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  • Title: The Supernatural Enhancements
  • Author: Edgar Cantero
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  • Page: 395
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  • What begins as a clever, gothic ghost story soon evolves into a wickedly twisted treasure hunt in The Supernatural Enhancements, Edgar Cantero s wholly original, modern day adventure.When twentysomething A the unexpected European relative of the Wells family, and his companion, Niamh, a mute teenage girl with shockingly dyed hair, inherit the beautiful but eerie estate oWhat begins as a clever, gothic ghost story soon evolves into a wickedly twisted treasure hunt in The Supernatural Enhancements, Edgar Cantero s wholly original, modern day adventure.When twentysomething A the unexpected European relative of the Wells family, and his companion, Niamh, a mute teenage girl with shockingly dyed hair, inherit the beautiful but eerie estate of Axton House, deep in the woods of Point Bless, Virginia, it comes as a surprise to everyone including A himself After all, he never even knew he had a second cousin, twice removed in America, much less that the eccentric gentleman had recently committed suicide by jumping out of the third floor bedroom window at the same age and in the same way as his father had before him .Together, A and Niamh quickly come to feel as if they have inherited much than just a rambling home and a cushy lifestyle Axton House is haunted, they know it, but that s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the secrets they slowly but surely uncover Why all the suicides What became of the Axton House butler who fled shortly after his master died What lurks in the garden maze and what does the basement vault keep And what of the rumors in town about a mysterious gathering at Axton House on the night of the winter solstice Told vividly through a series of journal entries, scrawled notes, recovered security footage, letters to Aunt Liza, audio recordings, complicated ciphers, and even advertisements, Edgar Cantero has written a dazzling and original supernatural adventure featuring classic horror elements with a Neil Gaiman ish twist.
    Edgar Cantero
    Updates here Edgar is a writer and cartoonist from Barcelona Once a promising author in the local scene with his awarded 2007 debut Dormir amb Winona Ryder, the highbrow Catalan literary tradition soon lost influence on him in favor of Hollywood blockbusters, videogames and mass market paperbacks The punk dystopian thriller Vallvi 2011 was his last book in Catalan before switching to English with The Supernatural Enhancements 2014 His material, ranging from short stories to screenplays, often features women kissing, stuff exploding, and ill timed jokes Meddling Kids is coming July 2017.


    this book is so fun. so, so funid out in bullet points, this book contains many elements that are potential annoyance-triggers for me, but it somehow managed to execute a neat little sidestep-sashay, and turned what could have been an eyeroll from me into a delighted swoonetend these are bullet points, and not dashes.- gimmicky layout. the story is told through diary entries, letters, video footage, dream journals, excerpts from academic journals, and other bits of ephemera, and starts with this [...]

    Mohammed Arabey
    أولا : لا تحكم علي الكتاب من غلافهنصيحة لا أعمل بها كثيرافالغلاف، أه من الغلاف هو السبب الوحيد لشرائي تلك الروايةمَن مِن عشاق الرعب يري بيتا كهذا, ويختار تجاهله ولايدخله بالاخص لو علم انه مسكونا؟ولكن هل هي قصة أشباح؟ أم أن للعين هذه دورا ماسونيا؟ وما علاقة الرواية بأكس فايلز [...]

    This book was super fun. If you like books that are told in unique formats, then you'll probably enjoy this one. It's like Night Film and National Treasure and a gothic horror story all rolled into one really fast-paced, mystery novel. I don't want to explain the premise at all because I went into this one knowing absolutely nothing about it and it definitely enhanced my reading experience. But I will say, the ending was a bit anticlimactic for me. I was expecting something a lot grander and mor [...]

    Rachel Pollock
    So, let me clarify what my rating is actually about here. If i could, i'd give the first 300+ pages of this book five stars, because i loved it from the absolute get-go. I loved everything about it--the concept, the structure, the characters, the narrative choices, the use of language, everything. I read the damn thing at a racing clip, nonstop.But, the last 30 or so pages, it all fell in on itself like a house of cards with a pile of shit in the middle. I categorically began to hate it, and i c [...]

    I think it's pretty clear at this point that I'm a total sucker for gimmicks. Give me transcripts, articles, excerpts from (real or fake) reference books, and it's more than likely that I'll love it (some recent examples being The Three or Night Film). This one in particular is stuffed to the brim with all of the above, and more. There are even numerous clues and puzzles presented, none of which I actually had the brainpower to solve, but they make such a fun little treasure hunt whether they're [...]

    Just finished reading this gothic work of art for the third time! I hope to write a worthy review when I have more time.

    Delightfully quirky. This story was totally my style.It gave me that giddy feeling that you get when you first start a book and you realize you're going to love it.An odd yet lovable twenty-something European kid inherits a fortune from a distant American relative, along with an old mansion steeped in mystery and haunted by a dark past. He is joined by an equally eccentric companion, a bright young woman who is mute (due to unknown childhood emotional trauma) and communicates solely through writ [...]

    4.5 Stars *minor editing sorry*What I expected and at the same time not.Blurbs describing this book:Edgar Cantero has written a dazzling and original supernatural adventure featuring classic horror elements with a Neil Gaiman-ish twistTold vividly and mysteriously through a series of journal entries, scrawled notes, recovered security footage, letters to a mysterious "Aunt Liza," audio recordings, complicated ciphers, and even advertisements, Edgar Cantero has written a dazzling and original sup [...]

    2.3Not the book for me. I struggled to get through this, I wanted to love it. I couldn’t like it no matter how hard I tried. It wasn’t the story it was the format. The story is told through diary entries, notes, letters, video feeds, codes, histories and others. I just couldn’t stay interested, it jumped around to much for this reader. I expected paranormal fantasy, what I got was more of a mystery, deciphering codes, pages on this subject bored me to sleep several nights while trying to s [...]

    SoWrongItsRANDI Bell, Book & Candle
    I received this ARC from Net Galley and Doubleday Publishing in exchange for an honest reviewBell, Book and Candle Blog ReviewThis book was absolutely brilliant. The story was fast paced and instantly ensnared me. Every time something creepy happened, I was likeThe build-up was amazing, and I found myself wanting to jump inside the book and interact with the characters when it came to clues. Speaking of which, I have heard of encrypting letters during wars, but I never knew the types and how to [...]

    Linda (Miss Greedybooks)
    I was awarded this book by NetGalley - and I am so thankful!!! I really liked it!First, I was drawn in by the cover & title, hmmm. I quickly was so immersed in the story, I completely forgot that I like to try to figure out a mystery! The first page being missing, I felt as if I was not being told something on purpose, something that I should know, but I forgot all about it after a chapterI was reading and enjoying all the suspense, the characters were so well developed. Nearing the end I wa [...]

    Kat Heckenbach
    You shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But oh, this cover.I HAD to get the book just for that. Of course, I looked at the description--a mysterious suicide and a haunted house? I'm in.It started off okay. At first I wasn't sure I was going to be able to deal with the way the story is told. The journal entries didn't bother me--they read basically like first person prose. The notes back and forth between A. and Niamh were effective and really brought Niamh to life for me (I completely adored he [...]

    ‘l those pathetic lonely people fooling one another into their clumsy games of afterlife and cosmic relevance just to avoid noticing the nauseating sadness of their real lives. How could it sink that low?That’s how I used to feel, bound by reason to boredom. And then along came Axton House.’The main character, known only as “A.” inherits Axton House, a mansion in American, after a second-cousin twice removed by the name of Ambrose Wells commits suicide by throwing himself from his bedr [...]

    I really, really wanted to like this book. Lots of smart people I know liked this book! In fact, I did enjoy this up until approximately the halfway point, when it takes a sharp turn away from being a haunted house story and goes in a completely insane direction. I suppose you could call it a "twist," but I'll call it a "plot that makes no goddamn sense." I JUST HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.(view spoiler)[- Ambrose obviously knew the source of his ever-present nightmares - the stories that the Eye sho [...]

    Mauoijenn ~ *Mouthy Jenn* ~
    This book was a fun book to read. A felt a little towards the end it was rushed and could have gone on for a bit more, my opinion, of course. Reading this made me think about all those nights my family use to watch the X-Files. I will have to look into more books by Cantero.

    Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.A. has inherited Axton House from a distant relative. Along with his mute teenage companion, Niamh, they move to Virginia, taking up residence in the house and begin to unravel the secrets surrounding the mysterious demise of his distant cousin and the secret society that he was part of.I loved the gimmick of this story, it's told through the use of diary entries, letters to Aunt Liz, audio recordings, [...]

    **Thank you Doubleday and Netgalley for providing this in exchange for an honest review**This book completely blindsided me. Of course the story itself interested me (why would I request it if it didn't?), but when I noticed it was told through journal entries, Blair Witch style camera footage, and letters, my excitement was dampened. This isn't a writing style I'm fond of. There have been a couple exceptions, but these books usually end up as DNFs or 1 Star reads. In this case, I can't wait to [...]

    I can see I'm in the minority here since the majority obviously liked it much better than I did. The cheese stands alone? Here are my thoughts after finishing it just a half hour ago. I had trouble with the execution. I actually had trouble following the action at times and got a bit confused. The story is laid out with quite a few different methods in telling the story. Diary entries, notes, letters, etc. The main female character is mute which only adds to the discophany as he would talk at he [...]

    There are two major types of reviewers in this world: those who write reviews to praise, and those who write reviews to criticize. I am definitely the latter.This is the second book I've picked up at the library this year with a really pretty, cool looking cover. I am never going to make that mistake again. Both of them are HUGE letdowns.It's told through various mediums - security footage (why security footage of all things?), a dream journal, letters, conversations recorded by the mute charact [...]

    Richard Gazala
    Edgar Cantero's thriller "The Supernatural Enhancements" is the latest entry in the centuries-old narrative device that is the epistolary novel. The device, where a story is told via a montage of variably trustworthy letters, journal entries, newspaper clippings, etc been used by many authors to better effect. (Stoker's "Dracula," Shelley's "Frankenstein," and Collins' "The Moonstone" are a just a few classics that leap immediately to mind.) Cantero's effort to tread in those well-worn footprint [...]

    Melissa McShane
    It was interesting enough that I'm not going to give it a starred rating despite not finishing it (I gave it 150 pages), but I kept having the feeling that it was trying to be cleverer than it is. There are so many clevernesses that I had trouble staying connected to it; I was always conscious of "look at this cool thing I did." Disappointing, because I love puzzles and codes, and I think the interweaving of different media (diary, transcriptions, excerpts from books) was well done, so I'm just [...]

    In my review of Horrorstör, I made the comment that it felt too "millennial" for my tastes. I'm going to say the same about this book right off the bat. I'm not sure what it is about these books these days, or if I'm just too old and curmudgeonly at my ripe age of 39 to care about any of it, or what, but these books appear to be written by and for people who have no attention span.This entire book is what we would call "epistolary" because it is told through a series of documents, rather than a [...]

    Amy (Other Amy)
    I am indeed writing from Axton House, about to turn in for the very first night; Niamh and I share a bed big enough for each of us to throw an orgy without her guests disturbing mine. Glew gave us a tour around the house this evening, but we haven't really seen it. Not in the way you meant that day, when you said that a passenger on a ship doesn't see the ropes the way a sailor sees them. Having seen the house would mean being able to go around it and predict which room awaits behind each double [...]

    It would be impossible to write a review about this novel without mentioning the non-traditional format in which it is written, so I'll just get that out of the way first; The author uses diaries, letters, audio and video recording transcripts, and snippets of books and newspaper articles to piece together the narrative. While this may sound gimmicky -- it is gimmicky -- it faded to the background very quickly to me. This surprised me as I thought it would be tough to read something in this form [...]

    Wasn't sure if I was going to like this one based on the mixed reviews, and while I enjoyed it, I think it works for only a specific type of reader. If you enjoyed Marisha Pessl's "Night Film" or "Special Topics in Calamity Physics," you'll probably be a fan of Edgar Cantero's "The Supernatural Enhancements." The narrative is interspersed with dialogue from transcribed conversations and security footage, clips from journals and resource material, which makes reading the novel in bite-sized chunk [...]

    A book that's a little bit gothic, a little bit adventure, a little bit mystery, & a whole lot of fun. A spooky inherited house, cryptology, crystal balls, a labyrinth, mythologies, quests around the world, winter solstice, weird dreams, & a ghost make this a perfect October book. If you enjoyed The Shadow of the Wind, Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore, Inception (the movie), &/or historical/secret society books (like Dan Brown's), you will have some rip-roaring fun with this book.In [...]

    Ignacio Senao f
    Un chico y una moza muda, se mudan a la casa de un tío lejano que se suicido incomprensiblemente.En esta mansión comienzan extraños sucesos. Los jóvenes no se achicaran, e intentaran descubrir lo que sucede con la ayuda de todos los medios tecnológicos de los 90.El libro es narrado de muchas formas: diario de ambos protagonista, el de la muda es lo que escribe para comunicarse, la descripción de lo que muestra las cámaras de vigilancia colocadas (estilo mockumentary), las grabaciones de a [...]

    The blurb here on says "What begins as a clever, gothic ghost story soon evolves into a wickedly twisted treasure hunt in The Supernatural Enhancements, Edgar Cantero's wholly original, modern-day adventure."Here's how I want it to read: "What begins as a clever, gothic ghost story soon evolves into a wickedly twisted treasure hunt in The Supernatural Enhancements, which ends in a confused hash of blurred non-explanations no doubt meant to set up a sequel." which I will not be reading.

    Sarah (thegirltheycalljones)
    I rated it 2,5 stars because while it was entertaining, peculiar and a bit disturbing, I didn't enjoy reading it. I liked the book but it was kind of painful, if it makes any sense. So for the quality of it, I'd give 3 stars, for the fun of reading it, only 2.If I remember right, it's the first book written by Edgar Cantero - so, props to that because for a first book, it's quite good ! This book had some very good ideas : take an overdone plot and twist it into something bigger and surprising ! [...]

    I don’t actually know why I requested this on Netgalley, but since I did, I presume something caught my interest. It didn’t display very well on my ereader, so I waited and grabbed the book when I saw it in the library. The format basically reminds me of House of Leaves, but it does end up making more sense. Some of the supernatural stuff is almost incidental to the plot; there is a supernatural thread in the story, but it’s not really based in the house. It’s not like Weird Fiction in t [...]

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