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  • Title: Stone Cold Knockout
  • Author: Lavender Parker
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  • Big Jimmy s House of Pain is an old school boxing gym in Manhattan, run by an old school guy named what else Big Jimmy He s charismatic, loud, and loving For the last 25 years, he s also been a foster father, taking in the worst behaved children in the New York City system and reforming them through the love of the sport of boxing This series will follow the memberBig Jimmy s House of Pain is an old school boxing gym in Manhattan, run by an old school guy named what else Big Jimmy He s charismatic, loud, and loving For the last 25 years, he s also been a foster father, taking in the worst behaved children in the New York City system and reforming them through the love of the sport of boxing This series will follow the members of Big Jimmy s rag tag family of outcasts, as they find out the meaning of love whether they feel like they deserve it or not.When Gennifer Rodriguez meets Mikhail, a recent transplant to New York City, at Big Jimmy s House of Pain, sparks immediately fly When he bests her in the ring, he tells her exactly what he wants from her Gennifer agrees, on one condition that he train her for an upcoming competition.But when Gennifer s match takes a violent turn, Mikhail reveals his own dark side The stone cold Russian is out for blood but at what cost Contains a sexy Russian Alpha, a Dominicana who can hold her own, and a hard won, Elvis approved HEA.
    Lavender Parker
    Lavender Parker is an avid reader of romance novels and erotica Having grown tired of the predictable and often white washed mainstream romance novels available, she decided to try her hand at writing the kind of stories she wanted to read Lavender s hot heroes and heroines come in all shades and all ethnicities She recently completed her first novel in the St James Family series, Kiss of Ice.Lavender currently lives with her long term boyfriend and slightly neurotic dog in the colorful New York City borough of Queens When on break from her day job in reality television, she also likes to write screenplays and produce low budget films.Contact Lavender Parker email parkervender gmailtwitter lavender_parker facebook facebook lavenderparker


    The only other book by this author that I have read, Kiss of Fire, I very much enjoyed. Enjoyed enough to keep the author's name in my mental 'keep in mind' file.With this book, the author has now advanced to my mental 'actively be on the look-out for' file.When we first meet Gennifer in this novel she at a gym fighting. It is one of those old skool, no frills boxing gyms that is owned by a tough talking no nonsense guy named Jimmy and is populated by serious fighter types. Gennifer is a woman w [...]

    Ms Parker is one of my favourite authors I love the way she writes!Gennifer and Mikhail (aka Misha) story!It took me a while to warm up to Gennifer because I did not understand why she had so MUCH attitude. I loved that she was tough and did not want any man to run over her, totally respected that but I did not understand why she was holding Misha aT arms length when he made it totally clear he was attracted to her.Just as I begin to understand Gennifer and start routing for the couple tragedy s [...]

    I need a "boxers" shelf, apparently. I really enjoyed Lavender Parker's style and boxing gym setting. I also loved Gennifer's big patchwork family of adopted kids and their importance to Gennifer's life.Sometimes I wasn't so fond of Gennifer though. She was much more combative than was justified at a few points -I didn't like the twist because of this- and Mikhail was sexist occasionally, e.g. calling her "little girl." Most of the time they were two strong, resilient people, however. Mikhail di [...]

    Justine L2r
    It was well written and a good story. I especially liked that Ms. Parker knows New York City. I can't tell you how much it bugs me when people set books in NY and have no idea what they are talking about. Ms. Parker, now that you have gotten this book out of your system, please turn your attention to the St.James family. Thank you very much :-)

    4.2Did me in.

    Ragatnia Clara
    This was good I was so into it! Loved Misha to the root!

    2.5☆I just didn't care much for Gennifer.

    Jessie Adejobi
    Gennifer Rodriques is very complex 28 year old. Orphaned at the age of 8 after a life threatening incident claimed the life of both her parent and almost hers, she land in the arms of Papa Bear Big Jimmy. After years of being the towel girl at Big J's gym, House of Pain, Gennifer decides that she too wants to be a boxer.One night she meets a Russian who also frequents House of Pain, Mikhail. Mikhail is tall, sexy, and intense. From their first sparring encounter he wants her. Secretly she Santa [...]

    Just got around to finishing this book, started it sometime last year, shelved it, then forgot about it, but I didn't completely forget about it.Would have loved to have given it a five star rating but it didn't always grab my attention. Gennifer, hmmm sometimes I found it hard to like her. It was like sometimes she was likeable then other times she's almost ready to duel with you.Mikhail (Russian boxer) was her love interest, they meet at the boxing club. They become close, when Gennifer asks M [...]

    I really enjoyed this book. It featured a Dominican heroine and a Russian hero, both boxers in New York who get to know one another as they train for a fighting competition. I liked the setting of the old school gym and that Gennifer was tough, both mentally and physically. I thought Gennifer and Mikhail truly connected despite the obstacles in their path and that their HEA was well earned. The book was scorching hot too! A negative was that the book had a lot of typos scattered throughout (as d [...]

    I really liked this book.Gennifer and Mikhail are two explosive characters who have a love of boxing. They both have painful histories which leads them to the boxing ring as a way to deal with their pain.Lavender Parker uses their pain as a plot device but doesn't turn their tragedies into a 'woe is me' story.The background characters are really interesting. Big Jimmy, the boxing club owner and father figure was one of my favourite secondary characters.The only thing I didn't like was the boxing [...]

    Donna Shuler
    Total Knockout!Jennifer and Mikhail, what a memorable couple! This book will definitely be a reread. Loved the storyline and especially the characters personalities, which dominated the book. The interaction between the two was just so intense the words burned the pages. I loved it! The sex was a major part of the story but believe me, it is not your everyday, run of the mill stuff, oh no. The imagination Ms. Parker exhibits thru her extremely exciting well written stories are remarkable. I'll d [...]

    Good storyline and interesting mix of characters. The Gennifer/Hector thing was a bit confusing to me, and I wasn't crazy about the Hector/Erica relationship, although I liked Erica as a friend for Gennifer. Curious to see what she's gonna do with the rest of the series. So far, I'm enjoying the author's work.

    Debra Spears
    Great storyI was on the fence about reading it. I kept putting it for. I couldn't relate to G. Glad I shoved my thought aside. Glad I finally read it. It was a great read and great characters. Looking forward to reading next book.

    Gennifer was like a mixture of Michelle Rodriguez in Girlfight and Zoe Saldana in Colombiana, very tough and sassy.

    WowI loved it. Every women needs a Russian man in her life. There were some grammar errors but not enough to irritate me. I am now officially a fan of Lavender Parker.

    Freaking awesome5 stars freaking awesome. Great main characters and the loving was hot, sexy and dirty, just perfect. Excellent storyline Charo

    Loved it!!!!!

    Best storyI truly loved this book. The story was convincing and the characters all had me interested wanting more. Definitely reading the next installment. Highly recommend!!!


    • ☆ Stone Cold Knockout || ↠ PDF Download by Ó Lavender Parker
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