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  • Title: The Favorite Uncle Remus
  • Author: Joel Chandler Harris Archibald C. Coolidge George Van Santvoord
  • ISBN: 9780395068007
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Hardcover

  • This book brings together for the first time in one volume the best stories of Joel Chandler Harris.
    Joel Chandler Harris Archibald C. Coolidge George Van Santvoord
    Joel Chandler Harris was an American journalist born in Eatonton, Georgia who wrote the Uncle Remus stories, including Uncle Remus His Songs and His Sayings, The Folk Lore of the Old Plantation, 1880 , Nights with Uncle Remus 1881 1882 , Uncle Remus and His Friends 1892 , and Uncle Remus and the Little Boy 1905.The stories, based on the African American oral storytelling tradition, were revolutionary in their use of dialect and in featuring a trickster hero called Br er Brother Rabbit, who uses his wits against adversity, though his efforts do not always succeed The frog is the trickster character in traditional tales in Central and Southern Africa The stories, which began appearing in the Atlanta Constitution in 1879, were popular among both Black and White readers in the North and South, not least because they presented an idealized view of race relations soon after the Civil War The first published Brer Rabbit stories were written by President Theodore Roosevelt s uncle, Robert Roosevelt.


    These are great to read aloud with a child. (Difficult to read with the dialect, but worth it.) I do wish I could hear someone else read them well, though. Anyway, it is fascinating to read these stories and think about the relationship of this old slave to his young master. The child accepts it all so casually, but of course, he's the one writing the story. Still, he is somewhat sympathetic to his older friend and we get a portrait that is revealing despite its limitations. I love the creative [...]

    I LOVE reading these stories to the kids. Nevermind PC killjoys who would have us throw out every piece of literature connected with american slavery which isn't also a protest. The stories themselves are so clever and sweet - but what makes them WONDERFUL is the pidgeon-English they're written in. This can make them challenging to read out-loud, but once you get the hang of it the spelling forces you into character and the stories come alive. I've owned this book for about 15 years and periodic [...]

    Political correctness be damned; any childhood spent without exposure to these wonderful tales would be seriously deficient. Reading aloud is a must, though it presents extraordinary challenges at times. Here is the sort of timeless, earthy wisdom and shrewd insight into human nature which is as ancient as the hills, as valuable as gold, and a necessary and essential component of any great civilization that has arisen or will arise since before the times of Aesop and Publilius Syrus. And besides [...]

    The Walt Disney film Song of he South was a favorite when I was a little girl back in the 50's. It has since become politically incorrect and so is nowhere to be found. Even so I enjoyed the Brer Rabbit stories, and will still find myself whistling or singing Zip-a-dee-do-dah. When I visited New Orleans eleven years ago, my sister-in-law and I rented a car and visited Laura's Plantation, a French-Creole plantation where Joel Chandler Harris had recorded the Brer Rabbit stories so many years ago. [...]

    When I taught English as a Second Language for the first time, to a classroom full of adults in Key West, I implemented a page of this text to illustrated how contrary our pronunciations are. To my amazement my students had no problem understanding Joel Chandler Harris' words. (My students were from all over the world)"Ms. A, this is what Americans sound like to us."Well I be, and all those elocution lesson have been wasted on my audience. Instantly I switched gears and spoke the more appropriat [...]

    My dad used to read us these stories at bedtime when we were little kids. Later we were all tickled to find the Splash Mountain ride at Disneyland is based on these characters. Not PC anymore, but the characters fun and so are their shenanigans.

    I grew up on Uncle Remus so I was excited when I found this book. I will need to get another book because this book was written in "the dialect of the cotton plantations of middle Georgia" and I couldn't figure out what the stories were saying.

    Lady Dixie
    My dad used to read me the story of Brer Rabbit every night. What sweet memories of laughing at his antics!

    this book is hard to read because of the dialog and accent of the books

    This is a great book. I grew up hearing the Wonderful Tar Baby story. It has been a part of my life for a long time

    So this was not an easy read, the language was a little difficult at first and the stories are definitely more "read aloud" than "read to yourself". I am glad I read them though and really enjoyed the tales, though it was surprising how evil Brer Rabbit was in the end. The stories were on their own short and sweet, and the characters needed very little character building. It was cool seeing some similarities between other classic tales/fables and the Uncle Remus tales, and yet reading so many ot [...]

    • ☆ The Favorite Uncle Remus || ✓ PDF Download by î Joel Chandler Harris Archibald C. Coolidge George Van Santvoord
      183 Joel Chandler Harris Archibald C. Coolidge George Van Santvoord
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