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  • Title: What the Buddha Never Taught
  • Author: Tim Ward
  • ISBN: 9780976482604
  • Page: 411
  • Format: Paperback

  • There is still a place in the jungles of Thailand, where you can leave it all behind A cult classic and bestseller in the 1990s, What the Buddha Never Taught is a humorous behind the robes account of life inside one of the strictest jungle monasteries in Southeast Asia In Pahnanachat, the monks keep the 227 rules laid down by the Buddha, including refraining from all kThere is still a place in the jungles of Thailand, where you can leave it all behind A cult classic and bestseller in the 1990s, What the Buddha Never Taught is a humorous behind the robes account of life inside one of the strictest jungle monasteries in Southeast Asia In Pahnanachat, the monks keep the 227 rules laid down by the Buddha, including refraining from all killing But how does a foreign monk cope with cobra in the outhouse, or the temptation of a Mars Bar in his begging bowl Find out, in this newly reincarnated 20th anniversary edition, with a new introduction by the author and a new foreword by Wade Davis.
    Tim Ward
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    Michelle Barker
    This book in and of itself raised some very interesting questions about what it means to be a monk, and whether or not it would be more useful if monks were out in the world, rather than hidden away in monasteries. However, I was put off by the personality of the author. He comes across as something of a know-it-all. I think it must have been quite annoying to be around him in Thailand: the perpetual cynic who tells everyone that he thinks what they're doing is wrongd by extension, he is right.I [...]

    I don't think the narrator/author was very sympathetic in this book - but I don't think he was trying to be. Rather, he shows how running away to a monastery causes one to realize that running away from yourself never works. Rather than making him more spiritual and selfless, it results in petty annoyances with the other residents (monks and not-quite-monks) and endless navel gazing. Maybe for those who grow up in a society with a strong monastic tradition it's different, but for a westerner goi [...]

    Ben Payne
    The story of the author's stay in a Thai forest monastery. It's an interesting insight into day to day life in a a Thai buddhist monastery. The author is not a one-eyed buddhist convert; he provides a balanced, at times critical, view of the place he stayed, and captures both the peace and stillness, on the one hand, and the ritual and tradition on the other. The latter receive a lot of the book's more critical passages, though he does a good job of portraying both sides. Overall a really enjoya [...]

    Raj Dhaliwal
    This book was both inspiring and mind opening. I came into the book not knowing too much about Theravada Buddhism, but this book really brought a realistic life to the social practices and philosophical ideologies of Thailand Buddhist monks. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the many setbacks that Tim went through on his journey of enlightenment and discovering the intricacies of meditation. There were a few people that I truly fell in love with while reading this book (even though the monks would sa [...]

    Written in a bit of halting style, but a good memoir of the author's time as an ordained layman in one of Thai "Forest Master" Ajahn Chah's farang (foreigner) monasteries. Anyone who has ever considered running away to meditate in the seclusion of a foreign cloister would be well served by reading this book. The anecdotes, encounters and ruminations of the author and his few close compadres ultimately reveal that the inspiration and reality of one's awakening can only come from within and are th [...]

    Linda Tuplin
    I found this an engaging and easy to read account of time spent in a Thai Buddhist monastery by a western Christian. For me it highlighted how wise religious teaching, when surrounded by structures set out to preserve individual interpretations can lead to perversions of the teachings and often to hypocrisy and strivings for power. The downfall of most organized religions, in my experience and opinion.

    Bethany Anne
    It deserves five stars. It isn't particularly funny or exciting but there were just a lot of times where I had to set the book aside and think, really think, about what I had just read. I gained so much perspective on death, complacency, my attachments, obedience, hypocrisy. Incredibly interesting book.

    I didn't find this humorous - and I heard it was supposed to be. But it was interesting and kept my attention. This felt rather timeless, not like it was more than 20 years old. I liked hearing Ward's perspectives on the monestary and his journey through his time there.

    Florian Blümm
    Funny account of what it might be like if you were to be a forest monk starting tomorrow. Raises some interesting questions about the meaning of being a monk. Probably a must read before you wanna "leave it all behind".

    The book probably deserves 4 stars for being well-written and holding my interest even while delivering uninspiring scenes. By the end, I didn't like the author very much, but I am interested to read something else by him to give him a chance to redeem himself.

    Corinne Mathews
    so interesting!! I learned so much about Buddhism.

    Very interesting book, learned a lot about the religion from a foreigners perspective and can't wait to study in a temple when I get to Thailand!

    Jonson Chong
    It's okay. An interesting story about the author's own Buddhist journey

    Shannon Cox
    Interesting, amusing, and refreshing perspective behind the closed doors of a Thai monastery.

    Mark Gilbert
    I enjoyed it. It tells a very personal story about joining a monastery in Thailand, with Buddhist philosophy in the background the whole time.

    Jas Deol
    i quite enjoyed reading this memoir/ethnography of tim ward's stay with the wat pah nanachant monks in thailand. it was funny, witty and i learned some things.

    Just put in the time and you will get something out of this book. An outsiders POV penned in a way that grabbed me and gently lead me down the path with the author. Well done

    Who knew?

    Loved it. I think every reader will get something different from this book. Couldn't put it down.

    Delightful and insightful. (Sits beside my copy of What the Buddha Taught.

    • ✓ What the Buddha Never Taught || ä PDF Read by ¹ Tim Ward
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