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  • Title: Aventuri în Momilandia 1
  • Author: Tove Jansson
  • ISBN: 9786068044347
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Bine a i venit n minunata lume a Momilandiei V ve i ndr gosti aici, f r ndoial , de simpaticii vis tori, de intrigan ii sup r cio i i de diletan ii creativi afla i mereu n c utarea dragostei, a celebrit ii i a bog iei Fie c e vorba de ncercarea nereu it a lui Momi de a face art modern , de insisten a Domni ei Fandosica de a se strecura n bikini minusculi sBine a i venit n minunata lume a Momilandiei V ve i ndr gosti aici, f r ndoial , de simpaticii vis tori, de intrigan ii sup r cio i i de diletan ii creativi afla i mereu n c utarea dragostei, a celebrit ii i a bog iei Fie c e vorba de ncercarea nereu it a lui Momi de a face art modern , de insisten a Domni ei Fandosica de a se strecura n bikini minusculi sau de ncerc rile oportunistului Smiorc de a se mbog i de pe urma elixirului tinere ii, uimitoarea erpuire narativ a lui Tove Jansson i va nc nta la fel de mult pe cei care i cunosc deja pe Momini, ca i pe cei care abia acum i vor descoperi.
    Tove Jansson
    Tove Jansson was born and died in Helsinki, Finland As a Finnish citizen whose mother tongue was Swedish, she was part of the Swedish speaking Finns minority Thus, all her books were originally written in Swedish.Although known first and foremost as an author, Tove Jansson considered her careers as author and painter to be of equal importance Tove Jansson wrote and illustrated her first Moomin book, The Moomins and the Great Flood 1945 , during World War II She said later that the war had depressed her, and she had wanted to write something naive and innocent Besides the Moomin novels and short stories, Tove Jansson also wrote and illustrated four original and highly popular picture books.Jansson s Moomin books have been translated into 33 languages.


    I came across Jansson's work some years back and was utterly charmed. I finally finished the first volume of her comic strip which is absolutely wonderful. The drawing style is deceptively simple and her quality of line and mark-making is magnificent. Lovely compositions, the writing is brilliant too (very hard to be good at both art and writing imo, heck it's hard enough being good at just one of those things!). There is a charming magic to it, a deep wryness enshrouded by cuteness. Truly imagi [...]

    Your children should have these books. Then you should read them all instead of cooking or cleaning for said children.

    Having been a fan of Tove Jansson's winsome Moomin books for many years, I was happy and excited to learn that for a few years in the 1950s, the Finnish author published a Moomin comic strip (oddly, in a British newspaper), now collected for the first time in this handsome volume, the first of five. What an unexpected treasure-trove. Yet despite being absolutely delighted to receive this for my birthday when it first came out, I was resistant to actually reading it. This was because I immediatel [...]

    Tove Jansson’s Moomin books are absurd comic delights that border on the edge of surreal, melancholy, and the fantastical. Whether an adult who missed these, or as gift for a child, these rank with the Roald Dahl and Dr. Seuss books but avoid the misanthropy of the former and the occasional frivolity of the latter. A weird wonderland of laugh out loud humor.

    Eddie Watkins
    This book, and the other collection of comic strips and the novels, are a real treat. They're about a good-naturedly anarchic family of hippo-like trolls who let all kinds of different creatures come live in their house and who get involved in one strange adventure after another. The family actually reminds me a little of the family in Frank Capra's movie You Can't Take it With You; an anything goes type of household where creativity is given precedence and free reign.Tove Jansson wrote a novel [...]

    Big-bottomed hippo-trolls, they make the rockin' world go round. I must admit that I gave this book as a gift (to the esteemed Eric) after pretty much just flipping through it and reading the first story. but I'm sure, of all people, he'll excuse me for judging a book by its cover. "Moomin on the Riviera" is my favorite story in this collection, I think, mostly because of how it uses that age-old quandary: why does an artist bother to put a bathing suit on a normally-naked cartoon character? Sno [...]

    I have actually never read the Moomin strips, unless you count flipping though a comic that I couldn't read, though I have read the books.These strips are cool, funny, and cute. I liked the trip to the Rivera.

    this was truly delightful

    Miss Bookiverse
    Nur von den Mumins zu lesen oder zu hören, macht ja eh schon höllisch viel Spaß, aber dann auch noch jede Szene wunderbar bebildert zu haben, ist ein Hochgenuss der Extraklasse. Die Zeichnungen reichen von super niedlich bis drollig lustig und man kann ständig Kleinigenkeiten im Hintergrund entdecken.Davon abgesehen konnte ich die Mumins von einer ganz neuen, nicht immer sympathischen Seite kennen lernen. Papa Mumin ist z.B. unheimlich egoistisch und stellt seine Lust nach Abenteuer weit üb [...]

    Jorge Rosas
    I loved the Moomins but I’ve only had the anime and the recent film as a reference until I finally got my hands on this book, a series of short stories not in any apparent chronological order are included here even the travel to the Rivera and the pirate adventure, little Mym is nowhere to be seen, Moomin has an impressive background with his parents and the father doesn’t seem to care about his lost son, Snok maiden… well let’s just say she’s very different from the anime and closer t [...]

    Berna Labourdette
    Quizás más conocidos por las series de dibujos animados, aquí comienzan las aventuras de una familia de trolls escandinavos llamados Mumins (con todos los demás personajes clásicos como Snufkin y Stiff) . Las historias pueden parecer sencillas, pero encierran enseñanzas valiosas sin ser moralistas, especialmente graciosa es la historia en la Riviera francesa (todos los fans queremos ir a Moomin World o al Museo en Tampere). Existen distintas ediciones en español (ojo con las de Siruela), [...]

    I love the surrealism of the Moomins. In the first strips in this book, Moomin is trying to get rid of his house guests, including a deluge of "poor relations," tiny wiggling creatures who show up with their tiny suitcases and demand cocktails. (He provides these, then builds them many tiny beds.) Another unwanted guest eats the timbers of Moomin's house.

    It's been way too long since I last read these! Tove Jansson is my favorite and I will never stop admiring her one of a kind imagination and her way with words. Absolutely brilliant.

    I felt bad that I was the only person at work who hadn't read this. it was adorable.

    The comic strip adventures of Moomin and friends - cute and absurd and surreal and utterly charming and adorable and wise. Both the writing and the art are enchanting and lovely. Wonderful.

    "Täti on irti!"

    Jason Lundberg
    It's ridiculous how long it's taken me to read Moomin, but after seeing Moomin paraphernalia all over Helsinki, I finally took the plunge. And I'm so glad I did. I love this book to pieces.

    I came to this sideways. I bought a set of dishes with the Moomin characters on them, then a month or two later noticed this book at the local library. The art is charming, the story strange and meandering. It's not quite my cup of tea, but I like the characters.

    Actual Rating: 5+/5Trebuie să încep prin a zice că domnul Mecklenfeld este principalul vinovat pentru care am intrat în lumea Mominilor (multe mulțumiri)! :-DAventuri în Momilandia de Tove Janssons a fost o lectură cu adevărat excepțională și relaxantă. Nu credeam că autoarea unui roman grafic mă poate amuza într-un așa mod. Personajele create de Tove au fost geniale și în cele 4 povești grafice din acest roman le-am urmărit trecând printr-o serie de peripeții (chiar prea m [...]

    Moomin and the Brigands: 3.5/5Moomin and Family Life: 3.5/5Moomin on the Riviera: 3/5Moomin's Desert Island: 2/5

    Nora Cayetano
    Los moomin fueron unos personajes que marcaron mi infancia. Aunque recuerdo poco de la trama de los episodios, me acuerdo muy bien cómo era que mi mamá y yo no sentábamos a verlos por Canal 11. Lamentablemente para mí, la caricatura no parecía ser muy popular entre mis compañeros de escuela o demás amistades, así que en menos de lo que me hubiera gustado, terminé por olvidar cosas importantes de la serie como el nombre.No fue sino hasta que entré a la universidad en que me volví a enc [...]

    This is the first time I've properly dabbled my toes in moomin comic strips. I just love them. The moomin stories are so quirky and with a joy in the little random things, and I love Jansson's illustrations, so this book is almost like heaven. I say almost, because there isn't much Snufkin in this book, and there is absolutely no Little My. However, as it is book one of ten, I have to hope she will be popping up later on.There are four stories in this book, including Moomins at the Riviera, whic [...]

    A gift, celebrating enjoyment of Moomin stories. -Sniff! Father and Mother have been lost in the spring cleaning!- There you are, NEVER tidy up.- I expect they have just gone off for a while.- But WHY?-Oh just fun. Have you never wanted to run away from home? Even parents need a change sometimes- Snufkin, you know the world. What does one do when one's parents have run away-Nothing. - But I must do SOMETHING about it!- Come and have a swim with me.-- Do you think they have been drowned?- No, I t [...]

    "Aventuri în Momilandia" este o carte cu benzi desenate pentru copii care îl are în rol principal pe Momi, un hipopotam bun la suflet care intră mereu în încurcătură. În peripețiile prin care trece e însoțit de cei dragi printre care îi găsim pe Momimama și Momitata, ori pe Domnița Fandosica și pe Smiorc, prietenul lui. Lectura părinte - copil pentru această carte este recomandată pentru că temele abordate și conceptele vor stârni o avalanșă de întrebări binevenite, cr [...]

    Wada nowego wydania komiksowych "Muminków" - trzymają się kanonicznego tłumaczenia Szuch-Wyszomirskiej i Chłapowskiej tylko jeśli chodzi o imiona głównych postaci, ale np. Bobek w tej wersji stał się "Śmierdzielkiem".Ja rozumiem, że to mniej znana postać (chociaż w japońskiej wersji animowanej miał większą rolę), ale mimo wszystko naprawdę nie tak ciężko sprawdzić, jak nazywał się do tej pory

    I'd never heard of Moomins until Luke gave this collection to me for Christmas -- now I'm obsessed. They look like hippos, but are they? Nope. Doesn't matter. They're hilarious and thoughtful and sad and wise without knowing they are. "To live in peace, plant potatoes, and dream." That's Moomin wisdom. Just amazing. When I need some cheering up, I turn to the Moomintrolls.

    It's like this. How does Tove Jansson through her unique and magical world of Moomin parse through nonsensical nature of life, to unearth some humble little, but completely unvarnished truths? These are particularly great to read if you've ever wandered through a forest in Scandinavia.

    Charming and silly!

    Kitty Golden
    This was a really sweet book with funny and brilliantly written stories. The artwork is phenomenal and the detail in the art and the stories are amazing!

    Brent Legault
    Cutsie-fabulous! I heard it's now going into a well-deserved 4th printing. Coup-d'ohs!

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