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  • Title: A Dollar Short
  • Author: Karin Gillespie
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  • Page: 343
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  • It isn t every day a movie star steals your husband When that day comes for Chiffon Butrell, of Cayboo Creek, South Carolina, she looks to the Bottom Dollar Girls to help her out of one fine mess As a waitress at the local Wagon Wheel restaurant, Chiffon pegs her fortunes to a winning entry in a local video store s Be a Movie Star contest But her celluloid dreams are dIt isn t every day a movie star steals your husband When that day comes for Chiffon Butrell, of Cayboo Creek, South Carolina, she looks to the Bottom Dollar Girls to help her out of one fine mess As a waitress at the local Wagon Wheel restaurant, Chiffon pegs her fortunes to a winning entry in a local video store s Be a Movie Star contest But her celluloid dreams are dashed when her baby takes sick and her husband, Lonnie one fine specimen of Southern manhood heads for the Hollywood Hills solo On set, he turns the head of leading lady Janie Lynn Lauren, whose siren call is Oscar caliber Back in Cayboo Creek, Chiffon manages to lose her temper and her job in quick succession only to discover that Lonnie s paycheck from the Nutra Sweet plant has been forwarded to a California address With three kids to feed, Chiffon comes up than a dollar short Her good friends try their best to pitch in But there are too few hands to lend, what with Elizabeth and her husband, Timothy, expecting their first baby any day and the rest of the Bottom Dollar Girls knee deep in their secret and possibly scandalous plan to raise money for the Cayboo Creek Senior Center When a slick of Wesson Oil at the Winn Dixie gets the better of Chiffon s ankle, there s just one thing to be done call on estranged older sister Chenille, who hails from Bible Grove, South Carolina A prissy, fussy spinster prone to dressing her dog, Walter, in matching plaid mother son outfits, Chenille is everything former beauty queen Chiffon detests Suddenly the tabloid media gets wind of Janie Lynn and Lonnie s torrid romance, landing sleepy Cayboo Creek on the star map Under the glare of camera lights, the sisters must put aside their longtime grievances to forge a newfound relationship As crisis reigns, Chenille is welcomed by the Bottom Dollar Girls for her cool head and quick thinking And when Chenille runs into a little trouble of her own, she begins to see the future in friendship A rollicking, hilarious novel about two sisters who are each one of a kind, A Dollar Short is a delicious page turner worth every last cent.
    Karin Gillespie
    National Bestselling novelist and a Midwestern girl who, after forty years in Georgia, is still trying to get the hang of being Southern.Keep in touch with me atkaringillespie


    The ladies of Cayboo Creek, South Carolina are always there to support each other, often gathering in the Bottom Dollar Emporium to discuss life and everything happening in their small community. In book two, sisters, Chiffon and Chenille, are the center of interest. Never very close as children, and with a mom that was trying to raise beauty queens, they now find themselves thrown together by life's problems.Chiffon's husband has gone to Hollywood on a prize that she actually won, but a sick ba [...]

    4 starsThis is the second book in the Bottom Dollar Series. This series has a lot of the same cast but each book features a different set of characters from the same town. This book focuses on Chiffon Butrell and her sister, Chenille.It wasn’t a surprise to Chiffon that her husband had taken up with another harlot. The only surprise was that this harlot was a mega movie star. And this movie star liked to antagonize Chiffon in every way she could. You root for Chiffon. Will she finally do what [...]

    Andrea Stoeckel
    I liked this book better than its predecessor. Although disappointed with the fact that Liz is more a support than the heroine, the Grace sisters are a hoot!Chiffon is at the end of her rope. Stuck home after winning a trip to meet her favorite actress to care for her sick youngest, her two timing husband falls for the actress and refuses to come homeChenille gets fired from her teaching job, and she and neurotic dog Walter move into Chiffon's to help out after an accident that breaks Chiffon's [...]

    This is the second book in the series with the main character being Chiffon instead of Elizabeth (in the first book). At first I was really upset with Chiffon for taking back her no account two timing husband. How stupid! If she hadn't finally come to her senses, I'd have quit reading.It was nice the way the two sisters came to know each other and finally they tell their bossy cruel mom exactly how it is. Why would she name one daughter Chiffon and the other Chenille?

    This series of books is just fun. These are all quick reads involving a small town in South Carolina but they talk about Georgia a lot too. All the women are hilarious but this isn't a very thought provoking book or anything. :-) More like golden girls meets trailer trash, I love all of them. LOL!

    A light funny read. Sometimes a bit silly.

    Teresa Locklear
    When I read the inside of the cover this book seemed like a great story. The cover picture looked a little dated, but since it sounded so good I went with it. I have to say I wasn't disappointed! This was a great story, I really enjoyed the characters and it was a super easy read. I'm going to look up what others this author has written since I enjoyed it so much.

    Enjoyed the whole series. Very similar writing style to Fannie Flagg. Easy and fun read with likeable characters.

    Laura Cushing
    I enjoyed the first book in this series, so I requested this one from the library. I'm glad I didn't pay for it. It 's not that the book is bad - it has the same southern charm and loveable characters that the first did. The problem comes with the names of the main characters, sisters named Chiffon and Chenille. There's a cardinal rule of writing that says never give two characters in your book similar names, because it is hard for the reader to keep track of and it really breaks them out of the [...]

    This was a delicious and hilarious romance about a pair of South Carolina sisters with relationship and money problems. Chenille doesn't get along with her mother or her sister Chiffon. Chiffon doesn't get along with her mother and her husband Lonnie has just left her for a movie star. Chenille is a virginal 40 years old and has just lost her teaching job as a result of an incident with a machete. Chiffon has lost her waitressing job. But when the two sisters team up to solve their problems look [...]

    Didn't read the first one, so was unfamiliar with all the characters when the book started. It was pretty silly. It was like a soap opera set in the South, where no one was even close to having a lot of money. I wouldn't necessarily recommend this book, but it was full of some pretty funny Southern analogies (think "don't you piss on my leg and tell me it's raining" type slang). Easy to read, but not really worth the time

    Its okI kind of like this book. There's a lot of crude humour. Too much for my taste. And they come up with some ideas to make money that aren't very appropriate although they don't go through with it. Some of it was kind of funny,but not a lot of it. This was not what I was expecting. It would probably be good if I liked romantic comedies,but I don't.

    This has been a fun series. I have only read the first two, but have enjoyed them immensely. I will definitely follow up with this series. I enjoy books where you meet all the main characters in the first book and then the following stories star a different one but keeps all the characters in the loop.

    Book Concierge
    Waitress Chiffon, her spinster sister Chenille, and philandering husband Lonnie are at the center of this econd installment. Fast, fun read. I recognize characters from other books, but that's okay with me.

    Chris Unwin
    Thoroughly enjoyed this series of books and getting to know the characters and watch as they developed from book to book. I loved the sayings at the beginning of each chapter. Lots of laughs through out these books.

    Kitty Tomlinson
    Chiffon and Chenille, sisters, finally come into their own with the help of their friends, the Bottom Dollar Girls, when Chiffon's husband, Lonnie, has an affair with a Hollywood movie star. Fun read.

    Super Sue
    The Bottom Dollar Girls is such a light hearted series to read. It makes me chuckle to myself when reading.

    Very light read, enjoyed it. Would recommend as a beach read only!

    Carolyn S
    A chickie book, where the girl rules. Just light reading with a chuckle or two.

    Something about the characters in these books draw me in. Nothing leaned, nothing new, but I can escape, for a little while, to that much-idolized small southern town.

    Very cute story with fun characters.

    Dana Myers
    A fun, light read!

    Fun read of about a small town and the residence in South Carolina.

    This book was just really fun to read. It was fun, witty, and a good laugh. Guess what I learned from reading this book is to never let your husband go to Hollywood without you. LOL

    Just a fun quirky book. The characters are all unique individuals and they get until crazy situations. Delightful tale of small town life with a side of humor.

    Amber Jones
    The girls of Kayboo Creeek have grown on me. Some of their shenanigans crack me up.

    “As tart and delectable as lemon meringue piea pure delight.” – Jennifer Weiner, Author of Good in Bed, In Her Shoes, and Little Earthquakes

    Nancy Kennedy
    This is laugh out loud funny!

    Cheri Wells
    The girls are back with a few new faces.

    Karin Gillespie

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