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  • Title: Blood Song
  • Author: Eric Drooker Joe Sacco
  • ISBN: 9780156008846
  • Page: 235
  • Format: Paperback

  • From American Book Award winner Eric Drooker, this is a story for the ages, beginning with the agrarian past, through the industrial present, and into the technological future A young woman bravely escapes a military assault on her island village, journeying across the ocean to arrive, unknowingly, in the Big City There she meets and falls in love with a saxophone playerFrom American Book Award winner Eric Drooker, this is a story for the ages, beginning with the agrarian past, through the industrial present, and into the technological future A young woman bravely escapes a military assault on her island village, journeying across the ocean to arrive, unknowingly, in the Big City There she meets and falls in love with a saxophone player, who makes heartfelt music The police find and silence him, confiscating his saxophone and warning him not to make music again as it s strictly forbidden in the Big City When the street musician continues to make music with his voice the police soon find and imprison him, making the future uncertain for the talented performer and the brave woman who loves him.Blood Song transcends the boundaries of conventional novels a wordless tale written in the ancient language of pictures.
    Eric Drooker Joe Sacco
    Eric Drooker Joe Sacco Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Blood Song book, this is one of the most wanted Eric Drooker Joe Sacco author readers around the world.


    Ryan Mishap
    A graphic novel with no words, only pictures, most of which are beautiful. The story--a native (probably) girl from the southern hemisphere survives an army's attack on her village and travels to the big city up north.I liked the idea of this and just to look at some of it, but the story itself wasn't executed well and the ending was trite.

    Nice drawing styleI guess that the story wants to be more than you may see in the first placeIf you`re in that kind of game I guess you`ll enjoy this one, If not, you will not loose anything if you miss this one

    One of the graphic novels I read for this unit was “Blood Song” by Eric Drooker and Joe Sacco. The genre is fiction, but the number of pages was not shown in the book. The setting of the book varies from the beginning to the end. At first, she is on an island covered in trees, and by the end she is in the big City. The novel starts off on an island, where a young woman walks around the woods with her bog. Suddenly, she realizes that there is a military assault on the island, and she quickly [...]

    Louis Monem
    This is a book with no words, it might seem like a book for little kids because it doesn't have any words but I can guarantee to you it is not for little kids. Since this book does not have any words you can make each image whatever you want it to be. In my opinion the book was about a young woman who escaped a military attack on her island. When she saw the military coming on to her island she bravely got in a boat with her dog and went across the ocean to get to the big city. In the big city s [...]

    I loved that so much it was so beautiful! and it was just pictures; really gorgeous pictures too :)

    The artwork is so simple, but conveys so much. The story truly is a ballad -- bittersweet, hopeful.

    Without words and yet the story it tells is beautiful and universal. I highly recommend this graphic novel.

    Such stunning artwork!

    Lo he leído en media hora, en plan para desconectar de la realidad. PRECIOSO. Lo disfruté como una niña pequeña.

    Absolutely beautiful artwork. Neat storytelling, conveyed without words.

    Robert Beveridge
    Eric Drooker, Blood Song: A Silent Ballad (Harcourt, 2002)I knew this book was going to annoy me while reading Joe Sacco's introduction (which, by the way, is excellent); he introduces Drooker as “hard-left” and goes on to explore the themes found here in light of that. And, as I expected after reading that-- I had no idea what the book was actually about when I grabbed it off the library shelf-- yeah, I found it intensely annoying. So why does a book that drove me bats get four stars?Becaus [...]

    A young girl fetching water in the tropics is transformed by the intrusion of invaders. The girl escapes to an industrialized city and finds common threads of love, loss and the essential continuity of life. The specifics (a dog, a forest, a man playing saxophone on a street corner) become universal. And what's universal is the true point of Blood Song. But this makes the story sound simple, which it isn't.Blood Song, like the American Book Award-winning Flood before it, is a beautifully conceiv [...]

    John Hornbrook
    Another graphic novel but this time its completely composed of graphics. There is not a single word in the entire book which is a refreshing change but it causes me to flip through the pages too often and the action becomes tiresome. Blood song is an artistic book with a distinct style throughout the book. The color and texture are what really gives the pictures its personality. The color, which always is a ghostly green, sets the mood for this dark events. The book starts focusing on a male fis [...]

    Souheil Moufarrej
    Throughout my reading lifetime I have always been an avid Graphic Novel reader. I have read a wide variety of Graphic Novel's, ranging from Manga to French Graphic Novels of Asterix and Obelix. But never have I read a Graphic Novel that has come close to such a novel. Blood Song is one of the most intricately drawn books that tells the story of an innocent young woman from a small island off the coast of the city, but finds herself in a predicament when her house is burnt down and must run away [...]

    Edward Cheer
    Since this book is completely wordless, I'll put my own words to it. It's a very confused story, that doesn't seem to know what meesage it's going for. Is it a story about maturing? The horrors of war? Survival? Music? I don't know! Because everything keeps changing all the bloody time. The world isn't established that well at all. The only time I'd say it was, would be during the very beginning, when the fisherman brings home fish to his family. I enjoyed that. But as soon as the story tries to [...]

    This is the second of Drooker's haunting, wordless graphic novels that I've read, and it was as lovely and moving as "Flood." Much like Shaun Tan's "The Arrival," "Blood Song: A Silent Ballad" tells a not-so-fantastical story about immigration & displacement. A young woman's Vietnam-like home country is invaded by Western troops, and she escapes by sea in a sequence that recalls "The Life of Pi." She lands in an industrial metropolis that counts street artists as criminals, and makes her way [...]

    Honestly, I was about to give this beautiful book four stars, but then I looked at a few other reviews and shook my head over readers who saw it as a leftist, anti-white parable. Bonus star.The art here is gorgeous. Every page is beautiful and a few are breathtaking. And it doesn't end up the way I expected; it's quite touching.That said, the flow of the story seems a bit off, as Drooker maybe spends more pages on the parts he wanted to draw and fewer on parts that actually advance the narrative [...]

    Anya Weber
    I love the artwork in this graphic novel. It's chunky and sensuous--I think it's done either via woodcuts or linoleum prints. I also like how the story is entirely wordless, told by the images alone.However, the story had me calling bullsh*t as soon as I turned the last page. It's a simplistic view of innocent villagers, vicious soldiers, evil policemen who arrest a musician for daring to perform on the streetcorner--basically, the good natural world getting the shaft from Western civilization.O [...]

    The artwork is beautiful and the story is moving and sad. There are no words in this book and each illustration speaks for itself. The illustrator manages to convey a lot of movement and emotion in his illustrations which make the story just leap of the page. The majority of the color palette is very monochramatic; drawing attention to the few splashes of color and helping keep the mind focused on the action. Just make sure you force yourself to slow down because there is a tendency to try to sp [...]

    My goodness! Where to start?This is 'silent' comic. The only text is a quote at the beginning.The art is nearly monochromatic with sparse splashes of other colors and is utterly phenominal. The panels flow together so fluidly, and at the same time each panel could stand alone in a gallery.The only downside is how fluidly the story flows. I finished it in probably 20 minutes and felt that I had cheated myself out of a very rich and deep experience. When I re-read this someday I'm going to slow WA [...]

    I was interested in reading this graphic novel after it was mentioned in a YALSA listserv discussion about wordless graphic novels, and it was mentioned that the themes in Drooker's works were fairly dark. In this story, a girl escapes from a village under attack and finds herself in a city. The use of color was wonderful and I loved the movement through the frames. There is a sense of magical realism and though the plot is simple, the story is moving.

    incredibly, this book is done entirely with scratchboard and done over in watercolor. thanks to the estimable mr. allen duffy for letting me borrow it. i found this book to be more interesting than drooker's other, "flood", probably because it was a more mature work. so read "flood", then "blood song". the concept of a completely visual-based graphic novel is also more successful in this one, possibly because of a difference in theme?

    This was my first experience with a novel containing no words. Despite the lack of narrative, the story is easy to follow and very interpretive. As far as the artwork is concerned, it is absolutely beautiful and I found myself very entranced throughout. After reading, I was so intrigued about the author/artist that I looked up the various covers he did for the New Yorker, which all give off the same type of feeling as this novel.

    This was pleasant journey for many reasons. I really liked the color scheme (something surprisingly important for my attention), and the way movement is communicated. The ending was some what unexpected, so that was nice. And it's always nice to see folks in one profession take a slight turn and use their talents for a different, often more creative and individually satisfying project. Eric Drooker also works for the New Yorker Magazine.

    Angi M
    Blood Song ends really abruptly and the story doesn't feel quite complete, but I love it because it's done entirely in images, no words. A lot comes through in Drooker's pictures and his use of color is excellent. I keep flipping through it to look at pictures over again so even though the story is a little unsatisfying it's a good book, and makes me want to check out Flood as well.

    There's not much to say about this wordless graphic novel, other than it seems to be a heavy-handed parable about the Vietnam War and the police state. The artwork is pretty, but the story is just way to corny and simplistic for me, and the ending is terrible. Skip it.

    My copy is poorly made and started falling apart as soon as I opened it up, so I can't really sell it.Another novel in pictures by Eric Drooker. Lovely art, but I really like my novels to have words.

    Sarah A. K.
    Though the book is without any lyrics, it says so much. It is amazing what simple drawing can do to the mind. They say beauty in the eyes of the beholder, so I think personally this book and it's meaning depend on the beholder. It spoke to me and I felt it real.

    Amazing, told in just pictures. Confusing, too, and a bit sad. I wonder, still, where the title came from -- I almost thought it should have been without title.I read this in one short sitting at the library. Good and beautiful, but heart-wrenching and, again, sad.

    Augusto Bernardi
    beautiful drawings and sort of a powerful message but just want enough for me. the message is a little closer minded and thought it would be more interesting with dialogue. but still, simple and powerful

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