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  • Title: O Meu Nome É...
  • Author: Alastair Campbell
  • ISBN: 9789725305461
  • Page: 130
  • Format: Paperback

  • Hannah tem 17 anos e bebe para se sentir melhor Por um momento Depois, a dor de alma regressa, mais intensa Esta a hist ria da adi o de Hannah O desenrolar da hist ria atrav s dos relatos de cada uma das pessoas que rodeiam Hannah durante a sua espiral de autodestrui o d ao leitor uma panor mica completa do que a vida junto de um alco lico vulner vel e em nega Hannah tem 17 anos e bebe para se sentir melhor Por um momento Depois, a dor de alma regressa, mais intensa Esta a hist ria da adi o de Hannah O desenrolar da hist ria atrav s dos relatos de cada uma das pessoas que rodeiam Hannah durante a sua espiral de autodestrui o d ao leitor uma panor mica completa do que a vida junto de um alco lico vulner vel e em nega o.
    Alastair Campbell
    Alastair Campbell Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the O Meu Nome É... book, this is one of the most wanted Alastair Campbell author readers around the world.


    Gitte TotallyBookedBlog
    I know what I like and what I don’t like. I know what I enjoy and what leaves me thinking this just isn’t for me…My Name Is… Gitte and I just read something pretty bloody brilliant.I’m not sure how many of you are like me and still walk into book stores and just browse for the sake of browsing. Not necessarily looking for anything specific, more like walking in; touching the beautiful covers and inhaling that very special scent only paperbacks have. Feeling the weight in your hands fro [...]

    Um livro que foca o tema do alcoolismo, muitas vezes esquecido em detrimento de outro tipo de vícios. Tão grave e complicado como qualquer outro vicio, infelizmente lidei com ele de perto e sei o quanto pode arruinar vidas. Gostei da forma como foi escrito, através de olhos de todas as pessoas que lidaram de perto com a pessoa em causa

    Hannah, uma adolescente de 17 anos, é alcoólica. Há 4 anos que bebe, depois de uma infância marcada pelo divórcio dos pais, pela ausência do pai, pela incapacidade para se encontrar a si própria. Podemos perceber como é que um problema destes pode ter impacto na vida de quem o tem mas também em quem os rodeia, um impacto destruidor.É estranho dizer que adoramos um livro como este. Não é uma história fofinha e feliz que tanto vemos nos livros em que as personagens principais são ado [...]

    O ponto forte deste livro está na forma como a história é contada: não através de uma só voz, mas de várias: as vozes dos familiares, amigos, colegas e outras pessoas que estiveram presentes ao longo da vida de Hannah.Opinião completa: quandoseabreumlivro.p

    Becky Walker
    Would have been perfectly happy if this book was twice as long, but ending it in that case would have been even more of a bugger to get right. Excellent concept, well executed. Having so many narrators could have been really distancing and got dull very quickly, but he's managed to make it work. Worth a read.

    Tânia Tanocas
    Foi uma leitura que a meu ver é interessante para quem quer ter algum conhecimento acerca do tema, despistar algumas dúvidas, ou perceber (um pouco) de como as pessoas alcoólicas se sentem e os seus comportamentos, lembrando sempre que cada caso é um caso, mas muito pouco esclarecedor para quem tem de lidar directamente com o problema e não sabe como.Opinião completa aqui: baudatanocasspo/o-m

    Ana Raquel
    Alastair Campbell com este livro impressiona o leitor com uma narrativa que apesar de ser fictícia, acredito que não esteja muito distante da realidade. No que concerne ao comportamento adicto, seja ele referente à bebida alcoólica ou ao consumo de estupefacientes sabe-se que é muito pior a dependência psicológica do que a dependência orgânica. Pois, a dependência orgânica é resolvida com ausência de consumo-, o organismo volta a ter o seu desempenho normal. Já a dependência psico [...]

    Daniela RC
    Quando li a sinopse deste livro fiquei bastante interessada no livro pelo simples facto de retratar de um problema que, na minha opinião, não é dado muito em conta nos adolescentes. Existe muitos livros sobre adolescentes e as drogas, como as drogas afectam a vida dos adolescentes e como eles vivem, mas esquecem-se que não é só a droga que é um problema, existe outro que até é bastante mais fácil de conseguir que é tão importante como as drogas, falo do álcool.Em qualquer esquina qu [...]

    This was just as good as the impressive 'All in the Mind'. Cleverly told in 23 chapters by 22 people who knew, or whose path crossed with, the troubled teenage girl of the story, Hannah. The final chapter is told by Hannah herself. This account of alcoholism and the damage it causes is well worth reading.

    This book left me with mixed feelings. It was well written and examines some important issues using a unique writing technique. But I didn't really feel I could empathise with the characters. I did like it, and I found some of the perspectives really interesting, so I give it three stars. Read my full review at my blog thebookbrief.

    Very well written, good authentic voices and an important subject.

    Cleverly presented with excellent insight into a frighening problem.

    Jodie "Bookish"Cook
    Book ReviewTitle: My Name Is…Author: Alastair CampbellGenre: Slice of Life/Family/Crime/RomanceRating: ****Review: Alastair Campbell’s first novel All In The Mind, about a psychiatrist and his various lost patients, touched on the author’s emotional experiences of psychological breakdown, as did his 2008 memoir The Happy Depressive, which also dealt with his period of alcohol dependence. His third novel takes the subject of alcoholism again, and explores its development in a young woman ca [...]

    Nádia Batista
    Depois de me ter surpreendido com Maya, Alastair Campbell ficou na lista de espera, aguardando por uma nova oportunidade; e assim O Meu Nome É facilmente se tornou uma leitura desejada e a oportunidade perfeita.O livro tem uma história muito simples: como o álcool arruína a vida de Hannah, uma adolescente. Apesar de ser tão simples assim, a verdade é que é um livro poderoso e magistral. Confesso que não sou fã deste tipo de premissas, mas pensei que o escritor valia a pena e não me eng [...]

    I won this book on first reads, but after finishing it I have to say I wouldn't have minded buying it if I hadn't.My Name Is is a very well-written book that sports an uncommon multiple-POV narrative. Despite or because of that the story seems to unfold very naturally, as every narrator introduces his/herself and their role in Hannah's (the protagonist's) life, whose point of view we do not get until the very end of the book. I will admit that I did not sympathise with Hannah. If I want to be h [...]

    I've given this 2 stars but it really should be 2 and a half. It is well written but it just didn't grab me as it should have. I think I would have enjoyed it more if Hannah's voice had been interspersed amongst the others. Maybe every 3 or 4 chapters. As I was reading I wanted to know what was actually going on in her mind after certain events. I grew impatient with everyone else's version of events. And the characters were not diverse enough. I just felt like it was the same personality speaki [...]

    Maria João
    7 de 10*Li algumas criticas muito positivas a este livro, que despertaram a minha curiosidade em lê-lo, principalmente por se tratar de um relato diferente de um tema já várias vezes abordado no mundo literário - o alcoolismo. Cada capítulo é-nos contado por uma personagem relacionada com Hannah, que relatam, na primeira pessoa e na perspectiva de cada um, a sua vivência com ela e a forma como se relacionaram.No entanto, foi precisamente esta forma de contar a história que, na parte inic [...]

    I came across this book in the library shelves & was quite sceptical about it after I discovered that Alastair Campbell was none other than the former LABOUR SPIN DOCTOR. Anyway, I was intrigued by the book & it's story so thought I'd give it a go. Anyway, I'd like to say I was pleasantly surprise & it ended up as a page turner; maybe this was because I can relate to the story as I work in this field. It was very profound & eye opening content. As a mental health professional, I [...]

    I originally was drawn to the idea of this book due to each chapter being written in a different POV. At the time I thought this was unique, however most amateur books on wattpad have different POV chapters. This book was a little unique in the fact that each chapter was told by a different character. However I feel this did lose the ability to get attached to any character as the reader didn't get long enough to develop feelings along with the narrating character. The storyline itself was inter [...]

    Esta é a primeira obra que leio do autor e foi enviada pela Editorial Bizâncio e agradeço desde já esta disponibilidade.A personagem principal, Hannah, tem apenas 17 anos e já é uma alcoólica. Hannah teve de passar pelo divórcio dos seus pais, ficando a mãe com a sua guarda e da irmã e o pai se tornar bastante ausente.Esta nossa personagem começa a beber e sente uma necessidade de beber todos os dias mas nega que tem um problema com o álcool.Cada capítulo é o ponto de vista de algu [...]

    I have won this book as a giveaway. I did not read any of the earlier reviews as I like to read a booka and make my own opinion. I just read a description which was given with a giveaway. In this book Hanna's story was said from a point of view of different people who were involved in her life so her parents, sister, other family members, friends, teachers, health professionals,etc. When reading each of the chapters I felt like pices of jigsaw puzzles fell in place. At times I felt sorry for Ha [...]

    I really enjoyed the structure as well as the content of this story told, as it was, through the eyes of everyone but the subject herself until the end.How reliable was the ever changing narrator? Hannah viewed through the eyes of so many other people is a very engaging if not always likeable character. Campbell has been very open about his own relationship with alcohol and I think this makes his exploration of the devastating affect the demon booze has on a young and vulnerable teenager all the [...]

    I enjoyed this book mainly because of the unique way that it was narrated. Even though you don't hear from Hannah herself until the last "my name is" chapter, you get to know who she is and what she's like by the people who have come into contact with her. Despite it being their viewpoint, they all saw Hannah the same way - an alcoholic who needed help. I did expect the book to end differently and expected Hannah to be dead by the end of the story so I was quite surprised that this didn't happen [...]

    Vanessa Montês
    ()O autor escreve de uma forma magistral e muitíssimo inteligente, que me prendeu do início ao fim. Queria saber mais sobre Hannah, a sua vida, as suas melhorias e recaídas. Além disso víamos esses momentos dos olhos de diferentes pessoas, o que nos possibilitava um grande aprofundamento da personalidade de Hannah e de como esta encarava a vida.É um livro que recomendo a todos e que adorei. Um autor que me surpreende sempre pela positiva e uma boa aposta da Editorial Bizâncio!Opinião com [...]

    I think the reviews I saw made me expect more from this than I actually got. It was an interesting read, but definitely more about the theme than the plot. Which is ok, but perhaps made it not quite for me. I also found the structure was limiting. Each chapter is written from the perspective of a different person who was involved in Hannah's story. I liked the different voices and thought they all worked, but it didn't go back to the same person twice. This would be fine but there is also a chro [...]

    I was given this book as part of a giveaway.This was a tough book to read. I think it dealt with the issues of addiction in a simple way, but head on. It made me focus a little too closely on my own issues and behaviours,which wasn't comfortable. In't think this will be well received by the more judgemental members of society unfortunately, and they are the ones who most need to absorb its message.

    Very very good. As the chapters are written by different people in Hannah's life I did wonder if the flow would be stilted, but this is not the case. Well written and does make you think, especially on those times where we've all said - ergh I 'need' a drink

    Have never read a book written like this before. Such an interesting insight into the life of an alcoholic. Also very gripping the way in which it is written by the perspective of different people. Would love to read another book in this type of style. Brilliant book.

    O conceito de escrita é interessante mas junto com o tema não me seduziu. Li até à página 74.

    I liked all the different narrators - kept it interesting. Kinda wanted it to go on a bit more though - I'd like to know what happened to Hannah next.

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