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  • Title: Evadări din iubire
  • Author: Bernhard Schlink Herta Spuhn
  • ISBN: 9789734645930
  • Page: 445
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Evadari din iubire da titlul unui volum despre dorinte refulate si rataciri nedorite, despre pasi gresiti, dictati de disperare, si evadari spectaculoase, despre puterea ireversibila a obisnuintei, despre culpabilitate si renegare de sine Schlink ne ofera si istorii ale vietii in metropola, nuvele despre o generatie dezorientata, periclitata mereu de capcanele propriuluiEvadari din iubire da titlul unui volum despre dorinte refulate si rataciri nedorite, despre pasi gresiti, dictati de disperare, si evadari spectaculoase, despre puterea ireversibila a obisnuintei, despre culpabilitate si renegare de sine Schlink ne ofera si istorii ale vietii in metropola, nuvele despre o generatie dezorientata, periclitata mereu de capcanele propriului trecut Personajele se confrunta cu cite o taina a altora, dar si a propriului eu, pe care adesea nu si l cunosc prea bine Fiecare povestire nu este numai radiografia unei variante a iubirii, ci si urmarirea etapelor de regula dureroase pina la gasirea propriului sine.
    Bernhard Schlink Herta Spuhn
    Bernhard Schlink is a German jurist and writer He became a judge at the Constitutional Court of the federal state of North Rhine Westphalia in 1988 and has been a professor of public law and the philosophy of law at Humboldt University, Berlin, Germany since January 2006.His career as a writer began with several detective novels with a main character named Selb a play on the German word for self In 1995 he published The Reader Der Vorleser , a partly autobiographical novel The book became a bestseller both in Germany and the United States and was translated into 39 languages It was the first German book to reach the number one position in the New York Times bestseller list.


    Saleh MoonWalker
    Onvan : Flights of Love: Stories - Nevisande : Bernhard Schlink - ISBN : 375420908 - ISBN13 : 9780375420900 - Dar 320 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2000

    Picked this up because I wanted to get beyond the tortured obsessions of Homecoming, and Schlink is so highly thought of, I wondered whether I was being overly critical. Happily this collection of short stories is much better, although not uniformly. The first, “Girl and Lizard” is written in the same dessicated and tortured style that beset Homecoming, only this time it’s over a painting. It’s also marred by Schlink’s tendency to sink into a courtroom inquisition substitute for conver [...]

    I have never really been one for short stories. Something in them doesn't suit me and they generally leave me with a feeling of dissatisfaction. This collection, by Bernhard Schlink of The Reader fame, could not have made me feel more different. With the thread running through them all, these stories examines our shared, fundamental desire to find love but the many different forms that love, that one, lasting relationship can take. The characters leading these stories are all very different peop [...]

    Carole Rae
    Girl with LizardThis was a meh for me. I really didn’t get the boy’s obsession with the painting. Why? Why choose a painting over real love? It seemed silly… was probably symbolism for picking other things over love, but still a meh. 1 star for this.A Little FlingI’ll be honest….I was worried at first for this being a love story between the main guy and his friends’ daughter. Ugh, but it got worse and he had a fling with his friend’s wife. Geez. Why do people do this? I wanted to s [...]

    C’est une loi de la nature que l’amour seul peut changer ; et de l’amour, en a-t-on quand on veut ? [Lettre CXXXI des Liaisons dangereuses de Choderlos de Laclos]Sans qu’elle soit jamais citée dans le recueil de Bernhard Schlink, cette citation d’une lettre de la marquise de Merteuil au vicomte de Valmont m’a accompagnée tout au long de ma lecture de ces nouvelles (ou novellas, tant elles sont longues et construites comme de petits romans). Toutes traitent de l’amour, de la faço [...]

    Promises metBernhard Schlink created a devoted following with the translation of his first novel THE READER. Opinion was divided among critics and readers as to whether or not this author was playing on simplistic heart-string tuggings or whether he really had somthing new to say and an equal talent to say it. Being part of the camp of readers who were caught up in the story of 'The Reader' and waited eagerly to see just where this writer would/could go, I am happy to say that FLIGHTS OF LOVE is [...]

    I borrowed this book from my friend's fiance. When my friend delivered it to me he said "this looks like a very boring book". Honestly I had my doubts when I started reading it as the story would go on with details but then the ending was not so dramatic or stunning as you usually get in fiction. But I liked Bernhard's style of writing. It's so beautiful that it always persuaded me to read more our of curiosity even if I knew the ending would not be surprising. My friend's fiance said his ending [...]

    Schlink has written seven stories with male German protagonists. To me what unites the stories is a certain moodiness as the men examine the nature of love in their lives. Most deal with regret and loss. Some are compassionate and some shocking. It's difficult for me to rate the book as a single work. Of course I feel more strongly about some stories than others. I decided to go the generous route. I wasn't particularly impressed with the first three stories, though they are interesting, but I v [...]

    My thoughts on "Girl with a Lizard":One's life, emotion, and feeling may be explained; the painting may take-on more meaning then anything else. She may offer an explanation for an unhappy or cheerful life that cannot be given by simple words and actions.My thoughts after reading "The Other Man":Most don't understand the burden and cold gift that vengeance can be. The weak and trying obsession with the other person. How often you wish to be close to the other person--to find their secrets so you [...]

    Ох! Много ми е сложно да се сприятеля с немската литература. Не, че много имам опит, но след Херман Хесе (само "Сидхарта" ми понесе) и Томас Ман ("Смърт във Венеция" четох и аз едва не умрях, въпреки че е кратка), реших да пробвам с нещо по-съвременно и пак не се получи. Много ми е те [...]

    I really liked Schlink's dry writing style in The Reader, where you had a whole book to learn about the characters and like them. It does NOT work so well in short stories. I was bored almost from page 1 and had to drag myself through this whole book. Even though almost every story was 50 pages long, I never understood the characters or their motivations to like them, let alone understand them. It shouldn't've taken me almost 3 weeks to read a 200 page book when if I really like a story I can re [...]

    An unremarkable book of short stories, full of unremarkable and in most cases, unlikable characters. I wasn't excited about reading this to start with. I didn't think 'The Reader' was as good as everyone made it out to be. But I like to give authors a second chance. This was worst. I'm not the biggest fan of stort stories but these were just all so dull. I especially disliked 'A Little Fling' and the only story I found somewhat intresting was 'Sugar Peas' Maybe it's becuase I'm not smart enough [...]

    Bernard Schlink is a remarkably fine story teller. In his book, the Flights of Love, of seven short stories, while a bit uneven, he shows that he can relate tales of interest, of introspection, of intrigue, of self-deception, and generally can keep you flowing with his thoughts to the somewhat open-ended conclusions. Have you ever wondered what brought two lovers together despite their opposing cultural/religious differences? Read Schlink’s the Circumcision!

    Heidi Liu
    Schlink, in his unassuming, matter-of-fact way, weaves a collection of stories that involve such a non-obvious tenderness as to first surprise and then endear his reader. This collection touches often upon the (potentially) uncomfortable realm of German-Jewish love affairs with grace and realism. Beneath his straightforward and engaging plot lines, Schlink also does a remarkable job of characterizing some of my favorite European cities. These are dignified, powerful stories, quietly told.

    Promena Ideja
    U srpskom prevodu "Bekstva od ljubavi" izdavač Plato 2003. Biblioteka "Posle Orfeja". Kome se svideo oskarovac iz 2009-te "Čitač" verovatno će se pronaći i u ovoj zbirci novela Bernharda Šlinka.

    People who are in love should not read love stories.

    I was at first attracted by Schlink's calm, clear prose. There were no frills, no long and meandering descriptions. This clipped and clear method of prose was very refreshing. One of the main irks of this book was the tendency to follow a sort of Hemingway-esque method of trying to convey layers of meaning beneath seemingly simple sentences and passages. It's not the easiest method of writing and very few writers can pull it off. I also thought that Schlink's world was something that I couldn't [...]

    Sehr gut, besonders Die Beschneidung und Die Frau an der Tankstelle. In der Beschneidung wird die Liebe eines Deutschen zu einer jüdischen Amerikanerin geschildert. So authentisch, dass man fast wetten möchte, dass das autobiographisch ist.

    C'était le premier livre de Schlink que je lisais et sans doute pas le dernier. C'est un recueil de nouvelles. J'adore les nouvelles, mais vraiment. Surtout quand elles se terminent trop vite et que la personne qui lit est abandonnée au milieu de la route avec ses interrogations, que les personnages vivent encore un peu en elle avec les questions sur "la suite". Bah y'a plein de ça dans ce bouquin. On est toujours laissé.e au milieu d'un carrefour sans carte avec plein de questions ! L'écri [...]

    Review pending.

    Not my favorite of Schlink's work - long short stories, very bleak. Some (Girl with Lizard) more successful than others.

    Sophie Cayeux
    This is a gem to read especially when traveling. This collection of short stories got under my skin. Some stories explore cultural identity in love relationships. Some involve male characters who do not know how to love or are incapable of loving or only love themselves. The stories reminded me of how hard it is to have insight in how others love us. One cannot control love. Love cannot be tamed or harnessed. It has its own free will. One day it can just go and desert us. My only complaint is th [...]

    I just finished reading Flights of Love by German lawyer and writer Bernhard Schlink, famed for his novel The Reader, and I must say that it was a simple collection of short stories but nobody can deny the fact that each story brings out strong message. All stories were long to cover the deeper meaning of love but short enough to keep it interesting as the author gave additional historical perspective of not only the Holocaust but also the typical lives of the people living in the Eastern and We [...]

    I really loved this collection of longer short stories. Because they were longer, they weren't just a snapshot of characters and their lives, but more of a collection of snapshots. Very good ones! I loved the development in them, the flaws and reality of each character. I also loved that the author writes like Hemingyway; there is so much beneath the surface that adds to the characters' richness. You can just feel history pervading every story. And not just history history, but the characters' i [...]

    Jo Cunningham
    7 short stories, each with characters different in age and temperament, with unique perspectives and goals, problems and resolutions. The last story, "The Woman at the Gas Station" was particularly poignant to me, and left me thinking about marriages own in particular. The rhythms of a man and woman together over decades, the early passions and intense lovemaking and exploration of each other's inner worlds; the busy-ness of lifebuying a house together, engaging in careers, interacting with frie [...]

    Contents:Girl with Lizard; A Little Fling; The Other Man; Sugar Peas; The Circumcision; The Son; The Woman at the Gas Station.All seven of these stories are about German men. The first is about a young man discovering his parent's past through searching the history of a painting that hung in his father's study.Relationships between a West Berlin man and an East Berlin couple before and after the fall of the Wall are examined in A Little Fling, a story of betrayal.The Other Man and Sugar Peas bot [...]

    Alice Radwell
    In ‘The Reader’ Bernard Schlink utilized an affair between a teenage boy and an SS solder to explore the relationship between Germany’s past and present. Through his unsympathetic, blunt and distinctive prose he investigates the wider effects of concentration camps beyond terrified Jews huddled in gas chambers. The result is astounding; an erotic, tragic, and beautiful narrative demonstrating how morals blur, and love changes.In ‘Flights of Love’ Schlink is just as unforgiving in his s [...]

    I always think I do not like short stories. But these stories are fantastic. Mr. Schlink gives us the unexpected resolution in a situation that seems to call for revenge and in which a peevish revenge is planned ("The Other Man"); the self-fertilized growth of life complications, the complexities of escape, and the creation of a community of "trigamy" ("Sugar Peas"); the modern-day German and modern-day Jew in love and facing the hard questions ("The Circumcision"); the unexpected sadness of a d [...]

    Schlinks nüchterner Schreibstil sagt mir persönlich sehr zu, aber die Charaktere kommen einem dadurch nicht nah genug. Wir werden in jeder der 7 Kurzgeschichten in eine völlig unbekannte Situation hineingeworfen, deren handelnde Personen sich nur oberflächlich definieren.Einige der Kurzgeschichten gefallen mir sehr; alle rufen zum (über die Folgen/Konsequenzen) Nachdenken auf und lassen mit ihren offenen Enden viel Spielraum für Gedankenexperimente.Es war nicht ganz leicht, durch einige de [...]

    There are times when I find the deliberateness of Bernhard Schlink perfect for the pace of my mind, and other times we are just out of sync. He continues in his thoughtful,steady manner, but I crave the quirky humor of Douglas Adams or Chris Moore, or even (shudder) something cotton candy light, to fluff out the creases in my brain. I think that may be why it took me so long to work through these stories-- my intellect wouldn't cooperate. I was never emotionally swept away by anything in the boo [...]

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