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  • Title: Shelter Me
  • Author: Kathy Coopmans
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  • Page: 485
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • At the young age of nineteen, Shayne Andrews thought she had it all She had the love of her life, her high school sweetheart, and a bright future ahead of her That is, until one day he just disappeared, leaving a note as his only goodbye With her heart shattered and broken, Shayne did the only thing she could She left her small town on the shores of Lake Michigan to stAt the young age of nineteen, Shayne Andrews thought she had it all She had the love of her life, her high school sweetheart, and a bright future ahead of her That is, until one day he just disappeared, leaving a note as his only goodbye With her heart shattered and broken, Shayne did the only thing she could She left her small town on the shores of Lake Michigan to start her life over, needing to distance herself from the memories she and Luke had made At that time, she vowed to herself that she would never return to her hometown again Seven years later, Shayne realizes that fate is not on her side as she returns home for her aunt s funeral, bringing back the one secret she swore to protect Luke Schavone has regretted every day that he had to leave Shayne behind Though he didn t have a choice, his heart still bore the scars from the impact After five years, Luke returned only to find that Shayne was gone His best friend was the only lifeline he had to finding her, but Adam wasn t talking When the one thing Luke has wanted everyday for the past seven years runs right into him one night, he becomes determined to make sure he doesn t lose her again At first, Shayne is hesitant She wouldn t be able to survive losing him again, but the pull toward him is so fierce, she can t deny herself the chance With the decision to start over, Luke and Shayne must admit truths and come to terms with the events that forced them apart in the first place When secrets are revealed and old threats come to pass, will Luke be able to shelter Shayne from the destruction, or will she become lost to him forever Shelter Me is a full length novel You will notice that the story ends at approximately 75% The remaining 25% you will be able to enjoy the first few chapters from four incredible Authors Kristin Kitchen, A.m Madden, Kate Stewart and A.d Justice Enjoy.
    Kathy Coopmans
    USA Today Best Selling Author


    Let me get this STRAIGHT. 1. He leaves while she's 19. Does he even break up with her? No. Insteadhe writes her a goodbye note. 2. After no explanation or way of contacting him, heartbroken she flees as well. 3. But wait, he left her a little remainder. (view spoiler)[ she's pregnant(hide spoiler)]4. 7 years later, she comes back to the same place she's been avoiding all these years to bury her aunt. Andddd guess what? Our hero is back. Whoo hoo! 5. wait, he's been there for two years already. W [...]

    Hero is supposedly heartbroken over being separated form heroine. That must be why he had to screw so many women during that time period.

    Tanya Moore
    So many want us to write something great for a review on a book. Well, this review is going to be rocking your world and make you drop your panties! I had the honor of reading this beta for a first time author. She nailed it. Her storyline kept you wanting more and breathing heavily because. OMGosh you need to go change those panties! Shayne and Luke have a love that withstands time, tests their limits and make them complete in the end. I know you all will love this first book from this fabulous [...]

    Rhea Dsouza
    God. Reading Shelter Me was such a chore. Both the leads in Shelter Me are the kinds of characters I don’t like to read. You see, I tend to read books from a feminist point of view—which I think is justified considering I’m, you know, a woman person. And in hindsight, Shelter Me is probably the exactly type of book I shouldn’t have read. Luciano Schavone (Luke) is the typical male chauvinist. He thinks he can get away with whatever the fuck he wants by using sex as a bargaining chip. And [...]

    DNF at 70%. I had to stop reading because life got in the way. I have no desire to pick it back up. The idea was really good; it just wasn't well executed. After 7 years they get back together like the second they lay eyes on each other. Then her secret comes out and he loses his ever loving mind when really he has no right to be that upset. Sure I can see him being a little peeved but he was an adult (plus he's still withholding info from her) when his parents made him leave. His choice really. [...]

    Tiffany Readz
    Shelter Me is Kathy Coopman's debut novel and for that I will give her tons of kudos as it's a great accomplishment. She introduces us to Shayne and Luke in one of my favorite genres, long lost love.Shayne was seventeen when she met the love of her life Luke Shavone and just two years later he left her. No reason, no letters, no calls, he was just gone. After Luke left, Shayne left the small town too as she needed to get away from it all. Doing well for herself in Michigan for the past seven yea [...]

    Three Chicks
    Review by Jen HagenI really wanted to like this book, but for some reason I just could not connect with the characters. I felt depth was missing and the transition from scene to scene was not smooth. The storyline is something that always pulls me in – secrets, mystery, second chance at love, etc. so I was disappointed that it did not meet my expectations.Luke and Shayne were in love at the young age of 19, when one night Luke had to leave unexpectedly with the only trace of his vanishing bein [...]

    Shelter Me by Kathy Coopmans is a 2014 publication. I was provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This was a really good story that had my interest peaked from the very first paragraph to the last. Seven years ago, Shayne's entire world stopped on it's axis. The man she loved so desperately just walked out of her life with nothing but an “I'm Sorry” note. Shayne left town and never looked back. Now her beloved aunt as been killed in an accident and she has no choice bu [...]

    Romance Readers Retreat
    4.5 starsShelter Me is not only book one in the Shelter Me series it is also Kathy Coopmans debut novel, not that you'd know because the writing and the story are fantastic. Shayne Andrews and Luke shavone have a connection like no other they were together when they were young but got torn apart unexpectedly and for seven years Shayne didn't see or hear from Luke, he disappeared and she chose to leave town rather than spend her days in the town that reminded her so much of him. Seven years on an [...]

    Karrie Mellott Puskas
    For a debut book from this author it was AMAZING!!! I couldn’t put this book down! Luke and Shayne have such dynamic chemistry!Shayne and Luke have a history like no other. Because of circumstances their relationship was cut short due to a move with Luke’s family. Shayne is back in Michigan for her aunt’s funeral. Luke is back in Michigan and has been there for a few years now. Of course their paths will cross with the funeral. Running into Luke has Shayne trying to keep control of her emo [...]

    Started skimming at about 30%. I was just bored with it. Nothing really happened and the big secret Luke had was pretty obvious from the beginning. The dialogue was corny and super cheesy. The whole thing was far too happy sunshine and rainbows after everything that happens to them. I was waiting for everyone to break into song and unicorns to start flying out of their asses. Shayne is practically a saint; she goes from being broken, traumatized, and hating Luke to just being oh so understanding [...]

    Amazeballs Book Addicts
    Shelter Me is Kathy Coopmans debut novel. With an author's first novel you never know what to expect because you don't have a previous book or a ton of review to use to decide whether or not to read the book. It kind of like you take a gamble that you are going to like to book based on the synopsis. With Shelter Me that gamble paid off. Shelter Me is a great well written story. It pulls you in right from the beginning. The characters are written so well that their emotions just come right off th [...]

    This is book #1 in the Shelter Me Series. It is also Kathy's debut novel.I gave this book 5 stars. This is Luke and Shayne's story. AND what a story it is. No Spoilers for you. So you will just have to read this!!!! It is a must read!!!!! But I will give you my take on how I feel about this delicious book!! Sometimes reading a new authors work is scary because you don't know what to expect, but let me tell you that Kathy is meant to be an Author. She spun this story and gave us some shocking mom [...]

    Book Hangover Page
    I just have to say that I LOVE KATHY COOPMANS! I just finished reading her debut novel in this series and its amazing! In this story we meet Shayne, her character is built with perfection and lovability. You can't help but fall in love with her character and her easy going personality. She loves the ocean and she is nurse by day. Now she has to return home to her cousin Adam and help him bury her aunt Judy.Enter Luke Schavone! He is the man that walked out on her seven years go with no more than [...]

    OMG, I absolutely loved this book!! I laughed, I cried, my emotions were all over the place but I loved every minute of it.Luke was Shayne's whole world. They had a love like no other and then suddenly Luke was gone completely shattering Shayne and causing her to leave town for 7 years. When Shayne's aunt unexpectedly dies, she must return home and not only have to deal with the loss of her aunt but face seeing Luke again after all these years apart. When Luke explains why he had to leave so sud [...]

    Christy McCurry
    5 Perfect Stars ! I can not begin to express how much I loved this story This is Kathy Coopmans debut novel and Im just going to say it is Absolute Perfection ! I can not imagine it getting any better than this. It is full of love, heartache, mystery and some pretty steamy love scenes. My heart cried for Shayne and Luke. You can't help but fall in love with them. Unfortunate circumstances occurs and Luke has disappeared from Shayne's life without no explanation why. She is lost, confused, and hu [...]

    3.5 stars for mem where do I start? this was the author's debut novel and in my opinion it was ok.Shayne and Luke were in love 7 years ago but he ends up leaving her and she hasn't heard from him since. here she is back in the town she left for her aunt's funeral and they come face to face. Shayne was strong but when it came to Luke I think she took him back too fast. the excuse why he had to leave was believable to a point but if people would have communicated things would have turned better fo [...]

    Shelter Me Kathy gives us an Amazing story of finding your lost love when you didn't think there was any hope left. I admired Shayne and her strength to keep going even when things got difficult and the love of her life up and vanishes for years. Then she has to face her demons and come back to her hometown when tragedy strikes.Luke is back when she returns for the first time. He reappears and has to prove that he never meant to hurt her. He is very strong, loyal, and hot as they comeAs they str [...]

    Brittany Nash
    Holy moly! Absolutely loved this book! I laughed, I cried (literally, for like three chapters), I got annoyed, sad, happy! All of these emotions that's I've never had with another book. The love that Luke & Shayne have for each other is incredible. It's as if it was pulled right out of a fairytale. I would recommend this book a million times over!!!Too bad just can only give it 5 stars because it deserves at least 8 ;)

    Kerry Richardson
    This book was a disappointment. The storyline sounded good but it just didn't live up to expectations. I didn't really connect with any of the characters, once I got into the story I found it to be unbelievable and far fetched. There were lots of grammatical errors and mistakes which isn't acceptable to me and the writing style was not great, it was very amateurish. Sadly I won't be reading any more of this author's work based on this book.

    2.5Good story but I just couldn't connect with the characters

    Megan~The Never Ending Book Basket
    Actual Rating: 4.5 Wonderful StarsShelter Me was a truly wonderful debut novel by Kathy Coopmans. This book had so many aspects to it that I just loved, and the story itself was one that I just fell in love with instantly. Shelter Me is about getting a second chance for something utterly beautiful. This book is about what happens when those second chances come along, and how light and happiness can be found in even the darkest and hardest of times. I loved that this book hit the ground running w [...]

    Twin Sisters Rockin' Book Reviews
    Overall Rating: 4.25 Rockin’ ★★★★Do you believe in soul mates? In that one person that is meant to be your forever after? In this first book in the Shelter Me series by Kathy Coopsman that is question. In Shelter Me Ms. Coopsman’s main characters are star crossed lovers that are torn apart by circumstances that they can do nothing about. After seven years they are brought back together, but will fate be on their side this time?Secrets in a small town are almost impossible to keep. Sh [...]

    Well, hmmis is my journey with this .ory : But this story was just I really REALLY wanted to like it but it wasn’t for me , as for the sequel

    DNF I had a hard time with this one. It had the potential to be really good. After seven years of hiding from her past and the H the h literally falls at the H's feet with little effort on his part. She ranted and escaped for that long to probably last 7 seconds in his presence without falling apart. He gave very little reason for his abandonment but she forgave him easily. They were jumping into sex quickly. I just expected more of a challenge and not a complete roll over. I overlooked the door [...]

    Cristal Jatip
    I don't like to give low ratings or bad reviews for books because I know it takes a lot for someone to write a story and have the guts to publish it but I just didn't like this book for so many reasons. Luke contradicts himself so many times. For instance he gets pissed when he finds out they had a kid together and she didn't tell him and says his heart was bleeding the whole time apart and she kept this from him, BUT when they first reunited he admitted that he partied and hooked up with other [...]

    Cézanne Hayden-Dilbert
    Shelter Me was a great second-chance romance and I’m a sucker for second chance romances. It didn’t take long to get caught up in Shayne and Luke’s story and I was so excited to see how it would unfold. Shayne and Luke had an amazing relationship until Luke disappears only leave a note behind. It broke Shayne’s heart and she left and tried to move on with her life. Coming back for the first time in 7 years, she runs into Luke. Even if she tried to deny it, their old feelings were still t [...]

    Tami czenkus
    This is the perfect debut novel for Kathy Coopmans!!!!! I was intrigued from the first chapter and my attention was kept throughout the entire book.We all dream of second chances and the what ifs in life but are rearely granted the possibility of achieving it.Luciano, Luke to those who know him, all i can say about his is HOLY HOTNESS!!!!! Shayne is an independant single mother who had her life turned upside down when Luke disappeared one night 7 years before.Adeath in the family brings Shayne h [...]

    Rachel K
    Nope. Not for me. I struggled to read this as soon as Shayne and Luke met again. She INSTANTLY takes him back, takes a week to build up the courage to tell him about Lucy where he then goes off his nut at her for keeping his daughter from him for six years. Ummdude? You fucking disappeared on her. How the fuck was she supposed to let you know? And let's not mention that your reason for running off without a word was so goddamned weak! In that whole time you couldn't have let her know what was go [...]

    Wipe the drool off the Kindle Fire screen, ladies! Shelter Me (Shelter Me, #1), is a debut novel from Kathy Coopmans. I received an advance reading copy in exchange for review, and I had a hard time putting on the back burner. I love me an eye catching man candy cover, and the storyline is written solid, with a woven mystery and naughty scenes that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Shayne is a mix of emotions, as she is returning from a long vacay let's just say due to aunts death and could only ru [...]

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