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  • Title: Demons
  • Author: Bill Pronzini
  • ISBN: 9780786200542
  • Page: 245
  • Format: Hardcover

  • For the Nameless Detective, investigations involving matters of the heart are to be avoided at all costs When an old poker buddy asks him to help frazzled and distraught Kay Runyon, whose husband, Victor, is having a clandestine affair with a mystery woman named Nedra, Nameless unwillingly relents, but he soon discovers there is much at stake than a simple affair.For the Nameless Detective, investigations involving matters of the heart are to be avoided at all costs When an old poker buddy asks him to help frazzled and distraught Kay Runyon, whose husband, Victor, is having a clandestine affair with a mystery woman named Nedra, Nameless unwillingly relents, but he soon discovers there is much at stake than a simple affair Nedra is a modern day Circe who attracts men who become dangerously obsessed with her Compounding the sticky situation at hand, Victor s obsession with her takes a bizarre twist when she suddenly vanishes without a trace Did she disappear willingly or was she the victim of one of her lovers private demons Nameless must find out before it s too late to save Victor and Kay from tragic ends And he must do so while trying to cope with a very personal and private demon of his own.
    Bill Pronzini
    Mystery Writers of America Awards Grand Master 2008Shamus Awards Best Novel winner 1999 for BoobytrapEdgar Awards Best Novel nominee 1998 for A Wasteland of StrangersShamus Awards Best Novel nominee 1997 for SentinelsShamus Awards The Eye Lifetime achievment award 1987Shamus Awards Best Novel winner 1982 for HoodwinkMarried to author Marcia Muller.Pseudonyms Robert Hart Davis collaboration with Jeffrey M Wallmann Jack FoxxWilliam Jeffrey collaboration with Jeffrey M Wallmann Alex Saxon


    Cathy DuPont
    This book went slow's in the car and guess I didn't do much driving. No loss to me though.My first Pronzini read, the Nameless Detective, was ok. Just barely ok.And the detective, in my opinion, is a whiny wuss. Especially when it came to his love life, wa-wa-wa. He investigates whether his girlfriend is two-timing him??? I have a second Prozini audio but wondering do I want to read (hear) it at all? Depends on whether I leave the house today. And I have a hundred reasons to stay here, the weath [...]

    #21 in the Nameless Detective series. An absorbing read and quite unusual for the genre. Nameless is talked into investigating a wayward husband but not to provide divorce fodder. As a secondary plot, he finds that his lover, Kerry, is seeing another man. There is no murder in this 1993 novel, but Nameless spends an extraordinary amount of time in introspection, mulling the dissolution of his partnership with Eberhardt and the status of his relationship with Kerry.Nameless doesn't like divorce c [...]

    Another fun read by Pronzini. If you haven't discovered him yet, you are in for a treat. I especially like his "Nameless Detective" series which are written in the style of Mickey Spillane. He writes westerns, too, but that's not a favorite genre of mine. Prozini crafts a story so well that you are drawn into it right away. This story is (as most of his books) set mostly in San Francisco, so people who are familiar with the city & area will enjoy it. And now with Internet maps anyone can "se [...]

    PROTAGONIST: Nameless DetectiveSETTING: San FranciscoSERIES: #22 of 41RATING: 4.0WHY: Nameless is hired by the wife of Victor Runyon who has developed an obsession with an enchantress named Nedra Merchant. Nedra hasn't been seen for several months, and Runyon is falling apart, slipping into mental illness. Nedra has a history of attracting men who become obsessed with her. Is she dead or alive? At the same time, Nameless is experiencing his own romantic travails. He suspects that his significant [...]

    Old style detective series with excellent writing, plots and characters throughout

    John Grazide
    Another good one. With this I didn't know what was more stressful - the case or his relationship. This one finds Nameless taking a case "to help a friend" and they usually do not end well. Namless is hired to find his clients mistress. Just to talk to her and find out what has her husband so hooked. But her husband isn't the only one who may have felt slighted. But as the case progresses the mistress can't be found, and Nameless starts to wory for her life. And it's been a while but Kerry and Na [...]

    Here is a list of all the books (in order) Happy Reading.1971 The Snatch Random House 1973 The Vanished Random House 1973 Undercurrents Random House 1977 Blowback Ramdom House 1978 Twospot Putman 1980 Laybrinth St. Martin's Press 1980 A Killing In Xanadu Waves Press 1981 Hoodwinked St. Martin's Press 1982 Scattershot St. Martin's Press 1982 Dragonfire St. Martin's Press 1983 Bindlestiff St. Martin's Press 1983 Casefile St. Martin's Press 1984 Quicksilver St. Martin's Press 1984 Night [...]

    An unnamed detective is asked by a friend to help out worried Kay Runyon, whose husband, Victor is having an affair. Although he doesn't like marriage problems, the detective agrees. He quickly finds the house where the woman, Nedra, lives, and finds out she has been gone since May. Victor has made a shrine for her in the house, and is obviously obsessed. It appears that Victor isn't the only one obsessed; others include her former husband, a violent ex-convict, and a powerful politician. Meanwh [...]

    Another blur of a read with Nameless taking on as a favor a cheating case against his better judgment. It's a mundane case with an obsessed married middle aged man losing it over the other woman. Who is the other woman? Nameless embarks on another investigative odyssey with lots of diversions( an obsessive ex-con, an ex-husband who still pines for the other woman, and the "other woman" is missing too) on the way to a surprising conclusion. At the same time demons seem to be plaguing him in his p [...]

    This is a good series. The detective solves the case quickly and smartly but you don't know his name. He is the nameless detective and that is what the series is called. In this installment he is hired by Kay Runyon to locate Nedra, the woman her husband is having an affair with. She wants to talk her into leaving him so she can get her husband back. Nameless soon finds the woman but then she disappears and his job gets a little harder. It seems that the woman's husband is absolutely obsessed wi [...]

    Didn't get much done today because I was listening to this book. I got so engrossed in the story I lost track of time! The characters are developing nicely and Nameless got some insight into why his relationship with his long-time friend, Eberhardt, broke up. He and Kerry go through a rough patch and Nameless solves the case of the philandering husband. Such a good feeling when a good story ends and you know there's another one in the series!

    Scott Wright
    I have never read one of these in this series. I really enjoyed it. I would read others in this series.

    good nameless installment

    The protagonist says he hates jobs that deal with affairs of the heart, but this has been my favorite of the six or so I've listened to from the series.

    Always a good read, the nameless detective. Good story.

    Harry Addington
    Another excellent case for the Nameless Detective with a personal stake too.

    • [PDF] Download ✓ Demons | by ↠ Bill Pronzini
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