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  • Title: Fleshmarket
  • Author: Nicola Morgan
  • ISBN: 9780385731546
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Edinburgh, 1822 Young Robbie is just eight years old when he witnesses his mother s agonizing pain and then death from the removal of a breast tumor during public surgery at the hands of one savage surgeon, Dr Knox The sounds of his mother s piercing cries haunt Robbie as he and his hapless father and baby sister try to go on.But life proves bitter when Robbie s fatherEdinburgh, 1822 Young Robbie is just eight years old when he witnesses his mother s agonizing pain and then death from the removal of a breast tumor during public surgery at the hands of one savage surgeon, Dr Knox The sounds of his mother s piercing cries haunt Robbie as he and his hapless father and baby sister try to go on.But life proves bitter when Robbie s father loses his business and disappears Years of poverty go by as Robbie cares for his sister in the Edinburgh slums Fueled by anger and grief, the teenaged Robbie seems to be heading for a life on the wrong side of the law when he helps the men providing the butcher Knox with dead bodies for his medical research For years, Robbie thinks of Knox as his mother s killer and wants revenge He s convinced that Knox is involved in a murderous trade in bodies for experimentation and plans a confrontation It will take time to see the motives behind Knox s corrupt methods Perhaps there will be a way to give some meaning to his mother s tragic death after all.
    Nicola Morgan
    Nicola Morgan Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Fleshmarket book, this is one of the most wanted Nicola Morgan author readers around the world.


    I live in Edinburgh. I found this book in an Edinburgh charity shop (RIP Age Scotland I miss you). Does this book deserve to be in a charity shop is the big question? Probably not to be honest. It's decent. It's not bad at all. However, it wasn't as good as it could have been if you ask me. If you asked me what happened about ten minutes after I put it down, all I could really do would be to shrug "eh" There's moments of quality worldbuilding and admittedly, I enjoyed the historic atmosphere. (E [...]

    Many of us know that if we had lived 200 years ago, we would not have lived for very long. Chances are that I would not have even survived my birth! 'Fleshmarket' by Nicola Morgan takes us back to life in 1822, providing a rare look at a time when many life conditions, including sanitation and medicine, were far more crude and rudimentary than they are today.We are introduced to eight year old Robbie, the main character of this novel, in the prologue, where he is bystander at his mother's breast [...]

    Allright! My first review, here we goI'm tempted to give this book 3 stars, because I enjoyed the ending and it left me satisfied However, I just cannot look past the fact it took me about 80 pages before I actually found the book interesting (when Burke and Hare came in), the only reason I kept reading being that it was a gift from a friend. Considering the book is aimed for young readers, this slow plot is not ideal. The story was quite repetitive and I found quite a few parts unnecessary and [...]

    It is 1822, and Robbie is only a young boy. His family is climbing up the social latter and moving into one of the houses being built in the New Town. All is going well until his mother develops a tumor on her breast. At this time anesthetic was not yet discovered and surgery was still very experimental. She undergoes surgery performed by Dr. Knox to have it removed; but she dies five days later.Nicola Morgan’s Fleshmarket is a fictional story based on true events. The story follows Robbie And [...]

    Judie Holliday
    Is it fair to say I struggled with a book that wasn't aimed at me anyway? I picked this up because my daughter will be reading it in school next year and I wanted to be able to talk to her about it. It has a great premise and because it's a piece of YA fiction, I assumed I'd get through it in no time. Instead, I found myself putting it down a lot and not being minded to pick it up again. The plot, such as it is, doesn't really stretch to the length of the book. Not enough happens, and what does [...]

    This book has been on my tbr for SO LONG, so I'm glad I finally read it. The prologue is what drew me in. I quite liked this book overall, and I read it pretty quickly.

    Rachel Verna
    I wrote a review on my blog.

    Kevin Clancy
    A few weeks ago i was recommended this book by a friend in my AP world history class, because he had heard a rumor that it was about scientists illegally harvesting peoples organs after they had died and selling them on a "Fleshmarket". Fairly interested, i went and checked this book out from the local library the next day. After I got into the book, i realized that the rumor i heard was untrue, and that there was actually no blackmarket organ selling. What suprised me after i realized this, is [...]

    I found out about this book while I was in Edinburgh, and as its setting is Edinburgh, I thought "Why Not?". It was a good choice indeed.I recognized a good part of the streets and places the author talks about, so it was easier for me to picture the events in my head, not to mention exciting too, since as I have been in some of them. It is set in 1828 and I really love historical books, in particular those with characters that really existed, and even though the story itself is not that excitin [...]

    Ieshia Sharp
    Almost two hundred years ago, in 1822 surgeons in Edinburgh were begining to perform operations to remove major tumours from their patients. But there were a couple of things that the surgeons did not know about yet. The first thing was anaesthetic. All the operations were performed on patients fully awake and conscious. The second thing was in order to prevent infection operations should be perfomed in only sterile atmoshperes.Dr Robert Knox, the surgeon, operates on Robbie's mother, in these c [...]

    I really liked this book. It is a great historical read going back to the time period where doctors were just starting to learn anatomy of the human body. That wasn't an easy time period as religion didn't want doctors to be doing any looking into dead bodies even if to learn. Surgeries were in very primitive forms. There were no numbing agents/ opiates of any kind as of yet in this book. The book is well written and interesting and informational as well. The place is Edinburgh, Scotland, 1822. [...]

    i read this in english class with a bunch of lets say rowdy peers. you know the ones. the ones that don't like english very much.Anyway, this book is set in edinburgh, 1822. focused on a boy (robbie) and his little sister (essie) first, there's robbie. i mean, the kid went through a lot of stuff, but i just couldn't feel sympathy for him. i dont know why, maybe that's my problem instead of the authors. he was fairly realistic with how he coped, thoughsie kind of annoyed me. i know she had that ' [...]

    This was a quick and engaging read. It was easy to get into, although not always an easy read due to the surprising grimness of the novel at points. The prologue in particular was particularly graphic, something I would not normally expect of a novel aimed at children. I feel that this book however can be read and enjoyed by both children and adults alike.Nicola Morgan has obviously done her research, and the Edinburgh that she paints in her story is both arresting and heartbreaking. The poverty [...]

    Update 29/7/20154years later I re-read this bookis time I cant say I liked it as much as the first time, I was fascinated four years ago, but now I kind of the saw the faults,after visiting Scotland this year, I was ought to re-read the single story in my library that is related to this magical country, and containing one of the very famous dark criminals, Burke and Hare reading and waiting for the magic to take its effect, Alas, something was missing, the story in itself is simple ,and is enter [...]

    Joy Kirr
    The prologue of this book gripped me - I was enthralled, and brought it home from the library. The rest of the book sometimes had me on the edge of my seat, but mostly just moved along nicely. I thought the rest of the book would be more of the same in the prologue, but it wasn't to be. I did enjoy it, however. I enjoyed how the prologue was based on a real story, especially. I cannot imagine surgery back in 1822 in Scotland. This book helped me see the development of surgical procedures. I had [...]

    This book is aimed at ‘young adults’, but seriously, don’t let that put you off! It’s set in Edinburgh in the 19th century and is loosely based on a true story.Morgan’s writing is beautiful (especially since at times she’s describing fairly squalid surroundings!) and very descriptive about life for Robbie and his family and their struggle to survive. Robbie’s desire for revenge against the man who, in his opinion, killed his mother builds and builds, and fate deals its hand when it [...]

    I ended up choosing to read this book because I had to photocopy the first chapter for a project at school, copying first chapters for a 'taster' of the book worked, I was intrigued and wanted to read on.The author pulls no punches in her graphic description of life in 19th century Edinburgh, how hard it was for the poor to survive in the inner city, in the 'Fleshmarket'. Robbie, the boy in the tale, breadwinner for his sister and himself, trying to make sense of what he sees as an injustice, th [...]

    Scotland, 1800s. 14-year-old Robbie's mother dies just one week after having a tumor removed from her breast and Robbie's father is nowhere to be found, leaving Robbie and his sister to fend for themselves in the squalor of the streets of Edinburgh. Robbie goes to work for two men who deliver fresh bodes to a doctor who needs cadavers to study surgery. Robbie suspects this doctor is the same one that killed his mother, and also suspects that people are being murdered to provide the fresh cadaver [...]

    Carole Gill
    I loved this book!Firstly, I am writing a sequel to my own novel and well, this was a great read for me to get into the research frame of mind (for the period)!The author grabs you and does not let go.You find yourself being catapulted into 19th Century Edinburgh.The city is described as it must have really been (for the poor). No window dressing here, no gloss. It's real and I felt it was.The setting could not have been more vividly done nor better written.The characters are extremely well-draw [...]

    Alana Weafer
    Although this story line and time period are ones that interesting, and the writing is quite good, I couldn't get around the fact that this book was dull. There was nothing extremely exciting about it, and the climax wasn't much of a climax. The pacing of the story wasn't terrible, but it was steady the whole way through. It felt that instead of reading a mystery novel that should be filled with suspense and excitement, I was reading a newspaper article about a boy involved with a murder; the st [...]

    So, we recently watched Burke & Hare (with Simon Pegg) and here I am, coming across a YA novel about early medical college instruction in Edinburgh (!) This one focuses on a boy whose mother dies at the hands of Dr. Knox.I enjoyed reading this b/c it dovetails so nicely with my interests right now. However, I did find it slow and repetitious, especially for a YA novel. It could have been shorter and still told the same story. I do not know any teens who would have stuck with this book unless [...]

    Recently, me and my family when to edinbough and went to Mary King's close. And when we went around for our tour, they mentioned Fleshmarket and I had heard about this book before so I decided to read it It's closely related to fleshmarket and the events that happened there. this book is about a boy named Robbie and his family, who after his mother died, went downhill. this book, which whom my sister read to (even though she never reads), is beautifully described and sets the seen wonderfully.Bi [...]

    Youna Choi
    The book with the complete different setting and languge, and environment with suspense and dynamics really made me wonder how I would have reacted in a situation, setting, and time like that. Would I have survived on my own that long? The books story itself creates alot of questions and discussion and really has a different touch to it. It's different and it's really good but at the same time I wouldn't say it's my favorite type of genre.

    Melissa Jacobson
    This was a lot different than what I expected it to be but I thoroughly enjoyed it none the less. This is a dark, dreary, and realistic look at the medicinal practices of our not too distant past. The insane and dangerous measures doctor's used was absolutely fascinating. I really enjoyed the mystery in this book as well and I really love that it was inspired by real events. This was a well written and gritty look at revenge and medical procedures and I had a great time reading it.

    Justin Burrow
    This is a good book, i really liked this book. Although it got a little slow in the middle. This book it about a boy named robert who's mom dies. His dad then becomes a drunk, then disappears. It leaves robert to take care of his little sister. He got a job running food for a bakery. Then he gets a job taking dead bodies illegally to the doctor who operated on his mom. This is a good book and i recommend this book for almost anyone.

    I'm really starting to enjoy historical fiction, and this one was right up my street, concentrating on the notorious Dr. Knox and his dodgy acquaintance with a couple of body snatchers in Edinburgh in the 1800s.Morgan's writing is excellent, and the research done for this book was good. It was graphic, violent in parts, disturbing a lot of the time, and yet never loses its adolescent charm. Highly recommended.

    Lexie Conyngham
    An odd little book, this: it's actually aimed at early teenagers, and I picked it up by accident. Set in the body-snatching period of Edinburgh, it features Burke and Hare (inevitably) and their sidekick surgeon, Knox. It's dark and gloomy and for the most part depressing, and I found the hero's eventual salvation a bit unconvincing. But it's well-researched, and for anyone with a school topic on, say, 18th. century medicine / surgery, it's a good narrative introduction.

    "Fleshmarket" was quite an interesting book. Sometimes it could get very suspenseful and exciting and other times I would put it down, and would not want to pick it back up. The mystery prospect of "Fleshmarket" was very strong and gripping, but from a personal angle, I don't think this type of book (based around 200 years ago) is the kind I would read twice.

    I don't usually read historical fiction, so this was a fascinating departure for me. The opening chapter is absolutely unflinching in its depiction of a surgery at the dawn of the profession, before such niceties as anesthesia were in use. With a strong male protagonist and complicated moral positions, this won't be for everyone. Still, it was a fascinating, dark read.

    Great, shocking beginning sucks the reader in to the child's mind and world, so that you are immediately on his side. Good evocation of 19th century Edinburgh - grimy, poor and full of crime. Would be excellent background for anyone taking History of Medicine for GCSE, as it deals with body-snatching, surgery and advances in medicine. Well-written and engaging.

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