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  • Title: Saint Odd
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780345545879
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The hugely anticipated finale to 1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz s acclaimed Odd Thomas series, featuring his most popular character a thrilling tour de force packed with suspense and emotion that gives fans everything they ve been waiting for and much, much .Two years after the cataclysmic events that sent him journeying into mystery, Odd Thomas, tThe hugely anticipated finale to 1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz s acclaimed Odd Thomas series, featuring his most popular character a thrilling tour de force packed with suspense and emotion that gives fans everything they ve been waiting for and much, much .Two years after the cataclysmic events that sent him journeying into mystery, Odd Thomas, the intrepid fry cook who sees the dead and tries to help them, has traveled full circle, back to his beloved home town of Pico Mundo and the people he loves He has come to save them and perhaps humanity from the full flowering of evil it is his destiny to confront, as he draws ever closer to the truth of the world and his place in it Stronger, wiser than he started, and with the help of the friends he has made along the way, Odd prepares to confront the terrible forces arrayed against him and possibly to journey still farther, to his long awaited reunion with his lost love, Stormy Llewellyn.
    Dean Koontz
    Acknowledged as America s most popular suspense novelist Rolling Stone and as one of today s most celebrated and successful writers, Dean Ray Koontz has earned the devotion of millions of readers around the world and the praise of critics everywhere for tales of character, mystery, and adventure that strike to the core of what it means to be human.Dean R Koontz has also published under the names Leigh Nichols, Brian Coffey, David Axton, Owen West, Deanna Dwyer and Aaron Wolfe.Dean, the author of many 1 New York Times bestsellers, lives in Southern California with his wife, Gerda, their golden retriever, Elsa, and the enduring spirit of their goldens, Trixie and AnnaE SILENT CORNER is available 6.20.17Facebook Facebook DeanKoontzOfficialTwitter DeanKoontzWebsite DeanKoontz


    I was bummed when the publishing date moved and anxiously awaited the arrival of "Saint Odd" only to find it to be a huge let down. If you have followed the series, the big reveal that awaited you was 'Will they be together forever?" To be honest by the end of this meandering book, I no longer cared. And trying not to spoil it, the ending seemed hurriedly tacked on. I waited through 8 books to get to an ending that left me empty and just a wee bit angry. All the paranormal aspects of the series [...]

    I don't know why I am surprised. Dean Koontz has done this to me so many times I should not be shocked that I ended up disliking this book and gave it a 1.5 stars. Now I am wishing that I had left things alone after reading, You Are Destined to be Together Forever. The evolution of Odd. We don't have Odd running around using "Odd speak" that much. He only lapses into it a time or two, for the most part we have him acting like an actual grown up that has aged internally and externally due to the [...]

    So, so sad that this is the last in the series. I have loved Odd since the first page of the first book and really regret having to let him go. This probably is not the best book in the series but I gave it four stars for readability (I finished it in one day) and for closure. Odd Thomas has left the building and is in his happy place. The ending turned out to be a little rushed but that's okay as I read it twice anyway. Good bye Odd and thanks for such a fun ride:)

    Athena Macmillan
    After waiting so long to finally get my hands on the finale to this series, I ended up being surprisingly underwhelmed. It was very promising most of the way through, but seemed to wind down some time before getting to what should have been the climax of the series. It was a satisfying conclusion, but not one that lived up to the direction the previous books had taken. It could probably almost be read as a stand alone book, as Koontz describes all the important things that had happened up til th [...]

    Branwen Sedai *of the White Ajah*
    So very much about our strange and deeply layered world remained mysterious to me, but my experiences had taught me, among other things, that there were no coincidences.I've been a fan of this series and these characters for almost ten years, so it is with a strong mixture of sadness and joy that I bid them all farewell.It's going to take me a while to construct a proper review of this book. I'm too emotional over it right now, which is of course a good thing and a bad thing. :)

    A fitting end to a favorite series. I will miss Oddie, he was wonderful.I can't say too much about this, I don't want give anything away. But if you've been reading these, you know where it's been headed, back to Pico Mundo, back to the scene of the original crime that started this whole ball rolling.Odd rolls back into town and stops at the Green Moon Mall which is now abandoned after the horrific killing spree that took Odd's one and only love, Stormy Llewelyn. He is wandering through looking [...]

    PF Freire
    I cannot believe this one was so bad, I would never have expected that.I love any other Odd book, also both Moonlight Bay.All of them have a quest involved in magical Mystery and developing secrets.Saint Odd: Nothing. No Magic at all.At 50%, nothing had happened.You know that secret you want to know about that special character: I'm a (insert any magical name here). No more than that.Every other Odd book, had a continuous narrative, but a surprise plot that was greatly all over the place: Aliens [...]

    Tiffany PSquared
    ❝I came home to die and to live in death❞Although I have enjoyed the Odd Thomas series, I always find them so hard to review. Odd just isn't everyone's cup of tea. His stories are, well, odd.If you are into ghosts and other supernatural entities, then this book is for you.But if you're into good guys vs. bad guys, then this book is for you, too.If you're into enigmatic questions concerning the meaning of life and our existence in the universe, then this book is definitely for you.But if you [...]

    A beautiful ending to a wonderful and thrilling set of books! I won't give out any spoilers- this is better than I had expected!

    I need an Odd Thomas support group there one available??? I can't even handle this right now, I will have to regroup and come back to write my full review, but suffice it to say this was a fitting end to what was an incredible seriesOdd Thomas is probably my favorite fictional character ever.That I had come full circle shouldn't have surprised me, for we are born into time only to be born out of it, after living through the cycles of the seasons, under stars that turn because the world turns, bo [...]

    Without giving anything away, I'll just say I had hoped for more.

    Endings are hard, especially with a series. I've put off writing this review for a few days, because I wasn't sure exactly how I felt. I'm going to give it a 4, because I enjoyed it more than the last few and we're back in Pico Mundo. As I mentioned, I am unsure of my feelings, but for sentimental reasons I must go with a 4 even though the ending was not as sweet as the beginning.In the first book, Koontz created a character that many of us fell in love with. A young eccentric with a complicated [...]

    Hmmm I thought this was a really good story, but I felt the ending was anticlimactic to the series. I felt that Odd deserved something Obviously, I don't want to give anything away, so I won't explain that in detail. I will simply say that the end of this book had a good build up, but then ended too quickly and too simply in my opinion. I suppose that is the point, since it is the story of a fry cook at heart. More importantly, there is a part that was unbelievable even for Odd and I didn't like [...]

    Jessica Weinreich
    To quote a previous reviewer: "meh". I REALLY wanted to like this and given my hatred of "Odd Hours," with the subsequent volumes not being much better, that was probably my mistake. The story lacks focus, takes too long, and the main conflict ends hurriedly. It reminded me of how Stephen King finished "The Stand" - like he got tired of writing. Truly it feels like Koontz had run out of ideas for Odd, adding volumes for pressure from fans or money or whatever. He has never met the quality of the [...]

    Gail Strickland
    I doubt I'm telling tales out of school if I mention that things don't end well for Odd. Koontz tells us several times that this is the final book in the Odd series but I wonder. Never say never, Mr. Koontz but unless you can come up with a better story line, don't botherease.

    Christopher Lawson
    “You are Destined to be Together Forever,” --the Gypsy Mummy prophecyIn SAINT ODD, our hero again returns to his hometown, Pico Mundo. Unfortunately for that town, however, the satanic cult, overcome so recently, has also returned in force. This time, the satanists are ready to wreak havoc on the town's inhabitants in an even more violent way.Like the other books in the series, SAINT ODD involves evil forces versus good. In SAINT ODD, our hero makes a return to the carnival setup at Pico Mun [...]

    No review, no commentary, just a heartfelt thank you to Dean Koontz.I believe this was my all-time favorite series. I'm sad that this was the last book but enjoyed how it all wrapped up. David Aaron Baker's narration throughout the series was outstanding and as listeners we are fortunate that he was able to read the entire series. Good job Dean Koontz and David Aaron Baker.

    Winter Sophia Rose
    Touching, Complex, Amusing, Charming, Memorable & Beautifully Written Series! I Loved It!

    I gave 5 stars more for the series than this book, but I did like it as well.By this time we have traveled a long way with Odd and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Consistently good and sometimes great, this series has taken this completely engaging character through 7 novels and 3 novellas. Funny, tense, and even scary at times, Odd Thomas is a thoroughly original character with a never ending wit and wisdom and one of my all time favorites. Don't want to say much about plot because this is the l [...]

    I write this review with equal parts happiness and sadness.Happiness for the fact that i know Odd Thomas complete story now.Sadness because for me the journey is over.I would be doing a incredible injustice to fellow readers to give away any of the plot of this final volume but for those of you who have arrived at the end of this magnificent ride i leave you with this i now know the true meaning of FULLY SMOOTH AND TOTALLY BLUE.Thank you Mr. Koontz for creating two characters Odd and Stormy who [...]

    Hmmmr the most part a good story, but i have to say i'm a bit let down with how the whole "Odd Thomas" saga came to an end. I expected the outcome, but the way it was accomplished was a little lacking.I rated it 4 stars, but the real rating would be 3 and a half stars.

    J.S. Bailey
    I don't think I've ever cried so much reading a Koontz book. It's like I have feelings, or something.

    In the 7th and final installment in the Odd Thomas series, Dean Koontz has his unlikely hero return to his hometown Pico Mundo, where it all began. Over the past few years, Odd has followed his unique gift for rooting out unimaginable evil and saving innocent lives, all the while meeting remarkable allies along the way. But his journey has brought him back home for a reason confront an unstoppable diabolical force bent on unleashing death and destruction.Both heartfelt and poignant, terrifying a [...]

    Stacey Cotter
    I love this author and series, thus was very excited to read it. It was thrilling going back to the mall where Stormy was tragically killed and revisit Pico Mundo.

    If you've read the first 6 books you can kind of see the end coming, but it still felt rather abrupt. The reader doesn't get much closure or really any answers as to why any of this was happening. The motive for the evildoers seemed rather weak. There is not much characterization of the bad guys, but from what little the reader does get to see/hear of them, they seem like cardboard cutouts, speaking and acting like caricatures of a stereotypically IQ-challenged country yokel who has somehow mana [...]

    Edward Lorn
    My review of this disappeared. I have no idea why. , if you erased it you'll just have to erase it again. Half a fucking star, because I can't give it zero.I cannot begin to express how disappointed I am. I went in with basement-low expectations and Koontz still managed to stoop below even that. I didn't even get the weepy send off I was looking for. I could have ignored the rehashing of ideas, the typical Koontz thriller-filler bullshit, and the morphing of Odd Thomas into goddamn 007, but I ca [...]

    Dustin Crazy little brown owl
    Not the best and not the worst book in the series. I thought the story was fine, the conclusion was fine, but I felt the story lacked a lot of the meaningful depth that many Koontz stories contain. I feel that as with the case of the Frankenstein series, perhaps the Odd Thomas story was drawn out further that it should have been. I feel that within 8 volumes, we shouldn't be left with so many unanswered questions and the answers given shouldn't be quite so cryptic. Annamarie is an interesting ch [...]

    Tucker Elliot
    I had the same reaction to SAINT ODD as I did the last three books in the series – readers who’ve been along for the entire ride and are already Odd Thomas fans will enjoy it, but new readers might be left wondering what the fuss was about.No spoilers here – but as someone who has read the books in order, from the beginning, I thought Dean Koontz did an admirable job creating a final chapter to Odd’s saga. Koontz is often philosophical with his prose – not just with Odd Thomas, but in [...]

    Well, Dean Koontz didn't quite ruin the Odd Thomas saga with this final book in the series, but he could have ended our journey through Odd's life in a much stronger fashion. I think the series would have been stronger as a trilogy of slightly longer books. Koontz had to do some serious plot stretching, and wasted almost an entire book (Deeply Odd) on incessant, philosophical monologues, in order to bring us to Book #7 (eight if you count Odd Interlude) and the ultimate conclusion -- one that wa [...]

    Deena Scintilla
    I ended up buying my own copy so I wouldn't have to wait months to get it from our local library that can't seem to buy enough copies of anything to serve the larger county. I would have given a higher rating but some of the chase scenes seems to be much too long. The endingwell, let's just say even tho expected, a still shed a few tears. I waited so long to start this very good series and hate that I have no more Odd Thomas to look forward toor do I? ;-)

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