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  • Title: Angel of Death
  • Author: Jennifer Hinsman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Friends from college, Tancy and Audrey love one another like family They grew up in very different worlds, one poor, with absent, drug addicted parents, the other with wealth and privilege As roommates, they delve into the seedy world of escorts as they try to solve a cold case murder from Tancy s childhood Chance meetings and twists of fate alter both their lives RomaFriends from college, Tancy and Audrey love one another like family They grew up in very different worlds, one poor, with absent, drug addicted parents, the other with wealth and privilege As roommates, they delve into the seedy world of escorts as they try to solve a cold case murder from Tancy s childhood Chance meetings and twists of fate alter both their lives Romance, steamy sex and danger await the women, as everything about the murder is uncovered Shocking details emerge that change their lives forever and reinforces the bond of true friendship.
    Jennifer Hinsman
    Jennifer graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a degree in business For the past five years she has been a child care provider at her home in order to be with her two young sons Before this she worked as a Human Resource Manager for a large corporation and earned her PHR certification She currently resides in Michigan with her husband, two sons, a furry son pet dog and a furry daughter pet cat Jennifer is an avid reader and loves to escape with a great book She is a huge animal lover and supports rescue organizations that help save all kinds of four legged family members and All of her family pets have been rescues.

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    J. Kahele
    Tancy and Audrey become close friends, even though they are from different backgrounds. Audrey coming from a wealthy family and Tancy from a struggling one. As their friendship deepens, Tancy tells Audrey about a murder that had occurred during her childhood and they both set out down the mysterious path, to find the murderer.I am really on the fence about this book. It was a very hard book to get into, as the writing seemed to stall at the beginning a lot. But as the story progressed, it seemed [...]

    Angel of Death proved to be a suspenseful read!The main characters - Tancy and Audrey were well written.It was easy to follow their thoroughly different childhoods.The story is intriguing and has quite afew twists and turns.It is a book that will keep you guessing all the way to the end. I definitely would recommend this book

    Robin Morgan
    I received an e-book version of this novel through an internet giveaway which had been given by 4 Wills Publishing and the following is my honest opinion.While having read a few novels for this genre since becoming a Book Reviewer about six-and-a-half months ago I find this endeavor by Jennifer Hinsman to be the quintessential example of what a real erotic novel should be like, others on the other might consider this to be pornographic. But since reviewing one which actually is porn I can tell t [...]

    Erik Nelson
    As a non-fan of erotica, I loved this story. Why? Because it's not "50 Shades Of Grey" where it's one hundred percent erotica. I'd say it's only twenty-five percent erotica where seventy percent is mystery and the remaining five is comedy. Tancy and Audrey become college roommates and almost instantly hit it off as friends. Despite the two coming from very different backgrounds. As they find out more about each other, Audrey learns from Tancy that a murder occurred during her childhood and they [...]

    Victoria Simcox
    Deep soul attachments are strengthened, tying Tancy and Audrey together; however, their existences are transformed by scandalous facts. The homicides were exposed in anticipation of these gals, enduring risk, sweltering passion; even love. Tancy and Audrey have a bond like siblings, and even though they stem from the opposite sides of the tracks, one from prosperity and a source of pride, the other underprivileged and having inattentive, substance abusing parents, they are still kindred spirits. [...]

    Clare Wilson
    Angel of Death is a good read. The novel follows Tancy and her friend Audrey as they are drawn into a mysterious murder mystery dating back to Tancy's childhood. I found the erotic elements to the story to be well written, although sometimes the couples did wax on a little about how wonderful their partners where. Maybe it's just me, but I'd have told a guy to shut up if he kept going on about how amazing I was all the time The characters are well developed and while the main characters came fro [...]

    Barbara D.
    An intriguing mystery thriller!Angel of Death is an absorbing mystery novel spiced with romance and steamy love scenes. The storyline is original and the main characters are well written. The author expertly combines the tension of an engrossing mystery thriller with the romantic adventures of Tancy and Audrey (the protagonists of the novel).I enjoyed reading this book and I recommend it for anyone who loves an exciting mystery novel!

    Paula Ackley
    I am finding this book hard to review. The storyline was good and original and the characters were likable. I would have given the book four stars if I only rated the story. There is just something about the writing that I feel is off. It isn't that it wasn't proof read. The wording isn't polished, mature, sophisticated. It felt like it was written by a high school student or an author's first attempt at writing a book. It will be interesting to see what Ms. Hinsman has to offer in the future.

    Kathleen Holder
    Good ReadingThe story moves slow. But interesting. It kept my wanting to find out what was going to happen to these two young ladies. I feel though it had way too much unnecessary material. But all in all I enjoyed the story.

    Kathy Floyd
    Really good bookGreat mystery. Keeps you guessing until the very end. Has quite a bit of sex thrown in there for filler.

    Marianne Garrett
    GreatThe book was really good it kept on the edge of my seat the end was unreal love this book

    K.K. Allen
    Reviewing coming soon!

    Amber Britten
    Must read!!!!This book is a must read, I had a hard time putting it down! Way to go Jennifer Hinsman :)

    I received a free copy of this book from the GoodReads First Reads program in exchange for an honest review. Great mystery/thriller, riveting, couldn't put down.

    I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. I agree with another reviewer that there was just something off about the book. It was 458 pages and could have used some streamlining. Maybe a few more people to read it before publication to give her their thoughts and ideas. It didn't have the spelling errors that are in so many self published books and a few big name publisher books. I did notice spot in the book where the author said it took Tancy seven years to f [...]

    Mark Aberdeen
    Really enjoyed this book!

    Jennifer Hinsman

    • [PDF] Download é Angel of Death | by ☆ Jennifer Hinsman
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