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  • Title: My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past
  • Author: Jennifer Teege Nikola Sellmair Carolin Sommer
  • ISBN: 9781615192533
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Hardcover

  • An international bestseller the extraordinary memoir of a German Nigerian woman who learns that her grandfather was the brutal Nazi commandant depicted in Schindler s List I am the granddaughter of Amon Goeth, who shot hundreds of people and for being black, he would have shot me, too In an instant, Jennifer Teege s life turns upside down the shock of discovering her aAn international bestseller the extraordinary memoir of a German Nigerian woman who learns that her grandfather was the brutal Nazi commandant depicted in Schindler s List I am the granddaughter of Amon Goeth, who shot hundreds of people and for being black, he would have shot me, too In an instant, Jennifer Teege s life turns upside down the shock of discovering her ancestry shatters her sense of self.Teege is 38 married, with two small children when by chance she finds a library book about her grandfather, Amon Goeth Millions of people worldwide know of him through Ralph Fiennes chilling portrayal in Steven Spielberg s film Schindler s List Goeth was the brutal commandant of the Plasz w concentration camp Oskar Schindler s drinking buddy, and yet his adversary Responsible for the deaths of thousands, Amon Goeth was hanged in 1946.Goeth s partner Ruth, Teege s much loved grandmother, committed suicide in 1983 Teege is their daughter s daughter her father is Nigerian Raised by foster parents, she grew up with no knowledge of the family secret Now, it unsettles her profoundly What can she say to her Jewish friends, or to her own children Who is she truly My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me is Teege s searing chronicle of grappling with her haunted past Her research into her family takes her to Poland and to Israel Award winning journalist Nikola Sellmair supplies historical context in a separate, interwoven narrative Step by step, horrified by her family s dark history, Teege builds the story of her own liberation.
    Jennifer Teege Nikola Sellmair Carolin Sommer
    Jennifer Teege Nikola Sellmair Carolin Sommer Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past book, this is one of the most wanted Jennifer Teege Nikola Sellmair Carolin Sommer author readers around the world.


    Family secrets are toxic.Everyone wants to know who they are. I think the question is especially keen for adopted children—who are my people and why am I not with them?What if the answer to that question brought unbelievable turmoil?Jennifer Teege is a grown woman with children of her own, part of a loving adoptive family. Despite this, in her late thirties, she is struggling with depression. While in the library’s psychology section, looking for books on depression, she happens to pick up a [...]

    I struggle between giving this 2 or 3 stars. This was poorly written (possibly because it's a translation?), repetitive, and when all is said and done, I really didn't learn much. She always knew who her birth mother was and had some contact with her in her youth, and had a wonderful family that adopted her and loved her and that she loved, but I found it very odd and sad that the minute she found out who her maternal grandfather was she immediately decided to stop calling her adoptive parents m [...]

    This is one of three books about Amon Goeth that I own and the second one I've read. I knew most of the facts about Goeth but hearing the author's story was interesting and I'm glad I purchased this book. It was well written and I liked the dynamic - several pages about her and then a shorter bit of historical facts. The chapter about Israel was so much fun for me seeing as I spent a couple weeks there last summer. I repeatedly wanted to shout "I know where that is!" and "I've walked down that s [...]

    I love this book for various reasons.1: I love fucked up families. It's such a familiar territory.2: I love Jennifer Teege's personal telling of her story. She doesn't focus on her grandfather, she doesn't make the entire book about guilt or victims or something. Instead, she tells the story of her life and her active search for truth after one key incident: Finding a book about her mother, her birth family.Basically, she shows how a Nazi descendant without any prior knowledge of that ancestry d [...]

    Thank you to the publisher and to Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy of My granfather Would have Shot Me. The title does not do justice to this book. Jennifer Teege was born in Germany. Her mother was German and her father was Nigerian. Her mother gave her up for adoption when she was around three. She had a happy childhood with her adoptive family, but had good memories of her birth mother's mother and mixed memories of her birth mother. In her early 20's she spent a few years [...]

    What an interesting read!This came across my desk awhile ago and I was arrested by the title so I put it on hold and have just finished listening and my thoughts are all a-whirl because, here's the thing, this could possibly be my story. Not the part about a black woman because I'm white but the part about discovering one's surprise Nazi heritage. I could very well unknowingly have Nazi ancestors and there's no way I would know or even suspect.Jennifer didn't know or suspect until she accidental [...]

    Betsy Robinson
    Riveting memoir by a black German woman who discovers that her grandfather was Amon Goeth, the mass murdering Nazi commandant called “the butcher of Plaszow.” Teege, the progeny of a white German woman who was the daughter of Goeth’s mistress and a Nigerian man, was put in an orphanage by her mother and then foster care at age three with a family who subsequently adopted her. Her journey into her past, alternating with the first-rate journalism and history by her co-author, Nikola Sellmair [...]

    I wanted to like this book but the writing is very awkward and disjointed, made even more so because Ms. Teege and another person alternate in telling the story. I am not sure if something was lost in the translation but I never connected with the author or understood the feelings and relationships she seemed to be trying to share. I would not recommend this book.

    Interesting story; bad writing and editing.

    I went into this book knowing very little about the Holocaust, concentration camps, or the Nazi's involved but I closed the book feeling as if I received an important history lesson, both on an educational and emotional level. Jennifer Teege had gone almost 40 years knowing very little of her ancestry until she sees a picture of her mother on the cover of a book in the library. The book, titled "I Have to Love My Father, Right?", was a detailed autobiography of her mother, specifically that she [...]

    Charles Weinblatt
    “What is family? Is it something we inherit, or is it something that we build? The book was the key to everything, the key to my life. It revealed my family secret, but the truth that lay before me was terrifying. I went to Kraków to get closer to the overwhelming figure of Amon Goeth, to understand why he destroyed my family. I didn’t have the courage to admit who I was to a Jewish tourist I happened to meet. I couldn’t even tell my friends in Israel who I really was.”More than 60 year [...]

    Jon(athan) Nakapalau
    Jennifer Teege (a 38 year old woman of African/German ethnicity) discovers she is related to Amon Goeth, the commandant of the Kraków-Płaszów concentration camp. How she comes to terms with this revelation is both heart breaking and uplifting. Her journey to find peace with herself and her family is a version of a journey we must all take.

    Laurie • The Baking Bookworm
    My Review: The title of this book piqued my interest immediately. And when I found out that it was a memoir written about a bi-racial woman who finds out her grandfather was one of the most brutal Nazis I knew I wanted to read this book because it took a look at the effects of WWII from a totally different viewpoint. It brings to light the question of how the family members of Nazi war criminals came to terms with their family member's horrific past deeds. Teege gives her readers a glimpse into [...]

    "Family secrets are corrosive".This is a difficult book to read, because it is a complex story of sadness and abandonment, compounded by the revelation of a horrible family secret. I found Teege to be mired in her sadness, giving insufficient attention to the goodness in her life: her adoptive family, her husband, sons and loyal friends.Without a doubt, Teege's start in life was not ideal. Her mother is cold and gives her up for adoption. She sees her periodically and develops a bond with her ma [...]

    Isis Ray-sisco
    I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinions or the content of the review. I never read biographies or memoirs but this one caught my eye. Being of mixed race I have often wondered about my lineage because my mom doesn't know much about my biological father at all. It is something that plagues many people. I found My Grandfather Would Have Shot Me: A Black Woman Discovers Her Family's Nazi Past very moving.I could totally identify wi [...]

    Just A. Bean
    I had wondered if the book would be too much what Teege herself calls "Public therapy," but while it had an element of that, it was an effective story. Teege's emotional responses and reflections were well balanced by Sellmair's historical and cultural analysis and interviews. This was especially insightful in the sections about Teege's attempts to reconcile with her her birth family.The story is an emotional journey, yes, concluded with her acceptance and attempts to teach, but I was more inter [...]

    This is just such a bizarre family story and it should have been a four star rating for that. But when it comes down to readability and and having a solid structure, this book was just frustrating. On top of it, despite the emotional topic it left me very disconnected for the most part.

    Everybody wants to know where they come from, who their parents and grandparents are. Everybody wants to be able to tell their complete story, with a beginning and an end. Everybody asks: What is unique about me? (199)Teege had very little contact with her birth mother & grandmother after she was adopted at age 7—a common practice at the time, when it was believed that a 'clean break' was best for adopted children. It was not until Teege was 38 and paging through a book that she learned mo [...]

    A cross between a personal history and a research article, this book gives some insight into how the descendants of survivors (and the Nazi commandants) react to knowing more about the atrocities of the Holocaust. Jennifer is an interesting case, because she grew up in Germany and spent time in Israel, so she has seen how people in both countries have been impacted. It seems like she was able to find peace and understand her mother and grandmother, even if she didn't like what she learned.

    Jennifer Teege's personal story is interesting. The information about the Holocaust and how subsequent generations of Germans (including her) have processed it is informative. The translation is stellar; I wouldn't have known is wasn't written in English. And, even though the subject matter is intense, the book is easy to read.But, while Teege seems likable, there's something about her viewpoint, or her motive, that puts me off. Was writing the book some kind of reaction to her birth mother's bo [...]

    Zajímavý pohled na nacistický vliv na další generace. Tady z pohledu té třetí, tedy vnuků, konkrétně vnučky velitele koncentračního tábora Płaszów. Hodně mě zaujalo, jak zatížení svých předků nese různě jejich druhá a třetí generace. Celá knížka působí trochu neskutečně. Považte, míšenka, která studovala a žila několik let v Izraeli, zjistí již ve zralém věu, že její děděček byl brutální nacistický vrah. Vydává se po stopách jeho, ale i s [...]

    This book is less about the Holocaust and her grandfather and more about how Teege is compelled to explore and test her relationships with family and friends, with this new information. Teege's journey is told in an almost documentary-interview style. I liked both the directness of the style and Teege's changing sense of herself. Strong lady.

    This was an amazing memoir . Jennifer Teege gave an interesting and unique new perspective on the holocaust which is being a 3rd generation ancestor of a war criminal. I can't imagine how I would feel if I found out that a person in my family tree was a war criminal or took part in any crime . How seriously would that affect me? A great book and I definitely recommend reading it .

    Truly a different perspective / one of a black grandchild of a Nazi commandant. I liked how story was presented by 2 narrators. Fascinating discovery finally of her family's secret & her growth out of silence and depression.

    This is a fascinating story. Jennifer Teege, a German woman of mixed German and Nigerian descent, was browsing books in a library one day when she happened to pick one out because of its intriguing title: I Have to Love My Father, Don't I? Its author was a woman named Monika Hertwig, writing about her father Amon Goethe, the infamous Nazi commandant of the labor/concentration camp fictionalized in Schindler's List. Teege flipped through the book and was faced with photographs of her own grandmot [...]

    Melinda Elizabeth
    The problem with books such as “My grandfather would have shot me” with such personal insight into a situation is precisely that – they are too personal. How can I critique the words and narrative of such a tale? Do I have the right to do so? And with a topic such as the Holocaust, there is a lot riding on any book that touches it’s genre. High expectations and a sensitivity to the victims and their families must weigh heavily upon the writers of these types of books. However, as a book, [...]

    Interesting, thought provoking, yet not what I expectedThe style of writing is rather plain, and the alternating voices between Jennifer & her co-author broke the flow for me.That aside, I don't think I was prepared to read about Jennifer's issues surrounding her adoption, specifically. I picked up the book as I've long been interested in history, the Holocaust being one catastrophe about which I've never stopped trying to learn more about. I had seen Monika Goeth in the documentary mentione [...]

    Interesting most of the time. Some of it was repetitive. Jennifer Teege was born to a German mother and a Nigerian father and was put up for adoption when she was about 4. Although she always knew who her biological mother was, he finds book about her biological mother many years later in the library and learns that her bioogical grandfather was Amon Goeth, a commandant at Plaszow concentration camp.

    Anna Maria Ballester Bohn
    A very personal and thoughtful account of what it means to be the direct descendant of someone who committed unspeakable crimes. It does make you question the whole notion of destiny, because really, what are the odds of being German, knowing not a thing about your Jew-murdering grandfather, and with twenty discovering your love for Israel and deciding to study Hebrew?

    The audiobook was nice as I tend to get hung up on names of places I can't pronounce correctly and initially I found the story interesting but around discur maybe, it *really* started to lose my interest. I did finish it and there were things I genuinely liked about it but the narrative just dragged in the middle to the point that I had to force myself to put that last disc in.

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