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  • Title: The Crazy Game
  • Author: Clint Malarchuk Dan Robson
  • ISBN: 9781443432467
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In the spirit of The Game and The Blind Side, a raw, raucous and unvarnished look at life between the posts.No job in the world of sports is as intimidating, exhilarating and as stress ridden as that of a hockey goaltender Standing in the crease facing one hundred mile an hour slapshots, the entire game riding on your glove hand, standing on your head when necessary all jIn the spirit of The Game and The Blind Side, a raw, raucous and unvarnished look at life between the posts.No job in the world of sports is as intimidating, exhilarating and as stress ridden as that of a hockey goaltender Standing in the crease facing one hundred mile an hour slapshots, the entire game riding on your glove hand, standing on your head when necessary all job requirements for those wanting to be the best goalies in the world Now imagine doing that job while suffering high anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive disorder, and having your career nearly literally cut short by a skate across your neck.The Crazy Game takes you deep into the troubled mind of Clint Malarchuk, the former NHL goaltender for the Quebec Nordiques, Washington Capitals and Buffalo Sabres Even as a boy, Malarchuk faced such deep anxiety that he missed school and acted out at school and with his friends His OCD changed the way he trained, and he was almost always the last player off the ice When his throat was slashed during a collision in the crease, Malarchuk nearly died on the ice Forever changed, he struggled deeply with depression and a dependence on alcohol, which nearly cost him his life and left a bullet in his head.
    Clint Malarchuk Dan Robson
    Clint Malarchuk Dan Robson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Crazy Game book, this is one of the most wanted Clint Malarchuk Dan Robson author readers around the world.


    Claire Humphrey
    This book was first described to me as "the best hockey story you've never heard". I hadn't really heard any hockey stories--I'm a casual watcher at best, a playoffs-only fan. Boxing's my sport. If someone had told me Clint Malarchuk is sort of the George Chuvalo of hockey, I would have got it. But honestly it wouldn't matter if I wasn't into sports at all. The Crazy Game had me right away with the prologue--Malarchuk opens with a description of the day he shot himself.It's not a spoiler to tell [...]

    I don't even know what to say. There are so many things about this book I liked. First the courage that Clint has displayed throughout his life is amazing. The honesty about his depression and anxiety is really encouraging. It seems like the majority of the books about depression are written by and for women. Here is a tough guy, an NHL goalie opening up about his struggles with depression, anxiety and OCD. He is honest about the parts of it that may have propelled him to the next level but he a [...]

    I've talked to a few people who have already read this book and enjoyed itbut. That left me with a bit of a preset mind when starting this read. What I can say quite confidently is that I enjoyed this book. It's a very raw story with numerous head-shaking moments. I've always equated Clint Malarchuk with the on-ice incident that nearly took his life. I don't see him as that anymore. He's a person who has good intentions and a good heartbut struggles with his demons - every single day. The writin [...]

    Matt Graupman
    "A Matter Of Inches" is an absolutely gut-wrenching and brutally honest memoir about so much more than hockey: mental illness, addiction, suicide attempts, and the elusiveness of personal control and redemption. Clint Malarchuk has suffered more than any man should have to and he has emerged on the other side, more or less intact, with a harrowing story that I couldn't put down.Writing in a brisk, conversational, and frequently vulgar style, Malarchuk doesn't pull any punches, whether he's descr [...]

    Stefan Percy
    I am a huge hockey fan, and have been my entire life. I remember when Clint had his on-ice accident back in 1989. It was amazing that he survived that ordeal, and that he came back to hockey so quickly after that near death experience. Many others probably would not have been able to do that.But after reading this book, I realize that his struggles were well before and after that fateful day in Buffalo so many years ago. Reading about his struggles with OCD, PTSD, Alcoholism, and everything else [...]

    Budd Bailey
    It's odd to see yourself referenced in a book of any type, even if it's anonymously. I pop up in that manner in Clint Malarchuk's book, "A Matter of Inches." That demands an explanation.I was working in the Buffalo Sabres public relations department when Malarchuk had his throat slashed during a 1989 game in Memorial Auditorium. It was as terrible a moment as you'd expect. I even took a frantic call in the press box from Malarchuk's brother, who had been watching on TV a couple of thousand miles [...]

    Amy Moritz
    I find first-person books by athletes tricky. I want to hear them in their own voice but so often the work lacks depth. Not the case here. It's haunting the way Clint Malarachuk is self reflexive about the two dominant themes in his life -- hockey and mental illness. Sure there are times where I wish the writing was smoother and the Kindle version left much to be desired in formatting at the beginning of chapters, but his willingness to share his story with such detail and heart stays with you. [...]

    Sydney Stype
    What a book. It is amazing that someone can go through so much and still live to tell the tale. It has taught me a lot in 243 pages and I suggest that everyone read this to see how sports can be so good for someone, but so bad.

    While I sympathize with Malarchuk's anxiety problems, and his PTSD, in reading the book, I find out that really, he is not a very nice person. He constantly belittles people, he is condescending, and he thinks everybody is in awe of professional athletes. I found his arrogance to be very disappointing. Just remember Clint, very few of us are so-called "jock sniffers"; when it comes to professional athletes, nobody really cares about how famous you used to be. In some ways, it's a decent read, bu [...]

    An incredibly raw look at his life and struggles with OCD, PTSD, alcoholism, and depression and all that happened. Hockey fans will enjoy this book especially any who've suffered with or had family and friends with mental illness. The support of friends and family helped him immensely. This book was a very easy read and constructed in such a way to really let Malarchuk open up about so much of his life.

    C Voutsinas
    Remembered Clint because of the game but also since he was with the Nords during that playoff year vs. the Habs. This book is a non-stop punch to the gut but when one wonders how this man has woken up each day to battle his demons and returns the next day when he knows it will be a repetition of the same horror. Hope he keeps things at bay and holds on to Joanie.Tough book to read but a vital one for all to be aware of invisible disability.

    Very interesting book. I don't think I'm a fan of him as a personems like a typical meathead hockey player I knew when I was a kid. But his story about his injury and his life afterwards is incredible.

    He's lived a crazy life, definitely has some stories to tell. Nevertheless despite his struggles, which I am sympathetic to, I didn't enjoy getting to know him. He's very macho and believes masculinity is defined by violence and stoic resignation to hardship.

    Maurice Caldarella
    What a Book, Real, truthful wow

    Amazing book. I know people that I work with going through the same things and I thought he did an amazing job with this one

    Touching. All is not glory in professional sports. The book touched home on some issues for me.

    Wow! Reading a firsthand report of a near death experience was tough.

    Man words just can't do justice to this book.I didn't really know anything about Clint Malarchuk until stumbling across this book online. On a whim, I picked it up, and am I ever glad that I did! I am a hockey fan, so the hockey aspects of his story really appealed to me and it was very interesting, and moving, to read his first hand accounts of the game and its effects on his life.But I will say this, this book is incredible for anyone, not just hockey fans. This book takes you deep inside not [...]

    So I bought this book for my dad, as we both remember as Buffalo Sabres hockey fans the day that Clint Malarchuk almost died on the ice. His return to the ice after the harrowing incident was a story of courage and toughness that I would never forget.Boy, is there more to Clint's story than just that night.I hated this book at times. I hated that I was reading it because of what I do for a living (I am a school psychologist) and it was about mental illness. I hated that I was reading it because [...]

    One common aspect of fan fiction is to create a mash-up from two or more series – superhero, science fiction, etc. Let's take, for example, NHL Hall of Fame goaltender Ken Dryden in his autobiography, “The Game”, coupled with Randle Patrick McMurphy & Billy Bibbit from Ken Kesey's “One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest”, and mix in a little Wolverine from “X-Men”, and you'll probably get something totally bizarre and unreadable. On the other hand, you might end up with Clint Malarchu [...]

    Wow. Just wow. I started this book because I love hockey. I knew about the injury and knew a little about his struggles but I had no idea this book would touch me so incredibly deeply. I suffer from anxiety - sometimes it's controllable and sometimes I can't even read without my mind going crazy. I also suffer from slight OCD ; i.e.: if I start a book and don't read to the next chapter, I can't function without worrying about what might happen because I didn't read X amount of pages. It's a deep [...]

    My stepdad was an assistant coach for the Blues, so my family was at a bar watching the away game on TV the night Blues player Steve Tuttle slid into Malarchuk and sliced his neck. I'll never get that picture out of my head of Malarchuk's blood spurting out of his neck like a fountain. It was traumatic watching someone die before your eyes. Imagine how HE felt.Malarchuk writes how the incident and injury magnified the anxiety, depression and OCD he already had. Of all people to suffer from such [...]

    A friend of mine recommended this book, saying that it not only was a wonderful insight into this famous hockey player's professional life, but also a look into the world of mental illness. This book is exactly that. Clint Malarchuk is a brave man in my opinion, he opens up completely not only about the life he had in the NHL, but also the personal battles that started in his childhood. He speaks openly about his anxieties, his OCD, depression, eventual alcoholism it's such a powerful book and I [...]

    This is a phenomenally difficult book to read. Like some other hockey autobiographies (notably Fleury and Kennedy), it is not particularly well written, but it is engaging. Malarchuk discusses his mental illness very candidly, much more candidly than one might expect. He also, at least, it seems to me, tries to present as honest a picture of himself as possible. The picture he presents is not always, or even often, a likable one, but I think it is an important one, especially for those either su [...]

    Sleaze Roxx
    Every middle-aged hockey fan remembers that fateful night when goalie Clint Malarchuk was bleeding to death on the ice, the result of an errant skate slicing his neck. That disturbing image makes my skin crawl to this very day, but that is nothing compared to the torment it created for the man behind the mask.Admittedly Malarchuk was always a little 'off', but the tragic events of that night put him completely over the edge. The sports icon became an out of control alcoholic and was spiraling ou [...]

    This book was one that was particularly difficult to read. The sheer volume of the struggles it contained was astounding. But it was also difficult because there were parts that resonated and descriptions of situations and reactions that stuck close to home.It was also difficult because it's a work in progress. There is no ending to the story because Malarchuk is still living his life and as long as he does that he'll still have demons to face, sometimes the same demons over and over again. It w [...]

    I gave this book 4 stars, not for the writing but for its gut-wrenching power. There were times I almost had to put it down. The gruesome injury that defined Clint Malarchuk's career is only a small part of his story, although it did serve to amplify his problems. His brutally open and honest story of his life long struggle with mental illness, and speaking out about it in a culture that for the most part turns a blind eye to it is commendable and brave. It was so important to him to tell this s [...]

    Luke Kahnert
    An extremely moving sports story you would not expect to hear from the hockey community. Clint has done a favour to those struggling with mental illness by putting his words on paper. This is a very honest book that gives you a very real perception of the darkness that comes with depression, OCD, anxiety and alcoholism. Mental illness is something that everyone can relate to no matter how serious the condition. Clint sheds light on how Canada's most beloved games also happens to be one of its gr [...]

    Jackson Bayer
    As a hockey fan a really enjoyed this book. I have always read stories and watched videos about Malarchuk's fatal incident but I never understood the other hardships he faced in his life. Clint Malarchuk's tales about his playing days and coaching days are second to when it comes to sports stories. This book also unlocks many life lessons and can definitely give support to people who were in Clint Situation. I highly recommend this to any hockey fan who wants an incredible story about perseveran [...]

    Debra Komar
    Normally I wouldn't read a book like this on a dare, but I listened to Malarchuk's interview on "Q" (one of the last Ghomeshi did before he imploded) and Clint came across as articulate and surprisingly self-aware. This book was a pleasant surprise. I can't say as I cared about the hockey parts (Bad Canadian, I know, but I just don't care about hockey). Where the book shines is in his descriptions of his mental illness. Very honest, and a good read. The ghost writer (Dan Robson) deserves much of [...]

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