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  • Title: Red Dirt Duchess
  • Author: LouiseReynolds
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • When English society playboy Jonathan Hartley Huntley is sent to outback Australia after a disastrous affair with his editor, all he wants is to take a few pictures, do a quick interview and get back to his usual life of luxury as soon as possible Until he meets his host, the irresistible Charlie Hughes, and suddenly the back of beyond is a lot appealing Running theWhen English society playboy Jonathan Hartley Huntley is sent to outback Australia after a disastrous affair with his editor, all he wants is to take a few pictures, do a quick interview and get back to his usual life of luxury as soon as possible Until he meets his host, the irresistible Charlie Hughes, and suddenly the back of beyond is a lot appealing Running the pub is a labour of love for Charlie and she has no desire to ever leave the tiny town of Bindundilly That is, until Jon discovers an old painting that raises questions about both their lives Charlie impulsively decides to follow him to London, and as the feelings between them begin to deepen, she starts to wonder if there s to life than the pub But at Jon s family home, the magnificent Hartley Hall, they become acutely aware of the differences between them, and it soon seems clear they have no future together especially if Jon s mother has her way Family and tradition threaten the course of true love in this warm and witty novel from the author of Outback Bride and Her Italian Aristocrat.
    Louise Reynolds is an author of contemporary romantic fiction Born in Sydney, she spent her childhood frolicking on beaches before moving to Melbourne at age 10 After one look at Melbourne beaches she got a library card and started to read It was a logical step to take her love of romance novels to the next stage and tell her own stories By day, she works in the commercial lighting industry, lighting anything from bridges to five star hotels By night, she s working her way through a United Nations of fictional heroes After a lifetime of kissing frogs one finally turned into a prince and she lives with her partner in Melbourne s inner north She loves live jazz, cooking complicated meals that totally destroy the kitchen, and dining out She has embraced Melbourne by wearing far too much black.


    Can the stiff upper lip, or in this case sneer of the English aristocracy handle the down-to-earth, stark frankness and sparkle of a young woman from the Australian outback when she enters their lives unexpectedly rocking their ever-so-proper world in more ways than one? Little did Jonathan know when he landed in the tiny town of Bindundilly on an assignment designed to ruffle his feathers that the feisty Charlie steal a piece of his heart at a time he is supposed to be finding a proper mate to [...]

    Sasha Cottman
    I have to confess to reading this book over a weekend and not getting the housework done. I chuckled at the great opening where posh London lad Jon is sent to the Outback and meets feisty bar owner Charlie. All those jokes that Australians play at the expense of foreign tourists (no not everything in Australia is trying to eat you, only most things) came to mind. I loved Louise Reynolds imagery. While I have never been to the Outback I certainly felt like I was there while I read this book. The [...]

    Robyn Koshel
    Red dirt duchess is a contemporary heart warming tale set in the outback town of Bindundilly and London. This is an exciting tale full of family mystery and romance.Louise Reynolds’ gorgeous writing brings the outback to life in stunning colours. She also highlighted country life and the daily running of an Australian pub, which I found fascinating.Charlie follows Jon back to London and well no spoilers….I simply adored “Red dirt duchess” and I will be reading more from Louise Reynolds.

    Dorothy Bramich
    Enjoyed this very much. Romance about two people from radically different worlds who discover they have more in common than they could imagine. Family skeletons reveal a history for the heroine, Charlie, that pulls her from the Aussie outback to refined society in London. Some lovely twists and turns that lead to an ending that left the romantic in me more than satisfied.

    Emmie Dark
    A wonderfully satisfying, fun and moving read. Take a gender-swap Crocodile Dundee and blend with a good dose of Downton Abbey and you're almost close to Red Dirt Duchess, only it's a lot classier and significantly more sophisticated. The mystery took me by surprise, and there were definite moments that took me off-guard and brought a tear to my eye. Highly recommended.

    Patty McKenna Van Hulle
    A spare hero, an Aussie outback princess, 2 paintings spreading magically pixie dust from England to Australia, mix in fire extinguishers worthy ecstasy & KABOOM romance!Ever hear of the heir & the spare? Well, Jonathan Hartley-Huntley is living it. He is the second son of the late Earl of Bengall & his brother, loving called Germs, is the new Earl, but he is unable to have children, so that has falling on Jon's shoulders. His mother is the typical Dowager Countess, with her nose up [...]

    Jeannie Zelos
    Red Dirt Duchess, Louise ReynoldsReview from jeannie zelos book reviews I thought this sounded a fun read, with the chance of some real bitchyness from Jon’s mum. So, how did it work out for me? Well, Jon, to be honest at first I found him a bit of a burke, expecting so much from a tiny rural placebut I soon warmed to him. He’s a good guy really, and has a huge secret that’s impacted so much on his way of thinking. Charlie – she was great, not afraid to stand up for herself, even though [...]

    Red Dirt Duchess is very light book. The main plot of the story is around Jon, Charlie and their relationship. I have to admit that the book was really slow at the beginning and that I almost didn’t finish it. But around the time that Charlie got to England, I could feel that the story was going somewhere. The characters are well developed, especially Jon. I think that a lot of people wouldn’t like him much, but I could relate to him because the author explains well how much pressure he is g [...]

    Holly (2 Kids and Tired)
    The Australian outback meets stiff British aristocracy. When Jonathan is sent to Australia to cover a story, he doesn't anticipate meeting the charming Charlie Hughes. Charlie loves her life running a pub in Australia. Still she connects with Jon and impulsively follows him to England. Upon meeting his stiff, unwelcoming family, she's certain there is no future for them, but events soon unfold and Charlie discovers secrets about her parents and a life she never expected.This was a book that caug [...]

    Red Dirt Duchess is very light easy to read book, but its also very different from what I usually read. I'm so use to reading young adult that when I went into this book I kept looking for the typical YA trends. But just FYI this is not a YA book it's an Adult Romance and the main plot of the story is around Jon, Charlie and their relationship. I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars because the beginning of this book was really slow, and there were several times when I almost gave up reading entire [...]

    Ann Cooper
    I read Louise's novella 'A Kirribilli Christmas' and enjoyed it so much that I was delighted to accept this book and wasn't disappointed!It's the story of Charlie, the proprietor of a remote outback pub in Australia, and Jon, a minor aristocrat in England. He is a journalist and they meet when he is covering a flood in the outback. The contrast between Charlie's lifestyle and Jon's is dramatic but they manage to overcome this huge gulf and fall in love. But there is an elephant in the room in th [...]

    Louise Wilson
    Louise Reynolds has a very penetrating eye and a very sensitive ear, and her writing reflects these attributes beautifully in 'Red Dirt Duchess'. If you love Dorothea Mackellar's wonderful classic poem 'My Country' then the descriptions and settings in this book will resonate with you. The reader is effortlessly transported to the vivid landscapes of outback Australia and the muted surrounds of Hartley Hall in England, and the author has captured the idiosyncrasies of vocabularies and conversati [...]

    Zee Monodee
    A light and often-times funny read - this is one book to devour in one sitting. Don't even think of letting it drop and doing something else. You'll want to read to the end, especially when the plot picks up and then the 'mystery' shadows every single page and gets you turning and turning the pages to find out the truth.Louise Reynolds writes with a definite flair for painting images of visuals in her writing. I've never been to the outback, but I could imagine it in all its stark and clear deta [...]

    Leesa Bow
    Red Dirt Duchess is such an enjoyable read. From outback Australia to the Aristocrat style in London, the author took me on a believable journey experiencing two vast lifestyles. Charlie was adorable and yet I admired her strength to stand up for what she believed in, and willing to forgo love to fight for it. At times I thought I knew where Louise was taking the plot, then a sudden twist and turn of events, she would throw me completely of guard. The author's voice and tone is beautiful and pro [...]

    Kim Beck
    A book like you have never read before, it brings you great characters and a beautiful story that pulls you in. It brings you pub owner Charlie and the English society man Jonathan. It's a very unique story one I promise you most likely have never read before. It's has just the right amount of twist and surprises that capture you until the very end. You will be very surprised when Charlie finds out what will change her whole life. Also when Jonathan revels what he found out all those years ago. [...]

    Dana Mitchell
    Louise Reynolds does it again! Fabulous, exotic outback Australia this time superbly blended with English Aristocracy. The beauty of Louise's characters is how they unfold. When we meet them, we see the persona they share with the world, but the more you read, the more we get to know them, layer by intriguing layer until there are moments that make you cry and laugh.Red Dirt Duchess is such a lovely, contemporary read that has surprising depth, leaving you thinking about the book long afterwards [...]

    Nicki Edwards
    This was a fabulous book by Louise Reynolds. It's the first of her books I've read, and I now look forward to reading others. The characters were believable and likable and the story had some twists and turns I certainly didn't see coming. I guessed Vera was related to Charlie somehow but I never imagined it would turn out the way it did. As a lover of all things British I especially loved the english country house scenes. A five star read. Well written. Highly recommended.

    Juanita Kees
    An entertaining read from Louise Reynolds.Red Dirt Duchess brings together outback Aussie and English aristocracy with a cleverly crafted wit. From the moment Charlie leaves her arrogant guest to walk to the pub from the airstrip, this story engages and satisfies the reader's thirst for rural romance.

    Cate Ellink
    Louise Reynolds writes beautifully. There are some stunning descriptions in this story. My problem with the story is a me thing - I'm not fond of the unrealistic (or fantasy) rags to riches stories. Other than that, a superb story.

    Tara Chevrestt
    I hosted this author on Book Babe. We did an interview. Come see the pretty birds she has on her deck and find out how two paintings are integral to the plot of her story.wwwbookbabe/2014/

    Helene Young
    Loved it. Two diverse settings, an interesting premise and cast of eclectic characters all wrapped up with a satisfying ending :)

    Dianne Sidebottom
    story setting in both Australia n England. Liked the main characters personalities. Must have been hard not knowing about family background but I guess it was an incentive to go searching. Good read

    This book is a cute read. I read it in one sitting. It was a bit slow in the beginning, but I kept on reading. Overall it was a good read.

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