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  • Title: His Conquering Sword
  • Author: Kate Elliott
  • ISBN: 9780886775513
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback

  • Following the events of An Earthly Crown, the jaran conquest of Rhui intensifies as rebel hearts simmer with conflicting loyaltiesAcross Rhui, the jaran have been taking over towns and bending all non jaran to the law of their rule With Ilya Bakhtiian in charge, the nomadic fighters are now preparing an assault on the royal city of Karkand But within the campaign, anotheFollowing the events of An Earthly Crown, the jaran conquest of Rhui intensifies as rebel hearts simmer with conflicting loyaltiesAcross Rhui, the jaran have been taking over towns and bending all non jaran to the law of their rule With Ilya Bakhtiian in charge, the nomadic fighters are now preparing an assault on the royal city of Karkand But within the campaign, another struggle looms Ilya s wife, Tess, is not from Rhui, but from Earth, and her brother, Charles, is a duke of the empire that includes Rhui, even though he once instigated a rebellion against it Still driven by thoughts of a human revolt, Charles travels to Rhui for key information about the past, hoping to bring back his sister his only heir Does she want to passively abide by either man s plan for her, though, and is any challenge to the ancient and mighty Chapalii realistic His Conquering Sword is the third volume of the Novels of the Jaran, which begins with Jaran and An Earthly Crown and concludes with The Law of Becoming.
    Kate Elliott
    As a child in rural Oregon, Kate Elliott made up stories because she longed to escape to a world of lurid adventure fiction She now writes fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction, often with a romantic edge It should therefore come as no surprise that she met her future husband in a sword fight.When he gave up police work to study archaeology, they and their three children fell into an entirely new set of adventures in dusty Mexican ruins and mouthwatering European pastry shops Eventually her spouse s work forced them to move to Hawaii, where she took up outrigger canoe paddling.

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    I don't know if I know how to discuss it without spoilers It was a really strong volume, with some amazing worldbuilding and strong character arcs. All the same, after a great middle, the book sort of peters out for me, and then jumps over several important developments to deliver the ending. That didn't quite work for me, and neither did Vasil's arc, or Anatoly's. It would have been a four-star book otherwise, but the POV choice for the ending and its abruptness ruined it a little, for me.It's [...]

    The series continues to go in the right direction for me. In this part, choices both personal and political begin to have consequences, and the point of view characters mostly come across as both interesting and sympathetic, even when they're deeply flawed and do seriously objectionable things. That takes skillful writing, and I really appreciate the breadth of perspective the story gains by it. I also really appreciated that the love stories now aren't all as straightforward and happy in their [...]

    I don’t find the Earth characters very compelling. Their hand-wringing over the interdiction while seemingly helpless to keep themselves from increasing the Jaran’s access to technology was simultaneously boring and the most realistic part. This series needed better editing for pace.

    This series keeps getting gayer as it goes along, which I am infinitely here for.

    Action packed - and you could happily end the series here. So much fighting in this one reduced my overall enjoyment.

    More epic SF about the Jaran (nomadic horse people on the planet Rhui) and the technologically advanced Earthlings (who are trying to infiltrate Rhuian culture without revealing their own off-planet identities) and the inscrutably alien Chapelli (against whom the Earthlings are rebelling and of whom the Jaran remain officially ignorant). It's a big meaty book about culture clashes on lots of different levels, and it's as good as the previous two books (Jaran and An Earthly Crown). My favorite su [...]

    Milly Jones
    I would give this an extra half star if the facility were available.It's a decent book. Like its prequel, it has lots of characters to follow, which lessens it overall for me, though some might enjoy this ensemble approach. It gives a good conclusion to the prequel, but i still don't know why they were split into two books when it is clearly one story. Also, it felt a third of the book was just the story ending with not much happening i. The space of 18months. Overall the two books were disappoi [...]

    Ana Barbuta
    This series continues to be good.But I have a nag.SpoilersIf Dr. Hierakis knows that interbreeding between Earthers and Rhuians is likely to cause the mother's death, why is she not telling all the Earthers about this? The actors are sleeping around, David is sleeping with Nadine, Diana is sleeping with Anatoly There is absolutely no reason for this information to not be disseminated to everyone. Also, it sounds like women have some type of long-term contraceptive (Tess mentions a contraceptive [...]

    Really a single story with An Earthly Crown - my cross-posted thoughts:This is massively epic SF(F?) compared to the first book - the story has expanded massively in scope and implications compared to JARAN, which was very much Tess/Ilya’s story. It’s really a single story split across two books (An Earthly Crown being Part 1), and I spent a week or so happily buried in its pages.

    3 stars when I first read it in the '90s, closer to 4 stars now.Tess is torn between her brother and her husband, her life with the jaran and expectations beyond Rhui, and the knowledge that some hard decisions lay ahead of her. How can she stay? Equally, how can she not? How long can Charles leave her to live with the jaran? Beyond even that, what's the impact of her presence - and how has she changed them already?

    I am really enjoying this series. The writing is excellant and so is the charter development. I like the juxtapisition of pre-tech society and aliens and space faring society. The story line did not evolve too much in this book, but set the stage for the next one.

    The follow ups to Jaran weren't as well read. Sigh.

    I'm way too lazy to review complicated sci-fi with such highs and lows it'll give you whiplash, but I will say that this title sounds like terrible porn.

    The previous volume of this series seemed to be all set-up, so I thought surely something of substance would happen in this one, but no.This is why I never started the Wheel of Time books.

    Enjoying the series a lot.

    Katharine Harding
    Such a great series!

    Michele Smith-Martin
    It's no Robert Jordan Wheel of Time series but good enough for a summer read.

    This is where the series started to lose me. While it's always interesting to have many different perspectives I wanted more of Tess and Ilya and less of the younger generation.

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