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  • Title: Want: Trust no one, no one trusts
  • Author: Magus Tor
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Trust no one, no one trusts that is the way of Lunar City When Aurelia Cole gets hired by Lunar City Hospital, the last thing she expects is that her shuttle will be attacked on the way to her new posting With her new found Clone friend Nicholas, Aurelia manages to rescue Jonathon Hansen, who might just be the next Earth Empire president But when Aurelia is forced toTrust no one, no one trusts that is the way of Lunar City When Aurelia Cole gets hired by Lunar City Hospital, the last thing she expects is that her shuttle will be attacked on the way to her new posting With her new found Clone friend Nicholas, Aurelia manages to rescue Jonathon Hansen, who might just be the next Earth Empire president But when Aurelia is forced to choose between Nicholas and Jonathon, she has to decide whether her love for her job is important than her desire to do what s right Head hunted by the Resistance movement, Aurelia has the chance to overthrow a manipulative dictatorship But in Lunar City, who can she trust and who really trusts her
    Magus Tor
    Magus Tor is a nick I got while playing Dragon Warriors Pen and Paper RPG with my friends Ever since the name stuck with me.


    Glenn Conley
    This is an interesting novella. The first third of the story went along fine, introductions were made all around. How are you? I'm fine. Lets have dinner. How about coffee? Sure. Great. Who the fuck cares? I don't read books for the detailed descriptions of everyday life. I don't care what you had for dinner, lunch, what kind of fucking coffee this character likes, etc.I care about the story, and the relationships. The first third of this story establishes the relationships, but does absolutely [...]

    Jamie (Books and Ladders)
    Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book from Reading Deals' Review Club in exchange for an honest review.At times I really enjoyed this book and the world that was created, but sometimes it felt overstuffed with information. I knew exactly how Aurelia felt about not knowing what was happening and then feeling frustrated and overwhelmed with all the information because I felt the same way. I skimmed over the long explanations of politics and hierarchies and how they were set up and runnin [...]

    Mary Hartshorn
    When I started reading this book, I did it the usual way which is with no expectations. When I do have expectations for a book I am about to read I usually end up disappointed.Want, though is a well written dystopian sci-fi. I was impressed with Magus Tor's imagination and how he was able to draw me into his story. It was very easy to read this from start to finish since his writing flows so well with minimal typos. This story focuses on Aurelia a recent graduate who is being assigned to a covet [...]

    This was fun and interesting, but something was missing. I really enjoyed the characters but the 'love' story was just ridiculous. All in All I will probably continue with this series because the story is very intriguing.

    Stephen Andrews
    Good readSci fi with real world concerns that echo from our own current struggles with ethics, economics, human rights, and politics.

    Tze Min
    I had rather high expectations of this story, probably because I was really excited about reading this. I noticed it on Story Cartel, and downloaded the book for free in return for an honest review. So what caught my attention was that the author was from my own country, and you don't see many Singaporean science fiction YA authors out there. I'd have given this 3.5 stars, but as the book felt it had lacked an editor (was this self-published?), it's unfortunately stuck at 3 stars instead.This fe [...]

    Tony Parsons
    Aurelia (17) lived in Block 3358 on the 43rd floor of a high-rise building with her Mom (Asian, grade #2; chemical Worker, City 04) & Dad (grade #1; tech Worker, City 01).Workers families received the best necessity benefits allowed. In order to have children you had to apply for a breeders permit. Aurelia knew the Trackers injected her & all the other children with a genetic code. It would determine how far you would make it in life. The Elitists could read you mind. Aurelia managed to [...]

    4.5/5 Stars Trust no one, no one trusts. First off, check out that cover. Check it the hell out! It's all kinds of crazy awesome. Not only that, but the book itself is all kinds of crazy bloody awesome. I try and start a book with as much ambivalence as possible, so I don't bias myself for or against it. Want? Well, Want was good. Fantastic even. Well-written, cool story, a strong cast of characters; all wrapped and packaged superbly. It's a quick read that's paced to perfection. One question: w [...]

    I got a free copy of this book through bookreviewbuzz, in exchange for an honest review. I'd be giving it 3.5 starts out of 5, is that were possible. Overall, I liked this book. The world building was great; really detailed descriptions of everything, and lots of thought clearly gone into how this futuristic earth looked and worked. It was easy to picture, and in many ways still realistic. The characters, in general, were good. Everyone seemed a little too nice and too talkative (with the except [...]

    We Said It: Literary Reviewsw/ Ts Blogging
    Title: Trusting is hard when you are new. Want: Numbered Book One by Magus TorReviewed by K. Royce5/28/159:00 p.m. Things couldn’t be more exciting for Aurelia, she graduated top of her class and is being sent to her dream position, as a Med Worker in Lunar City where the elite call home. Leaving her family in Earth City 01, she boards a shuttle headed for the moon. Things go awry quickly and Aurelia’s skills as a Med Worker are quickly called for, but is she ready for the task? Soon she is [...]

    Courtney Haas
    “Want” enticed me with its Dystopian premise and interesting book cover. The author did a good job of creating a fantasy world, the images and architectural structures are described in detail. This is a book that is geared toward teenagers, it is a quick read and written with a younger audience in mind.The lead character of this book is victim to a world that exists only to serve the Elites. She is on a mission to the moon, where she will learn the secrets that have been hidden from her kind [...]

    Tamie Dearen
    So I thought, "Here we go just another dystopian sci-fi novel." But I was pleasantly surprised. Here's why I think you shouldn't miss this book. The world-building is clever and imaginative. With a hundred thousand dystopian novels out there, it's hard to find your own voice. But Tor does a great job. I really like the way the population of the earth is confined to a few large cities, where everything is controlled, including information. And the book is fast-paced. Perhaps it's too fast paced, [...]

    Derek White
    *A Copy of this Book Was Given To Me By The Author In Exchange For An Honest Review*Many writers, whether they are sci-fi ones or any other genre usually have only one basic ‘good idea for a story’ and then after the first success, subsequent books follow the same pattern. This is definitely not true of Magus Tor.Fate is yet another example of him letting his marvellous imagination run wild and in this case we are taken to a future Earth where wars, global warming and other human-caused prob [...]

    Kel Crist
    I was provided a free copy of this ebook in exchange for an honest review. Want: Trust no one, no one trusts by Magus Tor: What do you do when your shuttle is attacked in space? Do you run and hide in a corner and pray that you survive? No way! If you are Aurelia Cole, future superstar Med Worker for the Lunar City Hospital, you jump in and start triage. With her training and knowledge she is able to heal and save others, but can she find her way to the center of this mystery? Why was the shuttl [...]

    Claire - The Coffeeholic Bookworm
    It's Aurelia's first day at work in Lunar City and it has proved to be a daunting, challenging and exhausting day. On her way to the moon, catastrophe happened. A lot of bodies were strewn on the floor, nuclear bombs destroyed the old cities, an assassination attempt was in place. Aurelia also learned that pro-creation was strictly prohibited to avoid unexpected mutations. There she met a clone, Nicholas and together they unraveled a secret that had blinded them all these years. And then, she al [...]

    ( I received a copy for a honest review )This is a dystopian book that will work for ages 12 and up. I am 57 and I loved it. Earth has been nuked and much is inhabitable. So most live in City sections. Buildings go up. People train for careers. Medical, mechanical, and the like. Children leave their homes to go out on their own. Aurelia, our female character is a medical person so she will go to Lunar. On the moon. The rich and elite live on the moon base. There are also clones there. I do not w [...]

    Rachel Horon
    The book is given by the author for my honest review.Want is a great novel by Magus Tor. Aurelia graduated top in her class and was assigned the prestigious job at the hospital in Lunar City. Her shuttle was attacked and she found herself in the middle of conflict, love, ethical and moral struggles, and a journey that answers as many questions as it raises new questions. Even though she is only 17, the Earth of the future is a place where she has as much training as someone of our era ten years [...]

    Steve Justice
    A brave new worldWant is a story that achieves something few dystopian writers seem to succeed in these days, and that is creating a original world that serves as a background without overwhelming the main plot.The first half of the novel sets the scene very well and there is an impressive level of detail involved in the world-building elements. The pace of the story is perfect, balancing the action with exposition just right and leaving me keen to keep reading. The only reason I didn't give fiv [...]

    As one of the top placed medical students Aurelia achieved a placing in Lunar city working at the hospital there. On the way from Earth, that was rebuilt after Ww3 wiped out most of humanity as we know it, her shuttle was attacked. Not knowing the reason behind this or how this was going to change her life, Aurelia met 3 men all of whom would have an important impact on her life and help her to see how things really are between the high I've elitists, the clones and the earth city workers. Meeti [...]

    Want: Trust no one, no one trusts (Numbered Book 1) by author, Magus Tor, is a great dystopian/science fiction read. He gives the reader the history of what happened on Earth that led to the building of Lunar City and it’s various hierarchies; from the most powerful to the lesser clone society.The story is full of action, twists, and turns. The characters are strong while dealing with betrayal and resistance. The world building is fantastic. All in all, the story pulls the reader right into th [...]

    Tabby Shiflett
    A YA/NA Sci-fi dystopia that's fast-paced and has some intriguing characters and a captivating plot. This novella has a leading female MC that is a bit naive, but she's intelligent and thoughtful. She's also a doctor. The author does an excellent job of describing her experience during her first flight in space. One of the other MCs is a clone and I look forward to reading more about his storyline in the next installment. The other male lead is arrogant at times, but he's not unlikable. There's [...]

    Maria Corrado
    Writing is done well. This story takes place in the future so it has a sci fi element. The world is suppose to be a utopia and the lower classes are not suppose to question the ruling class. So that sets the plot for the story. As the story develops you learn more of the world they live in and the secrets. I read a review that suggested a love triangle but that's not the case. It has a small romance factor but that's not the meat of the story. Strong female character which is always a plus. This [...]

    I was given this book in exchange of my honest review:Albeit in a dire need of a good fine copy-editing, I'd say this novella is interesting enough to recommend to a friend as a quick light read. It was fairly entertaining and had a few interesting ideas. What bugged me the most was that it felt like a second draft at the most: with lots of pieces and character development missing. But if you can stay out of writer/editor-mode, a pleasant read indeed :)

    Kimberly C. Winslow
    Routing for the clones!Potential! Seemed a little frenetic. The heroine had depth and you feel for the clones but everyone else just seemed to be heartless. The author vacillated between children being a duty and parents not even associating with their children and how people want children but need permission to have them. If they want them they wouldn't be heartless adults! I felt more for the clones than any of the other characters! Go clones!!

    I really enjoyed this book. It pulled me into a world where one is taught to think that he/she works to make society better for the whole. The storyline makes the reader question the truth. The main character a young girl Aurelia is leaving home to be a medic. She's tossed into a whirl of chaos on the way to start her new position. I had a very difficult time putting this book down. It kept me on the edge of my seat until the final page. I hope to read the next book in the series very soon.

    I found this book on Wattpadwhich is really a platform for as yet undiscovered writers and I must say when I finished I was so impressed with the grammar, storyline and overall flow. Imagine my shock when I rated the book, the author responded and I found out that this book was already published. Good YA dystopian read. Looking out for the other books

    This book was okay it has potential to be amazing but I just felt like the beginning of it was kind of boring and the end was extremely confusing the word building is really good and the characters were developed very nicely I just wish that the author would have stuck with one seemed and ran with it but I just felt like there was just too much going on

    Mary Quattlebaum
    Oh, where to start? A political fantasy suspense that has changed the lives of so many in the story. The plot thickens when the main character gets involved in more than she intended. Can you trust a clone?

    I felt like this was a gripping read. It was fast-paced and full of surprises. I loved how this picked up from the prequel. Magus Tor definitely knows how to tell a story, and it's done right.

    Rita Kovács
    I've read this a few days afo on Inkitt and I loved it. Some said it here that descriptions make this book dull. I think they are necessary and help the readers imagine the environment and the happenings. This book has great description and great plot! I am sorry others underrated it so much.

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