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  • Title: The Fat Rules
  • Author: Misti D. Mosteller
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  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Maddy Quinn survived being a fat kid and a fat adolescent, but being fat in her twenties may be than even she can handle Maddy is a smart, funny, chunky monkey living in a world of skinnies with only an XXL sweater set to keep her safe Living at home where her overprotective family can keep an eye on her, Maddy attends a nearby University where she majors in politicMaddy Quinn survived being a fat kid and a fat adolescent, but being fat in her twenties may be than even she can handle Maddy is a smart, funny, chunky monkey living in a world of skinnies with only an XXL sweater set to keep her safe Living at home where her overprotective family can keep an eye on her, Maddy attends a nearby University where she majors in political science and not being noticed Her mother would return her to the womb for safe keeping if only there was room for a 266 lb adult, and her grandmother has never met an emotion that couldn t be suffocated with mashed potatoes and chicken fried steak or some other supreme comfort food Despite the over love of a slightly nuts family and the support of good, but skinny friends, waddling around her college campus is getting harder every day In an effort to keep daily humiliations to a minimum, Maddy lives by the Fat Rules rules she s developed to hide in plain sight Fat Rule 4 never run in front of other human beings even if being chased by a mass murdering maniac better to die with honor than let all that jelly jiggle But when her birthday lunch turns into a celebration humiliation, Maddy s best friend, Sam, gives her a dose of tough love that would put an elephant down, setting Maddy on a life changing course Part memoir, part wishful thinking, The Fat Rules is a laugh out loud ride on the crazy train with moments of heart breaking insight into the emotional pain of being overweight If you ve ever struggled with weight issues, finding your place in the world, or incapacitating insecurity, Maddy Quinn is right there with you.
    Misti D. Mosteller
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    ♣️ Lynda ♣️
    It took all of thirty seconds for some guy to be pulled in by her magnetic vaginal tractor beam. I wished I had one of those. OMG this is the most hilarious book I've read in a Long Time!! Poor Maddy has been overweight most of her life. These "Fat Rules" she's come up with over the years are hilarious! The capers Maddy and her friends have will have you rolling. Plastic Penny and The Drop & Plop just to name a couple. This is a must read!!My only issue with this book is that Maddy has to lo [...]

    It's different from what I have been currently feasting on that's for sure. I didn't know what to really make of the book at first but the writing was pretty good and the story line kept me interested.The FC is a morbidly obese college student that has been defined by her weight her entire life. So understandably, all her internal monologue involves her physical state and how she perceives herself as well as others. She is fat first and a person next. Even her close friends, she describes them c [...]

    Sandy Coker
    I'm conflictedI really loved this book, thus the 5 star rating. It addresses a subject as old as the disease. Obesity is painful and is very well exposed in this book. I found myself wincing at the thought process involved and being offended to the nth degree. By the end of the book I realized that it was a pretty good representation of life as a "Fatty". The seemingly innocent comments, the snide remarks, even the self hate were spot on.Read this book for the YA romance but please be prepared f [...]

    Carolynn B.williams
    Great ReadGreat to hear from a person who was overweight, lost it and how she dealt with it. Interesting how she finally was able to like herself, although she hit some snags along the way.

    Sarika Patkotwar
    A few years ago, I read Meg Cabot's Heather Wells series, and absolutely enjoyed it. Since then, I've been trying to find a book as enjoyable as that, but it never happened. Until The Fat Rules, which was my best free download from . My, God! This book was so enjoyable that even though I am not the biggest fan of extremely long books and with this one being almost 300+ pages long, I never wanted it to end. The Fat Rules is the journey of Maddy, who was a lot of fun to read about and extremely ea [...]

    Donna Porter
    Maddy Quinn is an overweight, very smart college student. She weighs in at 266 pounds. Her friends, Sam and Heather are both thin, although Sam can't seem to get along with guys and she scares them off. Maddy is finally fed up with her life when her friends talk her into a frat party and she overhears the guys trying to get the newbies to dance with the fat girl. The head of the frat house is Noah and Maddy thinks he looks like a viking. When she gets thin someday she knows he will want her. A p [...]

    Not a good read for fat womenMandy is an obese undergraduate whose friends persuade her that she is allowing her fat to undermine all of her relationships. So bingo bango bongo, Maddy goes on an exercise and diet plan that over the course of time allows her to lose 136 1/2 lbs. Maddy thought that getting thin would alleviate all her problems but she just gained new ones like how to deal appropriately with male attention, how to believe in herself, and how to change her perception of herself.The [...]

    I enjoyed Maddy´s dialogue with herself. Filled with all that self hate and contempt, because that's how being fat is. The harsh comments she makes and how they dont hurt us, even when all people thinks they hurt, that is so true. Some people might feel it as something wrong to put in a book but I feel its good because its a faithful representation of a part of us obese people, and the way its balanced with witty and fun comments make it bearable enough for people who wont feel the empathy of b [...]

    Maddy is a 266lb junior at college. She is well liked by her group of friends, who do a lot together. Maddy has a list of "fat rules" in her head, such as "Never dance, who wants to see my fat jiggling around?" At some point, something clicks and she starts losing weight. At first she thinks everything will be fine, once the fat is gone. She discovers that this isn't true, and that she has to face her mental problems as well as physical ones. By the time the book ends, she is at her goal weight [...]

    *****SPOILERS*****I found this book funny and that's why I opted for 3 stars instead of 2, since there isn't a half star option on . I could not get over the main character's continued berating of herself. The author could have stopped or eased up on that after she lost 30 pounds. The other thing that annoyed me was that every single guy in the main character's social life is hot. Speaking of hot guys, it couldn't have been more obvious that Michael was attracted to her yet she totally ignored i [...]

    Bridgette Brown
    Very good read.nsitive, funny, and sadly so true on so many levelsThis book drew me in on Maddy's journey in finding herself and learning how to love and respect herself. So many of us can relate on some level to a lot of the situations she finds herself in. I would recommend this book to anyone whether thin or overweight. It shows us the emotional toll it takes on both sides.

    Shh I'm reading!
    My introduction to the characters was off-putting and I stopped reading. Yes, a book called The Fat Rules will focus on weight. However, the main characters completely non-existent self esteem ruined any possible humor I could find. I wanted to give the book a try so I jumped ahead after the Christmas dinner to chapter 27. There, I found a character with remaining insecurities who'd lost weight. Nothing intrigued me enough to try to go back and finish, so I quit.

    The Fat RulesInteresting take on the problems and pain that overweight girls have to deal with. So much truth that it is almost painful to read if you were one of those girls. Body image and taunting by peers is very difficult to deal with and the girl in this story handled it much better than most.

    Win F
    Very cute and laugh out loud kind of funny quirky humorNever have I read such a cute and humorous take on weight issues. Told through the eyes of the weight troubled person, it was such a lovable story. Great characters with a great lesson for life. I literally found myself laughing out loud while reading this book.

    Incredible book! I read this in 24 hours. Don't ask me how I ended up reading this, but I'm so glad I did. It's funny and easy to relate to. I felt like I was reading My best friends diary. Give it a try!

    Funny and true to life. Loved the character s. Don't do reviews but this book deserves one. Read it in a day I couldn't put it down.Funny and true to life. Loved the character s. Don't do reviews but this book deserves one. Read it in a day I couldn't put it down

    KIMBERLYN Hastey
    Love Love Love MaddyLove Love Love MaddyThis book is funny, and Maddy is so believable! I've followed many of her "fat rules" myself. Sad to feel inadequate, glorious to feel empowered!

    cheryl buckworth
    The fat rulesWasn't that funny. The story has the feel and sticks with it. I read that it was funny. I may have laughed one time and smiled a few. So it was disappointing I really think it was written for a younger audience then me. So if you are under 60. Go for it

    Cassandra Hecate
    More!Loved it, but I need more immediately. She just has to follow up soon.There are so many story lines that this could be an excellent series. Great characterization. These are people I want to know.

    I almost could not get through this book because of all of the improper grammar and punctuation (your for you're, to for two, where for wear etc). It was incredibly distracting and ruined the (fairly cheesy) story.

    I got this book for free on amazon. It was different from what I expected it to be. I found myself worrying that something bad was going to happen. I mean even at the end I kept expecting a car crash. It was a decent little read.

    Spook Harrison
    Okay, I was surprised by how much I liked this novel, given that I was looking for an actual memoir when I read it. The story draws upon experiences I can easily relate to, though mine never turned out so Rosily. A nice bit of fluff that will keep you engaged.

    Just not my cup of tea.

    The story is really entertaining, but the spelling mistakes are way too distracting.

    Andrea Kollasch
    Too much cussingThis could have been a good book but there was easy to much cussing. If that doesn't bother you then give it a shout

    Loved this book. Lived Maddy and totally related to all of her rules and insecurities. Just wish I had her dieting tips.

    Christine McCauley
    Loved itI loved everything about this book. The friends, the family, the guys and Maddie. I could relate to being a part of a family in which food is the center of everything.

    Sarah Amin
    A bit slow and long winded, but I really thought it was was strong character development.

    Wendy Finley
    Couldn't put it downVery relatable, excellent writing. You find yourself cheering for her all the way through. I highly recommend this entertaining book.

    This book was super funny and I hope it is made into a film someday. It reminded me of the good old day's back when my biggest problem was studying for a final exam.

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