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  • Title: Hearth Stone
  • Author: Lois Greiman
  • ISBN: 9781617736001
  • Page: 478
  • Format: Paperback

  • With her chance at the US equestrian team shattered by an injury, Sydney Wellesley arrives at the Lazy Windmill ranch angry and heartbroken But the rugged red bluffs and wild high plains of the Black Hills inspire her to purchase land where she can train her own Olympic hopefuls Everything s going according to Sydney s new life plan until her funding suddenly dries up.With her chance at the US equestrian team shattered by an injury, Sydney Wellesley arrives at the Lazy Windmill ranch angry and heartbroken But the rugged red bluffs and wild high plains of the Black Hills inspire her to purchase land where she can train her own Olympic hopefuls Everything s going according to Sydney s new life plan until her funding suddenly dries up Alone in the ramshackle house she had planned to raze, Sydney is ready to admit defeat and slink back to civilization until she discovers an injured mustang Seeing herself in the desperate wild mare, she feels compelled to save the animal at all costs, little knowing that the horse just might return the favor For as Sydney s circle grows to include an autistic child, an earthy array of local characters, and hired help in the form of Hunter Redhawk, a man as indomitable as the land itself, she realizes that heroes are everywhere and healing is the first step on the road to true happiness.
    Lois Greiman
    Born on a North Dakota cattle ranch, Lois Greiman graduated from a high school class of sixty students before moving to Minnesota where she professionally trained and showed Arabian Horses for several years Since that time she s been a high fashion model, a fitness instructor, and a veterinary assistant But an incurable case of writing fever put a stop to all those occupations.Since selling her first book to Avon in 1992, she has sold twelve other historical romance novels, most of which are set in medieval Scotland and involve her very popular Forbes clan In an attempt to pursue her love of humor, Ms Greiman has also recently sold three romantic comedies to Harlequin Enterprises.While caring for three children, fifteen horses, and a menagerie of pets on her small farm in Minnesota, Ms Greiman writes full time, producing two or three novels a year and garnering much praise from readers and reviewers alike Affaire de Coeur called HIGHLAND WOLF magnificent Romantic Times proclaimed LADY AND THE KNIGHT pure magic Christina Dodd proclaims Lois Greiman delivers.The Fraser Bride offers delightful characters, breathless adventure Her Highland novels have received Affaire de Couer s Critic s Choice Award, Romantic Times K.I.S.S Award, and been nominated for Romance Writer s of America s prestigious Rita Her titles have appeared on Barnes and Nobles Best Selling Romance list and won her the Midwest Fiction Writer s Rising Star Award.


    Carmen Blankenship
    If you like Nora Roberts and Danielle Steele I believe you will really enjoy Hearth Stone. First of all, the cover of this book caught my eye. It is beautiful. I really enjoyed the story and alot of the "supporting cast". This is a story of rich girl get's cut off and moves to the hills to become independent. It just felt like it had all been done before. By the second chapter I knew what was going to happen. There are a few storyline surprises but really, it follows a very familiar format. Trut [...]

    Pam Herrmann
    Met the author at the local library. Loved the book-just makes me want to keep reading the series.Sydney escapes her domineering father and gets cut off from the family money. But she shows she has the tenacity to survive and thrive by following her dream. Quote: But there is only so long you can lean on your excuses before you must carry your own weight and learn to stand tall.

    4.5 stars.Hearth Stone is the first heartwarming installment in Lois Greiman's Home in the Hills series. This charming novel is a lovely story of new beginnings for Sydney Wellesley when she impulsively purchases a dilapidated ranch nestled in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Leaving behind a life of privilege is only the first of many changes for Sydney as she finds love and friendship while forging a new life for herself in the wake of a devastating accident.Sydney is the only daughter of a we [...]

    Hearth Stone is the story of a young woman whose life takes a turn in a new direction, much to her distress. Sydney was raised in privilege by a rigid father, a cold grandmother, and several nannies. When an injury changes everything she’s forced to rethink her future. She sets off on a journey to finding new meaning in her life. What she doesn’t expect is to find that her old life was based on lies.Sydney arrives in South Dakota at her newly purchased ranch. She immediately starts to rehab [...]

    I received an ARC courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own. Sydney is feeling lost and broken after an injury, until she finds a ranch with lots of land to hopefully trains some other Olympic hopefuls. The house should be teared down to start fresh but Hunter Redhawk convinces her the house is worth saving. She tries to hide that her funding was drying up, but he is willing to work in trade. The house attracts all those who need saving inc [...]

    Anne Marie
    Finished reading Hearth Stone by Lois Greiman.I found this book to be a quick, happy book to read. Lots of character development, and a nice ending.This book was a win from the First Reads Program.

    This has to be one of the worst books I’ve ever tried to read. Verbose doesn’t even begin to describe the writing style! The first few chapters introduce a cast of characters with no background information and no idea of how they fit into the story making for some confusing reading.As a rider and former horse owner, I love any story that features horses but when I read that Sydney jumped on her horse and cantered out of the barn, I just about lost it. What a stupid and dangerous move! I also [...]

    Vicki Lanzendorf
    Some new characters and a new setting for the Lazy Windmill series. I enjoyed the spirit of finding oneself and discovering strength you didn't know you had that ran thru this book. The surprises were good too.

    Library Kindle e-book

    Enjoyable read. I really liked how it ended but there were a few things that didn't quite make sense or needed a bit more work, hence the three stars.

    4.5 stars Wow, what a powerful story! I loved getting to imagine the beautiful countryside through Sydney's eyes. The scenery and cast of lovable characters immediately drew me in to this emotional and captivating story. But what really had me head over heels for this book was Sydney and Hunter's chemistry. Hunt as he's called by his friends is such a hoot! He had me giggling uncontrollably quite a few times throughout the book. He doesn't let Sydney get away with being snobby, distant, or cold [...]

    Talking Books
    Sydney Wellesley has led a pampered, spoiled life. Circumstances have her fleeing her fiancée and a devastating accident that all but obliterates her equestrian dreams. Sydney realises she wants more. Striving always to please her father, who was starving her of the love and support she so desperately craves sees Sydney fleeing his tight hold and her grandmothers suffocating ways to South Dakota. Looking for real estate, Sydney finds a house, dilapidated but breathtaking in many other ways. Aft [...]

    Margaret Sholders
    This was an endearing book to read. I have already read some of Lois' s books and liked them a lot. This was a bit different but it was still a good read. I wasn't sure where this would go when I started reading. Lois has introduced some powerful people into this story. Sydney finally used her backbone to refuse to marry her fiancee who she saw cheating on her. She goes to South Dakota to a resort to recover and decides to buy a ranch sight unseen. She is surprised when she has It and sees what [...]

    While life does not allow for rewinds, it does allow rebuilds, which is exactly Sydney’s goal in Hearth Stone, the first book in Lois Greiman's Home in the Hills series. Injury has caused the loss of one dream so instead of giving up; Sydney sets her sites on another. One set back after another she almost gives up until she finds a severely injured mustang. By saving him, she saves her herself. This is so true of life, in that our focus needs to be on something other than ourselves. Sydney may [...]

    I received an ARC from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.This is the first in the new Home in the Hills series. Even though this is a spin-off of the Hope Springs series I don't think you need to read them to enjoy this. There was a lot of witty banter between the characters, and although Sydney was unintentionally offensive to Hunter, he took it in stride and found the humor in the situation. Despite their differences a romance bloomed between them. I definitely didn't love the snootin [...]

    I received this book through Giveaways. What follows is my honest review of this book.I love the cover art used on Hearth Stone. Gets you into the mood for this entertaining and enjoyable story of relationships and redemption. Ms. Greiman's writing is quite good. I thoroughly enjoyed the banter between Sydney and Hunt throughout the book. There was plenty of humor, a little drama, and a couple of good twists near the end. This is the first in a series, I believe, and I will definitely be on the [...]

    A corny Lifetime made for TV novel, but it spoke to me, nonethless. A woman runs away from her unfaithful fiancée and controlling father to South Dakota, with its red rock, plains, and rolling hills. She goes into a café, and meets ranchpeople, and decides to buy a ranch. She meets a local town person, who helps her rebuild her ranch. Of course she develops feelings for him. She encounters a wild Mustang who is injured, and decides to nurse it back to health. Clearly there is a healing/rebuild [...]

    I enjoyed this book, which I received through the Giveaway. Yes, it's a bit predictable, but the characters were interesting and there were a few plot twists that snuck up on me. Lois Greiman paints a beautiful picture of South Dakota. The main character, Sydney Wellesley, is difficult to get to know in the book, but it reflects what her character is like in her fictional world. If you're looking for a story that you can just sit back and enjoy then I would recommend Hearth Stone. Is it "great [...]

    Carol Rennie
    I received this book through a giveaway - thank you.Sydney Wellesley is born into a rich family. After an equestrian accident and a broken engagement, Sydney flees to regroup and heal and finds herself in South Dakota. Sydney wants to start a new life but her father holds the purse strings. Overcoming obstacles and forging new relationships along the way, Sydney learns not only how to manage her new life, but finds surprises along the way after she meets a mustang she names Courage.I really lik [...]

    Sydney refuses to go along with her father and fiance to merge the two wealthy families. Injured and disinherited she flees to Lazy Windmill ranch with hopes to open a riding school for Olympic hopefuls. She rescues a wild mustang and the two save each other. Her plans change but she finds that the small town folks have taken her under their wings and help her proceed with a new life. A wonderful story of life and family. First in a new series that I'm looking forward to reading.

    This is a book I can lend to my friend, my grandma. I love the books when they are ageless. Pick this one up for a summer read, the kids can interrupt you and you can come back to it. I am a lucky winner from .

    Jennifer Bidne
    At first it was difficult to keep track of who was who for characters because so many were introduced in a short period of time but as the book went along, I enjoyed it more. Overall, it is a nice read!

    Way too many adjectives, and pretty routine plot, but that said, I enjoyed the read once I made peace with the devices. I've read and enjoyed other Greiman books, but don't recall them being quite so adjective heavy.

    A little sparing on initial character development for me, but a nice heart-warming story at its core. If you are looking for an enjoyable quick read, this book fits the bill.

    I loved this book. It was a great story and can not wait to read the next book.

    got better as you read on.

    Chris Conley
    What a great book this was. I cannot wait to go back to The Black Hills and find out what happens to the rest of Sydney's family and friends.

    Hearth Stone is the first book in the "Home in the Hills" series. I thought it was an enjoyable story, though somewhat predictable.

    Quick read. A horse romancerst in a series.

    short easy feel good beach read

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