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  • Title: The Golden Scarab
  • Author: S.W. Lothian
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback

  • Adventure dwells in all of us It sits quietly like a shadow, waiting to launch us into something spectacular We all dream of incredible places We all dream of incredible heroes We all dream of incredible lives Sometimes, those dreams become real.JJ Sterling has that same yearning for adventure To break free from the norm to be the best he can be to save the wAdventure dwells in all of us It sits quietly like a shadow, waiting to launch us into something spectacular We all dream of incredible places We all dream of incredible heroes We all dream of incredible lives Sometimes, those dreams become real.JJ Sterling has that same yearning for adventure To break free from the norm to be the best he can be to save the world to be a hero Enter, the Museum of Grandovia, home to a million incredible secrets JJ has a curious encounter amid a trove of ancient treasures Someone is calling him Someone needs him It s time for a new hero to rise.A long time feud between two powerful brothers, Seth and Horus, threatens the fragile peace in ancient Egypt JJ and his best friend, Linc, must transcend time to save the day Joined by new ally, Rani, they embark on a perilous race through scorching deserts, and temples full of hidden chambers primed with deadly traps All the while, an army of deadly statues, known as Uberdiles, are determined to stop them at all cost.It s up to the three to find the mysterious Golden Scarab, defeat the threat of evil and save history If they fail, the impact on the future will be a disaster.Praise for JJ STERLING and the GOLDEN SCARAB2013 Readers Favorite Book Award Finalist This tale is a great adventure I was enthralled READERS FAVORITE This story is unique, action packed and exciting I was totally hooked THIS KID REVIEWS BOOKSOnce you ve caught your breath, continue to ride the incredible JJ STERLING adventure series JJ STERLING and the CURSED NILE Book 2 absolutely wonderful even better than the first MOTHER DAUGHTER BOOK REVIEWSJJ STERLING and the FALLEN PHARAOH Book 3 Wow This third book is absolutely awesome JJ STERLING and the MISSING LINK Book 4 due in 2017
    S.W. Lothian
    Click here to subscribe to my Newsflash S.W Lothian is an Australian author who creates edge of your seat adventures that are great reads for all ages His books range from those that thrill young adult readers with intrigue, drama, and suspense, to those that launch teens into exciting settings and action filled mysteries while reminding older readers of their childhood dreams.His new SUBWAY series explores a new level of tension and intrigue Set in a dystopian New York City, it s not too far removed from where we are today The plot is a thought provoking thriller and aims to be a new favorite for young adult fans of such greats as The Hunger Games and The Maze Runner.The idea behind his highly successful debut middle grade series, JJ STERLING, was inspired by S.W s own childhood favorites such as Indiana Jones and anything to do with action, adventure, and time travel He followed that up with his TIME SQUARE series, which is a quirky and humorous take on time travel TIME SQUARE is packed full of the great settings and action his readers expect but has plenty of extra laughs and a great cast of offbeat characters as well.S.W s mission is to write books that launch readers from the mundanity of life into exciting settings, action filled mysteries, and thrilling intrigue whilst leaving them exhausted in the process.His debut novel, Golden Scarab JJ Sterling 1 , was a 2013 READERS FAVORITE AWARD FINALIST.Lothian hails from Western Australia and due to personal experience is an advocate for Childhood Cancer Awareness More information about S.W and his books can be found at swlothian You can also find him on social media Facebook S.W.Lothian Author Twitter swlothian Instagram swlothian swlothian


    Midu Hadi
    *this review is for an older version of the book*I got this book for free, in exchange of an honest review, from Making Connections. Get your copy here.What I liked about it:it is a good book for pre-teens because it read like a written version of the movie, The Mummye story isn't overly longMau is the cutestenjoyed the information included about different Egyptian deitiesWhat I didn't like:stuff that bothered me but probably wouldn't bother a 12yo, like:the kids getting used to the powers real [...]

    Quest One: The Golden Scarabwhere does one start? It's like Enid Blyton, E Nesbit and Indiana Jones all rolled into a 200 page story! I only wish I had children so I could read this to them chapter by chapter at bedtime. Three children, one of which is a virtual stranger from a far away land, gain an interest in history once this magical tale of time travel takes them to Egypt during the era of Pharaoh's reign. Only the pure of heart can make it through the booby traps that are set throughout th [...]

    I loved this! It's a proper adventure with all the essential elements: intrepid young heroes, a thrilling quest and a life-threatening chase set against the exotic backdrop of ancient Egypt, all culminating in the triumph of good over evil as the ultimate goal is achieved. What more could you wish for? This exciting story should satisy any young reader with a thirst for escapist fantasy but, as a "slightly older" reader(!), I particularly enjoyed the historical content, the vivid description and [...]

    Here's what my daughter and I have to say:DAUGHTER SAYS:What I liked and disliked about it:I liked the story because it was cool. It was really cool when the statues were coming to life. The Uberdiles were scary but it was funny that my Mom didn't know how to pronounce that word. I liked how they were being chased and then they were ok and then they were chased again, over and over. That made the story exciting.I liked how it talks about Egyptian Gods and I learned a lot about them. I also thoug [...]

    Jemima Pett
    JJ is absolutely ordinary. His friend Linc is pretty normal, especially with his love of food and adventure, probably in that order! So how come a statue in a museum starts talking to them?This is a time travel adventure, where JJ and his friend are invited to go on a Quest and are magically transported back to ancient Egypt by the god Horus. There they meet Rani, also transported back in time, but from Aswan. I was never quite clear what era Rani was from, but it didn't seem to matter. They mee [...]

    Steven Stickler
    This debut from S.W. Lothian is a thoroughly delightful adventure story aimed at children in the 9-14 age range but also will be enjoyed by adults who, like me, occasionally find themselves frequenting the children’s book section in search of the latest from Rick Riordan. With a tightly woven plot that moves at a fast pace, seemingly ordinary kids as the central characters facing extraordinary obstacles, a battle between the forces of good and evil, and an appropriate dose of twists and turns, [...]

    Erik This Kid Reviews Books
    It all started when JJ saw a green light coming from a mummy in the Egyptian exhibit at the museum his father works for. After seeing the strange light, JJ had a weird dream and then actually met Anubis (the Egyptian god of the dead). Anubis tells JJ that he is needed to help save the world and asks JJ to go on a mission to do just that. JJ tells his best friend Linc about meeting Anubis and the mission to save the world and Linc decides to go with JJ. The boys then get whisked away to Ancient E [...]

    JJ who was 12 years old, had just started school holidays, and with his little sister Grace, and their Mum, they went to visit their Dad, who was in charge of the Museum in town. Wandering off, he found himself in the Ancient Egyptian section. Fascinated, suddenly he was in a room which held an Egyptian mummy, and two really big statues. The following day, he was back again, on his own this time, and his Dad just told him to take care…When one of the statues started talking to him, he couldn [...]

    Alessandra Ebulu
    JJ and his friend Linc, are appealed to by the Egyptian god Anubis to save the world. They travel to Ancient Egypt where they are teamed up with Rani and together all three are given instructions about their mission: stop the Egyptian god Seth from getting his evil powers and controlling all of Egypt, and subsequently, the rest of the world. Together, we race with the young heroes, hoping that they would succeed in their quests. Their enemy is powerful, and there are minions who do his bidding a [...]

    This book was reviewed by Lee Ashford for Reader's Favorite.“Quest One: The Golden Scarab” by S.W. Lothian shares the story of JJ, Linc, and Rani, as they are called back through time by Egyptian gods Anubis and Horus to recover a golden Scarab containing the evil nature of the god Seth, and return it to the goddess Ma’at for protection so that Seth can never again become the evil being he once was, and longs to be again. Provided by Horus with a handful of magical items to help them on th [...]

    March Shoggoth Madness The Haunted Reading Room
    4 StarsAn immediate plunge into danger and distress gets the book off to a fine start, capturing readers’ interests while we sit with heart in mouth, waiting for the outcome. Poetic imaging accompanies a rapidly-paced plot. The twelve-year-old protagonist, JJ Sterling, is an imaginative boy who spends quite a bit of time thinking about the world, and the Universe beyond; about those who lived centuries ago, and of leaving a legacy for the future. He’s rather advanced in this for his age, per [...]

    Heather Boustead
    Quest One:The Golden ScarabBy S.W. LothianTwelve year old JJ Sterling has been enlisted by Horus to retrieve the Golden Scarab for him so he may be able to defeat his evil brother Seth. Thrust back in time to Ancient Egypt JJ must travel through a dangerous tomb and dodge Seth’s minions at every turn. Will JJ be able to complete his mission and return back to modern day London in one piece?This was a great “Early Young Adult” novel. The author did a wonderful job in brining Egyptian mythol [...]

    I was very impressed with this book although this is written for the younger generation, I really enjoyed the whole concept of the story and fell in love with all the characters especially Mau. Of course the book as it is does need some editing with typos and some missing words to make complete sense of the sentences but other than that the story line is well thought out and follows through to the last page. The descriptions of the characters are very detailed and descriptive. I felt like I knew [...]

    D.M. Dutcher
    Okay premise and some decent research are dragged down by the writing.J.J. visits a local museum one day and is chosen by the God Anubis to go back in time to the days of ancient Egypt. There's a mystical golden scarab that the evil god Seth wants, and he must not obtain it. J.J. isn't alone, however: his friend Linc, another summoned child named Rani, and the servant of Bast named Mau accompany him. The god Horus is their ally as well. Together the three children must flee an army of living sta [...]

    Sandra Stiles
    The Golden Scarab is book one in the Quest Series. J.J. is 12 years old. My students will identify with him because they are also middle graders. J.J.'s father is the head curator at a museum. His family visits the museum one day and J.J. wanders into an Egyptian exhibit. The statue of Anubis begins to talk with J.J. He is the protector of the mummy at the museum. He challenges J.J. to find a friend and travel through time to find the Golden Scarab. This scarab will save Egypt from Seth, an evil [...]

    I don't read a lot of middle grader books, however this one was quite enjoyable. JJ Sterling seemed very advanced for his age, wondering about life and the universe. His dad works in a museum and he finds a secret gateway into the past. Along with his two friends, they have to race against time and challenges to locate the amulet. It has a very treasure hunt feel, like Indiana Jones or National Treasure, except of course with kids. Add in non-stop action, and magic and you get a fantastic mix!Th [...]

    Laurie Cameron
    It all begins when JJ visits the Egyptian exhibit at the museum where his father works. That’s where he meets Anubis, a statue tasked with the protection of the mummy on display. Anubis needs JJ’s help to set things right in ancient Egypt where the evil god Seth is upsetting the balance of power. But JJ mustn’t go alone, so he recruits his best friend, Linc, to come along. Linc and JJ meet up with another recruit, a girl by the name of Rani, and the three of them set off to recover a golde [...]

    Julie Grasso
    If you are a "Mummy or Indianna Jones" fan, you will love this book. We follow JJ, Linc and Rani, as they travel to the past on a quest set by Horus to find the Golden Scarab. It is the key to defeat the evil Seth in order to restore peace to Egypt again. The author uses lots of descriptions to set the scene in Egypt weaving Egyptian mythology throughout. I enjoyed JJ, Linc and Rani's characters very much and I loved that the kids did not know it all and were not invincible. They had to learn to [...]

    Patricia Walker
    I found this a lovely easy read with tremendous characters. My 2 grandchildren will love this story which is a fab way of encouraging the imagination to grow as the story continues and expands. While the story is more fantasy than anything else it does encourage the reader to go and investigate the history of the time and places written about.dren will, I feel, find the book all the more enjoyable when they realise the places are real and the history behind them are just as exciting to an enquir [...]

    This was a good book full of adventure back in Egyptian times. The book flows along nicely and keeps you interested the whole way. There are many parts where the characters encounter problems and when they do, the scene is loaded with action.

    Great book for 8 - 14yr olds. Some great history facts entwined into the story and it doesn't weigh the story down. Its a good mystery adventure story that I kept reading. Easy read too.

    Loved it! :)

    Great book. Plenty of action. Reminded me of Indiana Jones and Matthew Reilly, but with kids.

    F.T. Bradley
    A fun, Indiana Jones-type middle-grade adventure. I'll be checking out book 2!

    V.K. Finnish
    I give three stars to books I enjoyed while reading; two stars to books that are barely ok. This book deserves a 2.5 stars.The Golden Scarab is an adventure story about a twelve-year-old boy named JJ who gets a chance to go back in time to ancient Egypt in order to restore peace to the spirit of a famous mummy in a modern museum. With the help of some friends, JJ travels around Egypt on his quest to help the good gods keep the powerful evil god Set from gaining power.Let me get the bad stuff out [...]

    A kids adventure book set in ancient Egypt, who would have thought it would have worked?! It did!Some of the dialogue seemed a bit juvenile at times, and at others quite adult, this made the main characters a little less real. Sometimes I didn't get why we went off on descriptive tangents about random things, I believe this was to assist the reader to get a fuller picture of the scene unfolding, but for me, it just didn't work. A good example of this would have been the several paragraph ramblin [...]

    Cheryl Carpinello
    This is an action adventure that will excite young readers. The three main characters (JJ, Linc, & Rani) travel back in time to ancient Egypt to rescue the world once they find the Golden Scarab. Lots of description about ancient Egypt, though in some places a bit long for my taste. The action is non-stop as one adventure follows another, and sometimes is a bit hair-raising. Kept me reading to the end. I'm an Egypt junkie, and I would recommend this to young readers who daydream about being [...]

    This book was given to me through Basically Books ARR Reader’s Corner by the author, thank you.(view spoiler)[I hate to say this, but I couldn’t finish The Golden Scarab. I barely got one quarter of the way through it and just had to stop. My mind wouldn’t stop straying. The book did not keep my attention in the least. The book is written in a narrative style and has loads and loads and loads of description with hardly any dialogue or action. Pretty much all I can say about the book is tha [...]

    This book goes into the extremely small stack of books I just can't force myself to read. Going in, I knew it was a YA book. I made the mistake of assuming that it was along the lines of the Kane Chronicles. This book is geared more towards young children than YA.

    4 stars for the storywriting needs improving

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