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Be careful what you wish for.Charlotte used to yearn for the life she had before the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood That was until the day she came home to find her husband and son missing Did they leave her, or is there a dire explanation Either answer is terrifying.Now, Charlotte must decide if she wants to continue to merely daydream about a better fBe careful what you wish for.Charlotte used to yearn for the life she had before the responsibilities of marriage and motherhood That was until the day she came home to find her husband and son missing Did they leave her, or is there a dire explanation Either answer is terrifying.Now, Charlotte must decide if she wants to continue to merely daydream about a better future or to take charge of her own life Along the way she must also solve the mystery of her missing family, deal with the up and downs of running a small business, and decide what it is she really wants.One woman s struggle to keep the faith and have it all is a quick paced read for anyone who also often finds themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place.
Allie Potts
Allie Potts, born in Rochester Minnesota was moved to North Carolina at a very early age by parents eager to escape to a forgiving climate She has since continued to call North Carolina home, settling in Raleigh, halfway between the mountains and the sea, in 1998.When not finding ways to squeeze in 72 hours into a 24 day or chasing after children determined to turn her hair gray before its time, Allie enjoys stories of all kinds Her favorites, whether they are novels, film, or simply shared aloud with friends, are usually accompanied with a glass of wine or cup of coffee in hand.A self professed science geek and book nerd, Allie also writes at alliepottswrites.

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An Uncertain Faith by Allie Potts An Uncertain Faith has ratings and reviews Maria said I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.Characters The main cha Uncertain Faith Home Facebook Uncertain Faith likes Finding the courage to live with uncertainity Walking By Faith In An Uncertain World Sermon by Without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him Hebrews Keeping the faith NBS Keeping the faith January by It has been decided that a requirement to negotiate in good faith was too uncertain to be enforceable Walford v The Journey Living by Faith in an Uncertain World The second is the current volume The Journey Living by Faith in an Uncertain World Like his autobiography which highlights God s grace in his own life, The Journey emphasizes faith in God s grace, even when life is confusing Graham addresses life s most perplexing questions with a profund, unshakable faith in God s goodness. Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World Biola University Biola on the Road Reasonable Faith in an Uncertain World Responding to the New Atheism and the Doubt It Creates Mt Laurel, N.J. Unbelievable The Conference Reasonable faith The Conference Reasonable faith in an uncertain world We live in an uncertain world and a sceptical age Now in its th year, Unbelievable is the UK s leading apologetics and evangelism conference This year s conference will help ordinary Christians like you be equipped to Be confident in your faith and share it effectively Pope Francis wants Catholics to doubt the Church He s Pope Francis wants Catholics to doubt the Church But by giving the impression that longstanding teachings of the faith might then an uncertain faith makes PDF Free Download Steady and Trembling Art, Faith Steady and Trembling Art Faith and Family in an Uncertain World Steady and Trembling calls to mind both the narrative artistry of Annie Dillard and the theological Leap of faith A leap of faith, in its most commonly The man who casts them off would make an uncertain leap over the narrowest ditch, because he is not used to such free movement.


I was given a copy by the author in exchange for an honest review.Characters: The main character is Charlotte, told in her point of view, wife to a man starting his own business and mother to a 4 year old boy. Charlotte is your average, dutiful wife and mother but in the beginning of the book her husband seems distracted by his work all of the time, as business owners usually are. He does, however, start to neglect his wife and son by attaching himself to his phone and computer. Other characters [...]

This book was fantastic!! I stayed up all night reading it. What this poor family went through, but it shows us when we think things are going astray, they can actually be coming together. Uncertain faith is definitely the right name for this book. How she had faith at all is a good question. Allie did a great job writing this book is so intriguing. Your family and friends that supported you were right. This book is one of so much suspense, you just can't put it down. It is a mother worst nightm [...]

Lucy Mitchell
Once you start this thriller you struggle to put it down. The book consumes you and before you know it you are cancelling social activities to see what happens. It will have you on the edge of your seat. When Charlotte’s husband and young son mysteriously go missing Charlotte has to find the inner strength to find them. I liked her as a character. At the start she was the typical exhausted mother and frazzled wife. She took little interest in her husband’s coming and goings. During her terri [...]

Edited poorly- hyphenated words on every page where there was no need for the hyphenations!(This really made it hard for me to finish the book.)I had been waiting about 2 yrs. to read this book. When I couldn't find it at several libraries I visit regularly, I decided to buy it. The description sounded great, and I though it would be something that I'd enjoy reading. Even though the book started out o.k it felt like a "rush job" for the author to finish writing the book.The last few chapters wer [...]

Imagine coming home from a weekend beach trip with your girlfriends, to find your husband and small son missing from home! That is the nightmare that Charlotte Row faces in "An Uncertain Faith." At first, assuming they went on a camping trip, she tries not to become highly concerned. As time moves on, with no phone call, she reports them missing and solicits help from her mother. Both avenues prove pointless, and Charlotte is left facing reality--has her husband taken her son and left her and hi [...]

* I received this book from GoodReads First Reads Giveaway* Great thriller book the author has written! It was very captivating and it definitely caught my attention. The synopsis and first chapter caught me right in and I had finished reading this book in one sitting without stopping. The author has the power to keep me from setting it aside and reading it later. I could not do that and I had to keep on reading to find out. She describes the characters so descriptively and makes the plot so sus [...]

Patty Copeland
When her husband Fletcher and four-year-old son disappear, Charlotte finds clues that show Fletcher may have left her and been planning more than that. Or, is something more sinister going on? Charlotte pulls herself from the quagmire of her former frustration and current situation to try asserting her own personality and courage, taking charge of her life as her faith in her husband is thoroughly tested. The novella plotting is very strong and keeps you guessing. A talented new writer who will [...]

The honeymoon is long over and the drudgery of life has settled in. A compelling description of balancing tasks that working women must navigate with a husband and a child. Lack of open and honest communications complicate her situation after her "all girls" weekend. His special "vacation" fund would have been raided with his business problems.

Joannes Rhino
As an author who writes about thriller, this mystery novel by Allie Potts caught my eyes since the very beginning. I loved the way the author built the plot. The main character, her emotions while doing investigation, seems so real. For a minute, I even felt like I was walking side by side with Charlotte in a scene. Thumbs up for the author for doing a great job in describing things!

I liked this book. I felt bad for the main character. I couldn't believe how rude her sister was to her and how little sympathy her mother had for her. I also couldn't believe that the woman who used to work for main characters husband kidnapped him and the main characters son. It was crazy as to why she kidnapped them.

Simple but full of twists.Simply written. Not the best use of language. And a little rough around the edges. But, the story line grabbed me right away and kept me interested all the way through. A bit more refinement of writing style, and it's a hit.

This would be 2½ stars. The story was pretty good until the last few chapters, but the writing is pure chic lit. Even good writing couldn't save the corny ending.

Dana Smith
I couldn't put it down! I love that loyalty pays off! Things aren't always what they appear to be!

I found this book hard to get into for the first few chapters but after a while I couldn't put the book down cause it finally caught me. So make sure you give this book a chance.

  • Unlimited [Suspense Book] ✓ An Uncertain Faith - by Allie Potts í
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