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  • Title: Touch Me
  • Author: Chris Scully
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 395
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Massage therapist Erik Morgan offers a very special after hours service to a handful of select clients From a young man anxious to explore his sexuality, to a stroke patient who fears he ll never be a man again, Erik touches them all But no one touches him Not any.Faced with a personal tragedy, Erik loses himself in helping others Until one brave client turns the tMassage therapist Erik Morgan offers a very special after hours service to a handful of select clients From a young man anxious to explore his sexuality, to a stroke patient who fears he ll never be a man again, Erik touches them all But no one touches him Not any.Faced with a personal tragedy, Erik loses himself in helping others Until one brave client turns the tables and gets under his skin, and Erik finds himself touched in unexpected ways Warning This gay erotic romance novella is intended for an adult audience and contains explicit scenes of sexuality.Available on
    Chris Scully
    CHRIS SCULLY lives in Toronto, Canada She grew up spinning romantic stories in her head and always dreamed of one day being a writer even though life had other plans Her characters have accompanied her through career turns as a librarian and an IT professional, until finally, to escape the tedium of a corporate day job, she took a chance and began putting her daydreams down on paper.Tired of the same old boy meets girl stories, she found a home in M M romance and strives to give her characters the happy endings they deserve She divides her time between a mundane 9 5 cubicle job and a much interesting fantasy life When she s not working or writing which isn t often these days she loves puttering in the garden and traveling She is an avid reader and tries to bring pieces of other genres and styles to her stories While her head is crammed full of all the things she d like to try writing, her focus is always on the characters first She describes her characters as authentic, ordinary people the kind of guy you might meet on the street, or the one who might be your best friend.Although keeping up with social media is still a struggle given her schedule, she does love to hear from readers.Connect with Chris Website chrisscullyblog.wordpressFacebook facebook chrisullythor author show 6152322.ChrEmail cscully bell


    ☆ Todd
    Big age gap stories generally aren't my thing, at all, but this one was pretty good.A little flirty. A little sad. A little sweet. A little durty.Overall, I enjoyed it as the short, erotic read for which it was intended, so 4 stars.

    I will be honest here, when I saw the words “erotic romance”, I hesitated. What can I say, I am a reader who prefers an emphasis on the romance – but not particularly the “erotic” ones. In fact, I can appreciate fade-to-black sex scenes because my definition of romance often happens outside of the bedroom. Anyway, yes, I hesitated. But this little story is by Chris Scully! I have read all of her published ones and I loved them all. So I decided to give this a go.And OMG this was more t [...]

    Riina Y.T.
    ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥ BEAUTIFUL! ♥ `•.¸.•´ ♥ º ☆.¸¸.•´¯`♥It's stories like this that make me wish I was better at reviewing, sigh.Everyone needs a little sexy time now and then, but Touch Me is more than just an erotic romance! I was deeply touched, brought to tears at one point and fully enjoyed the sweet & sexy ending of Erik & Jeremy. It's a powerful story. The characters are endearing, and yes, it is super sexy! + a lot of feelings. ****TH [...]

    2.5 starsThis was not all what I expected. I expected an erotic short about a man giving erotic massages. I was in the mood for that.But no, this book deals with heavy subjects. It floored me.----Beware, spoilers----This is told from Erik’s POV. Erik is a 49 year old man, who is not only giving out regular massages during his day job as a masseur, he also gives some special people erotic massages. He gets to know these people on the internet and invites them to his practice. These people don [...]

    >: Erik is a massage therapist by day who offers specialized sessions to a few clients afterhours. Erik touches them, helps them, tries to heal if he can. He takes away the experience. We don’t get to know why he does this until part way through the story and by then I was completely hooked on Eric. I’ll be honest, I started this book with trepidation. I honestly didn’t think I was going to like the subject matter. And then, well, unbelievable. This author managed to make what could hav [...]

    Lovely little erotic short from Chris Scully. I've read everything she's written, her writing is an absolute delight and this novella has a real feel good vibe. 4.25 stars from me, would have loved it to have been a little longer, the cover was delicious!!What's it about?? I hear you crywell, as with Inseparable and When Adam Kissed Me, you should know that it will be a decent story, and this one revolves around Erik who is a masseuse, and who, despite the dreadfully sad stuff going on in his pe [...]

    Original Post: eARC Review: Touch Me by Chris ScullyThis is a remarkable story that totally took me by surprise. I expected erotic romance and I got it. I expected a well written work by Chris Scully, and I got that too. What I did not expect was to get all flustered and waste a whole box of tissues I was sobbing my eyes out! The author owes me back my heart. **sniffles**Eric went into erotic massage for a reason and it is not from the usual ones. The longer he went into this, the more he found [...]

    Jamie Lake
    To call this novel an erotica is such a gross understatement. Who would have known you could get a complete story with subtleties and rich characters that you feel for in something so short? Somehow the author managed to get me to care about these characters want them to end up together and showed that sexuality isn't just about getting off, that those involved in the adult industry (in this case, erotic massage) have the ability to truly help people. When it came to scenes of watching the prota [...]

    Rob Damon
    I was lucky enough to do a beta read for the author of this novella and what an enjoyable task that was! I wouldn’t say erotic fiction is my favourite genre but this short is much more than erotic. Erik – the main character – gives healing massages to clients, using his hands to nurture their curiosities or dispel their temporary dips in libido. Weaved into the erotic massages are some deep and thought provoking issues surrounding the human need of that sense called touch. Erik shows us th [...]

    What a sweet and hot May/December story this was. The author packed a lot of feels into this short, and the balance was really well done.

    Rynn Yumako
    A fantastic, quick and highly enjoyable short story. At first glance you only see that it's incredibly hot and written beautifully, but after Erik's second session, you get the whole picture: how touch-starved he is, how awfully helpless he feels because of what's happening with his long-time partner, and how much he longs to feel close to someone again. Despite the heavy theme, the drama in this was not overdone at all and it - thankfully - managed to end things on a positive note.Jeremy was a [...]

    ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    4.2 StarsI bought this a LONG time ago and never got around to reading it for some reason. So, I'm swiping through my Kindle carousel looking for something short and pornye the cover and think, "Voila!" Well, it's porny alright. But OMG my heart, it aches. Such a touching story about love and loss and rediscovery. Jeremy's first tale was so hot and I like the satisfaction Erik gets out of introducing a guy to the wonders his body is capable of. And Allen's story? Fuck, that's why sex therapy is [...]

    4.25 starsThis may be tagged erotic fiction but it was so much more than that. It was emotion and healing and a whole lot of sniffles. Eric lives in a world that is emotionally difficult. His partner of 30 years is dying of ALS and Eric often doesn't know whether to feel relief that his suffering will be ending soon or the the anchor of grief that often follows him around. As a way to maintain intimacy with his partner, he helps to heal others through erotic massage. Jeremy, a young man who was [...]

    M.A. Grant
    4.5 stars - This novella packs a surprising punch. One of the MCs, Erik, is dealing with seriously heavy issues relating to a continuing shift in his and his partner George's relationship and its inevitable end. The appearance of Jeremy, a client Erik starts to connect to, becomes a focal point as Erik tries to sort out his feelings and the guilt that comes from feeling something for someone other than George.While Erik and Jeremy's relationship was meant to be one of the main focal points of th [...]

    3.5* nice surprise

    Marc | Rainbow Gold Reviews
    Cover: I love how the title jumps out at the reader on the cover, the model looks very relaxed and has a cute smile. It is a nice cover, but the appliances on the little table next to the cover model don’t seem to have anything to do with the story.Title: Short and attention-grabbing! With touch being so important for the story, it really suits it!Story: This story has only about 64 Pages, so it is fairly short. I had no idea what to expect, but I really liked what the author wrote in her gues [...]

    Love Bytes Reviews
    4.5 star review by VickiOh my…. what an amazing story. This was a short story and will probably be a short review, because I really don’t want to talk about the plot much and give it away. You just have to read it to see what happens.Erik Morgan is a massage therapist that does a little extra work on the side. Not paid work, he is NOT a prostitute, he does not sell his services. But he takes on one client a month, that he helps sexually. No intercourse occurs, it really is more therapy than [...]

    B+This novella is a delight. I was pulled into Erik's world and found myself breathing along with him. It opens very sensually. Massage is a sensual art. And when done with the dedication and compassion that Erik shows to his special clients it becomes a beautiful, erotic and often healing experience. We only get to meet a couple of his special clients, but each one showed a side of Erik that was compelling. There is much more to Erik's story than we at first expect. We discover the complex an [...]

    Erik is a massage therapist who offers certain clients something extra (but he does not penetrate his clients with his dick). Like a client who suffered a stroke and can't get an orgasm with his wife. Why he does this, I will not explain. He's not in it for the money, but has good personnel reasons. One of his clients is Jeremy. A gay virgin who comes to experience gay sex (without the dick penetration). Erik usually only has one session with a client. Jeremy stays in his thoughts. After a few m [...]

    In a word: Read the thing. Immediately after finishing Until September I went looking for some of the author’s other works; I found a few that looked promising but I chose this one because it wasn’t very long and it was a standalone. I’m not as big a fan of this one as I am Until September, but I still really like it. It’s pretty much porn but it’s also very emotional. At first it seems like it’s just a story about a massage therapist who sometimes provides ‘happy endings’ after [...]

    What a beautiful story of love and loss. Erich is a massage therapist whose partner is ill. Jeremy is a young guy who is trying to come to terms with his sexuality. They meet under unusual circumstances and unlike other clients, Erich feel something different towards Jeremy. They carry on a correspondence of sorts. We get to see what else is happening in Erich's life and know that he will experience heartbreaking loss. I don't want to spoil the plot this is just a really well written story that [...]

    Pam Kay
    Chris Scully did a beautiful job writing this short story. The main character, Erik Morgan, who does erotic massages on special clients, was so believable, you felt like you were right there with him enjoying what he did. This story was erotic, touching, very moving, and yet sad at the same time. When Jeremy comes along for a massage, Erik's life was touched with this young man. Erik's partner was dying and I really believe if Jeremy hadn't touched his heart their lives would have been so much d [...]

    This story is different to most i read in a way. Erik is 49 years old his an erotic massage therapist. He pleasure people who need help so yeah it different. The only thing different is he doesn't sleep with them. He helps an married couple. He also has an session with an younger man Jeremy who he is discovering his gay. By they end they become emotional attached but for erik he is also losing his partner who he been together half is life is dying. so yeah this story is touching heartfelt heartb [...]

    Carolyn Elias
    Beautiful story about what we would do for loveI loved this story about Erik and the erotic massages he gives to a select clientele, just once and for no payment. Jeremy comes in to discover his body and his sexuality. Jeremy is a young man, a couple of months short of 23. While Erik is an older man, he does the erotic massages for the man he loves, George. This is a beautiful story of endings and beginnings. I cared very much for Erik who loved deeply the men in his life. You will not ever regr [...]

    One of the most beautiful books i've read. It was so stunningly tender and loving and just incredibly touching. I loved every word of it. It was poetic in its fluidity and grace. My favorite book by Chris Scully was Inseparable till now (And I LOVED Inseparable). This is by far her best book yet. Just read it!

    I was a little hesitant reading this. I had some problems with this. It did feel a little creepy. It's a huge age difference (it's even more than 10). But I liked that Erik let Jeremy initiate most of it, it helped the creepy factor. I just thought it was a little weird how easily he came out after his lover's death. Especially after the 26 years they had together. Nonetheless, it was a nice story.

    I agree this was a pretty good, short, erotic read. Very sexy. There is sadness here and it's profound. The author knows her way around death and dying. I'm speaking as someone whose been there. She gets it. There is a sweet HEA.

    Really hotGreat new author Chris Scully, recommended by Author Jamie Lake. This was emotional and a path to discovery for both Eric and Jeremy. I don't want to give anything away so I will just let you know that this story is hot and I will look to read more from Chris Scully.

    Jodie Manchester
    I'm not great with long, detailed comments (in fact, I suck at them) so I'll keep it short. This book is amazing. It deserves an award! (But I have no idea which one, because I don't know what they are.) One of the best stories have read in a while. Thumbs up from me!

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Touch Me | by ↠ Chris Scully
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