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  • Title: The Last Cannoli
  • Author: Tali Spencer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 216
  • Format: ebook

  • Dear Author,MC is from a marketing background His partner and he worked together on many campaigns, and MC was happy to let his partner take the fame, preferring to stay out of the spotlight After all, they knew it was a team effort, and that s all that counted right until being unceremoniously ditched in favour of a glamorous job offer in another city decides he neeDear Author,MC is from a marketing background His partner and he worked together on many campaigns, and MC was happy to let his partner take the fame, preferring to stay out of the spotlight After all, they knew it was a team effort, and that s all that counted right until being unceremoniously ditched in favour of a glamorous job offer in another city decides he needs a change of job and a change of attitude What could be different than working in a bakery He expects it to be difficult, and his former friends and colleagues enjoy teasing him about this abrupt shift MC doesn t mind it s a temporary thing while he finds his feet What he doesn t expect is to find himself enjoying like in the cafe bakery as much as he does Decorating and baking really appeal to his creative side and the bakery s owner manager is so passionate about his work that it is not hard to admire his drive MC has to remind himself that he is falling in love with the bakery not his boss But lines blur, Boss is a friendly, supportive guy who views the bakery staff as an extended family and MC is starting to realise that this might be the best decision he s ever made It s not perfect Boss is staunchly against corporate speak and MC is itching to use his business know how and advertising contacts to push the bakery to the next level But will success go against what Boss and the bakery stand for Photo Description In this pretty picture, a forest green ceramic cup and saucer sits upon a table of warm amber wood The cup is filled almost to the brim with luscious, creamy hot chocolate and it has a gingerbread man inside, sunk chest deep and smiling The effect is one of happiness and possibly pleasure at having found his perfect place.This story was written as a part of the M M Romance Group s Love s Landscapes event Group members were asked to write a story prompt inspired by a photo of their choice Authors of the group selected a photo and prompt that spoke to them and wrote a short story This story may contain sexually explicit content and is intended for adult readers It may contain content that is disagreeable or distressing to some readers The M M Romance Group strongly recommends that each reader review the General Information section before each story for story tags as well as for content warnings.
    Tali Spencer
    I am fascinated by swords, mythology, and everything ancient and magical Sword and sandals I m in But I also love bodice rippers, Regency romances, magical realism, pulpy detective stories, cozy mysteries, and South American literature Though I grew up as a bit of a nomad, I currently live in Pennsylvania with my husband and travel whenever I can Every destination yields a story or three.When not writing, I read everything really, everything , experiment with food, and take long walks with my loving, if slightly neurotic, poodle.


    Unicorn HornsMafioso like movesCannoli"You know what a good cannoli is supposed to be? A life-altering experience. Life altering! You eat a great cannoli and, sweet baby Jesus, it’s like the saints come down and deliver you to heaven."That's the honest truth. This story has made me thank the Italian bakeries in the half mile radius from my house. Nothing like the creamy goodness of cannoli cream, the crunchy cinnamon-like shell and delectable chocolate chips. *shudders*Sweet treat.As is Tali S [...]

    ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    Sweet and fluffy (there are cannoli on the cover after all), but unfocused and dull, with lots of meandering and unnecessary details. The story focused more on Joe's family bakery business, Joe's weird issues with his religious mother, and Sean's past drama with his business partner than it did on the romance between Joe and Sean. What should have been slow burn was merely awkward interactions. We get some frotting halfway through (and one additional scene toward the end), but it was mechanical [...]

    **Warning** This story will cause snackingNice slice of life, second beginnings story with food porn. Let's face it, I read the title and I was hungry. I read the story and now I'm trying to figure out where to get a fix because I don't live on the East Coast and Italian bakeries aren't around the corner. *huffs*Sexy, Italian man making food and a sweet, lonely Irish boy getting sucked into the family. Lovable characters and charming setting make this a fun, angst-free read. Favorite quote:“I [...]

    Cristina T.
    The Last Cannoli was a sweet, mouth-watering little story. There was fluff, steam, and everything in between.It is a story of two men who work together in an Italian family bakery. Sean Whelan has been screwed over by his former partner, a selfish bitch whom he used to own a marketing firm with. He feels lost and unhappy, and he desperately needs a change of pace. Therefore, Sean decides to try his luck with getting a job at an Italian bakery in Philadelphia. Joe Dippolitano is the one who runs [...]

    I loved this one and as Vivian so correctly put it, this story does inspire snacking.One thing that I appreciated about this contribution was that it was more than just the romance between Joe and Sean. I loved that too, I mean, that is what I want to read. But, I do love when a story unexpectedly gives me more. More hijinks, more shenanigans, unicorn references and very memorable secondary characters that I liked very much.The author really got the ginormous Sicilian family thing right. The one [...]

    Cari Z.
    Lengthy for a DRiTC story, delicious in description and development, and very, very fun. If you're looking for flaming passion, burning hatred or anything on the more extreme scale emotionally and physically, look elsewhere. This is a story about family love, stretching yourself a little to try something new, and the sweet romance between Sean and Joe. It's very well written (naturally, this is Tali) and the food descriptions left me with a craving, but more than that I felt genuinely happy by t [...]

    Lots of sweet and sexy fun. So what if it's as fluffy as a cannoli filling - it told the story exactly as the prompt specified and did it very well.

    I enjoyed this story, but it was an inconsistent read for me. *So many great lines, but then a few phrases, and some dialogue, that threw me off. *Likeable MCs, but I was running hot and lukewarm with them, not always connecting with them as much as I'd have liked.*I liked Sean and Joe together, but it took too long for a romance to develop and even then, not much time was spent on it. I was looking for more tension, or something.*Sexy times that didn't quite live up to the promise of Joe formed [...]

    How cute is this book?This cute.

    This was fun and at times a bit silly. Lots of food porn which led to me buying WAY to many sweet things at the grocery story.

    I loved it and it's free? It gets all the stars.

    Christina Marie
    It's un-freaking-believable how adorable this is. The Last Cannoli is sweet, and a little spicy. It's fluffy goodness at it's finest. Not so fluffy I had nothing to sink my teeth into. There is a lot of focus on the bakery. However, I thought it was balanced nicely with all the romantic bits. This is most definitely a slow burn. It isn't dripping in UST, BUT the progression of Joe and Sean's relationship is perrrfect. I really just loved everything about this.Also, I’m left with the very stron [...]

    I LOVE Tali Spencer's humor! It was laughing like a look through this whole story. This was fun and cute, low on the angst.I enjoyed the MCs a lot and the extended Italian family was HILARIOUS specially the Mama. Loved her and that inter generational feud over a cannoli recipe was AWESOME! LOLI will def re-read this one, when I'm in the mood for light and funny.Go read it, it's free!

    Linda ~ chock full of hoot, just a little bit of nanny ~
    I needed brain bleach and this provided some excellent brain bleach. On the romance side, it kind of fizzles, so if you're hoping for sexy, hot times, move along*. But if you want a story with a fluffy, creamy center of gooeyness, a beefy Italian and his family being all Italiany, and an Irish dude just trying to keep up and find a better fit for his talents than the cut-throat world of white collar business, this is the story for you. I do wish there'd been a little more of the "getting to know [...]

    4.5 stars! Really wonderful story that was thoroughly enjoyable and believable-the pacing for me was spot on. I wouldn't have minded reading this with novel length-in fact I hope a book about these two (and their chemistry!) or someone "in the family" would be great ::hint, hint:: In other words-more please! And thank you so much :)

    Deja Dei
    Great story. Sweet if a little slow, but it made me feel good at the end and its better than many I have paid for.I guess I am a reader who doesn't mind details even if thy don't influence the story, if I enjoy them. I'm hungry for sweets now.

    This started out very strong. I found this entertaining yet unfocused. The bit with the Cannoli Competition took away some of the focus on the development of the relationship between Joe and Sean.

    This was a fun, fab story with just the right amount of gooey romance and hot sex. Plus cannolis which have gone on my must try at some point list. Another fab offering from the LL event.

    Aղցela W.
    This was a short quick read that I liked. Sean Whelan took a job at Dippolito's Italian Bakery when his partner decided to leave the marketing firm that he started with her. Sean decides that he need a change and working in a bakery would do just that. Joe Dippolitano who is the owner bakery is against corporate anything. This was a good read that made me crave cupcakes. Joe has issues with his mother and Sean has issues with his former business partner who leaves the small pond for a big fish i [...]

    Dawn Sister
    You had me at Cannoli. Really that's all it took to draw me into this story. Well okay there's more to it than that, but setting the story in and around a bakery made for a mouth watering read.The characters had depth, their backstories were compelling and even the secondary characters were well developed. I don't know much about Italian families but I know enough after reading this to know I would love and hate to be part of one. I think this is probably what Joe felt every day.The story centre [...]

    Charlie Cochet
    I still can't believe this story was free. I so thoroughly enjoyed it. This was just what I needed last night as I sat in the hospital for eight hours after accompanying my parents to Emergency. My father had a bad reaction to one of his medications, but luckily he's okay. :) Anyway, I needed something to get lost in, to take my mind off the wait and the worry, and this was absolutely perfect. I got completely swept up in Joe and Sean's world, in the madness of the Dippolito family, and omg, I d [...]

    Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love's Landscapes event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!2.5 stars I have a confession to make I don't like cannoli. I don't think that affected my enjoyment of this story, although the sexy cannoli cream sucking scene was not as appetizing as it was probably supposed to be.This was a sweet story, although I didn't feel as much chemistry between the guys as I would have liked. Joe was OK but I didn't really get the draw, the sh [...]

    Alicia Nordwell
    I knew I'd enjoy this, and I was right! I loved the family dynamics! There's nothing like love to create drama, especially in large, tight-knit families who have their fair share of tempers. Sean's persistence to really help out the bakery he comes to love working at, yet knowing when to back off, showed he really DID know people--even if he let his partner be the face of his old marketing company. And Joe was awesome. Gruff, yet personable, dedicated to what he does and happy with his path in l [...]

    I like this very well. I liked Sean, though I was worried that he'd never realize that he can't just do things without consulting Joe. I really would have liked a more definitive accounting of Joe and his mother reconciling. It was kinda glossed over with the cannoli contest and being in Sean's POV.A pleasurable day's reading.[NOTE: I rate most writing event stories (free reads) 4 or 5 stars because of my appreciation of the author's participation and gift.]

    Kendra T
    This was a great story!!! I really loved Sean and his desire to remain true to himself rather than chase money. I loved Joe's commitment to his family, and the siblings/Mama Jo were great additional characters. Loved the depth to the story line, especially for a quickly written, free, short story based on a prompt. Fabulous!

    A shade over 4 starsVery well written contemporary story of Sean, a former advertising executive, who takes a position in a family bakery run by Joe and his extended Italian family. This is a straight out fun story of Sean and Joe's growing relationship, lots of baked goods, decorating of cupcakes and old Sicilian family rivalries. Very enjoyable.

    Jane (PS)
    'Sweet' story. A day-to-day look into the lives of an Italian family, their bakery and a 'quiet' but creative MC who walks away from the corporate lifestyle looking for happiness. Nothing OTT; a slow-developing romance and very believable.

    Rachel Emily
    And now I'm craving a cannoli!! This was just delightful! I loved all the characters and loved the realism and slow build for Sean and Joe! I really loved this, thank you!

    Roger - president of NBR United -
    Oh this was so great the story touch all bases and the characters were so alive.

    Adorable! And crazy how much it made me crave cannoli the whole time I was reading!

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