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  • Title: On a Day Like This
  • Author: Peter Stamm مریم موُیدپور Michael Hofmann
  • ISBN: 9781590512791
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Hardcover

  • A new novel of artful understatement about mortality, estrangement, and the absurdity of life from the acclaimed author of Unformed Landscape and In Strange GardensOn a day like any other, Andreas changes his life When a routine doctor s visit leads to an unexpected prognosis, a great yearning takes hold of him but who can tell if it is homesickness or wanderlust AndreasA new novel of artful understatement about mortality, estrangement, and the absurdity of life from the acclaimed author of Unformed Landscape and In Strange GardensOn a day like any other, Andreas changes his life When a routine doctor s visit leads to an unexpected prognosis, a great yearning takes hold of him but who can tell if it is homesickness or wanderlust Andreas leaves everything behind, sells his Paris apartment cuts off all social ties quits his teaching job and waves goodbye to his days spent idly sitting in cafes to look for a woman he once loved, half a lifetime ago The monotony of days has been keeping him in check now he hopes for a miracle and for a new beginning Andreas travels lead him back to the province of his youth, back to his hometown in Switzerland where he returns to familiar streets, where his brother still lives in their childhood home, and where Fabienne, a woman he was obsessed with in his youth, visits the same lake they once swam in together Andreas, still consumed with longing for his lost love and blinded by the uncertainty of his future, is tormented by the question of what might have been if things had happened differently Peter Stamm has been praised as a stylistic ascetic and his prose as distinguished by lapidary expression, telegraphic terseness, and finely tuned sensitivity Bookforum In On a Day Like This, Stamm s unobtrusive observational style allows us to journey with our antihero through his crises of banality, of living in his empty world, and the realization that life is finite that one must live it, as long as that is possible.Praise for Unformed Landscape Sensitive and unnerving An uncommonly intimate work, one that will remind the reader of his or her own lived experience with a greater intensity than many of the books that are published right here at home The New Republic Online If Albert Camus had lived in an age when people in remote Norwegian fishing villages had e mail, he might have written a novel like this The New Yorker Unformed Landscape has a refreshing purity, a lack of delusion, a lack of hype Los Angeles Times
    Peter Stamm مریم موُیدپور Michael Hofmann
    Peter Stamm grew up in Weinfelden in the canton of Thurgau the son of an accountant After completing primary and secondary school he spent three years as an apprentice accountant and then 5 as an accountant He then chose to go back to school at the University of Zurich taking courses in a variety of fields including English studies, Business informatics, Psychology, and Psychopathology During this time he also worked as an intern at a psychiatric clinic After living for a time in New York, Paris, and Scandinavia he settled down in 1990 as a writer and freelance journalist in Zurich He wrote articles for, among others, the Neue Z rcher Zeitung, the Tages Anzeiger, Die Weltwoche, and the satirical newspaper Nebelspalter Since 1997 he has belonged to the editorial staff of the quarterly literary magazine Entw rfe f r Literatur He lives in Winterthur.


    متاسفانه عادتی داریم برای مقایسه. مقایسه ی این اثر با بیگانه بی انصافی تمام و کمالی است در حق البر و البتع اشتام نمیگویم قهرمان اشتام بی شباهت به مورسو نیست اما اگر باشد تمام قهرمانان سلین مورسو هستند و هولدن ناتور دشت و البته قهرمان رمان عقاید یک دلقک میبینید این مقایسه ها را [...]

    فكر مي كنم در مورد اين كتاب يه مقدار بي انصافي كردم. امروز، واقعا رفتم و پتر اشتام رو از نزديك ملاقات كردم. خيلي خوب بود كه تونستم باهاش صحبت كنم. اكثر ابهامات ذهنم رو برطرف كرد و متوجه شدم كه فكر آندرآس چه طور سيال ميشه. خوشحالم كه رفتم. متاسفام كه تحت پيش قضاوت قرار گرفتم. خوشحا [...]

    نیما فردوسی
    روز نو، روزگار تکراریبسیاری از ما در لحظه‌هایی از زندگی‌مان دوست داریم از هرآنچه که مشغولش هستیم دست بکشیم و کاری سراسر متفاوت بکنیم. مثلا شهر زندگی‌مان را، شغلمان و یا شریک زندگی‌مان را عوض کنیم، یا سفر برویم و دنیا را ببینیم با آدم‌ها حرف بزنیم و دوستان گذشته‌مان را دوبا [...]

    Andy Miller
    A novel about a Swiss native, Andreas, in his 40's who teaches and lives in Paris. In the first chapter his girlfriend comments on his "emptiness" Her observation is supported as we learn more about his life; he lives in a sparse apartment, has few friends, is detached from his job, has lost contact with his brother and brother's family who are his only living relatives.Reading this I was reminded of the protagonist in the Stranger which is reinforced when Andreas gives a book by Camus as a birt [...]

    عالی! فضاش عینِ فضای اگنس بود (که البته توقع دیگه‌ای هم نداشتم.) و واقعا لذت‌بخش بود خوندنش. کلی هم افسردگی گرفتم بعد تموم شدنش. :)) × گویا توانایی ریویو نوشتن‌هام رو از دست داده‌ام.

    Christopher Taylor
    The challenge with this novel is to care. The story suggests the main character, Andreas, is about forty. He spent eighteen years in Paris teaching and now he wonders why. His life has been empty, without purpose or affect. He is handsome so he has had ample sex but no emotional ties. No ties of any sort. Adrift. And he doesn't much care. So why should we?Peter Stamm's writing is spare. Understated. No lush descriptions. No violent outbursts. Everything flows very smoothly. But watching that sle [...]

    خوب نوشته شده بود نباید از حق بگذریم ولی من این مدل داستان رو دوست ندارم

    At first, I was reminded of the main character in Night Train to Lisbon, whom I liked. Can't give this one three stars, because I went from feeling neutral about Andreas here, to not liking him much by the end. Setting and description are well done, but I guess it's a matter of lacking "European sensibility" rather than a translation issue I feel. Not interested in reading more by this author

    Megan Rowe
    Well, this book was very depressing, but at the same, I did enjoy it.I appreciate the fact that Stamm set out to write a story, and, while accomplishing this, also wrote about why we turn to stories. He wrote about nostalgia in an extremely focused way that I appreciated, and he was careful with his words.11/16-I had rated this 4 stars before, but I changed it to 5. I cannot stop thinking about this book.

    Kathy Gilbert
    I think this author is better at writing short stories. I read this book because of a collection of short stories contained in his book "We're Flying." I have "Agnes" and plan to read it, but I hope it's better than "On a Day Like This." ODLT seemed to ramble on and switch characters in a way that wasn't really believable. Others might like it, but it wasn't my cup of tea.

    آدم ها گاهي توي گذشته ها جا مي مانند و وقتي به خودشان مي آيند روزها و ماه ها و سالها در خاطراتي زندگي كرده اند كه شايد حتي جزئيات آن را در ذهنشان از نو نوشته اند.نثر روان و شيوه قصه گويي كتاب را دوست داشتمفابين گفت كه از آن زمان مدت زيادي گذشته و در اين فاصله اتفاقات زيادي افت [...]

    Moses Anane
    Good translation. Love how it engages my thought, and its openness.

    Roger Brunyate
    Only Connect. On second thoughts, don't bother.There can be something bracing about Peter Stamm's ice-cold objectivity. "Andreas loved the empty mornings when he would stand by the window with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in the other, and stare down at the small, tidy courtyard, and think of nothing except what was there in front of him." And so this 2006 novel begins, with a fortyish bachelor, Swiss like the author, who lives in a Paris apartment and commutes daily to a high sch [...]

    Hannes Spitz
    leicht geschrieben, die Krise eines Schweizer Lehrers in Paris ist glaubwürdig. Die Liebesgeschichten wirken authentisch, der Plot, eine junge Frau verliebt sich in einen älteren Casanova, ist aber arg konventionelle Männerphantasie

    Seit 18 Jahren lebt der Schweizer Andreas als Lehrer in Paris, ein Tag so unspektakulär wie der andere. Seit er die Chance vertan hat, sich seiner Jugendliebe Fabienne zu offenbaren, nimmt er das Leben wie es kommt und verschwendet keine Energien darauf, den Ablauf seines Daseins zu verändern oder Beziehungen zu vertiefen. Nichts berührt ihn wirklich, seine Freundschafts- wie auch Liebesverhältnisse und die Verbindungen zu seiner Familie bleiben oberflächlich, als ob mit der Nichterfüllung [...]

    On A Day Like This by Peter Stamm, translated from the German by Michael HofmannYou’ve been diagnosed with cancer (or so you think). Yes, you’d most likely spend time evaluating your life, but would you quit your job, sell your home, end relationships, and begin a journey to rekindle an adolescent love? This is the premise of Peter Stamm’s novel, On a Day Like This, recently translated from the German by Michael Hofmann.Andreas is a 40-something professional living is Paris. He lives a rat [...]

    This is just my second novel by Peter Stamm but he might become my favorite contemporary author writing in German. His stories are unexceptional, the characters are average people experiencing everyday occurences. But there are cracks in the surface. The ordinary settled life is an illusion. Behind the curtain, unrest and dissatisfaction broods. On a day like this, any day, the cracks will burst. Here, Andreas gives up his position as a teacher, sells his apartment and starts on a journey to com [...]

    Eric Lee
    The strength of this book that makes it a compelling read is its ability to believe the situations in which the main character Andreas finds himself. I found myself seeing the unfolding of the scenes to be filled with details that seem to be so real it was a bit frightening, as if it was so true "one couldn't make this up." And that is where _On a Day Like This_ excels. [return][return]The book feels mundane because Andreas leads a life whose mundanity only reflects his meaningless world around [...]

    Manchmal frage ich mich, warum gäbe ich mir Mühe, die Bücher von Peter Stamm zu lesen. Sie sind einfach geschrieben, aus der dritte Person, mit totaler Objektivität, die zu einer Emotionslosigkeit tendiert und besser zu den Action-Romanen passt. Ich kann nur sagen, dass dieses Buch, wie die anderen, den Leser in sich durch unglaublich einfachen Art und Weise hinzieht: nämlich es geht um einen leeren Leben, das doch ein Leben (wovon man das Adjektiv "lebendig" deriviert) ist, aber das man si [...]

    Hmm. Forty-year-old man has a bit of a health scare, and without finding out the results of his test, starts to think about maybe growing up, maybe starting to have some sort of real relationship with someone (he seems to fail at both friendships and romantic relationships), maybe going back to his roots, maybe making a change for the better. But maybe not. Maybe he's still the same guy. Maybe it's not worth changing. Well, no, maybe he'll go ahead and try. But maybeOkay, the lack of maturity in [...]

    Three-and-one-half stars is more accurate, because I enjoyed the quiet minimal style of the author. I've no doubt that people like the main character exist in the world, but I had a hard time understanding his motivation most of the time. After receiving a potentially troubling diagnosis, he made drastic changes to his life and embarked on a quest to reconnect with a girl that he had kissed once 20 years ago and had placed on a pedestal ever since. His quest was not a romantic (or even an intere [...]

    Terry Tsurigi
    I'm very impressed by this book, the first of Stamm's I've read (but it definitely won't be the last). I admire the spare, low-key, yet evocative writing, which isn't as devoid of feeling as, say, Camus; the characters do have an inner life, however subtle and ambiguous it may be. In that way, Stamm reminds me a little of Chekhov, and I believe he's worthy of that comparison because his writing and view of the world feels very true to me. Hats off also to the translator, Michael Hofmann; if I ha [...]

    Peter Jurco
    How to live your life when you don't believe there is any meaning to it? Why to start longterm relationships if the life is just series of coincidences? In the sea of uncertainty you can find solid ground in the repeating rhythm of everyday activities. But if you find it too shallow and even repulsive, you have to find it elsewhere. Maybe you can find it in the act of throwing yourself into the waves of time again and again, just like a delphine or should I say Delphine?

    Kris Fernandez-everett
    Average Stylistically, too reserved and staid to really engross anyone in what is a short, quickly read story We all had that one girl or boy in our lives about which we've asked, 'what if?' If this short novel is anything to go by, a revisit would be perfunctory, neutral and without much more than a passing curiosity. A book to make you feel that maybe life is nothing but suspended animation

    Hmmm, this book reminds me of The Reader by Bernhard Schlink, though the story is quite different. It's just about a very European and angsty man. Beyond that, it's a story of coasting through life in an emotion-free zone until shocked out of it by the possibility of change and the discovery that everything that has happened in the past decade has been a holding pattern. Oh, and it's about love. I think. And it takes place (mostly) in Paris.

    A book my a Swiss author about a man with a fine but aimless, rootless like who may be coming up against a diagnosis of lung cancer but who flees Paris before he knows for sure. Minimal, spare, and though about three-quarters of the way through I wasn't sure it would, made its way to a satisfying though not neat ending.

    Stamm's book is sad, a questy attempt to find self as the threat of death looms for a Swiss-born school teacher in France. If this had been written by an American, it would be the type of boutique self-indulgence that I find annoying. But Stamm gets deep without rolling in muck. I admire this small work.

    Michael Andreen
    Stamm's apparent guileless minimalist presentation strikes me, after reading this and SEVEN YEARS, as a ruthless, and radical style, exactly appropriate to a relentless pursuit of motive in places where people who like to hide themselves hide themself. Stamm is now on my list of truth tellers, style as character, style as a lamp, a light, a way to see better.

    Melanie Ting
    A very restrained book, with a narrator of deep feelings he keeps to himself. Since much of the book is about miscommunication, I feel as if something is lost in translating it to English. I wish I could read it the book in its original German, and I wonder if parts were in French as well. It reminded me of Remains of the Day, but in a more modern and physical setting.

    This was a compelling read. In part, because it was hard to believe Andreas could be so detached from his life. I don't really know where he ends up. It seems like he is settled, but can he really be? Can he be happy with Delphine, now that he sees that Fabienne was a mirage?

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