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  • Title: Aliens In The Family
  • Author: Margaret Mahy
  • ISBN: 9780590705578
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Paperback

  • Jake Raven, expecting to dislike her new stepsister and stepbrother, ends up helping them protect an alien from another dimension as he flees from mysterious pursuers with the ability to alter time.
    Margaret Mahy
    Margaret Mahy was a well known New Zealand author of children s and young adult books While the plots of many of her books have strong supernatural elements, her writing concentrates on the themes of human relationships and growing up.Her books The Haunting and The Changeover A Supernatural Romance both received the Carnegie Medal of the British Library Association There have 100 children s books, 40 novels, and 20 collections of her stories published Among her children s books, A Lion in the Meadow and The Seven Chinese Brothers and The Man Whose Mother was a Pirate are considered national classics Her novels have been translated into German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Italian, Japanese, Catalan and Afrikaans In addition, some stories have been translated into Russian, Chinese and Icelandic.For her contributions to children s literature she was made a member of the Order of New Zealand The Margaret Mahy Medal Award was established by the New Zealand Children s Book Foundation in 1991 to provide recognition of excellence in children s literature, publishing and literacy in New Zealand In 2006 she was awarded the Hans Christian Andersen Award known as the Little Nobel Prize in recognition of a lasting contribution to children s literature.Margaret Mahy died on 23 July 2012 On 29 April 2013, New Zealand s top honour for children s books was renamed the New Zealand Post Margaret Mahy Book of the Year award.For information, please see enpedia wiki Margaret

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    I was cold when reading this book, so captured a dragon to warm my toes with his smokey breath.

    Frankie Rufolo
    Evidently some people liked this book but not me. It gets off to a decent start, at first these seem like pretty good characters, but the sci-fi elements seem to lack imagination and it just gets sort of bland and boring.Then there are bits that just made me go "WHAT?!" or "HUH?" when I read them and that doesn't mean it has much mystery. I guess if it has a "HUH?!" factor it will keep you reading, some people like books that are really strange but it just goes from weird to kind of bland again. [...]

    Eli Schuster
    The beginning was too slow and the ending was too fast. And who would write a book on this kind of stuff?? I probably would have liked this more if I could have just picked it up, read in an hour, and then put it back down and moved on with my life but we spent three months reading it in class. My favorite part about this book was getting a couple extra A's to avrage into my english grade that's about it. Once or twice I got in trouble when we were reading it out loud in class and I was called o [...]

    I picked this up at the library because a sticker on it said "give me a chance." The cover of the edition I read was much less scary! I have to admit, I couldn't put the little book down. Very fun read! Set in Australia. The "time" of the book jumps around a bit. Easy for an adult to follow, but I don't know about a young un'.

    This is a difficult book to read as the setting is in three different time periods. It can get a little confusing. I love it though because it really helps to show how setting can affect a story. I also find the message of the book to be awesome! Can't tell about it now though because my class is reading it.

    Milda Harris
    Loved this book as a kid! Read it multiple times!

    Read this as a kid after watching the CBBC drama adaptation :)Had to resort to a posting on a 'Does anybody remember this . . .' message board to finally get the title of the show/book!

    Rebecca McNutt
    This little novel was okay but seriously lacking in vocabulary and decent character development. It was also a little childish for its intended age range.

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