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  • Title: The Cursed Nile
  • Author: S.W. Lothian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 273
  • Format: Paperback

  • For most of us, adventure is just a dream But for some, it has become their reality Dreams have been released from the shadows, and lives will never be the same again Heroes have risen like flames from a fire to live their dreams to be their best to save the world.The new season of Ahket is almost here, the annual flood is set to quench the thirst of the parFor most of us, adventure is just a dream But for some, it has become their reality Dreams have been released from the shadows, and lives will never be the same again Heroes have risen like flames from a fire to live their dreams to be their best to save the world.The new season of Ahket is almost here, the annual flood is set to quench the thirst of the parched land Celebrations are reaching a climax, and the people are excited about the year ahead But sudden tragedy strikes, stealing away their hope A desperate Egypt has no choice but to call upon its heroes from the future This time they need to solve the mystery of the cursed Nile before time runs out.There s a new foe in the wings, with revenge on his mind, and an evil army at his side He has old scores to settle, new victims to crush and a curse to spread He will let nothing stand in his way The battle lines are drawn in another thrilling adventure that spans from the riverbeds of ancient Egypt to the bustling surrounds of modern day Cairo.JJ, Linc, and Rani must pull out all stops to save the Nile for the sake of both ancient and modern Egypt.Praise for JJ STERLING and the CURSED NILE another fast paced adventure absolutely wonderful even better than the first MOTHER DAUGHTER BOOK REVIEWSOnce you ve caught your breath, continue to ride the incredible JJ STERLING adventure series JJ STERLING and the GOLDEN SCARAB Book 1 2013 Readers Favorite Book Award Finalist This tale is a great adventure I was enthralled READERS FAVORITEJJ STERLING and the FALLEN PHARAOH Book 3 Wow This third book is absolutely awesome JJ STERLING and the MISSING LINK Book 4 due in 2017
    S.W. Lothian
    Click here to subscribe to my Newsflash S.W Lothian is an Australian author who creates edge of your seat adventures that are great reads for all ages His books range from those that thrill young adult readers with intrigue, drama, and suspense, to those that launch teens into exciting settings and action filled mysteries while reminding older readers of their childhood dreams.His new SUBWAY series explores a new level of tension and intrigue Set in a dystopian New York City, it s not too far removed from where we are today The plot is a thought provoking thriller and aims to be a new favorite for young adult fans of such greats as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner.The idea behind his highly successful debut middle grade series, JJ STERLING, was inspired by S.W s own childhood favorites such as Indiana Jones and anything to do with action, adventure, and time travel He followed that up with his TIME SQUARE series, which is a quirky and humorous take on time travel TIME SQUARE is packed full of the great settings and action his readers expect but has plenty of extra laughs and a great cast of offbeat characters as well.S.W s mission is to write books that launch readers from the mundanity of life into exciting settings, action filled mysteries, and thrilling intrigue whilst leaving them exhausted in the process.His debut novel, Golden Scarab JJ Sterling 1 , was a 2013 READERS FAVORITE AWARD FINALIST.Lothian hails from Western Australia and due to personal experience is an advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness More information about S.W and his books can be found at swlothian You can also find him on social media Facebook S.W.Lothian Author Twitter swlothian Instagram swlothian swlothian


    This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Reader's Favorite.“Quest Two: The Cursed Nile” by S.W. Lothian is the follow-up story to “Quest One: The Golden Scarab”, and is every bit as action-packed and thrill-filled as its predecessor. This author has blazed a new trail for writers of Adventure Fiction taking place in ancient Egypt. Rani, JJ and Linc, our heroes from the first tale, are reunited at the request of the god, Horus to resolve another devastating problem: the Nile has dried up [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    Sequel to Quest One: The Golden ScarabThe lyrical delight of the first volume in the “Quest” series-“The Golden Scarab”-continues apace in this new entry relating the new series of events in this magical fantasy saga. The delightful storytelling approach also continues here, making this an excellent choice for a parent, grandparent, or other caregiver, to share aloud with their child. In the initial novel, the Ancient Egyptian god Seth, who craved power and just couldn’t get enough, wa [...]

    S.W. Lothian's second book in The Quest Series is absolutely wonderful - even better than the first. The Cursed Nile takes the reader on a time-traveling, fast-paced, action packed adventure that will leave you breathless. Can't wait for the third book in the series. * I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author. *

    Steven Stickler
    Having enjoyed the first book in this series, I politely asked the author for an ARC of book 2 and I was pretty pleased when it arrived a few weeks ago. Don’t get me wrong: I have plenty of reading material. Too much, in fact. But I am always anxious for the second book in a series because more often than not it is the second book that signals the trajectory of a series. That’s where we find out what sort of series we are dealing with: one that surprises us with twists and turns, one that ta [...]

    Julie Grasso
    The waters of the Nile have disappeared, not just in the past but in the present, and Hapi the beloved God of the Nile has vanished, with the only witness a quivering little Sphinx. JJ, Linc and Rani are once again called on by Horus to take up the quest to find Hapi and rescue the waters of the Nile before they are lost forever in past and present.Since their first quest, a great alliance was made with Statues and Humans, walking the Earth together. The questor's accept the challenge, with the [...]

    Jemima Pett
    The second book in the Quest series sees our heroes JJ, Linc and Rani summoned back to Ancient Egypt to solve the riddle of the disappearance of the Water-God Hapi, along with the waters of the Nile. What the top god Horus doesn’t know is that in modern day Egypt, the Nile waters have also disappeared. Thus we are set for a time-travelling puzzle that bounces from ancient to modern mixing real landmarks and delightful inventions to produce a beautifully described, heartwarming, exciting advent [...]

    Heather Boustead
    The Cursed Nile The Quest Series Book TwoBy S.W. Lothian During a festival celebrating the Nile God, Hapi, the waters from the Nile disappears and no one Hapi has inexplicably disappeared. The alliance of the Gods in Egypt is desperate to find out what has happened to Hapi so they again call on JJ, Linc, and Rani three teenagers from the future to return to Ancient Egypt and get to the bottom of what is going on. I loved the first novel in this series, The Golden Scarab, and this book is no exce [...]

    Erik This Kid Reviews Books
    JJ, Linc, and Rani are back in an all new adventure! When the Nile mysteriously disappears (yes the whole river disappears), they are called back in time to Ancient Egypt again to bring the Nile back. They later find out that Hapi, the Nile god, was kidnapped and the Nile followed him. The trio’s mission – to find and save Hapi! The enemy – unknown… and very dangerous. Follow the three friends as they set off on a great adventure across ancient Egypt!The second book in this series is eve [...]

    Sandra Stiles
    The Cursed Nile is book two in the Quest Series. In this great adventure the trio J.J Linc and Rani are back to discover why the Nile has dried up in the past and present, and what has happened to Hapi the god who controls the Nile. Once again they have obstacles thrown in their path. They will go against the uberdiles and giant crocodiles. After all we all know the Nile is known for its crocodiles.Instead of the evil god Seth we meet the evil god Sobek. He has kidnapped Hapi. Want to know why S [...]

    I was waiting with bated breath for Quest Two. I eagerly tore through Quest One and was delighted when I was sent Quest Two. And I waited until after my wedding to be able to give it the attention it so deserved! Now I wish I hadn't waited so long. The second book in this wonderful series was marvelous! It most definitely ranks up there with the first book. JJ, Linc and Rani are off on adventure number two. Their help is desperately needed in Egypt once again. This time the Nile has vanished - t [...]

    Laurie Cameron
    The waters of the Nile have disappeared and so has Hapi, god of the Nile. At the Temple of Horus, an urgent meeting of the Unified Alliance of the Gods is called to discuss this catastrophic event. Without the waters of the Nile Egypt is doomed. Their best hope is to once again request the assistance of JJ, Linc, and Rani, intrepid heroes of the future who had rescued them once before.When JJ and Linc receive the summons, they make haste to the museum where the Ephemeral Portal will transport th [...]

    What it's about: JJ, Linc and Rani are off on another Egyptian adventure. This time, it's saving the God Hapi and restoring the Nile river.What I thought: After the first one, I wasn't sure if Lothian was going to be able to write another Egyptian time-travel mystery, but he sure pulled it off. The trio are off again, trying to save Egypt. The charm and wit of these fantastic characters are back again, pulling us into their journey once more. While I loved this one, I can't decide if I liked it [...]

    Excellent book series! Both books kept my interest the entire time! I will certainly recommend them! :)

    The first book was good, this one was better. I liked the storyline and the way it was fast paced. Can't wait for the other books. Highly recommended.




    • [PDF] Download µ The Cursed Nile | by ☆ S.W. Lothian
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