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  • Title: The Prophecy
  • Author: Lily Blake
  • ISBN: 9780316334594
  • Page: 377
  • Format: Paperback

  • An original novel based on the hit television series, Reign.Since Mary, Queen of Scotland was a child, the English have wanted her country and her crown She is sent to France to wed its next king to save herself and her people It s a bond that should protect her, but there are forces that conspirerces of darkness, forces of the heart Mary s rule, and her life, hasAn original novel based on the hit television series, Reign.Since Mary, Queen of Scotland was a child, the English have wanted her country and her crown She is sent to France to wed its next king to save herself and her people It s a bond that should protect her, but there are forces that conspirerces of darkness, forces of the heart Mary s rule, and her life, has never been safe.Find out what happens to Mary, Francis, Bash, and the rest of the French court after the season one finale.Long may she reign.
    Lily Blake
    Lily Blake Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Prophecy book, this is one of the most wanted Lily Blake author readers around the world.


    Kim at Divergent Gryffindor
    I read the synopsis in my head with Nostradamus' voice haha!

    Cora ☕ Tea Party Princess
    5 Words: Love, secrets, plotting, death, royalty.To read these you kind of have to have seen the show, or you will have no idea what is going on.If you have seen the show then you'll know it's wildly historically inaccurate and fantastical. And sometimes that's just what I need. I love Reign and now that it's finished I need more. This book was a nice companion to the TV show, and expanded on some story lines that were not really explored on screen.Not so good if you are all for Francis and Mary [...]

    Aeron Trahaearn
    I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! ACTUALLY I LOVE FRANCIS!! but I stopped watching after I found out Francis dies I mean why does that have to happen?? (OH wait thats because it did happen!!) I cant believe I cried about something that happened a hundred years ago!!

    When I first started watching Reign I wanted more than just the weekly episode. I needed to continue with the story and find out more about Mary. I could not find anything and thought that they would make amazing stories. Luckily Lily Blake had the same idea. Likes:The story follows the first season of Reign and has all of the characters from the TV show. It would have been perfect to read this right after finishing the first season to keep up with the story. It was fun to get some more in depth [...]

    I think this would have been much more enjoyable if it didn't feel like a middle bookIt felt like there was a whole "before" story that I didn't know (how they met the whole drama of Lola and how that came to be, this idea of Italy, the king and his death, etc). I guess because this is based on a show, maybe the initial part of the show tells the story (of Clarissa and Pascal?) But I've never seen the show so there were whole stories I didn't know and the story cuts off, leaving you on a cliffha [...]

    It was like super questionable fanfic, but I still binge read it all like my book life depended on it???I only remembered vague details about what was happening during this time, and I only really remembered there was some intense Bash and Kenna feels AND I WAS SO IN. When I first started the book, I literally couldn't stop laughing because it was kind of totally corny, no one really felt like themselves, and to be honest, it felt weird to be fully inside these characters' brains when you're so [...]

    To think I was so excited for this book I think the only thing this book acomplished was making me angry. Like, are we supposed to believe the characters on the book are the same as in the show? Because there is NO WAY that Francis would do that, N O W A Y. I didn't finish it and I don't think I will ever do.I won't rate it because I think even 1 star would be too good for it.


    La prophétie est un des livres adaptés de la série Reign, il raconte la suite des aventures de Marie reine des Écossais et la cour de France après la fin de la saison 1. J'ai eu un énorme coup de cœur pour cette série, elle est vraiment addictive et les personnages sont tellement attachants ! Pourtant, ce livre m'a vraiment déçu. J'ai eu l'impression de tourner en rond pendant trois cents pages. De plus, je n'avais pas l'impression de retrouver les mêmes personnages. Chaque chapitre f [...]

    Pros: It was a quick read.Cons: Loads. The thing about novels based on a series for me is it has to fit cannon - or at least be BELIEVABLE within cannon. And this doesn't fit cannon in a million ways. AND it ends on a cliffhanger, with unanswered questions. AND (view spoiler)[IT MAKES ME SO MAD TO IMPLICATE THAT FRANCIS WAS JUST AS IN LOVE WITH LOLA AS MARY AND WOULD RATHER HAVE BEEN WITH HER INSTEAD OF MARY. DEAR LORD THAT MADE ME SO MAD. (hide spoiler)] I've read many a novel based on a series [...]

    Julie theriault
    this book was good it explained what happened between the end of season 1 and the beginning of season 2.

    Bash/Kenna is still my ultimate ship

    This was an okay story. I didn't like it as much as the show, but it was a nice filler of the time between seasons.

    Cindy Brown
    Fans of the show will love this book. It bridges the gap between the first two seasons.

    Not bad for a TV show tie-in novel! It reads more or less like an episode (although I listened to the audiobook). There are three different mini-plots, just like an episode involving all your favourite characters. It takes place after the season 1 finale, so if you haven't watched the first season you will probably stumble along a bit as the majority of the storyline reads as if the reader has previous knowledge, such as Lola's pregnancy and Kenna and Bash's marriage, etc. It's not impossible to [...]

    Rachel Chiapparine
    I picked it up in paperback from Wwwokoutlet (I paid for it myself) because I love the TV series (the novel(s) is based on the TV series). My personal review of the book is as follows:As someone who has watched the entire series of the TV show I already knew what happens however it was nice to see the characters again and get reminded of the strong bonds between them. If you're a fan of "Bash" and "Kenna" or "Lola" and "Francis"(together) then you'll probably enjoy this book.Because of how muc [...]

    Rachel White
    I enjoyed this book much more than I thought I would. I really loved Reign the tv show, it was wonderful and had everything I could want in a series. This book was a really good bridge gap between the episodes and it was interesting to see what happened to the characters after the episodes we'd seen. I enjoyed seeing what happened with Francis and Lola while they were out of the palace, it was super interesting. It's also nice to have a book talk about French royalty as historical fictions on ki [...]

    This could be a 3 star book but it's good for what it is. It's basically a story within the show. I really enjoy Reign so I enjoyed getting to spend more time with the characters. This one had several parts that happened in the show but several parts that explore some things happening we didn't get to see. I will most likely read the other two books as well.

    Didnt like it. Very morally grey characters, together with the fact that I was very much clueless about the plot prior to the story, I really didnt like the book. Fans of the show would probably enjoy it though.

    If you liked the tv show then this is a bit extra. The book didn't add anything new to the plot of the show. It felt a little to rushed but it had some good entertainment.

    Not bad, not particularly good either.

    Roseena Peralta
    I did not enjoyed the hold Lola and Francis piece

    2.5 stars The first half of this book was like a trashy fan fiction and I loved it. The second half was a bit of a mess ngl. ((Also I came here for frary not depression))

    I did not like the storyline between Francis and Lola. None of the character POVs had any solution.

    I didn't read all of The Prophecy. When I purchased, I didn't realize this was a companion to the CW series written after the TV scripts.

    Terrible, definitely a 180 from the show character wise

    Je remercie les éditions Hachette pour leur confiance. J’ai entendu parler de la série Reign comme tout le monde. J’ai appris l’histoire de Marie Stuart à l’école, là encore comme tout le monde. Du coup, ce premier tome et sa couverture particulièrement alléchante m’ont tout de suite fait de l’oeil. Reign s’ouvre sur un décor de Renaissance, où les coups bas vont bon train.Marie Stuart est la reine d’Écosse. Promise au prince de France, François, depuis son enfance, el [...]

    I feel like this would have been perfect to read in between seasons one and two despite the fact that there's some non-canon action going on - the only one I couldn't get past was the Francis things with a certain character because he would have NEVER done that. Overall though, I thought this book was VERY well written, and I do understand that it won't be completely like the show as it is only based but Lily Blake definitely stuck pretty close to the storyline and filled in the tiny gaps betwee [...]

    Stacie (MagicOfBooks)
    I will also do a video review here at my channel: youtube/magicofbooksIn "The Prophecy" by Lily Blake, the plague is raging outside the gates of the French court. Mary, queen of Scots is safe inside, but she worries for her husband Francis who has taken off to help their friend Lola. When Nostradamus receives a vision of Mary's possible death, Mary has to worry about the vision coming true and tries everything in her power to stop it from coming true.Before I do head into this review, this revie [...]

    Alors quand j'ai reçu ce bouquin, j'étais très heureuse. Je n'avais pas encore commencer la série mais je l'ai fait peu de temps après avoir reçu le livre. Par contre, ce que je n'avais pas fait attention c'est que ce livre se déroule après la saison 1, or j'avais déjà enchainé sur la saison 2 et je savais donc déjà ce qui allait se dérouler. Quoi qu'il en soit, je tiens à remercier les éditions Hachette pour cet envoi. Je dois dire que j'ai vraiment un excellent moment de lectur [...]

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