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  • Title: I.D. (Orca Soundings)
  • Author: Vicki Grant
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  • When Chris finds a wallet on the street, he tries to return it to its owner In trouble at home and at school, he is struggling to do the right thing However, as circumstances slowly start unraveling and his whole life appears headed down the drain, Chris realizes that the person who owns the wallet looks a lot like him and has a life he would do almost anything for WhatWhen Chris finds a wallet on the street, he tries to return it to its owner In trouble at home and at school, he is struggling to do the right thing However, as circumstances slowly start unraveling and his whole life appears headed down the drain, Chris realizes that the person who owns the wallet looks a lot like him and has a life he would do almost anything for What if he switched identities What if he became someone else
    Vicki Grant
    After a long and messy adolescence, Vicki Grant stumbled into writing She worked her way up from 30 second ads to 30 minute television scripts to full length novels She s written sixteen young adult, middle grade and high low novels Her next book, 36 Questions That Changed My Mind About You, will be published this fall in eight languages Vicki lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.Awards Arthur Ellis Award Best Juvenile 2006 Quid Pro QuoRed Maple Award Not Suitable For Family ViewingCBC Young Canada Reads The Puppet Wrangler.


    Lizzy Seitz
    2.5 out of 5 starsA short book with an beginning, middle, and end that all came out of nowhere. The whole story needed more development and honestly I should have just DNFed it from the start

    I.D. is about an unhappy teen who finds a wallet. He tries to escape the troubles of his life by assuming someone elses idenity even though he knows it is wrong. Unfortunately, he fails to realize that this person might have a life that is worse than his and is eventually arrested for crimes that the person whose idenity he assumed commited.The aspect of this work that would appeal the most to teens is that it is short. However, it will also appeal to teens because this teen is troubled, wants t [...]

    I.D. by Vicki Grant is an exciting, fast-paced story about a boy named Chris who has anger issues and can't deal with his unloving family.

    Mason Bright
    My book was about this kid that found a wallet in the street. He almost looked like that guy on the license. He went to go return the wallet but no one was home and it looked like someone just moved out. He was poor and things at home were not good at all. He decided to dye his hair and other stuff to make it look like him. He found bank card with the pin on the back. He took out 200 and then looked back at the receipt and in his bank account was 67,000 dollars. He was shocked. The first thought [...]

    A kid named Chris has a crappy life and it gets crappier. His school is not so good to him and his family is worse. He finds a wallet and steals someone’s identity because he looks like him with minor changes. That is the whole book, a teen pretending to be some rich guy. It is not that good of a book but it gives a life lesson to never steal someone’s identity (no brainer). It is appropriate for teens because he thinks everybody’s life is easier than his, like most teens feel. He wants to [...]

    The story was about a boy who hated his family and life. He was outside one day watching this guy walk his dog. That's he saw a wallet on the sidewalk. He picked it up asking if the wallet belonged to the guy walking his dog, he said no. So now he was faced with the challenge of keeping it and running away or trying to find the guys wallet. This reminds me how people are always stealing and having bad lives at home. At least this kid tried finding the guy who owned the wallet. This reminds me of [...]

    Stormy Noble
    some things I think you should know about the book is a young man has a horrible life, then one day he finds a wallet on the side of the road. It had about 40 dollars in it. There was also an i.d and credit cards. He looks a lot like the guy on the i.d. This gives him the idea to start a new life. He has a wild adventure. I choose this book because it is interesting. It gives excitement and mystery. I rated it a 5 because of how it keeps me interested. I think you would like this book if you lik [...]

    i read the book because it was about a rebellious kid and i am not rebellion so i don't know how they think and what they think so when i was read or skimming through the book i found that he had a hardish life. in this book i learn that we think alike it's like he puts a mask when his around others but in the inside he is nices and he wants to do his homework and have a nice girlfriend and finish school and he want to get a job and be independent. i could relet to the book it was great.i felt l [...]

    Andreas Blom

This story is about a guy named chris who had a hard time in school, he was suspended from school a couple of times for not showing up in school, and they said he had one more chance and then he should be out for good.
One day he found a wallet on the sidewalk and he decides to pick it up, he looked around and tried to find the owner but he could ́t find him or her.He starts to copy his look for the persons ID picture and begin to spend the money in the wallet and later he decides to [...]

    it is a book about a guy who found and id on the road and starts to use it. it is a really good book.

    Chris doesn't have the happiest life out there. His step-dad is abusive. His teacher hates him. The girl he likes, Alexa, turns him down. Then one night, he finds a wallet. It's filled with cash and he can't help but use the money. The wallet belongs to Andrew Ashbury. When Chris tries to contact the owner, he can't find him. Chris realizes that this guy is loaded. Since he could easily look like Andrew Ashbury by shaving his moustache and wear glasses, he decided to take on his identity in hope [...]

    Book Title: I.D Book ReviewMy Independent reading book is I.D by Vicki Grant. In the story the main characters name is Chris. Chris struggles in school and has a broken family outside of school. Chris is rejected by a girl he asked out to the dance. After that everything spirals out of control Chris gets in a fight with his sister and leaves the house the next morning and finds Andrew’s I.D. Chris debates weather to give it back or to steal it. Later Chris decides that he will steal Andrew’s [...]

    David Nawloka
    I.D.The story that I read was about a kid who found a wallet on the ground. He tried to give it back but when he calls the house the person doesn't live there. He starts to spend the money from the wallet and he starts to use the credit card that is in there and there is a bunch of money in the guys account. He is afraid that he is going to get caught. I think this book in non fiction. It also has a surprise ending.I gave the book 2 stars because it was really boring. Pretty much the whole story [...]

    Katherine D.
    Este libro se trata de un muchacho adolescebte y rebelde que se encuentra un billetera de un hombre rick y su vida se cambia. Al principio de el libro yo estaba interesada hasta que el curnto se puso aburrido. Parecia que el libro tenia nada que hacer con la billetera. Pero cuando empezaba el conflicto mayor de el libro, se puso interesante. El libro explica una problema comun, especialmente en los adolescentes: la de identificacion. El protagonista tenia la edad de alguien que ya se iba a conve [...]

    A Book Vacation
    As I read this novel, I was rubbed the wrong way by the main character, Chris. He is a real jerk. I have no sympathy for people who sit there and mope about how horrible their life is, but refuse to do anything about it. I also can’t stand people who look at those around them and compare themselves; coveting what they have. The sense of entitlement that our generation has is astounding, and it’s quite obnoxious. Chris is a wonderful representation of the attitude many young people have nowad [...]

    Jason P.
    This book is very good. I thought the plot and setting is very good. The main character goes through alot of problems and has to make tough choses. He hates school and his family and desides to run away from it all. He finds a walet with money and credit cards inside. He discovers it belongs to someone he hates. he dresses up like him. He uses it to buy a suit so he could get a job. He disides to go live with his cousines and gets a plane ticket to go there. He gets arrested at the airport becau [...]

    Carlye Pagano
    I gave this book 3/5 stars. I gave this book 3 stars because it was very enjoyable to read, but it got boring at times. This book was very easy to understand. I recommend this book to people who like an easy read, and a good story. It was about a boy who had a rough home life, and he found a wallet on the street. The wallet belonged to a very rich man, who happened to look a lot like him. He pretends to be him throughout the whole book. The book only really starts to get interesting at the end.

    I thought this book was good. I liked how the author made the book feel like it was real. My favorite Bart of the was the end. The reason why I say that is because he had been running the whole time and when he got caught it wasn't the reason he thought it was going to be. I would recommend that you read this book. It isn't that long so it won't take long to read.

    Mr. Baad
    This book is short, suspenseful, and a very gripping read. Chris Bent's life at home and at school is full of frustrations and problems. After finding a wallet filled with cash on the sidewalk, he uses the money and the man's identity to live a life that he has always dreamed of. But does he get away with it? The book ends with a surprising twist - definitely an enjoyable read for anyone.

    Jannet D
    i would recommend this book to that person who thinks that being someone else is the best way to forgeting your troubles.Because clearly 'I.D.' proves that person wrong.''If only he wouldn't have picked up that wallat''.

    i'll be honest i needed a quick book to get my goal numbers up! this book while very short was also very powerful. i loved the twist at the end and the lesson about the consequences for the choices we make.

    I don't know why I keep reading the Orca books. None of them are all that great yet whenever I need something quick I always end up with one of them.

    A pretty good book for teens. It goes pretty fast and has a surprise ending. Good for struggling readers.

    Great book. I read it in one day and hated having the end be a clifhanger. This book had a very ironic ending and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

    Arin Lara
    The book had a very twisted enging to it that i wasn't exactly expecting.

    Seth Wray
    I thought it was a really well put together book and was very interesting. It was a book that I didn't want to put down.

    Shawn Bird
    A quick read with a zippy plot and a nice twist at the end. Troubled kid finds a wallet, and takes advantages of the opportunities it provides.

    Jarod Pierce
    This book is a very quick read. I read it in about an hour. Fairly well written, and very simplistic story line.

    Christopher has had it with his mother and ron screeching at him. He doesnt know what he's going to do next.

    Kenneth taylor
    this book was good just the ending was terrible

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