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  • Title: Pleasure Extraordinaire 4
  • Author: Liv Bennett
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  • Page: 421
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  • Book 1 is free I love a man who doesn t want me, and the man I detest most is ready to give up his promiscuous life to be with me.The final pieces of the puzzle are coming together to reveal one of the most shocking secrets from the past The bricks of the unbreakable wall of Hawkins Media Group are falling one by one.Who will die Who will survive It all depends on who Book 1 is free I love a man who doesn t want me, and the man I detest most is ready to give up his promiscuous life to be with me.The final pieces of the puzzle are coming together to reveal one of the most shocking secrets from the past The bricks of the unbreakable wall of Hawkins Media Group are falling one by one.Who will die Who will survive It all depends on who is willing to risk everything.The final book of a four part erotic romance series.Due to graphic sexual content, mature audiences only
    Liv Bennett
    Liv Bennett lives in California with her husband Reading and writing erotic romance are her favorite forms of relaxation, in addition to long walks and yoga She s a social drinker of coffee but a serious tea addict.


    *****5-STAR FABULOUS!!! A MUST MUST MUST READ!!!*****Liv Bennett has done it again!!! P.E. #4 was a…MIND.BLOWING.FABULOUS.RIDE!!!!From start to finish; I could NOT put it down!!! I devoured every page, through all the twists and turns. And this book really took me on a roller-coaster ride of emotions… I was mad at Lindsay for trusting Zane; I was mad at Zane for all of his despicable actions… wondering if there was any truth in his feelings for Lindsay; and I was mad at Ace too… couldn [...]

    It would've been 4 stars, but that ending was like watching a tennis match. SPOILER ALERT: I mean, the first breakup was understandable, but the second one? Ace was just being unreasonable. Overall, though, it was a pretty entertaining series. The third and fourth books are the best

    Mass consumed all four books the last two days because it drew me in so much. Have NOT read the Pursuit 1-3 I really do wish books came with some sort of warning when they get so rapey. This one is definitely full of unnecessary anti-consent scenes, times when the characters keep saying no but their bodies keep saying yes so the men ignore the verbal cues. I'm all for rough sex in books that's the authors prerogative just this instance it feels so unwarranted and betrays the characters she's tri [...]

    I was gifted a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I can honestly say that this series has been somewhat like riding a rollercoaster for me. Every time I thought we were on that last turn a surprise curve would come out and take my breath away.Lindsay made a difficult decision to help keep Ace safe. Zane uses her in his quest to make her love him. Even towards the end I was still debating whether he actually loved her or if it was simply a competition thing with Ace. [...]

    5 nail biting starsI wished this series before it started when Lindsay entered the story in Pursuit and have loved it since. Recently I have been a little unsure of her as I was having a hard time with the choices she made in order to protect the man she loves. It's no secret but I love ACE. He is a mans man and one of my most favourite story book heroes. And he is no doubt in my mind the hero despite Zane's efforts to destroy his father, Michael. But Lindsay reminds me that we are just human an [...]

    Review Coming SoonAfter the ending of 3, I was nervous starting this installment because I knew it was gonna start with heart break. Sure enough, it was aces heartbreaking as well as Lindsay's. The author has a way of taking a horrible situation and making you reevaluate your feelings. I hated Zane for what he was doing not only to Lindsay but ace. However halfway thru Lindsay and his intimate romp I was starting to have a change of heart as he opened up about his feels. There is so much going o [...]

    Lindsay's life is thrown into turmoil and the reality of what she has done slowly comes crashing down her. Everything she thought she had protected is torn away from her.Hiding away she lets it all go and falls into a deep depression.Meanwhile, Michael's karma finally comes back to bite him, but those he tormented are not quite safe.The carefully plotted life image that Michael had manufactured is torn down one piece at a time. Is Lindsay going to be able to move forward? Can Lindsay start her l [...]

    Elsy Arellano
    The goodI like how it ends I couldn't figure out, until it's explained, why Michael hired Lindsay. So, for that lots of points. The end, last chapter and epilogue, was romantic and corny, sweet and happily ever after ish.It explains why Michael is that way and all schemes he's done. The badFor me there where gaps in the story that didn't make it flow. I mean it was being explained something and suddenly you're reading other scenario and you are like Did I missed a paragraph?So this lack of infor [...]

    I absolutely loved the fact I did not guess why Michael hired Lindsey. Sooooo many books I read where I guess the "secrets" or plot twists which lessens my enjoyment of the book. I have been rooting for Ace from day one, which made me an ecstatically happy camper for the HEA ending. I wish Kane would have been made a wee bit more miserable by Lindsay for being such a hellacious are to her. I loved this series very much & look forward to reading more books by Live Bennett.

    This is one of the most beautiful series I have read In my life.Liv Bennett is truly a genius writer and I would suggest her work to anyone! The pain and agony and happiness I went through in these books were worth the wait. She does not leave you hanging and follows through with the happiest ending you can ever wish for. This book has helped me grow not only as a reader and writer but also as a girlfriend and human being. Thank you liv bennett!!!

    I think the only reason I kept reading was my anal self needing to see how this story ended. I read all four books in two days. The whole thing was quite disturbing. Why I gave all four books three stars was because its twisted storyline wouldn't let me walk away. The way these people treated one another was plain awful.

    It's always tough to wrap up a story like this and I found it felt a little bit rushed The whole ending is thrown into an epilogue which annoys me and makes me happy at the same time. I resist liking it because it's just hurriedly thrown out there, yet I can't resist liking knowing how everyone's lives turn out.

    I enjoyed this book and the other 3 although I think it should have been written as one book as the story just followed.I could not wait to finish one book so I could read the next to find out who Lindsay would chose. I am not saying who, it will spoil it.

    3+1/2 STAR This was an interesting series, but this final book in this series felt very rushed. . I highly recommend an editor or changing the one this author uses. The same problems with grammar, misused or missing words appeared in all four of this series.

    Denise McLendon
    The series was Extraordinaire!!I have another favorite author in Ms Bennett. The stories were exciting and suspenseful. I loved the series. Looking forward to reading the next series.

    Kelly Vincent
    Holy crap. WOW WOW WOW WOW. I bloody loved this! I have no words there is no words to describe how much I love this! I'd give it 10* if I could. This series of books is the best I've read this year yet!

    There is seriously no way that you could have EVER predicted what was going to happen in this series. Lots of people didn't like it because it was so far-fetched, but I was so glad for the thing to finally come to a close, for certain people to get theirs, and for others to find their HEA!!!

    Denielle Kirt
    love this book

    Waited for this book for what seems like a life time.Sadly I've only rated it a four due to me feeling it was rushed. I loved the whole story but expected it to have had more detail about the HEA

    Brittany M. Burgett
    Perfect!This book was absolutely great riddled with sex love and happiness! I couldnt put it down. Sign me up for the next one!

    Judy Griffin
    WowThis is a perfect ending for the steamy passion. I wish there were such a man who is this caring.

    Melissa Strohl
    Good endingLoved that it completed their life together. Most books leave out what happens after the story ends. Look forward to reading more of her books!

    Katrina Simpson
    Great endingsuch a good ending all the way around. everyone found happiness in their own way and all the wrongs have been correctedch a happy ending.

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