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  • Title: One Swift Summer
  • Author: R.J. Askew
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  • Page: 266
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • This is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B006AXFPEM.Literary fiction novella.Jaded war photographer Emma Saywell wanders through the dappled beauty of London s Kew Gardens, Broken , her hack about old Nikon, hanging around her neck Her second book, THE EYES OF WAR , is selling well Yet after a decade looking into hollow eyes, capturing men at their worst, her personThis is an alternate cover edition for ASIN B006AXFPEM.Literary fiction novella.Jaded war photographer Emma Saywell wanders through the dappled beauty of London s Kew Gardens, Broken , her hack about old Nikon, hanging around her neck Her second book, THE EYES OF WAR , is selling well Yet after a decade looking into hollow eyes, capturing men at their worst, her personal focus is a micron out She watches a woman with two young girls One, the younger, trips, falls, screws up her tiny face, crys silently Then she sees him Broken glides to her eye in one instinctive movement Click, click Nailed him Click Why is he smiling so inanely Why smile like that, selling ice cream to tourists from a cafe with a few tables And what s with all the glancing at the sky She looks up herself, half expecting to see an American drone stooging around Nothing but fat dreamliners heading for Heathrow She s drawn to the ice cream seller, has to find out
    R.J. Askew
    From Lancaster in Lancashire in the North West of England, I did a law degree, but was destined for a career in words I moved to London where I found a job as an assistant with a small specialist publisher.Several copy writing jobs later, I wormed my way into a reporting job with an American news agency s London office on Fleet Street They let me loose on the coffee, sugar and oil markets It was a great job I d made it I even had one of those early mobile phones the size of a clog And they used to send me to Geneva and Vienna to chase OPEC oil minsters around, or up to Orkney to check out oil terminals But all good things must end.The mighty Reuters was about five doors down Fleet Street in an imposing Lutyens edifice of imperial grandeur, and they paid a lot So I talked my way into the world s greatest news agency as a reporter I put down roots and spent the rest of my glorious career in the arms of The Baron, as Reuters is known to insiders.I edited millions of words written by hundreds of reporters from all points of the globe I loved fooling around with their words, supposedly honing them into things of beauty, mostly just hacking them about Still, it was great fun.Meanwhile, I was quietly working away at my own writing for the joy of it, biding my time Reuters was a news factory where words hurtled at you like trucks on some vast highway It made me yearn for poetic forms of expression, something with a beating heart.I wrote ONE SWIFT SUMMER in 2001, touted it around a few London literary agents, to no avail, after which I forgot about it for a decade Enter I got some feedback for the story, which I then re edited and self published in Nov 2011.Meanwhile, I wrote a collaborative story to keep my hand in and a second story of my own IN THE ROOM WITH THREE DOORS in which three twenty somethings escape the pressures of London for the watercress beds and nightingales of Hampshire SWIFT SUMMER also has a London theme, being a story of redemption set in Kew Gardens, where a jaded young war photographer finds herself drawn into a wistful relationship with an enigmatic guy who can t stop smiling and glancing at the sky.While not a long story, ONE SWIFT SUMMER has had a long maturation and, in spite of its title, is not a story to dash through, being unconventional and gently challenging I hope you will find the outcome artfully enlivening, a nourishing read that will earn and deserve your enduring regard bows


    Stuart Aken
    Literature is a diverse field, blossoming with the flowers of wildly divergent creators. In Watching Swifts, by R.J. Askew, the reader is given a rare bloom; something both tough and beautiful. This was my first read on my iPad and it proved a worthy initiation for that device. I found myself drawn into the narrative by the contrasts. This is the story of one man’s life as it collides with a stranger in a public place and finds an unexpected outlet. Tom is anything but an ordinary guy; his con [...]

    Abbie Foxton
    Reading this book caused quite a stir in my little cottage. The squirrels in the ceiling congregated en masse above my headspace, peered down dim lit cracks wondering what had caught my attention, what was feeding mylm.So pleased fate handed me Askew to tell me stories of the 'blue sky'An epoch between late night literary obsessions, R.J. Askew's Watching Swifts seemed to steal my life in real time, a perfect distraction.Pulled by his 'creator's strings', R.J is an author handed a pass to lucidi [...]

    Melodie Ramone
    "'course you and I may not meet again. But that matters not s you are in me now and always will be, absorbed" --RJ Askew, Watching SwiftsIt is rare that I am left speechless by a book. Speechless, because I do not know exactly what to say, but not wordless. There are many words I can think of to describe this book. Magnificent. Poetic. Gentle. Profound. Deep. Meaningful. Engaging. Painful. Beautiful and Brilliant. Those would only be a few. This book touched me profoundly. It put me back into pa [...]

    Serena Akeroyd
    Watching Swifts is one of the most unusual books I’ve ever read simply because of the way the story progresses. An ongoing monologue from the central character, the story is a slow but steady evolution of the man himself. I’ve never read anything like it; in its own way, it’s truly unique because I believe this method of character development is a one-of-a-kind. The book starts in Emma’s POV, a war photographer and deals with a rather chance meeting with Leonardo, an ice cream vendor who [...]

    Andrew Lawston
    Watching Swifts is a compact but rewarding read, charting an odd friendship between a war photographer (Emma Saywell) and an ice cream seller (Tom, but more usually Leonardo) in Kew Gardens from May to the end of July. Leonardo has chosen to disengage from many aspects of the modern world, preferring to sell ice cream and watching swifts soar through blue skies. She photographs him, and he sketches her, using his "rescue pencils" which he finds lying around all over London.As the swift summer pr [...]

    This is the story of an ice cream kiosk worker (Leo) and a war photographer (Emma) who happen to meet in the park at the beginning of the summer. Emma keeps going back to the ice cream stall throughout the summer and speaks to Leo during his breaks. Leo is the main character and the story is followed through his side of the dialogue. He is a very reflective person and often loses himself in exquisites monologues, usually a reflection on something he has seen, such as the swifts. For me the story [...]

    Vic Heaney
    I read most of Ron Askew’s book on my Kindle, sitting in the courtyard of our home here in the French Pyrenees, with swifts zooming and screaming around the house – there seem to have been more of these amazing aeronauts around this year than ever.The book is a poetic tour de force. There is plenty of verse breaking up the narrative, but the prose itself is of a poetic bent. Excellent use of words and rhythm. Most of those words issue from the mouth of one person, but they reveal plenty abou [...]

    Catherine Lenderi
    "Watching Swifts" will lure you into the magical world of poetic literature. When passionate poetry and captivating prose interweave in such a way that evoke your most beautiful inner emotions and help you escape reality, then this is a "must-read" book. While Emma Saywell, his main character, captures images on her camera, R.J. Askew’s book promises to captivate your heart AND soul.

    Charles Johnson
    A True Work of Poetic ArtI bought the Kindle version of this novel and it was a bargain at just $2.99.The story grabbed my attention from the very start. I was reading it at every opportunity from the Kindle app on my phone and I truly found it hard to break away from the story to get back to my life.I thought the main character of Emma was intriguing. At first I had a hard time with the sentence structure as she spoke it seemed a bit broken up. But as I read on I got the impression that Emma is [...]

    Poetic literature at its best. It's a long time since I've enjoyed such quality of writing.Yes, I believe I, too, have met people with savant insight - and some who think they have.How true, one must always be a question - or stop living.Beautiful, natural feelings. Real feelings in the alien bustling world of London. Finding escape in the swifts and the sky.The woman at the Dell altar - I love that; and the killing humour of the Parker exchanges.What skilled portrayal of character and penetrati [...]

    Lucy Pireel
    Review Watching Swifts by R.J. Askew This book is one of those that keeps popping back in your mind. Prose and verse, or verse written as prose entwined with verse. I was drawn into the mind and world of the swift man. This author has the rare ability to capture his reader with a form of prose which keeps you wanting more. I had to know what happened with him, his antagonist (the female photographer he’s talking to) and the swifts. Yes, the swifts, those lovely birds, the harbingers of summer [...]

    R.J. Heald
    Emma meets Leonardo in Kew Gardens, where he sells ice-cream. She photographs him, he draws her, and through their pictures they each manage to capture the other for who they really are, forging a lasting connection. Throughout the summer they become increasingly reliant on their meetings, as Leonardo relates his life story to Emma. Watching Swifts is a beautifully written, nostalgic tale of a summer in Kew Gardens. The text is immersive from the beginning and the novella casts a spell over the [...]

    Kath Middleton
    This book tells the story of a relationship which takes place over a few summer months. A woman who is a war photographer meets a man selling ice-cream in Kew Gardens and he starts to draw her. Over the months she returns and he continues. As he draws, he talks, initially about the swifts he constantly watches. Most of the book is his words and a scattering of poems as his own life story comes out. He also tell us about some of the other workers and some of the visitors.If you love creative lang [...]

    'I'd write about swifts, a year watching swifts, or ice-cream' :-)What a lovely, thought provoking book. The prose is simply beautiful! This book takes place over the summer, Emma who is a war photgrapher spends time with Leonardo (Tom) who sells ice cream in Kew garden.I found myself instantly interested in Leo, his life story is really interesting and I loved him, despite his faults which are quite disguting but the style of writing doesn't make you linger on this, you can't help but like Leo [...]

    Estelle Wilkinson
    This is a beautiful, poetic story like nothing I’ve read before.It took a little bit of getting used to the style of writing. Incredibly poetic! But, once I got used to that, it flowed. There is a wonderful story there that carries you away.It is interspersed with poems. One of which I loved! It starts:I am your child who’s just been bornYou hold me true in loving handsI am your love’s embodimentYou love me more than love itselfIt goes on from there but you’ll have to buy the book to rea [...]

    Finally reading this book as it is intended to be read: on Kindle. I have started reading Watching Swifts before, in a draft version. What is drawing me towards this book? R.J. Askew's amazing choice of vocabulary!This is one of those books I will read over and over again. As I started reading it, I instantly was captivated by the beginning: 'I shot him' Well that got me off on the wrong foot!R.J. Askew's book is full of surprises, written from the perspective of a woman, by a man R.J. Askew ce [...]

    A.A. Abbott
    I honestly preferred reading Watching Swifts to staying in with a Bridget Jones DVD and a box of chocolates. It is a beautiful love story in the quintessentially English setting of Kew Gardens. Leo, or Tom, has been through hell. Despite his guilt and darkness, he has remodelled himself into a decent person. Emma has fought her own demons. This tale had many sweet moments but also the capacity to shock. It brought tears to my eyes. I was glad the baby birds were saved.R.J. Askew has a very visua [...]

    Dick Whittington
    If there is a story here that's worth reading then the author has done their best to hide it in an effort to demonstrate their superior vocabulary and completely unorthodoxed style of communication (or non-communication as the case may be). Because it was rated so highly, I forced myself to reread the first 20% of the book and then forced myself to nearly double that depth in hopes of discovering the excellence everyone else seems to see and I completely miss. At this point, however, I feel inve [...]

    Hunter Jones
    I purchased and downloaded Watching Swifts at the request of the author who asked for a fair review via an author site. I am so glad I agreed to read his novella!From the very first sentence, Watching Swifts will captive you. I was taken by Mr. Askew's usage of language and the visuals his words created. His characters are very well represented and portrayed. His unique mixture of poetry and prose is spellbinding. This is the most beautiful, most breathtaking little book I have ever read. I trul [...]

    Ana Salote
    This is the only book I've read twice apart from the classics. My first review is on (check it out with 20 other brilliant reviews). I'd also like to recommend it here. It's a luminous, delighting prose poem. I can imagine how Kerouac's first readers felt when they discovered an entirely fresh style. Swifts breaks the mould in the same way.

    It's no surprise this book is receiving the fantastic reviews it is - this is a compelling and wonderfully written story. It's refreshing to read something original and once I started reading, after the first page I knew I was in safe hands by this author. Highly recommended and deeply moving, so fortunate to have come across the book and author.

    Jesamine James
    A delightful and insightful poetic Novella. The writing is not only creative but evoking. The story and poetry flows in a way that matches the title perfectly. The rhythm is that of soaring and swooping swifts.As the story unfolds and the characters grow, the pace continues effortlessly.It's one of the most relaxing books I've ever read.

    Roy Higgins
    To be honest I never expected to like this novella and only read it because I was asked to review it. I usually go for action packed novels, murder, explosions, that kind of thing. This is definitely none of that, but I found myself fascinated by what is essentially a monologue, observations and recollections of an ice cream seller in Kew Gardens. Beautifully written and thought provoking.

    R.J. Askew

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