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  • Title: America's Dream
  • Author: Esmeralda Santiago
  • ISBN: 9780060928261
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback

  • Am rica Gonzalez is a hotel housekeeper on an island off the coast of Puerto Rico, cleaning up after wealthy foreigners who don t look her In the eye Her alcoholic mother resents her her married boyfriend, Correa, beats her and their fourteen year old daughter thinks life would be better anywhere but with Am rica So when Am rica is offered the chance to work as alive iAm rica Gonzalez is a hotel housekeeper on an island off the coast of Puerto Rico, cleaning up after wealthy foreigners who don t look her In the eye Her alcoholic mother resents her her married boyfriend, Correa, beats her and their fourteen year old daughter thinks life would be better anywhere but with Am rica So when Am rica is offered the chance to work as alive in housekeeper and nanny for a family in Westchester County, New York, she takes it as a sign that a door to escape has been opened Yet even as Am rica revels in the comparative luxury of her new life, daring to care about a man other than Correa, she is faced with dramatic proof that no matter what she does, she can t get away from her past.
    Esmeralda Santiago
    Esmeralda Santiago born 1948 in San Juan, Puerto Rico Is a renowned Puerto Rican author In 1961, she came to the United States when she was thirteen years old, the eldest in a family that would eventually include eleven children Ms Santiago attended New York City s Performing Arts High School, where she majored in drama and dance After eight years of part time study at community colleges, she transferred to Harvard University with a full scholarship She studied film production and graduated in 1976 magna cum laude Shortly after graduation, she and her husband, Frank Cantor, founded CANTOMEDIA, a film and media production company, which has won numerous awards for excellence in documentary filmmaking.Her writing career evolved from her work as a producer writer of documentary and educational films Her essays and opinion pieces have appeared in national newspapers including the New York Times and the Boston Globe, and on mass market magazines like House Garden, Metropolitan Home, and Good Housekeeping.


    Before reading this novel, I'd read somewhere that Esmeralda Santiago based it on the story of her mother's life. Having read all three of Santiago's memoirs, I could definitely see places where she'd painted herself and her family into America's life. Unfortunately, the story started off rather slowly for me, and at first I found myself wishing I could simply read more about Santiago's life and her family.As the story progressed, however, I became more wrapped up in the characters' lives and tr [...]

    debut fiction novel from one of my favorite non-fiction authors. This book has plenty of heartbreak. America's mother is an alcoholic, her daughter is 14 and run away from home, her boyfriend is married and is abusive. America gets the chance to leave her home and move to New York and work in the suburbs. She thinks she can disappear. She thinks she can start a new life.Life always seems to follow you tho, no matter where you go. I liked how America was practical. She wasn't bliding herself with [...]

    Ashley Barros
    Ashley Barros 6.b.El libro, “El Sueño de América ”, escrito por Esmeralda Santiago, se trata de una mujer puertorriqueña, América, que vive una vida lleno de problemas. El ex-marido de América le ha maltratado desde que se conocieron, cuando fueron adolescentes, y tuvieron una hija. El siempre ha controlado su vida. Por mucho tiempo él decidía todo para ella, incluyendo, la ropa que se podria, donde saldria, con quien estaba todo el dia. Le acusaba constantemente de estar co [...]

    I picked up this book and read the first few pages to see if I would like it. An hour later, I was still reading. The main character America, a Puerto Rican hotel housekeeper, tells her own story in the first person. The single mother of a rebellious teenager and the mistress of violent brute, she soldiers on until one day she gets the chance to move to the United States and work as a nanny for a wealthy American couple. I couldn't wait for her to flee from her vicious boyfriend and start a new [...]

    I struggled to get through this, and if it weren't for a 3 hour plane ride on two separate days, I'd still be struggling. Parts of it were gripping, but most of it was overdescriptive and the plot was just another "she has a dream, but he beats her down" kind of story.

    Violence, family dynamics, and lots of descriptions of the "have" and "have-nots" makes this an interesting read. Reading about a character who makes poor choices can often be a turn-off, however the author engages the reader by describing the protagonist and her backstory effectively.Beautiful descriptive prose keeps you reading but the redundant descriptions on setting is sometimes too much and the eye wants to scan for the forward movement.I love the dialogue, the emotional reactions, and int [...]

    Lauren Salerno
    I'm familiar with Santiago's memoirs, so I was excited when her novel was an assigned book in one of my classes. Unfortunately, we never got around to reading it in the class. I held onto it because I knew ONE DAY I would pick it up and read it. 5 years later, here it is! I have to say, I enjoyed Santiago's memoirs much more than I did her novel. There's an honesty in them that I just love. However, she's a great writer and it shows up here in this book.America's Dream is about a Puerto Rican wo [...]

    "It’s an exhaustion she feels at times like this, when the whole world seems to have collapsed beneath her feet, leaving her at the bottom of a hole with sides so steep she can’t climb out. It’s the exhaustion of having attempted and failed so many times to crawl out that she’s just going to sit on the bottom and see what happens next." Pg 7"Does one leave one’s old life behind and in less than a day forget everything? She doesn’t want to forget anything or anyone. She just wants no [...]

    america is a maid at hotel in puerto rico. she has an alcoholic mother and a sixteen year old daughter. her boyfriend and the father to her daughter is an abusive, jealous type. she is offered a job in america and she takes it. she works for a wealthy family in massachusetts. it's not long before her ex discovers she's fled and comes looking for her. america is hard to sympathize with because she won't stand up for herself and tell him to beat it. i suppose the point is to show how she becomes s [...]

    George Zedan
    This book was quite a quick read, but very engaging. The story telling style that Santiago uses is straightforward and stripped down. I liked the use of Spanish words that bring the reader into the world of America, the protagonist. The story is average and the ending not terribly surprising, but the reading is worth it. As a white man I don't have a concept of the worldview of a Puerto Rican female but this book does a good job a representing the differences between "Yankee" culture and Puerto [...]

    Wow, wow, wow! Esmeralda Santiago does it again! This book kept me glued to it! I could not put it down!! The story is about a woman who had a child early in life (she was just fourteen!!) and the abuse she lived through by the child's father. She finally got a way from him (she sneaked away and headed to NY) but after a few months he found her. I was surprised at how it ends but pleased by it. Another hard read book but one everyone should read!

    Kate Abbott
    I enjoyed the descriptive language in this novel, in particular the contrasts between life on the Island and in NY and CT. I found the characters a bit stereotypical, downtrodden, hardworking latina and her alcoholic two timing boyfriend. And the stereotype of the white working mother was a bit overdone. America came across as a bit one dimensional but the story itself was gripping.

    Val Wilkerson
    Story starts out on Viaques Island off Puerto Rico. The main character is named "America",works as a maid, lives with her mother and her daughter, who is 14. the daughters father hasanother family in Puerto Rico but he comes around often, and he abuses America. This story isabout women being abused and also about mother daughter relationships. I really enjoy EsmeraldaSantiago's writing.

    Lizzie Tannenbaum
    The book was a fast read. However, the begining was slow. Towards the end it went faster but left me with a few questions of my own. After reading Santiago's memoirs I felt the book could have had an additional chapter.

    Esto es un libro muy interesante. Me encanta esto libro porque soy una feminista y lo muesta un mujer poderosa en el fin al menos violencia domestica. Historas pueden ser poderosa en ayuando gente entender una problema.

    I loved her book When I Was Puerto Rican. This novel is only okay - I've read too many similar stories to this one. If I had read this book in 1996when it was first published, I would have been more impressed because the idea/topic would have been fresh to me then.

    I stumbled upon this book and on a whim, purchased and I was pleasantly surprised! A first novel and so well done. It's not a suspense novel, yet I found myself turning page after page throughout the second half of this novel; I couldn't put it down!

    Sue Kozlowski
    I liked it. America lives on Vieques, off Puerto Rico. She works as a maid at a hotel. Lives with her mother and daughter, her husband beats her. She leaves him and goes to Westchester, NY to be a live-in maid.

    this book is great its about a hotel keeper whose dream is to escape from her molestor and abusive lover. At the hotel she meets this family that offers her a job in the united states. America feel running away from her problems may help till she gets a sad and scary surprise at her arrival.

    Gripping story of a PR woman's struggle and courage to leave her domestic violent husband and travel to the U.S. w/ her kids to start a new life but her past comes back to haunt her no matter how far she is.

    The final three or four chapters MADE this book. The tension and fear were beating off the page.I hope Esmeralda is working on another fiction story. Her memoirs are nearly perfect. I can't wait to read novel that can stand up against Almost a Woman.

    María Vega-Tiru
    In this book, Esmeralda explains the concept of "machismo" with such accuracy, detail and candidness, she will leave you feeling raw and bruised. This book introduced me to Esmeralda's work - and I will keep coming back for years to come

    This book was a little more involved than the whimsy of When I was Puerto Rican and Almost a Woman.

    This book provided a wonderful metaphor of the relationship the unincorporated territory of Puerto Rico has with America. It's also just a great story.

    Rachel Maguire
    Great, powerful book.

    Puerto Rican author with cultural references to the island but not much of a literary accomplishment.

    I first read this in college and now just re-read it. I loved it just as much the second time.

    This is a book about what people think the American Dream and when you find out its not what you thought

    I really enjoyed the reading!

    This was one of the best books I have read.

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