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  • Title: The Wrong Shade of Yellow
  • Author: Margaret Eleanor Leigh
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 353
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • I was middle aged and homeless, soon to be penniless, and really and truly no different from that bag lady sitting on the bench over there I couldn t jack it in and go home, because I didn t have a home to go to any The bicycle and the tent were now home Wherever I found myself on any given night was now home And that meant, for tonight, Genoa Piazza Principe RailwI was middle aged and homeless, soon to be penniless, and really and truly no different from that bag lady sitting on the bench over there I couldn t jack it in and go home, because I didn t have a home to go to any The bicycle and the tent were now home Wherever I found myself on any given night was now home And that meant, for tonight, Genoa Piazza Principe Railway Station was home.I was cycling across Europe in search of Utopia, a place I believed was located somewhere in Greece When I found it, I would start a new life there It was my big, fat, Greek midlife crisis But now I was having a crisis within a crisis What the hell had I been thinking
    Margaret Eleanor Leigh
    Margaret Eleanor Leigh is a writer without roots Born and raised in apartheid South Africa, she s lived in Wales, New Zealand, England, Greece and Scotland Now she s back in Wales, the land of her fathers Her working past is just as colourful she s been a journalist, a bureaucrat, a university tutor, a bookseller, and a proof reader This unsettled and chaotic life has its drawbacks The only place she can honestly call home is the seat in front of her computer But it also has its advantages giving her a rich seam of experiences to mine an invaluable resource for any writer LATEST NEWS Frog Dog Summer, Book 1 of Animals of the Valley now out in kindle and paperback Books 2 4 following shortly Animals of the Valley is a quartet of children s stories aimed at 7 10 year olds Each story is self contained, but they do all share a common setting, and some common characters Something a little magical happens in each story, but they are all nevertheless firmly grounded in real life, the life of a tiny village in a Welsh valley Wrong Shade of Yellow now available in Paperback at the following Wrong Shade Yel

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    Noor Olinad
    I was a little hesitant when I started reading this book about a huge mid life crisis that sends the author in search of utopia in Greece.on a bikeeeping in a tent. I wondered if it would be a sad tale or too personal but I found myself quickly drawn into the story. I finished it in two days. On the second day, I stayed up until 1 am to finish reading it. I just had to know what happened next, and how the story ended. I found myself laughing out loud while reading it, not little giggle but burst [...]

    Jean Coleman
    I really loved this book that I came across on . I can't remember a time when I actually laughed out loud while reading a book, but some parts of the author's travel experiences were so funny that I couldn't control myself. This is certainly not a novel, but rather a travelogue about a middle-aged woman traveling across Europe on a bicycle with a tent and an old computer. The book didn't make me to want to go out and buy a bicycle, but it did cause me to realize I was reading a book by a very ta [...]

    Most travel memoirs have several common qualities. Some adventure. An educational aspect as the author discovers new things about the part of the world where they’re traveling. There are times when everything goes according to plan and those where nothing does. In retrospect, those challenging times turn out to be opportunities for growth, where the author learns something about the world and their place in it. Lessons we might be able to apply to our own lives.The Wrong Shade of Yellow has mo [...]

    Scott Spotson
    Well, the best way to know what to write in a review is to be absorbed in a book. It's not a work of fiction. There is no plot. There is no romance, no kidnapping, and no thrills. There is no devious villain. But I found myself wanting to read more, and then more, and then some more and it's only a travel book!So I am happy to leave a maximum rating.Handled by a less talented author, this book could have been a tale of whining, turning the impatient reader off. But with this author, who fills in [...]

    Caryl Williams
    I enjoyed this book so much that I didn't want it to end and was quite sad when it did. One of those where you actually forget that you're reading a book and are right there with the writer. The book is so well written, witty, funny and descriptive that it was a joy to read. For someone who doesn't cycle, I'm often drawn to travel memoirs of the long cycle ride variety. Cyclists, who of course travel at a slower pace than those journeying by any other road or rail vehicle, see a lot more of the [...]

    Laurie Buchanan
    Margaret Eleanor Leigh’s shoot from the hip, no holds barred, saucy style had me in stitches as she pedaled across Europe; struggling up one side of a mountain, only to hurtle down the other, white-knuckled at breakneck speed. Having vowed not to “cheat” (use alternate methods of transportation), she manages to sneak in good solid “cheats” as often as her finances will allow (and sometimes when they won’t). One thing’s for certain—you can’t afford to miss this witty, tongue-in- [...]

    A nice and diverting little memoir of a woman's mid-life crisis bicycle ride to Greece. It was amusing and touching.

    Patricia Walker
    This is a brilliant read about one woman's solitary cycle trip through Europe to Greece in search of her 'Utopia' and under the illusion that everyone, everywhere speaks English. After becoming very quickly disillusioned on that one aspect she perseveres through many adventures both amusing and otherwise until she reaches her goal and invites her mother and son to move there with herThis is a definite must read for fans of travel memoirs everywhere and for everyone that needs that little nudge t [...]

    Somewhat entertaining story of a woman sharing trials and tribulations of her bicycle trek to Greece, alone and often with very little cash to her name. I sympathized with the financial situations she faced and feared for the dangerous situations she encountered. Better research and planning could have prevented some problems, yet these difficulties are probably what people NEED to read in order to prevent them in their own undertakings. I have done work and personal travels alone as well, so I [...]

    Jeffrey Fritts
    Dark attitude towards the whole thingThe author just has a bad outlook on everything, it seems. To much of the story is spent complaining. If I want negative energy in my life I can just turn to the media. I read as far as her traveling in north east France, and put the book down. I hope she found what she was looking for in Greece.

    Christy Olesen
    I enjoyed Ms Leigh's sarcastic sense of humor and took her criticisms of the countries she visited as part of that. I applaud her for taking on such an adventure and enjoyed reading about her experiences and the characters she met along the way.

    Sandra Burns
    Not what I expected.Just not the book I thought it would be. Thought it would be more of a memoir. Like a homeless person on the street with no options, survives & is sucessful in turning their life around.

    Can't do it. Never read anything else by her and not criticising her work, but this is so boring. Only 30% in and can't go on. Bailed

    Kanwal Jit
    An excellent travel book.Read it for entertainment, humor,honesty and motivation. A book, which surprises you with its honesty and literary content.A real page turner.

    Julie Haigh
    Great book, I really enjoyed it-I love her humour!I won this book as a competition prize quite some time ago and kept meaning to read it. Now I wish I had got to it sooner! On the strength of this, her next memoir will be a must read for me! This was a brilliant book, I really enjoyed it. I liked that the title kept me wondering, it was intriguing what it could mean, you don't find out until the last chapter and it wasn't predictable at all. I really get the sarcastic humour-I actually love it! [...]

    Andrew Kelliher
    The author, a self-described middle-aged woman of some dignity, sets out alone to ride her bike from Holland to Greece. The story starts some weeks into the journey on Genoa railway station in the early hours, where after various catastrophes she is spending the night on an uncomfortable platform bench in company of a bag lady, a Romanian guest worker and a woman in a blanket. We then move back in time to pick up the events that led her to this point, including vivid bicycle journeys through Hol [...]

    Ronesa Aveela
    After reading “It was my big, fat, Greek midlife crisis.” in the opening paragraph, I was expecting a humorous book along the lines of the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding,” and I wasn’t disappointed. “The Wrong Shade of Yellow” is most certainly tongue-in-cheek, but it’s unfortunate the author has to specify that. I guess that’s what makes the world of writing so fabulous—and frustrating. We are all different and have various opinions about the books we read. Some we understa [...]

    G.J. Griffiths
    When I began reading this book I was under the mistaken impression that it was a new novel. Only after reading a couple of chapters did I realise that it was some kind of travel memoir, and so feel that it would be of great benefit to prospective readers if the author could have included an introduction that made that much clearer. The last time that I persisted with a book of this type was several years ago when I read R L Stevenson’s “Travels With My Donkey”, which I enjoyed but the joy [...]

    Hock Tjoa
    There is much that is cute or droll in this travelog. Re Holland, for instance, the author in the first person remarks, "how can anyone be bored in a country with a village named Beek en Donk?" She refers to her job in New Zealand as a "briefing paper advisor at the Ministry of Human Misery." The specialist at the hospital is dismissed as one of those "prim and prissy young men who thought because he was a medical man he had the right to sit in moral judgement on an insane middle aged woman. Th [...]

    A relentless pursuit of utopia! A wonderful read!These are the masterfully written accounts of a middle-aged woman who decides to drop everything and pursue her dream destination, Greece, on a bicycle in Europe. Without spoiling the plot, this is why I stated in the title that this book is a wonderful read:The writing is masterful, I enjoyed reading the author's descriptions of her surroundings, the characters she interacted with and her own deep emotions. It was such a pleasure that I felt bad [...]

    Sarah Butfield
    No excuses, just do it!A story of an extraordinary cycle ride in pursuit of a personal utopia, added to which the woman undertaking this journey is in a self-confessed mid-life crisis. What better scenario could there be for an entertaining travel memoir which depicts the escapades of a woman travelling alone through Europe? Not only does she embark on a great adventure, which she eloquently portrays, but the structure of the book in terms of the pacing, flow and use of descriptive narrative mak [...]

    Rebecca Hislop
    I actually won this book in a competition and I have to say it was a super prize. I was intrigued by the title but it wasn’t until nearly the end before the reason for it was revealed. It almost made me cry as I just had a funny feeling about what was going to happen by that point. Margaret Leigh gave up her job in New Zealand having decided that she would cycle across Europe with a view to ending up in Greece ‘in search of Utopia’ which she believed to be located in Greece. The book descr [...]

    At first I was not aware this was a memoir. I thought it was a fictional piece, but no matter, I enjoyed reading the book.Margaret travels from New Zealand's Ministry of Misery to Holland, and from there she sets out to conquer Europe on her bicycle. Her ultimate goal is Greece, but first she travels through Belgium, France, and Italy.Margaret's commentary is satirical, and you could be forgiven for thinking that the landscape is populated by rude and angry people who only want to run her off th [...]

    Pat Ellis
    I enjoyed reading this Memoir - The Author, Margaret Eleanor Leigh 'takes-off' on her bike for a trip via Europe to Greece where she hopes to indulge her mid-life crisis In the wings you have the Author's mum who intends to join her daughter once she has 'found' the ideal place - somewhere she will know when it feels right! You are invited to travel along with the Author on a humerous if not at times testing trip. I do take my hat off to her for her tenacity - she wasn't exactly a bike/camping e [...]

    J.R. Biery
    Just throw away the maps and head south - to Greece.Not the type of book I would ordinarily pick up, but so glad to get a copy from the author. Wonderful, funny, full of surprises. To imagine a mid-life crisis woman buying a bike to pedal across Europe alone to see Greece, well I couldn't. Read the book straight through. The writing is crisp, witty, and keeps you puffing over the next hill to see what the adventurous heroine is going to discover next, and more to the point, what insightful and h [...]

    One sittingI read this book in one sitting, which suggests that I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it and at times laughed out loud.I loved the adventure and I loved the delightful if not a little cantankerous Polly. Overall the idea that life is full of terrific unknowable and sometimes scary experiences is wonderfully expressed here. Life is meant to be exciting and full and this book is certainly full of life.

    Lovely funny read.A story about a lady making a trip around Europe, her midlife crisis trip. It's entertaining, full of humour and well written. I thoroughly enjoyed the book and look forward to sitting down to the sequel very much, which is what I'm going to do once I've finished this.

    Kayla Tornello
    I enjoyed living vicariously through the author's midlife crisis bicycle trip from London to Greece. Her experiences were interesting, but the writing wasn't really that impressive. The whole thing just had a languid feel. Even though I know this is real life, I still wasn't fond of the way that the story ended. Overall, I liked reading this book, but I didn't feel quite satisfied at the end.

    I really enjoyed this book with the high points and the low/very low points of Margaret's journey from New Zealand via sundry countries to Greece. It was a very brave trip and I admire her fortitude. Her Mother's reaction to the great Greek plan made me quite upset at the end and my heart went out to Margaret for losing here dream. A terrificly good read. I felt I was on the journey too.

    Susan Walker
    A Crazy Woman Travels to Greece on a BicycleI really enjoyed this book. It was fun and interesting and I didn't need the disclaimer at the end. I will definitely read more of her books.

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