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  • Title: Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo, Volume 1
  • Author: Matsuri Akino
  • ISBN: 9781427806079
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback

  • Count D has moved his petshop from New Yorks Chinatown to Japan, in this follow up to the popular Pet Shop of Horrors series The Count prides himself on selling love in the form of magical creatures But buyers beware if the contract is broken, the Count cannot be held responsible.
    Matsuri Akino
    Matsuri Akino Akino Matsuri , is a Japanese manga artist from Mitaka, Tokyo, now a resident of Yokohama Her work is a mix of the fantasy, mystery, and horror genres Her self portrait is usually a kappa, sometimes with braids or an odango hairstyle.


    "Pet Shop of Horrors: Tokyo, Vol. 1" is a unique manga take on the horror genre. It follows multiple characters within each chapter after they purchase a pet from a mysterious pet shop in Tokyo. The pet shop is owned by a man known only as "Count D". Count D has ordinary pets, like cats and dogs, at the pet shop. However, he also has magical creatures. All the characters who enter the pet shop request a pet that will help accomplish something. Most people want to be happier, or be protected. Cou [...]

    It's great to be back at the pet shop, but also in an entirely new setting. All of the stories are fascinating and dark, perhaps darker than the first series. Not sure how I feel about the Berlin story, though

    Shazza Maddog
    This is a continuation of Akino's Pet Shop of Horrors storyline, with Count D moving his? her? pet shop out of the United States and into Japan. This is actually explained a little more in one of the author's notes, rather than bogging down one of the chapters in the manga. Count D, for those of you who haven't read the first series, runs a pet shop. Androgynous Count D sells 'normal' animals, such as cats, dogs, birds and fish, but also has the truly exotic for those who are willing to purchase [...]

    Jody Mena
    This was extremely enthralling! Each chapter was its own self-contained story about people who came to buy rare pets, which turned in to humans, seeming to bring good fortune, but in most cases, ultimately leading them to ruin. The first chapter was particularly hair raising, and the chapter with the dog and the yakuza was actually kind of sweet and sad. The part with the cicadas was wonderfully creepy, and the bonus story at the end was fascinating and quite horrifying. To think, if Count D had [...]

    Honestly, it's not as good as the original Pet Shop of Horrors. I miss Detective Orcott and little Chris.The Count's back, but instead of the detective the owner of the building's trying to pin stuff on the Count. While I liked ordinary Orcott trying to deal with the crazy stuff going on in Count D's pet shop, the new guy isn't easy to relate to. He's rich and self-absorbed. Who cares about him?And while the original was full of dark tales that had morals to them, Tokyo's aren't as dark and don' [...]

    2½ stars I’d only read a small blurb on the manga and hadn’t read the original Petshop of Horrors (in fact I thought I was picking up the original when I was at the library), so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a less interesting xxxHOLIC-esque come-to-my-shop-to-have-your-wish-granted story, but with animals that turn into people. Well, maybe that’s a bit unfair since I haven’t read the original and so missed all the back-story and character development. For something tit [...]

    Jessica Severs
    Last time the androgynous Count D made an appearance in manga, he packed up his pet shop in L.A.'s Chinatown after coming under suspicion for murder. Now, he's opened up shop in Tokyo's Neo Chinatown. He not only sells common household pets, but those of an odder sort that sometimes transform into human form. People wander in, and he sets them up with their dream companions. One "pet" helps a struggling single mother overcome her nightmares; another falls in love with its mob goon caretaker. It' [...]

    Pet Shop of Horrors is a manga by Matsuri Akino and the sequel to Pet Shop of Horrors. Welcome to Tokyo's Neo-Chinatown, a large building complex with chinese shops of all kinds. One of those shops is Count D's pet shop. Here one can find the most common cat or dog, alongside exotic animals that barely scrape past the Washington treaty. These pets can grant a person's deepest wish, but all wishes come with a price. Are the results good or bad? None can tell. Believe what you wish, because the tr [...]

    I read this a while back, and I've just now read it again. So far, this new series appears to be following a format identical to the first. Count D is mysterious, his customers have issues, his pets are deadly, and there's a character who has a beef with Count D.Akino still shows the knack she has for writing stories about human nature that are at times touching and at other times heart-wrenching. She hasn't yet brought in the humor that was a major part of my enjoyment of the previous series, a [...]

    Katie Corbin
    I read the first Pet Shop of Horror's all through junior high and LOVED them, so when I came across this in a used bookstore I was more than excited. I bought the first three volumes.I'm /slightly/ disappointed. I loved the first series, but the second seems a bit lacking in character and the mini-stories aren't as enthralling. However, they are still good and I am going to continue reading to see if it gets better. One thing that is very noticeable is that D and the landlord do not have as much [...]

    I've missed Count D! I was a big fan of the original series, and this one starts right up again with more creepy stories of D and his magical pets. I'm hoping our Detective Orcot might show up from the original series, but he may not. With this series, it's not that the twists are necessarily hard to see coming, but that they're done well, and the art is so lush and meticulous, that I just dive right in. It's like a rich dessertof horror. :)

    Lovely, strange, twisted stories. The art is interesting, but not incredibleI was more impressed with the short but highly satisfying story lines. The reverse is more often true for manga! I am always sort of half-heartedly searching for other volumes from this series, which is somewhat older. Unfortunately, even very popular manga series which are only a few years older quickly disappear from the shelves of US bookstores.

    Count D is backis time menacing the unsuspecting souls of Tokyo.Notes:- Count D is twistedwow- liked the artwork, but didn't *love* it; sometimes faces looked distorted - plot is almost like short stories about different victims- will appeal to horror fans- has a twilight zone feel

    Not as enthralling or fresh-feeling as Akino's original Pet Shop of Horrors series set in America, which I devoured greedily. Despite my great love for the characters and the artwork, Tokyo feels rather take-it-or-leave-it.

    Ernesto gutierrez
    I was very dissapointed in this new series. I was a big fan of the petshop of horror so when I heard he was making a continuation i was really exited. Unfortunately this new series is weaker then the previous. I was lefth dissapointed.

    A horror/fantasy manga about Count D´s pet shop. If you behave and do what he says, you will have fun with your pet for a lift-time. If not well there´s a reason for the detective from the murder crime department in this book. Beautiful artwork

    I was sad to see the end of Count D and his mysterious pet shop when the original series completed. Though he is now based in a Chinatown in Japan, this is more of the same: needy people and pets that are not what they appear

    This is by far one of my favorite manga series. Surreal, dark, and intense with just the right dash of humor. Every story has a moral lesson that the new characters seem to mess up learning. I would suggest it to anyone.

    This was a great graphic novel! I would recommend it to anyone who likes Japanese graphic novels. I also like the fact that the layout of the book is in the style of a apanese Manga.

    The Third Place A Teen Library
    F AKIpsohtvol. 1

    Count D is back , having moved from San Francisco to Tokyo , to sell more exotic pets to deserving owners , in a series that is the japanese equivalent of Tales From the Crypt .

    Ashira (Savannah)
    Awesome book. Can't wait to get into the next one, or the general Petshop of Horrors series ^-^

    Disappointing, compared to the original series. But the art is still good.

    re-read 10-20-2015

    I want to know more about Count D's past, how he came to sell these "animals".

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