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  • Title: Write About Me
  • Author: Melissa-Jane Pouliot Melissa Pouliot
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  • The year is 1988 and 16 year old Annabelle Brown from northern Queensland runs away from her family and friends for the bright lights of somewhere new She ends up in Kings Cross in Sydney where her life takes some dark twists and turns Endorsed by the Australian Federal Police, Write About Me is real and raw and will break your heart into a million pieces Inspired by thThe year is 1988 and 16 year old Annabelle Brown from northern Queensland runs away from her family and friends for the bright lights of somewhere new She ends up in Kings Cross in Sydney where her life takes some dark twists and turns Endorsed by the Australian Federal Police, Write About Me is real and raw and will break your heart into a million pieces Inspired by the author s heartbreaking true family cold case mystery, Write About Me is a heart wrenching story about a teenage runaway who doesn t come home Not crime, not fiction, but that dangerous place in between If you love crime mystery authors Mary Higgins Clark, Emily Bleeker and Lisa Gardner, you ll love Melissa Pouliot.
    Melissa-Jane Pouliot Melissa Pouliot
    Melissa-Jane Pouliot Melissa Pouliot Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Write About Me book, this is one of the most wanted Melissa-Jane Pouliot Melissa Pouliot author readers around the world.


    Write About Me is the first novel in the Annabelle Brown series by Australian author, Melissa-Jane Pouliot. At sixteen years old, Annabelle Brown has lived through far too much for such a young girl, so it’s no surprise that voices populate her head. It’s these voices that direct her anti-social behaviour and her unwise decisions, setting her on a dangerous path, leaving home and heading to Kings Cross. Despite her inner turmoil and her disbelief in her family’s high regard for her, there [...]

    Fleur Ferris
    Wow I couldn't put this book down. It's powerful, fascinating, heartbreaking, insightful, compelling and every family's worst nightmare. Write About Me is about a 16 year old girl who goes missing - inspired by the real life disappearance of Ursula Barwick (the author's cousin). Pouliot's personal experience, knowledge and expertise in this field shines through making this story feel too real. I highly recommend this book. Warning: this book contains adult themes & harsh language.

    Stephanie Ward
    As a new resident of Australia, I decided to read this book to learn more about the culture from a modern perspective. (I was getting a bit tired of dated historical fiction books.) The author absolutely delivered through vernacular, descriptions of characters in various regions and especially the vivid descriptions of life in Sydney, specifically Kings Cross in the 80s. Write About Me is fiction, however it is based on actual events. The book revolves around a troubled teenager from Queensland [...]

    Write About Me is a young adult story about a teenage runaway. But it isn't just another YA story about love and boys and heartbreak and it certainly isn't fantasy.It is an important story.Perhaps this seems so important to me because the life of the main character Annabelle and those around her are so close to reality that they could be real people. And in fact, the story is loosely based on the disappearance of the author Melissa-Jane Pouliot's own cousin, Ursula Dianne Barwick who was last se [...]

    FREE ON ! wow what a sad book.

    This book was recommended to me by bookbub via a daily email. It was being offered for free for a short while via . Before I even read the blurb, something about the simple, bland cover drew me in and I knew I had to read it. And soon!I've read many tragic stories, surely din many different themes and scenarios but what struck me about this story is that it was built upon grains of truth and dealt with mental health. Interesting-you don't get many of these kinds of books.I'm not going to lie and [...]

    This book is based (loosely) on a true story of a missing girl and not only covers her disappearance but also the effect her being gone has on many other people. Sometimes the writing style of this book can get confusing as it constantly jumps back and forth between past and (so called) present and to the view points of the victim, her family and the people who knew her.The sad thing is that alot of this could have been prevented (well in the story version anyhoo not sure if the real girl had th [...]

    This is a heartbreaking story about Annabelle Brown, a teenaged girl living in Queensland who goes missing never to be seen again although you keep hoping for a better outcome as you read this story.Annabelle is broken, though, and no one fully knows what she has been through except her two closest friend, Anna and Bell. The only problem is that nobody can see or hear them except for Annabelle.This book left me wanting to know more about what had happened Annabelle, her mental illness, sexual ab [...]

    Ellen DeGeneres, this book needs to be on your showCould not put this down, read it in one sitting! This Australian story about a teenage runaway is fiction inspired by a true story, and while reading I was left fascinated not only by the fictional story but by the author’s own missing persons tragedy. Ellen DeGeneres, take note. This author and this book need to be on your show. And while you’re at it, send it onto Oprah’s book club. I think this book should be a compulsory read for all t [...]

    Very interesting. Very sad. Not perfectly written but written from the heart.The story of Annabelle, a 16 year old runaway who ends up in Kings Cross (Sydney, AUS) on her 17th birthday. It is inspired by a real runaway but what happens once she gets to Sydney is conjecture, not fact. That doesn't detract from the story at all, in fact it may make it a little more readable, otherwise it would be even more of a heartbreaking story.We know from the first page that Annabelle's is not a happy ending [...]

    Lisa Tortorello
    Write About Me by Melissa-Jane Pouliot was an interestingly disturbing story. "Write about me, cause I'm dead" is a line from the book that sticks with me. Though this story is fiction, it was inspired by the author's own cousin who ran away from home years ago and was never heard from again. This story takes a look at personality disorders, living on the streets, making choices, taking chances and the consequences that can result. I was intrigued also because the setting of this story is Austra [...]

    I was gifted this book in 2013. I'm not too sure why I never read it back then. But deciding to go through my bookself and read the books I bought ages ago I came across this one. I never bothered to read the blurb, I just dove right into it, and wow what a story. It wasn't like anything I was expecting (in a good way). ~~~~~~~~~~~~Write about me tells the story of Annabelle, a 17 year old who has left home after a dispute with her mum and hitch-hikes her way to Sydney. What's different about th [...]

    Missing people that are never found is just sad. The fact that Annabelle was so troubled mentally, just added to it. How simple teenage misunderstandings lead to her just walking away and walking into a life that no one should lead. But it is a sad fact that some people are never found. And it is even more sad that some people are never even missed. I didn't "love" this book just because it was so sad. It would be like enjoying a book on human trafficking. You read it to be informed, not to love [...]

    Very sad story. i really like the way Melissa mixed facts with fiction making it a real page turner. She brings awareness to the fact of some many missing and so little is done often times that many go unfound due to lack of help from authorities , the many changes taking place in things authorities are doing now to help with missing loved one like age progression My prayers go out to all the families with missing loved ones. I pray Ursula is found and her family get the answers they seek. Than [...]

    This book, based on a real missing person, opened up for me, the question"where are ALL the missing people, especially the children?". Obviously the answer is, in many many different places. As always a sad situation when a loved one goes missing and made worse for the child herself by mental illness, the book is nonetheless a good read. It gives the reader a fairly clear idea of how it feels to not know where your missing loved one is and the progression over time of those feelings.

    Sherri Westbury
    I got this as a freebie. I couldn't put it down. It's listed as a YA book but I don't feel it istely dealt with adult themes. I didn't realize until the end that it's based loosely on a true story. It's a heart-wrenching tale but a very good read. To comment on what another poster wroteose others in the book were not her imaginary friendsey were the fractions of her personality (aka multiple personalities)

    Lorna Sixsmith
    The fact that this was inspired by a true story really makes this book resonate with you as you're reading. I kept thinking it must have been such an emotional book for the author to write. So many issues and emotions are covered and yes, there's the "if only" moments too and things could have been so different. Not sure if "enjoyed" is the right word (as I found it a tough read) but this is definitely a book worth reading.

    Kay Mcaloney
    This was a very sad book but I couldn't put it down. I didn't realize until the end that it was based on a true story. I would rate this story a 4.5 if there were such a rating. Very well written, but made me very sad and hurting for teenagers that seem to have a hard time finding their way in the world. Such a difficult age.

    ❤Marie Gentilcore
    3.5 stars. This was a really good story about Annabelle Brown, a teen girl with mental illness who ends up missing. I really liked Annabelle, I felt so helpless when she succumbed to the voices in her mind. I felt sad for the people who loved her and wanted her to come home so badly. It was a quick read and I enjoyed it very much.

    Free on KindleA heavy read. A bit confusing of the back and forth between characters. Based on a true story about a teen runaway in the mid 80s in Australia. The character is mentally ill and those left behind are constantly haunted by woulda coulda shoulda. This book will give me food for though for quite some time.

    I enjoyed this book. It is well written and seems to be very factual. It was interesting to me in that it takes place inAustralia so there are phrases and places mentioned that I wasn't familiar with but it made the book unique. The story is about the struggle with mental illness and it's very sad. I recommend this book but be aware that it is not a "feel good" kind of read.

    Deb Graff
    A well written book about a very sad subject. It was hard not to think about Annabelle even when I was not reading. I didn't like the language but suppose it had to be that way to make it more realistic. Worth your time

    Jess Meyer
    I love this whole series. I hate finishing these books and having to wait for the next one. They always end on a cliffhanger and keep you hanging. They are the sort of books you will read in a day. You won't be able to put them down!

    Catrina Bradley
    This isn't a "feel-good" read, but is a powerful story, told from the POV's of many lives affected by a missing teen-aged girl - including her own story, Warning: this is not "G" rated, but neither is life. It is nitty-gritty and real.

    This is a sad story that brings in all view points of the friends and family of a young teenaged girl who runs away and does not return home. It is possibly based on a true story, but just the facts that are given on runaways is heart wrenching.

    Interesting ReadThis was a difficult novel to read. Because the author does such a wonderful job of describing Annabelle's journey, but also the pain and anguish of those left behind.

    At first I wasn't sure I was going to like it, but once I fell into the rhythm of it the book was hard to put down.

    Debby Mason
    Don't miss this one!Very touching and memorable story of a young girl who grows up too fast. Her short life comes to a tragic end at just 17.

    Tara Fazenbaker
    Didn't know it was based on a real story. Left me feeling quite eerie.

    Florence Primrose
    Interesting, but sad, story of Annabelle, a troubled 16-year-old Australian girl, who ran away to Sydney, disappeared, and was never found. Probably too often true.

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