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  • Title: The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All
  • Author: Joseph Duncan
  • ISBN: 9781495373664
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Paperback

  • My legal name where I currently reside in the city of Liege, Belgium, in the year 2010 A.D is Gaspar Valessi, but that is not my real name The name I was given some 30,000 years ago, when I was born in a Paleolithic settlement in the region that is now called Germany the name my father gave me shortly after I was voided, bloody and howling, from my mother s womb is My legal name where I currently reside in the city of Liege, Belgium, in the year 2010 A.D is Gaspar Valessi, but that is not my real name The name I was given some 30,000 years ago, when I was born in a Paleolithic settlement in the region that is now called Germany the name my father gave me shortly after I was voided, bloody and howling, from my mother s womb is Gon So begins the saga of the immortal Gon, a 30,000 year old vampire This, the first volume of his memoirs, recounts his human life in Paleolithic Germany alongside his companion Brulde and his two wives Eyya and Nyala, and details the fearsome events that lead to his transformation from man to undying monster.
    Joseph Duncan
    Born in Southern Illinois, Joseph was raised in a very liberal home environment and was exposed at an early age to the classic underground comic book scene of the sixties and seventies, as well as European graphic novels by artists like Moebius, Enki Bilal and Milo Manara At age 9, he was reading Tolkien and Stephen King He wrote his first novella at age 10 If you want to read the same old formulaic pop lit, don t bother with Joseph s fiction The novels of Joseph Duncan are challenging, subversive and fantastical, merging genres and pushing the boundaries of propriety and good taste If you have an aversion to dark subject matter, gratuitous sex and extreme violence, stay far away from Joseph s books Far Far Away If you d like to contact Mr Duncan, you may do so at authorjosephduncan gmail


    Justexcellent!I did not think it was possible to surprise me, or "wow" me, or make me stray from PNR for escape, but dayumI love this guy!Imaginative to a tee, irreverent to the extreme, analytical in a completely subversive way, and the result is a masterpiece in fiction, period: subgenre notwithstanding. History embellished by brilliant imagination, detailed through the eyes of the ultimate predator, even among predators, his condition as basic and unforgiving as the human condition. 30,000 ye [...]

    Darlene Ruiz
    I came across Rod Redux's The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All shortly after I bought my kindle back in January 2012. It kept popping up when I was searching for books to download. So I downloaded a sample and I knew I was going to love this series! I love vampire stories and this one was fantastic! There are some really explicit sex scenes but I thought they were told beautifully and not raunchy what so ever. The vampire Gon is very funny at times and I find myself laughing out loud alot. I comp [...]

    Super trashy, but enticing concept. Caveman Vampire (Campire?) tells how he started life in a questionably researched Cro-Magnon village. Was semi-competently written except for the the painful asides berating the reader for being scandalised by caveman orgies. Not particularly satisfying as this first volume only gets as far as 28000BCE. All in all only really one step above Anne Rice fanfiction. Points for effort though I guess? Those points immediately taken away for 'Rod Redux' being a reall [...]

    TRINE the Indecisive Reader
    Review copied from my blog: goodenoughforthedodo.wordpressNow, this story fascinated me based solely on the excerpt. A vampire – sure, we’ve heard the stories before, but a vampire 30.000 years old?? Gimme!!This is a fascinating autobiography by Gon, a Cro Magnon human from paleolithic Germany, quite literally some 30.000 years ago. Duncan writes with such a sure hand I quite instantly feel I’m being talked to by this ancient, ancient being. He starts his story with a slight distain toward [...]

    I had trouble rating this book. If I rated it purely on my own subjective enjoyment, I would have rated it at about a 1.5 or 2, but I don't think that's fair to the author or the book. The book isn't really about a vampire at all, it's about a human man who lived 30,000 years ago. Only the last 30% or so really deals with the vampire aspect, and even then it's mostly about the transformation and the protagonists internal (and external) conflict over it. That said, I thought the main character wa [...]

    Rene Zeller
    Thank Goodness It Was CheapNot worth the $2.99. Drawn out short storyline. Wlll not be buying the follow-up books which would end up costing more than a novel.

    If you are looking for pure fun in a novel and you are not afraid of sex and unconventional family arrangements outside the realm of our modern and limited nuclear family concept, if you don't have issues with books that toss aside religion to regard the world from a more rational and reasoned point of view, and you like prehistoric stories, then this book may well be for you. (Sorry for the long sentence.)I don't want to give the impression that this novel is heavily philosophical. It is not. T [...]

    Kind of "over" vampier books. Another recommended book from , right price and got interesting/good reviews. So I'm going to give it a chance!Well interesting I have to say I did enjoy the book and story line. Very interesting concept and take on a very common story. I personnally didn't care for the "graphic" descriptions posed by the author as to the life style of the main characters. I'll let you "read" into what I mean yourself. Definitely not a book for children. But, I guess I can see why t [...]

    This was a fun and intriguing story. Left me wanting to hear more of Gon's story. Luckily the author has written a few sequels. FYI, if you are squeamish or a prude you may not enjoy his style. I find that his characters are so interesting and well described, even if they are completely deplorable. I have also read several other books by Rod and have enjoyed everyone. I highly recommend anything by this author.

    Chio Duran
    I loved this book!!!! As soon as I turned the first page I was hooked with the story and the characters. What I liked the most about this particular book is the explicit description of what a vampire is. The author provides a believable depiction of what really happens during the existance of a creature of the night.

    This is a fascinating story set in prehistoric times. The fact that Gon became a vampire is secondary to the setting and the portrayal of the relationship between the four main characters and the description of the community in which he originated.

    I'm not even sure how to rate this book. I discovered it while creeping on Anne Rice's new Lesate book (cause I'm clearly a masochist). So I'm going with 4 stars for sheer entertainment. A weird story about a Cro Mangon man and his life with his Neanderthal wife, Cro Mangon wife and his Cro Mangon husband, with some horrid vampire happenings near the end. I actually expected this to be sexier, but then I thought early man no razors yea I'm good. Several times the author breaks away from the stor [...]

    All my friends know that I'm a vampire freak, have been since I was a child and watching Christopher Lee as Dracula late at night, and being awake all night because I thought he was coming to my window! LOL! I've read many vampire books, some good and some bad, and this one is different. This vampire was created in prehistoric times, when there wasn't even a word for vampire, and no one knew what a vampire even was. This is a series of books, and I think I will read the second to see what it's l [...]

    Brian Anderson
    So so. I was recommended this book and was a bit disappointed. For me it was a very slow read and it took awhile for anything to really happen. It just seemed to drag on. I probably won't read any more from this series.

    John Lemoine
    I found this whole series outstanding. Now! Whens the next book!

    ABR's original The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.My thoughts on the cover of The Oldest Living Vampire by Joseph Duncan are the guy looks like Vlad the Impaler. It is not very spooky looking or anything; it is more like what people picture when they think of old vampires.The main character is Gon, a vampire that is over 30,000 years old. This whole story is told from his point-of-view on his life before and after he became a v [...]

    Kathryn Theulen dailey
    "Gon"Where does The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All: Revised and Expanded rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?I very much enjoyed a different point of view of a vampires beings and current life.What was one of the most memorable moments of The Oldest Living Vampire Tells All: Revised and Expanded?When Gon Killed his maker. Wow that was an intense moment in the book.What does Ian M. Walker bring to the story that you wouldn’t experience if you just read the book?This great [...]

    This is one of those rare books that just sucks you in and keeps you reading until you've drained it to the last drop! As I cannot recommend this book due to graphic scenes to anyone not of adult age I gave it four stars instead. Had the language been toned down a tad I could easily see this book being on the top of any "Must Read" booklist. Very unique in approach. You really feel as though you are inside the mind of the Oldest Living vampire. Over 30,000 years old. The author's descriptions of [...]

    I was hoping for Jean Auel meets Anne Rice, I should have known better. The writing leaves something to be desired. Remarks frequently repeated lest we forget he's the World's OLDEST Living Vampire, "Even 30 Millennia later" In one paragraph the author berates the state of women in our time, blaming them for what they've allowed themselves to become, then he brags about how women in the Paleolithic era were "true equals" and in the next he describes, anecdotally, how people would remark about a [...]

    Most of the story seems to be a fictionalized anthropological study of a Cro-Magnon community 30,000 years ago. The tale tells the story of one blended family as told by the alpha male of the household. Not boring, by any means, but perhaps a bit unexpected. Not until about the last eighth is the protagonist overcome by and 'made' by the 'monster' we have come to know as vampire. Interestingly, there are different levels or strengths of vampires. Obviously, the protagonist is of the strongest so [...]

    Jessica Bush
    Fantastic read. At first I wasn't sure if the story would keep my interest after the first few pages. However I kept reading and found myself unable to put it down as I got into the world of Gon. I finished the book within a day. I loved the story and look forward to reading more Gon's journeys. It isn't for the close minded in regard to sexuality. There is a lot of talk of male genitalia and sex throughout the book, that doesn't bother me, but it might for those that are more prudish. I really [...]

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading Rod Redux's Oldest Living Vampire Series! In the Oldest Living Vampire Tells All, he takes us back 30,000 years to Paleolithic Germany and shows us the life, death and rebirth of Gon. Rod's take on family life, sex, and interspecies relationships was quite interesting and fun to read. The making of Gon into a vampire was a real page turner, and then the emotional turmoil of losing all that he loved was a definite tug on the heart strings. I'm pretty much hooked [...]

    Wow! I was certainly surprised at how much I liked this book! Extremely well written from start to finish. I am a die-hard Anne Rice fan but the Vampire Gon is equal to Lestat in grace and dignity. Joseph Duncan's novel was fascinating being set in a pre-ice age era. Gon was a loving family man as well as a fierce warrior and hunter. His story was beautifully told and when it ended I felt a void! If you liked Anne Rice' Vampire books this series meets the high standard of story telling and then [...]

    Rachael Booth
    Very interesting take on the vampire character. But sometimes disturbing out-of-the-genre descent into guttural sexual talk that is quite jarring because of its seeming bad fit in the usual speech patterns of the character and the story. But that is only fleeting and really doesn't detract from an otherwise great store about a 30,000 year old vampire living today and retelling the story of his stone-age tribe, his turning, and surviving through the millenia watching all he loves die and wither a [...]

    EXCELLENT READCOULDN'T PUT DOWNThis book was excellent, I could barely put it down in order to sleep and read it in two days. The way the story is narrated reminds me of "Interview with the Vampire". But it's a really good read , I highly recommend it a great writer and now I will continue all of the other books . That is the only problem, this is a Saga so you must continue the story and purchase all the other books , unless of course, you have Kindle Unlimited .

    This was a good read and I enjoyed it starting 30,000 years ago with a prehistoric character being turned Add to that the fact that this vampire is bi sexual and just can't understand the modern obsession with choosing just one type of love to be with :-), this book is a hoot! There are more in the series I plan on reading.

    D.L. Atha
    This is a vampire novel but in the loosest sense of the word. It's more of a early prehistoric novel. The writing is good and the characters well developed. I even shed a few tears. I suspect the next one in the series is more "vampirey."There is quite a bit of anti-religion propaganda but otherwise well written and entertaining.

    Interesting first book. Loved the way the "author" worked his way through the beginnings of his life and how he became a vampire. Thought there should have been more to this story in and of itself, but it is what it is. Not sure I want to read the next book as it sounds as though it takes place much later in the main character's life and I'd much rather read about his life throughout the ages.

    As an avid horror fan this is not the type of book I usually buy. The reviews and the description at amazon (A blend of historic fact, fearsome fantasy and explicit sex)caught my attention. It was an interesting, well written, and enjoyable story. Even though it's not exactly my type, I'll be reading part 2 to see what happens to Gon next.

    Having read this vampire tale I thought nothing could top it, until I listened to the narrated version. Wow, this narrator, Mr Walker, brings Gons character to life and draws you in, so much so that I felt almost bereaved when the book ended.Bravo Joseph Duncan on the revised edition with add Ons to Gons early life, and bravo to Mr Walker on an outstanding narration.

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