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  • Title: Damaged and the Dragon
  • Author: Bijou Hunter
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  • Page: 496
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • New Adult RomanceBailey Johansson is the redneck princess of the Reapers Motorcycle Club Desperate to fall in love, she won t settle for just any guy Bailey wants Nick, but he isn t making it easy for her.Nick Davies grew up in a life of violence Cage fighting as Dragon provides money and willing girls, but he only craves the sister of his nemesis Love might come easilNew Adult RomanceBailey Johansson is the redneck princess of the Reapers Motorcycle Club Desperate to fall in love, she won t settle for just any guy Bailey wants Nick, but he isn t making it easy for her.Nick Davies grew up in a life of violence Cage fighting as Dragon provides money and willing girls, but he only craves the sister of his nemesis Love might come easily, but trust proves to be a struggle.Can the spoiled princess find a way to heal the hurt boy inside the man she loves Damaged and the Dragon is the fifth book in the Damaged series and is intended for mature readers.
    Bijou Hunter
    Author of Contemporary New Adult Romantic SuspenseThe Damaged series reading order Beast Knight Cobra Outlaw Dragon Bulldog SaintLittle Memphis MC series reading order Little Memphis Broken MemphisStandalone RomancesGator a story between an assassin and the woman he claims.Used ex con biker finds love and redemption with a club girl.I love interacting with readers Contact me here Facebook facebook AuthorBijouHunterTwitter BijouBooksMailing List bijouhunterbooks mailing listHappy reading


    4 3/4 stars, After reading Damaged and the Beast(which is calling for a re-read) I fell in love with Bijou Hunter and the characters of Ellsberg, and it's no secret that after I read Damaged and the Beast I hated Bailey. I wanted her to die a slow and painful death after she was humiliated through Ellsberg (yes I know I can hold a grudge in books) I honestly never though Ms. Hunter could make me not want Bailey gone I never dreamed in a million years that Bijou would make me like and dare I say [...]

    So I still think Bailey has the IQ of a Skittle I still think she's the most narcissistic, self absorbed, annoying person in this series. But she's also very caring In her own special way. Thank God, Nick found her temper tantrums cute. Thank the Lord, Nick thinks Bailey's perfect, 'cause honestly? No one else would. With that being said, Bailey is funny as hell! Following her thought process is pure entertainment! While she grew on me slowly in the previous two books, she became almost likeable [...]

    Sometimes characters surprise you!Although I enjoyed Bijou Hunters Damaged series, it’s taken me a long time to get around to reading Damaged and the Dragon. Bailey Johansson is probably one of the most immature, self-centered and annoying characters I have ever read. A little bit of her goes a long way so I had a hard time imagining myself enjoying a book with her as the heroine. After a Damaged reread binge, I decided to bite the bullet, started Bailey’s book and ended up actually liking i [...]

    When this series started I didn't like Bailey one bit. By the time this book started though I liked her a bit more. I still felt she was a spoiled, needy brat most of the time but it was working better for her. Nick has lived a rough life and has a lot to work through. This book showed so much growth by both characters. Bailey was able to truly love someone and put them first. Nick loved Bailey for things that drove most others crazy. They fit. Their love wasn't as epic for me as the others but [...]

    Megan Fall
    I still really liked this book, but it wasn't as good as the rest. I kept waiting for the big shootout or kidnapping at the endd it didn't happen. Still a great because it was Nick's book, but I hope the next one has more action.

    Bailey and Nick 4.5 starsI've been completely hooked on these books since I read Damaged and the Beast and with the exception of Gator, not part of this series I know but since I've liked everything else by this author I thought I'd give it a go but I just couldn't finish it no matter how many times I tried but despite Gator I've loved everything else Bijou has written. I have to say that while reading Beast I really, really disliked Bailey to the point where I didn't think anything would change [...]

    There is really no accounting for taste because I loved Bailey fucking Johansson! She's shallow and obnoxious and insecure even if she grew up as a princess. She was also unapologetic of her sexuality.

    purchased 99 cents

    DNF - 6%

    This is my ZON ReviewThis is A FREGGING Amazing Series that has everything you want to read in a Great book , It makes you chuckle that's Bailey so straight up to the point it's hilarious , & with all of Nicks hidden insecurities with Bailey things . Her drama that he loves just rolled off of him when it was to do with her another great love story , Hot yes lots of tuff ie : how do you feel about your father disappearing for good !! funny and Saywer God she's an evil genius the things t [...]

    I've been hooked on this series from the beginning and I was one of the few who loved Bailey from the beginning. In all her loud, crass, insecure, potty mouthed behavior she is my favorite Bijou heroine. I loved this book although unfortunately not as much as Outlaw, which I hate because Bailey is my favorite. I just feel like it wasn't as complex as the others. But I really really like the dual pov and the dual pov epilogues. I'm super excited for Dylan and Winona and am going to be DEVASTATED [...]

    Nick and bailey's story WAS great! !! nick the dragon ever since Larks book I was wondering about him really good.

    Valerie H
    I really just didn't like Bailey. I only finished reading it because I liked Nick!

    Cyndi Hackett
    Bravo! I have been waiting for Bailey’s story for so long. I must be one of the few readers that loved Bailey F*ucking Johansson. She has the best dialogue with Sawyer and the rest of the crew. I usually highlight most of the parts with Bailey in the other books but I must have highlighter the entire Damaged and the Dragon (DoD). I know she can be a spoiled brat and rude, but it’s just so funny and she is just so real. I mean what other character you know would respond to Lark’s heartfelt [...]

    **I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review**Wow!! I believe I have found my book boyfriend of the series!! I loved Nick!!! And in an amazing turn of events, I actually liked Bailey as well. Throughout the series, Bailey F'ing Johansson has been the mean, bossy, big mouth, rude, princess of Ellsburg. Her sarcasm and rudeness had caused me to hate her! Somehow, Bijou Hunter has turned that around and I now understand, why Bailey acts the way she does. In Damaged and the Dragon, Bailey fa [...]

    I adored this book. I've enjoyed watching Bailey come into her own over the last four books, but in this one, she gets her guy and really grows up. Nick is such a sweetie, and it was interesting to hear about his childhood and see into his head during his growing relationship with Bailey, interesting and heartbreaking. But, it was heart-melting to see him open up to Bailey, to open his heart to the possibility of a real and caring family. I very highly recommend. #BaileyAndNick #Dragon #DeputyDi [...]

    SamanthaKurtz of Sammy's Book Obsession
    5 Awesome Damaged StarsTITLE~ Damaged and the Dragon (Damaged #5)AUTHOR~ Bijou HunterGENRE~ New Adult-Contemporary-RomancePUBLISHED~ May 20th 2014 PURCHASED/COST~ /$2.99MY RATING~ 5/5MY THOUGHTS~ I chose to purchase and read this book because I absolutely LOVE the series! Damaged and the Dragon was a great read. I enjoyed it from front to back. The entire Damaged series has been awesome, each in their own way. This 5th book in the Damaged series was both comical and deep at the same time. Bijou [...]

    Ariel Mathis
    This is the story of Bailey and Nick. Bailey sees all her friends and family happy and in love and she's envious of that. Let's face it, isn't that what we all want? Of course we do. And Bailey Fucking Johansson is no exception. We really see what Bailey is made of. I was actually surprised to know that Bailey is vulnerable. What you see on the outside is partly a facade. Nick on the other hand, he's been in love with Bailey since he first laid eyes on her. He's had a very rough childhood & [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Ashley‘s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 STARSI am a huge fan of this series and so happy that Bailey finally has her story told. Bailey was introduced in the first book of this series Damaged and the Beast and was not very likeable. Over the course of the other books in this series we see Bailey evolve and now its her turn. Being emotionally and physically damaged is the general theme for all of the books in the series. It is usually the heroine that has exprienced some type [...]

    I had been looking forward to Nick's story since he was first introduced. Unfortunately, I had trouble believing in the relationship btw him and Bailey. There wasn't any chemistry. Nick claims he has wanted Bailey since the beginning but we never saw that. Bailey said the same thing but this was the first time we even knew she was aware of him. Still, I loved Bailey's antics. She has some of the most entertaining dialogue I have ever read. I'm glad they got their HEA. I have to say my favorite p [...]

    Maria Leonardis
    When I first started this book I didn't think I'd be able to get through an entire book centered on Bailey because well, lets face it, she's funny but really annoying and childish. However, as I kept reading I was pleasantly suprised. Bailey grows as a person. Don't get me wrong, she's still annoying but much less so. She begins to see another side and she changes but she's still Bailey. Nick grew up with less than a good childhood and you'll learn what happened in his past, how the dragon comes [...]

    Loved this series but so far this one is my least favorite. Storyline was entertaining, steamy and had humor. Loved Nick's character but Bailey kinda grated on my nerves. She's so loud, rude and OMG has a in your face attitude but she's also needy and whiny. At times you see a softer side of her when she's dealing with Nick. She's definitely complex. Nick is hot fighter who has secretly wanted Bailey and had a rough childhood. He uses fighting to pay for school and to deal with his aggression. B [...]

    I was expecting crazy when your reading a book about Bailey, which you got along with her loving Nick. Nick was the interesting factor in this book he had childhood issues and he struggled with that all his life. Bailey killed with her needy tendencies and always wanting people to tell her they loved her and wanted her. I also, wondered how she could have a kid when she's so self absorbed. It did turn out to be a problem for her at least she finally got through that and had a good life. It wasn' [...]

    Veronica Shields
    More ambitious than truly successful in its endeavor, this was still a lot of fun to read. Bailey and Nick are great characters, and the former's spunk really brightened the story. The narrative isn't quite sophisticated enough to really nail the style Hunter was going for, but it puts up a good fight in the process, and I still enjoyed the frenetic energy and sly humor of the novel. It's a fun and silly romance novel with a good heart.

    Michelle Ivey
    Love and Life never looked so goodI had read a few of the damaged books before I read this one and this one didn't disappointYou will laugh,cry and be happy. No matter what kind of business the Johannson family has they are a tight bunch. They protect. love strongly and are loyal. This book will show how a true family works and its magical.Note: If you can't stand violence and And/or sex you may want to keep away this book.:

    This would have been a 4 star if I did not dislike Bailey so much. I don't like my heroines to be whores and I prefer them not to. Be whiny bitches. Unfortunately Bailey is all that and more. This book certainly redeemed her a bit and I did not hate her, which I did in the earlier books. She did handle Nick's issues pretty well. On a high note, I did like Nick! And we got to check in on our favorite characters from the other books.

    Alexis Wilson
    Finally it's Baileys turn to find love in her dragon Nick. Nice has a very troubled past which makes it hard for him to trust and be close to people. Bailey is pushy and demanding which challenges Nick at times. It's a book of finding a balance between them to make the relationship work. It's a good addition to the series.

    Jenny Bowering
    Finally Bailey's story. I was fully expecting to hate Bailey in this book as she has not been my favorite character in this series as she is a total bitch sometimes, but I really did find myself warming to her and in the end I loved Bailey. The way she soothes Nick is so sweet and I am glad she found her epic love.

    I found it hard to connect with the female lead in this story because basicallye's a bitch. By the end she did have some redeeming qualities but it couldn't undo the impression already made in previous books. It also made me think that she didn't deserve Nick but saying that.I still enjoyed the story.

    Sahara Hoshi
    It's not often that I re-like a really bitchy character but Bijou does, Bailey is redeemed and Nick makes it clear that she was his first choice all along not Farah. I enjoyed Nick's insecurities and Bailey rising to the challenge to meet them Definitely worth the price if you are a fan of the series.

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