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  • Title: An Earthly Crown
  • Author: Kate Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780886775469
  • Page: 103
  • Format: Paperback

  • In the second book of Kate Elliott s Novels of the Jaran, Tess Soerensen is pulled between two powerful men her brother and her husband and their competing revolutionsOn the planet Rhui, the nomadic tribes of the jaran are uniting the settled cities of their homeland one by one Their charismatic leader, Ilya Bakhtiian, has his loyal wife by his side, but there is somethinIn the second book of Kate Elliott s Novels of the Jaran, Tess Soerensen is pulled between two powerful men her brother and her husband and their competing revolutionsOn the planet Rhui, the nomadic tribes of the jaran are uniting the settled cities of their homeland one by one Their charismatic leader, Ilya Bakhtiian, has his loyal wife by his side, but there is something about her he doesn t know Tess Soerensen is a human And not just any human back home, her brother, Charles, led an unsuccessful revolt against the all powerful Chapalii empire Even though Charles was later made a duke in the Chapalii system, his revolutionary bent has not faded, and he is traveling to Rhui to locate Tess and uncover precious information about a past insurgency Charles s insistence that Tess join him is as strong as Ilya s reluctance to part with his beloved wife and neither considers that Tess may have her own plans for the future As three fiercely independent spirits struggle for a solution, the fates of both the human race and the jaran hang in the balance.An Earthly Crown is the second volume of the Novels of the Jaran, which also includes Jaran, His Conquering Sword, and The Law of Becoming.
    Kate Elliott
    As a child in rural Oregon, Kate Elliott made up stories because she longed to escape to a world of lurid adventure fiction She now writes fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction, often with a romantic edge It should therefore come as no surprise that she met her future husband in a sword fight.When he gave up police work to study archaeology, they and their three children fell into an entirely new set of adventures in dusty Mexican ruins and mouthwatering European pastry shops Eventually her spouse s work forced them to move to Hawaii, where she took up outrigger canoe paddling.

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    Massively confused and mixed feelings. Some bits are amazingly awesome (that last scene?!) Some bits I really didn't enjoy but they could lead to amazing consequences and plots (Nadine) And some of it was unpleasant, and depressing, and I guess I've had too much homophobic societies between real life, Bujold, Wilson and this. The strange thing is, after 500 pages, I'm still not quite sure where the plot is supposed to go. It's all very meandering, and yet awfully gripping (for me anyway).(view s [...]

    It's hard not to draw parallels to another beloved, bisexual military genius, but I think I actually read Ilya the first time around before I ever discovered Aral Vorkosigan. While Aral's story had a tempestuous beginning, he received a lovely posthumous love story. It's heartbreaking reading about the jaran's homophobia, but I suppose it's one huge issue that keeps them from attaining "noble savage Mary Sue-dom". While I think I read further in the series back in the day, I legitimately don't r [...]

    I hate writing recaps of follow up books in a series. I never know what to give away about the previous book so I’ll just copy and paste the blurb from the author’s website : In An Earthly Crown, the nomadic tribes of the jaran are uniting the settled cities of their homeland one by one. Their charismatic leader, Ilya Bakhtiian, has his loyal wife by his side, but there is something about her he doesn’t know: Tess Soerensen is a human. Back home, her brother, Charles, led an unsuccessful r [...]

    This is not as good a story as "Jaran," but I continue to be interested in the lives of Tess and Bakhtiian -- and now of Vasil. The fact that it took me a week to finish says a lot about my lack of engagement in the story. I seldom felt any urgency about what was going to happen next.My primary criticism is the involvement of the theater group. I don't under why Elliott included them. I'm a former theater artist myself, and the challenge of reaching another culture through theater is an interest [...]

    An Earthly Crown is the first part in the two-part The Sword of Heaven "novel," which is the sequel to Elliot's Jaran. I really liked Jaran, and I really like An Earthly Crown for the same reasons: it's chockablock full of intriguing sociological themes (culture clashes, gender roles, and the morality of war) and meaty melodrama. It's like a soap opera for your brain!

    I had to grit my teeth and make a concerted effort to finish, which was perplexing since the first novel in this series, Jaran, was such a page-turner. Furthermore, I howled with derision at the penultimate, climactic scene, in which (view spoiler)[heavily pregnant Tess initiates a threesome with her bisexual husband's ex-lover (hide spoiler)]. Seriously?! I admire Kate Elliott a great deal, but this is really not her best work.

    Reading the first book, I thought this series would be like a sci-fi version of The Blue Sword. This second book, though, was a teeny dash of Vorkosigan and a whole lot of boring. (Especially since nothing--NOTHING--seemed to have happened in it.)

    Tessa in Mid-Michigan
    This one was good, but it got into sex a lot more, with homosexual and three-way relationships and adultery. This plays a large part of the plot towards the end. If the next book continues so, I won't keep reading.

    This was fine I guess, but it really dragged.

    OT3! OT3! OT3!!!!!!!!!!

    Ana Barbuta
    Really enjoying this series so far. Some difficult questions in the background and a great portrayal of different cultures meeting and sometimes clashing.

    Good sequel that begs you to continue the series. It would not really stand on its own.

    Jedi Kitty
    This is half a book in terms of plot and progress, but dragged on for what felt like two! I know it's a "part one", but still! There's hardly any plot arc whatsoever, just steady forward movement To what ultimate end we have almost no more hints than were in book one. Things happen, new characters are introduced But why should I care? What is at the heart of this book? You would think the book would be driven by Ilya's conquest- but the conquest is merely a backdrop for foreigners to react to. I [...]

    If you loved Jaran, you may want to give this book a chance. It has the same brilliant world-building and fantastic, fascinating characters. The plot moves right along, and readers get to learn more about Tess' brother Charles and a few more people from that circle. Knowing the Jaran culture from book 1, you will experience hilarity as you watch outsiders try to interact with the tribe and get completely confused. An Earthly Crown had the feel of a book two - quite a bit of suspense building and [...]

    Milly Jones
    There is a lot going on in this book. At times it felt like there were too many people vying for your attention, so that you couldn't get emotionally invested enough in any of them. It was a bit disappointing following on from book one of the series, which had been so all consuming.The book is really only part one. So it ends with half a dozen story lines all in a mess. The lack of any sort of conclusion is really disorienting. I don't really like it. Even if you are conyinuing the story, at lea [...]

    Erica Anderson
    I am a big fan of Kate Elliot, and An Earthly Crown, the the sequel to Jaran, is just as good as its predecessor. You'll be lost, though, if you try to read book 2 without the background provided by Jaran. Tess, the heroine, has married the war leader Ilya, who is pursuing his dreams of conquest. Tess's brother, Charles, has arrived from off-planet to track down his sister. He brings with him, for reasons I still don't understand, a troupe of actors. Their characters were sufficiently interestin [...]

    Walter Underwood
    Only read this if you really, really, loved Jaran and want to spend more time in that world, kind of like reading all the Twilight books. This does not have the magic of the first novel. The pace is beyond slow, we follow characters who mostly watch the action rather than being in the middle of it, and everything is included, whether it moves the book along or not. When one character, presumed dead, returns, we get four separate "I thought you were dead!" scenes as he meets people, one after the [...]

    I still find it odd that the Jaran books are so amazing and awesome and the rest of Kate Elliott's writing leaves me cold. This is the middle book where the Jaran conquer shit, Tess is pregnant, Charles plots to bring down the Chapalli empire using Tess's love affair with the the Barbarian conqueror dude on a planet the alien Chapalli aren't supposed to be on (but they are of course) and visions are contemplated, love is complicated and fate sucks. And don't forget the theater troupe in the midd [...]

    Katharine Harding
    This was a good book and took the story in some interesting directions that I hadn't expected from the first book.I enjoyed seeing Tess and Bakhtiian's relationship evolve. And though a theatre company performing Shakespeare for the jaran sounds a bit mad, I thought it actually worked well and allowed some interesting new angles.There's a bit at the end, you'll know when you read it, that I really wasn't sure quite fitted in.Otherwise, great book.

    This is massively epic SF(F?) compared to the first book - the story has expanded massively in scope and implications compared to JARAN, which was very much Tess/Ilya’s story. It’s really a single story split across two books (His Conquering Sword being Part 2), and I spent a week or so happily buried in its pages.

    This volume is all setup. By the end of the book we have the nomad army poised to sweep down on the city dwellers, the human regent of the planet poised to untangle the secrets of the alien overlords, the troupe of actors in place to break the interdiction of modern technology, an ambassador primed to instigate trouble amongst the tents, a pair of medical mysteries, a trio of fugitives, and an explosive love triangle. Stuff is bound to happen. Let the mayhem begin!

    Was really disappointed with this one. I didn't care much about any storyline aside from Tess/Ilya's, and Diana's in the beginning. I enjoy the cross-cultural interaction, but it seemed to get lost after the first third. Some parts seemed strange and out of character, not quite cohesive. I'm sad because I loved the first book so much. I hope this doesn't change my ability to enjoy Jaran.

    Plot thickens. I love this series, with its combination of anthropology, futuristic technology/science fiction, and complicated relationships. Whether the lens is wide angle or narrow, it's all engaging.

    As a teenager, this was a 3-star book. As an adult, it's more like 3.5-4 stars now. I just felt Jaran was so wonderful and perfect, and this became grittier with more details.

    More of the same, although this one has a bisexual character. Who is of course, the cliche. Woo. *waves a flag*But also there's a random threesome with Illya, Tess, and Vasil that happens the last time we see them in this book. I mean, I get it. But yeah.

    ok, fine, it took me a while to get back and finish this booki was on page 424 and there were only 500 pages just kind of sat in the bottom of the pile for a bit. too many other booksw i have to get the next book. life is hard. :)

    I enjoyed the additional character perspectives in this and the continuous intrigues drawn over from the first.

    Lots of little side plots. Feels like a middle book--it's clear early on that this is just continuing the story and that not much is going to get resolved.

    3.5 stars - a middle book that can't be read without its siblings, but i'm intrigued enough by where we're going that i'm plowing straight through all of them.

    I didn't enjoy this as much as 'Jaran' - I found the majority of the characters hard to fully engage with (aside from Tess and Ilya).

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