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  • Title: Almost Broken
  • Author: Portia Moore
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Authors Note This is the second book in the IF I BREAK series I would highly suggest reading the series in order The first book in the series is currently free Lauren Brooks fell in love with Cal Scott at 21, married him at 22 and had her heart broken at 23 when he walked out of their marriage At 25, though raising his daughter on her own, Lauren was finally moving onAuthors Note This is the second book in the IF I BREAK series I would highly suggest reading the series in order The first book in the series is currently free Lauren Brooks fell in love with Cal Scott at 21, married him at 22 and had her heart broken at 23 when he walked out of their marriage At 25, though raising his daughter on her own, Lauren was finally moving on with her life Until, she learned the reason for Cal s abandonment, the walls she d carefully built around her collapsed The day she meets Chris, all those feelings she thought she had bottled up come spilling out She can t afford to give into her heart s desire again Love nearly broke her once, and her daughter doesn t need two broken parents Christopher Scott is in love, newly engaged to Jenna, who saw him through an illness he didn t think he could survive He s finally settling into the life he s always wanted, making plans he only dared to dream before now Until, a woman named Lauren arrives on his doorstep She s intriguing, beautiful and, try as he might, he can t stay away The closer he gets to her, the his rock solid plans begin to crumble All he knows is that Lauren is the missing piece to a puzzle he must solve For him to put all the pieces in place, he ll have to follow his heart, and that might cost him everything
    Portia Moore
    I m obsessed with blowing kisses I guess that makes me a romantic I love books and cute boys and reading about cute boys in books.I m infatuated with the glamour girls of the past Audrey,Dorthy,Marilyn,Elizabeth.I m a self confessed girly girl,book nerd,food enthusiast, and comic book fan Odd combination huh, you have no idea


    Sandra [the fucking book fairy]
    REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOKThat fucking cliffhanger!!Seriously?!It has to end on the part where things are starting to get really, really good!!!Then we'll have to wait again to see what happens to this twisted love square. So freakin' evil Portia! So freakin' evil.First of all, I just want to say that I really enjoyed this book. There were times that I got annoyed because the Lauren became a tiny bit annoying. There were times when she didn't seem like the same girl I liked from the first b [...]

    Please note: Before reading this, I recommend reading the first part ‘If I Break’ . It is currently FREE on so I really hope you take a chance on it!What a wonderful sequel! This book had me in love from beginning to end.The storyline: Lauren finally discovers Cal’s secret only to be led to even more confusion. Things aren’t looking like they’ll be getting any better but she does what she must do to keep her daughter Caylen out of this tragedy and have a loving family around her. Laur [...]

    4.5 starsThis was my reaction right after finishing this book: That cliffhanger!!Seriously, if that wasn't evil I don't know what was. In fact, I was reading down the page on my kindle, and in my mind, I was thinking: "This better not be the ending, this really better not be the ending, this better freaking not be the ending. I even refused to turn to the next page for like a good 10 seconds, and yep THE END. and omg. That was WAYYYY too short. Like seriously. It took me an hour and a half to re [...]

    Farah *Professor Dean's Beauty*
    Holy shit!!What did I just read??So Cal is now his alter Chris and Lauren is finding her way to accept this new person and trying not to love him because all she sees is Cal when she looks at him.But Chris loves someone elseuck in between her feelings and Caylen, Lauren is trying.Chris starts getting glimpses of Cal in his mind. Vivid memoriesIs it enough for him to marry another or to love his wife and child. What will be the turning point?Just when we think this is the epic conculsion It actua [...]

    Yep ya está lista la reseña COMPLETA, o sea de toda la serie jajaja en el blog, la hice en una porque me los leí de corrido. :D jajajavirivillarreal/2016/11Y como no se en cual libro poner el link creo que lo pondré en todos jeje.Por cierto, en cada reseña aquí en GR dejo algo relativo solo al libro :)Ok, este me gustó mucho más que el primero. Aquí realmente se ve el proceso de enamoramiento de los protagonistas. Se ven sus diferentes personalidades, como son y lo que hacen. Me gustó [...]

    ❤ Tila Grey Maddox ❤
    JESUS PLEASE TAKE THE WHEEL! Cause that cliffhanger sure got me into a heart attack & cause an accident haha. I was hoping that these was the conclusion of Lauren & Chris/Cal story, but oh no no no it sure ain't ending there. I can't wait for book three so Lauren & Chris get their happily ever after they deserve, especially Lauren. That lady has been through so much & I really do feel sorry for her, she deserves to be happy, loved & cherished.

    Josephine Ann
    i need this book right now ashdhjsbdjkasndajksndjkna

    Advance Readers Copy (ARC) provided for my blog for an honest review by the lovely author Portia MooreTitle: Almost BrokenSeries: If I Break, #2Author: Portia MooreRelease Date: November 14th, 2014Rating: 5 StarsCliffhanger: (view spoiler)[Yes (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[Not Exactly (hide spoiler)]Character Casting:Lauren - Chris/Cal - Review:This book was thrilling, amazing on the 'end of your seat' series that you just wish the heroine will get her happy ending. I was honored to be give [...]

    Christine Alibutud
    Note: I received an ARC from the author in exchange for a review."The thing is I think I am broken, almost at least." Just when I thought I've had enough cliffhangers with this seriesYep, couldn't have been more wrong! BUT! This installment was just what I needed after that very long and depressing reading hiatus I had for almost two months now. I've been quite busy with my academics and I really haven't found time to squeeze in a little good reading and do some book reviews---both of which I ab [...]

    Rin W. Vitale
    4.5 Mashocist-of-Love starsThis series got me hooked! And I enjoyed reading them so much. Uh, not really I mean, im not happy when Lauren hurt. :(In this book, this is where Laurenput herself. be a MASOCHISTr the sake of her dear lovely CaylenApparently people will do anything for their little one. No matter how it'll make them feel and whatever they must bearThere were times when I hoped she just moved on with her life Date other guys SCREW THE SCOTTS!! It's okay to be a bitch sometimes.Good th [...]

    ☮ mary
    YEP this story was all kind of emotional NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI CANNOT BELIEVE IT !! I MEAN REALLY ??? WAIT WHAT ? WHY NOW ?OK I need to regroup before writing a review OMG 4 stars people YES it is worth it !! I don't know what to say, this book just took me by surprise !! this one aimed straight for my heart I thought I could predict what was going to happen and to a certain extent P.Moore did all I wanted her to do. This love story is a force to be reckoned with. Moore gave an ho [...]

    I only gave this book four stars because of poor editing/proof reading. In my copy there were a lot of grammatical errors which I do find very, very annoying.Having said that I found the storyline excellent, so different from your usually virgin meets billionaire, angst ridden crap that is around a lot these days. It was very emotional, the main characters were great and the support characters were more than one dimensional. It was a good story, well told, and the cliffhanger ending was perfect. [...]

    Oh my fuck! When will this rollercoaster end? And do I really want to get off.This series has made me feel SO DAMN EMOTIONAL. The ups and downs, highs and lows. It just doesn't stop until I'm smiling like no tomorrow or bawling my eyes out. I have NO clue where this is going, at all. I really want Cal/Chris to be one man and be with her. As for Jenna, well I'd really like to see her get hit by a bus. twice. She's such a horrible character, drives me up the wall.Can't wait for the next!

    ~~5 stars~~GAH!!!! That ending!!!!!! I can't stop now!!!!

    Completely and Utterly OBSESSED with this series. The motha effin cliffhanger though. How can you do that to us Portia, and leave us waiting until Spring 2015!! I swear, you have officially become one of my favorite authors.Almost Broken was even more than I expected. I loved how in detail it went about D.I.D. That's not really a common disorder, so to put it out there for readers and make a hell of an amazing story line with it takes talent! CalChris Poor Lauren! My heart just breaks for her, I [...]

    Damn that was fine. So flipping angsty which is totally not usually my thing, but I'm just so into this I don't even care. Get me!I won't say anything much about the plot lest I spoil it, but there are so many twists and turns in this, I'm totally gripped. The action and particularly the scenes between the characters felt a little like a (really good) soap opera at times, full of toe curlingly awkward discussions around the dinner table and heart stopping revelations.This time the narrator switc [...]

    Lisa Morgan
    I seriously can’t even begin to say how much I’m enjoying this series. I started of intending on reading just the first book but now I can’t stop myself. Everything is just intriguing and I’m left needing to read all the books and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Lauren and Chris/Cal’s story is intriguing and interests me so much. I actually can’t get enough right now!That ending, oh my gosh. I can’t even I need to read the next book now.

    D.L. Snow
    It's just a four for me. Why? Because of that damn cliffhanger. I know those who read this will understand my feelings. Okay, maybe a 4.5 since I just damn love Chris and Cal.I became obsessed with this series when I read the first book which made me cry like a major baby by the way. I can't believe I let a day pass by and didn't read this on the day it was published. Oh, now I remember. There was a delay and the fact that I live in another country didn't help with the timezone. When it went liv [...]

    Jessica's Book Review
    Stay connected with my reviews, book news and more: Blog- Jessica’s Book Review | Facebook | TwitterSo if you are reading this, you read the first book in the series. I hope so! I do not want to ruin anything for you :) This will be a pretty simple review, as I do not want to ruin anything for you as the reader. At the end of book one, Cal tells Lauren has to leave and he will not be coming back. She assumes he is leaving her, possibly even for another woman. He promises her that is not the ca [...]

    Ok here I go and there will probably be spoilers so if you haven't read any of these books then I suggest not reading any further. When I read the first book in this series I'll admit I wasn't thrilled about it. I honestly didn't think that it could get better so I sat here for a couple of days wondering if I should even continue. Well after I introduced the book to my cousin, she continued on to read the next 2 and said that they were getting really good. That's when I thought to myself, "Well [...]

    WOW, Great, Wonderful, The Best.I love everything about these books. I am so glad I decided to read If I Break because I wanted more. And then Almost Broken. I have read a lot of books and I thought I had my favorite writers but this Author is a Genius. I felt as though I was watching a movie. These are the best character's and this is so well written I just didn't want to do anything but read,took everything I had to take a break. I recommend these books and in the order there written. I am blo [...]

    First of all, OH MY GOD??????? THAT CLIFFHANGER IS MAKING ME THANK MY LUCKY STARS THAT I ALREADY BOUGHT THE THIRD BOOK???? holy shit. I loved loved this book I thought it was an amazing introduction to Chris and it was good that the spotlight was on getting to know him rather than trying to bring Cal back. I honestly don't know what to expect from the third book I just can't

    Liliana Saquicela
    I think I'm having a panic attack!!!!'. My chest feels all tight!!!!!.at can't be the ending, nooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!


    Almost Broken es el segundo libro de los tres que componen la trilogia If I Break de la autora Portia Moore y continua narrando la historia de Chris ( Cal ) y Lauren.Hace un tiempo leyendo reseñas sobre el libro me encontre un mega spoiler que contaba ABSOLUTAMENTE todo lo que habia provocado la enfermedad de Cal ( Chris ), quizas por eso he estado aplazando leer la historia.Al igual que los libros anteriores, Almost Broken tiene un ritmo muy rapido pero sin llegar a ser frenetico, que es lo qu [...]

    I just finished this book and I literally had to walk outside and take a deep breath! Did it really just end that way? Right when things were finally getting exciting!My cousin introduced me to this series and I am extremely grateful! The characters felt real, like they were people I actually know or have met before. Lauren is amazing. I couldn't stand her in the first book. She honestly just seemed like a complete "puppy kicker" to me. But after really getting to know her, she turned out be an [...]

    Dai Alvarado
    Cal <3 Releído en agosto 2016 para el Rincón de lectura BCMe gustó este libro. Fue desesperante en algunas ocasiones pero ayudo a conocer más a los personajes.Aunque Chris no es de mis favoritos sin duda me gustó estar en su cabeza, conocer sus dudas, miedos y ver como poco a poco va enamorándose de Lauren y de Caylen. De Lauren ya conocíamos su angustia, su dolor pero me gustó verla luchar a través de todo esto, Ella es fuerte, mucho más de lo que es Chris. Me gustó que nunca deja [...]

    This book,this series,every single word written is a marathon & I'm breathless with awe that I have just finished this installment.I'm eagerly awaiting for Cal & Chris to become a single entity.Chris on his own is too indecisive,sometimes whiny.Cal a tinge psychotic.They need to work together to have a future with Lauren & the mystery part of the book is killing me.It's the first time in ages that I cannot predict what is about to occur next.You,you sneaky author have got me befuddle [...]

    Eulalia Mira
    What the fuck???????

    Love this series. This book did not disappoint and that ending jumping right in to book three. The story is heartbreaking at times and you really feel for Laren, Cal/Chris.

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