah's sister Michelle. They make an interesting duo because they are very similar in their tastes and interests. And we actually see some movement in Hannah's relationship with her dentist friend Norman. So, [...]

    On the bright side, this book is better than Devil's Food Cake Murder was. That didn't take a lot, but it's something.On the not so bright side, I'd really like to know what happened to the author who used to write the Hannah Swensen Mysteries. No, they weren't smartest, most intellectual books ever, but they were concise and entertaining. They didn't assume that the reader was as dumb as a post. They didn't explain every little thing -- and I do mean Every. Little. Thing. I miss that. I really, [...]

    I was disappointed. This book was not as well written as others in the series have been and I have a feeling it was rushed in order to pick up on the cliffhanger from the last book. The murders happen so soon into the story that we don't get to know the characters and (spoiler alert: the reader is left to assume that the same person killed both victims, but one of the murder victims apparently is forgotten somewhere along the way). Several of the Lake Eden "regulars" were MIA and the formula plo [...]

    I guessed several points of the mystery super early in the book but not all of them so it kept me engaged in the book. I have a really hard time with this series lately. I get pulled out of the story every. single. time Hannah starts being a grammar nazi or a know everything. I don't really find it necessary to define what "drove" or "get out of dodge" mean.

    This wasn't terrible, but not great, either. It's unusual to be able to happily put down a mystery for several months before getting back to it, but I did that here and didn't really care much about the resolution. This series is light and can be fun, but it seems to have more recipes than actual story sometimes.

    3.5 starsThe famous jazz band Cinnamon Roll Six are scheduled to play at the Inn's jazz festival, but before they can arrive, the bus overturns in a ditch. Hannah, almost overturning herself, seeing the bus tipped over, offers her assistance. Her sister Michelle comes along to help before the police can arrive. They meet Buddy Neiman, the band's infamous leader and keyboard player who has a broken wrist; the other band members and groupies. Sadly, the bus driver has been killed in the crash, or [...]

    This time my interest was peaked at the beginning. I was worried about Norman. I did like the way all three sisters plus Mom worked together to solve the murder. However, 94 pages were given to recipes. That only left about 270 for the story. Shame.

    It seems I read this book mostly for the Norman-Hannah story instead of the mystery. I enjoyed solving the mystery--especially when it included Hannah in disguise! When I began the book, I had a suspicion of who the murder victim would be and that the main suspect would be a main character (or two or three). But I was wrong. However, when the victim turned up, I had immediate suspicions of the culprit. Turns out I was wrong, though not wrong to suspect. Very interesting to see the connections--a [...]

    James Henry
    Good Lord, this has to be one of the worst books I've read in my adult life. There are passages so awkwardly written, meandering or just downright stupid, I couldn't believe any publisher decided this was worth printing. There are about 10,000 characters in this damn book and all their dialogue sounds the same. The author awkwardly uses everyone's name in each line of dialogue but she's kind of forced to because no one's voice is distinctive in any way, shape or form. What the hell do we know ab [...]

    Katherine Grey
    I didn't enjoy this installment as much as I have others in the series. The pacing dragged a bit for me. Also there were numerous spelling and punctuation errors. For example Patsy is mentioned and in the very next sentence her name is spelled as Pasty. There were instances where the punctuation stood alone instead of next to the last letter of the sentence or the punctuation was outside the end quotations.Also there were a number of things that should have been caught in the editing process. Fo [...]

    As always, I really enjoyed "Cinnamon Roll Murder". The book started with the accident that landed Buddy and the band in the hospital, and Buddy's murder came up a lot sooner than I expected (which I really didn't mind!) I liked seeing Michelle in this book, even though the continuity of her being a student at Macalester isn't really there (she's rarely ever at school!!!) I was also happy to see more of Doc Knight (who reminds me of someone I know!) and that Delores is changing for the better. I [...]

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