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  • Title: Integrate
  • Author: AdeleJones
  • ISBN: 9781925139099
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Paperback

  • Trust the science unless your life depends on it.Blaine Colton had been handed a genetic death sentence until revolutionary gene therapy changed his life Living a relatively normal existence, he is called to an unscheduled post treatment appointment just weeks before his eighteenth birthday Informed that his life saving procedure was never approved, he is held againstTrust the science unless your life depends on it.Blaine Colton had been handed a genetic death sentence until revolutionary gene therapy changed his life Living a relatively normal existence, he is called to an unscheduled post treatment appointment just weeks before his eighteenth birthday Informed that his life saving procedure was never approved, he is held against his will for his status as an apparent illegal GMO Subjected to constant testing, refused contact with his parents and deprived of life sustaining medication, Blaine begins to suspect that something is wrong Wanting answers, he escapes the Institute and ambitious Chief Scientist, Dr Melissa Hartfield Now a fugitive with a failing body, Blaine must find Professor Ramer, the developer of his therapy But the Professor has vanished and time is running out Fast.
    Adele is an Australian author who draws inspiration from her passion for family, faith, friends, music and science.


    I enjoyed this fast-paced debut YA novel from Adele Jones. Blaine Colton has spent most of his young life being trapped in his own body by mitochondrial disease. His life is transformed by Professor Ramer's revolutionary gene therapy. Just when life seems to be opening up for him, the Professor disappears and Chief Scientist Melissa Hartfield holds him against his will as a supposed illegal GMO (genetically modified organism). The book is set in the very near future in Brisbane, Australia.We fol [...]

    Dale Harcombe
    Four and a half stars.I am not the intended audience for this YA novel, but even so I thoroughly enjoyed it. The story concerns Blaine Colton who has suffered from a mitochondrial disorder that has led to him being confined to a wheelchair, unable to effectively communicate for the first sixteen years of his life. Then he received some treatment and medication which changed his life around. For the first time Blaine felt like a normal teenager. That is until Professor Ramer who developed the cur [...]

    Paula Vince
    Blaine Colton's life has turned around since revolutionary gene therapy helped him recover from a mitachondrial disorder which had him confined to a wheelchair, unable to control his motor skills or communicate for the first sixteen years of his life. Just a few weeks shy of his 18th birthday, he's given some bad news at a check-up and confined to the hospital for the further tests. He's told that he is considered a GMO (genetically modified organism) which would have been killed at once if he'd [...]

    Anusha Atukorala
    Integrate was a fast paced, well written medical thriller that had me reaching for the book till I reached the last page. Blaine Colton is a very believable character, a likable young man with a complicated life. His options seem to be running out. Will he be able to sort out the difficulties his medical condition? And what about his dealings with those who are supposedly trying to help him? I fully recommend Adele Jone's very enjoyable YA story - you will find it readable no matter how old you [...]

    Elaine Fraser
    YA novel, Integrate was a real page turner. The science behind the medical mystery was fascinating and gave an interesting insight into gene therapy. It was also a great mystery and take of teenage romance.The representation of positive teen characters provides an encouragement to readers to see the worth in others. A great read for boys and girls.

    Anne Hamilton
    I loved this story from the first paragraph. I originally saw it as an entry in the CALEB Unpublished Manuscript competition in 2013. It stood out even in a very strong competitive field. My only misgiving was that it was set in Brisbane, my hometown, and I could picture Blaine’s every move as he tried to evade his captors. I wondered how much my enjoyment was affected by my ability to visualise the actual locations in brilliant bougainvillea Technicolor. Off it went to judges overseas and int [...]

    I really enjoyed Integrate and its action-packed fast moving story line. By the final chapters of the novel I was completely unable to put the book down, keen to know how things ended for Blaine, who had already spent far too many times on death row for my liking!The storyline is very Science-based, in that the main character has (from what I undstood!) warped DNA that had resulted in him being severely handicapped for most of his life until fairly recently. Truthfully, much of the explanations [...]

    Blaine Coulton had spent most of his life battling a debilitating condition that restricted him to a wheelchair. A miracle drug has given him a new lease of life, but the future may not be as bright as he’d hoped. He’s told his treatment was never officially sanctioned and he is now classified as an illegal GMO (genetically-modified organism). He manages to escape from the Advanced Research Institute where the power-hungry Dr Melissa Hartfield has held him captive, but his freedom will be sh [...]

    Mary Hawkins
    Excellent debut book. I love discovering a new author I enjoy reading -and have to add especially a fellow Australian writer! As an ex-nurse, the theme of this book was scary but also perhaps a warning for us to be rather careful of "new" developments in health science. This book is a real page-turner and not to be missed.

    Mazzy Adams
    I am very impressed with Adele Jones' debut YA novel. It's a fast-paced, character driven, credible creation which speculates about the impact and outcomes of innovative biological research - and the potential for human nature to positively or negatively influence its direction. Whether readers are looking for a novel with the depth to question such serious issues, or simply seeking a genuinely good story which connects seamlessly to the stuff of contemporary life and living, not to mention the [...]

    Lynne Stringer
    Fantastic and different novel about a young man who has received radical new therapy to help him overcome a debilitating disease. However, he's then told his treatment is unauthorised and has a fight on his hands just to stay alive. While some of the plot elements went the usual way of such stories, it was still written in such an engaging manner this was a minor concern for me. The protagonist was intriguing and realistically drawn. Definitely a story worth reading.

    Ruth Bonetti
    This book is one of the most engrossing I've read in a long while. Those with little scientific knowledge – like me – might expect to be bewildered by unknown terms but we are carried along in a fast pace and the author gives clear explanations so lay persons aren't lost or alienated. Characters are well defined and they move around recognisable Brisbane settings. An enjoyable YA debut novel that also entices older readers.

    Jeanette Grant-Thomson
    To my surprise - I am not a scientifically-minded reader - I enjoyed Integrate. Blaine Colton has a severe genetic disorder and is fighting for his life. Not all his 'helpers' really have his well-being in mind. Will he get his essential medication in time? Adele Jones has succeeded in creating the suspense so necessary for a YA story. I just had to keep reading! Congratulations, Adele!

    Rebekah Rodda
    An inspiring YA read with a strong dash of science. The main character Blaine is told he is illegal because of genetic modifications made to his body. When he is told he must be locked up in a medical facility he is understandably upset and plots to escape. But is his body now dangerous to others? What I love about this book is the emphasis on every life being valuable no matter what their capacity. Blaine's adopted parents were terrific in their affirmation of him (a nice change from the usual [...]

    Jenny Glazebrook
    A fast paced book that still leaves plenty of room for deep concepts. The whole story had me intrigued. Blaine got me thinking about those people with disabilities which physically disable them but who are intellectually capable. I became completely involved and couldn't put the book down. The author is clearly highly intelligent with an intricate understanding of science - yet the story was told in such a way that I, a very 'unscientific' person could understand it all. A cleverly told, believa [...]

    This is a smart read for young adults. Started a little slowly, but was flying along as the story unfolded. Science fiction in its truest sense, with adventure and a little romance as well. Very enjoyable read, and I am sure young readers will love it. Author Adele Jones has written a highly readable, intelligent book. Highly recommended for teens looking for something different to the usual vampire/dystopian offerings. Integrate is about believable young people in contemporary life, but with on [...]

    Anna Harvey
    Think of a patient of House inserted into The Fugitive.It was not what I expected. When I first read the back cover I imagined it would be more like the Altered series by Jennifer Rush where boys are experimented on to become bio-genetic weapons. Wrong! After the initial disappointment, I appreciated the concept of an unprecedented cure for Mitochrondrial Disease. I also liked how the story was backed up by a subtle but powerful dose of Christian faith. In saying that though, there were certain [...]

    Linsey Painter
    Blaine Colton is a medical miracle and he wants to be free to live the life that has been denied him. Blaine is finally free to do all the physical, mental activities that he’s been unable to do his whole life. But he’s just been told he’s an illegal GMO (genetically modified organism) and needs to kept under twenty-four hour surveillance, he can’t leave or contact his parents.The professor who engineered his miracle has disappeared and his new doctor is determined to get to the bottom o [...]

    The ingredients of an interesting story are here in Adele Jones’ book Integrate. The plot centres around the use of gene therapy to treat a life-threatening illness — the story of a young man first imprisoned by a debilitating disease and then by an ambitious, ruthless scientist out to enhance her own reputation. The reader’s sympathies are immediately engaged by the teenager Blaine’s desperate efforts to escape the research institute where he is being held against his will. The book wou [...]

    Good, fast paced story of a teenager that was physically disabled, and had gene therapy so that he would walk, and talk. That all happened before, under a different doctor, and the current doctor wants to know how it happened, so wants to keep Blaine in the institute to study him.And Blaine knows he has to escape.Told in multiple voices from the bad guys to the good guys to those in between. Best in Bristane, Australian, it feels as though the author knows all the landmarks and uses them well in [...]

    Judy Rogers
    I have loved this whole series. Coming from Brisbane's Southside, it was easy for me to visualise and travel with the characters through Southbank and around the city.

    I just couldn't get into the damn thing. I felt like I had skipped some chapters as I wasn't quite grasping what was going on.Not for me, sorry.

    N.R. Eccles-Smith
    Not originally what I thought it was (the cover made me think the book leaned toward a more sci-fi/ cat and mouse/ secret institute gig), but I ended up being pulled into the story, shadowing and feeling everything the protagonist, Blaine, goes through, and enjoying it. The book has a strong science base (the author clearly knows her stuff), but it's not sci-fi; more like science/ drama.So if you're looking for a well-written and well-paced, real-world, close-to-home story with relatable charact [...]

    K A Hart
    Blaine Colton has been given a second chance at life, but it looks like it’s about to be taken away from him. I didn’t fully understand the science in the first few chapters, but as I continued to read, I soon found Blaine had slipped into my heart unnoticed. I needed to find out what happened. I needed to find out the truth.Adele Jones weaves a tantalising and heart-wrenching story about a boy who struggles with understanding where he fits in the world. His doubts about himself mirror our o [...]

    *This book was received via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review*I was really excited about reading this book however I am slightly disappointed. The writing, setting and plot were all good, (I especially appreciated the fact the book was set in Australia), but I wanted more. The ending didn't seem satisfying to me as there doesn't seem to be any closure. Also it would have been good to learn more about how Blaine's mitochondrial illness was cured and about Ramen's Cure. Overall, this was [...]

    E.M. McIntyre
    This was a good read that kept me turning the pages; Blaine is a complex and well written character whom I empathized for. While the scientific info may be a bit confusing for those without a background, I found the concepts used believable in a fiction setting. Overall, I'd recommend this story for anyone that likes some good action.

    Hanna Matheson-Peut
    Usually this isn't the type the of genre I'm into but I'm surprised to say i enjoyed this book. The storyline was well thought out and i lived the suspense throughout the book. The writing style could've used a little work but overall i would definitely recommend this to a friend

    I had high expectations for this story, and unfortunately I was let down. This book definitely had the potential to worthy of at least four stars (possibly even five) but certain aspects let it down.Firstly, technical terms were definitely overused. I understand the need to mention biological phrases in this story seeing as it revolved around genetic modification, however the constant specialist terms and phrases used did begin to detract from the story as I began to spend more time trying to un [...]

    Adam Collings
    Integrate is a fast-paced thriller. The tension was kept high at all times. As in all good thrillers, things go from bad to worse. I had to know how it would all turn out. The book kept me hungry, desperately hoping that justice would be done.I particularly enjoyed the protagonist. Blaine Colton has spent much of his life confined to a wheelchair, trapped within his own body, barely able to communicate with the outside world. His story gave me a small insight into the frustrations that such a li [...]

    Tianne Shaw
    I received this via giveaways but it was a fast read for me and sadly did not grab me. It covers a youth with dna and immunity issues but may head more for the male audience

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